Friday, November 19, 2010

Right Away and Incursion II to VI Alerts

Hello to everyone, as I discovered this library system is shut down next week, a national holiday week, and I hope you will be among the ones to notify or help with the untimely affect of Incursion II homeland invaders conspiratorial mistraining by rerecruitment of money handlers that applied to the Military for civilian work. There are as of this morning's count 17.4 Million people in America, alone, that are hungry as a result and did not receive their food as benefits from military or government or civil service or private church or organizations that is part of their pay. For example, if you worked all day at a company that provided a cafeteria meal but your meals stopped arriving, you'd be among these seventeen-point-four. There is no right or wrong answer, because there is not a question. The Incursion II leftover leader was apprehended yesterday at a cafe that is a military installation and admitted openly to the series of attacks and planted crime plots that denied millions their regular meals and meal plans for their health. Timeliness is on the good side as the Army is hiring 240 persons per day for awhile to help with yesterday's blog issue explained about religious fervor being illegally turned into a planned misconception by the Incursion VI and VII invaders. Millions of matured and maturing bonds simply need processing. A redemption call, as it were, and no great soul-saving techniques were recruited or hired. If you, the good readership, have been or are a Boy Scout or a friendly likewise affiliate such as a troop of other kinds of scouts, any gender, please consider helping to distribute the food to the seventeen-point-four, in time, with us in the Military. Law Enforcement has received grants of coffee allottments arriving momentarily from Starbucks, the company of, from one of the founders who is often known to be cordial with the military personnel at the cafes and others donations are being checked in. Yesterday
Law Enforcement was very busy by dawn apprehending the four to one ratio of attackers upon our affected cities by Incursions IV to VII, and are to be thanked for their speediness. A little cofee can go a long way in your donations to your local law enforcement offices, anywhere. Interesting data is coming in from regular citizens and residents of our countries worldwide that say most people would in a tight budget timeline be willing to help out those discovered underground in some form of illegal abduction or captivity level to get recovered and restarted, up to the point of living upon merely 20% to 25% of their income for a brief timeline. That is a very willing heart in play, and a noble one. Courage is the first noted dna of this type of behavior on the genome, but nobility is historically equated with behaviours of goodness from the heart. Even in portraiture throughout history, the heart in the focal point of the portrait was a symbol of the nobleperson being painted. To their credit. I hope you'll examine over this holiday season what level of your own dna is in focus in your motives and actions that might relate you to your own genetic groupings that the Incursion IV to VII are certainly attempting to mimic or destroy. For you being part of your own. Please read on.

Yesterday's blog on the Native American statistics changing due to the current and hundred-percent accurate dna-detection at the military installations and the places of public gatherings and of the populaces of known groups including the focused upon Mormons, genealogists are therefore being hired also by the Military and some Law Enforcement (if you ask them) to determine the what and now the where and the how and the records of hiding dna-Native-Americans in the increasing populaces. From Northern Europe, or not. These Victorian Era tactics were unknown to the royal courts or civic bloodlines or others I've discussed here for survival and were not taught at the earliest meetings of humankind where we're being attacked from as well as reconnoitering. Regathering. Sharing data. Pretend you spoke no language in common, and imagine arriving at an invitation only meeting for seven years to discuss how to plan a new world. That is what the Ancestry of humankind did; these types of hidden bloodline tactics that are outside the tribal and royal court agreements are genetically forensically traced to rapes upon battlefields of deceased Native American warriors, buried later, by record. Their positive dna has expressed itself in very good citizen types of behaviors, despite a nefarious beginning to these uncovered bloodlines hidden in the twelfth baby of pioneering families. I was labelling my file for this investigation, a caboose. Because it rhymed with papoose, and just for a simple name tag. But, end of the groupings of end of the train load, and missing or created family names is where the question remain for investigators. Private investigators need apply if not yet contacted, and there is a special-ops listed trust fund today to pay for the private investigations. No actual adoption paperwork trails exist, so that is ruled out, but it is not an atypical approach in a timeframe in history which you know about from this and other blogs when the Law Offices were able to change an identity, legally, for travel. But, the medical records were kept in tact by the same and said law firms, making these journeyers traceable. Trackable by trackers of the times, or not, the City of Sacramento HUD has housed records on Custer's Last Stand and the after battle events leading in uncovered trails to underground lairs and tunnel aperature where unusual activities reported by those watching the battles recorded espying activity levels galore. There is the dna-tracings and forensics of these same incident grouping battles, including the unsavoriness of the rapes of dead soldiers and the bloodlines located planted or preserved elsewhere. The upbeat news portion of this is that the representatives of the Native Americans including their recorded Nations recognized is that the Cherokee Nation no longer is contained within a 60 percent mental retardation community group, now known. There will be certain gladness in assuring these newly uncovered Native American bloodlines receive their natural benefits from this country of a higher education. Already one of the touted benefits for working with our worldwide Military to the 30th degree.

The Bureau of Statistics is able to handle any inquiries of data needed that may seem unusual but pertinent to any case or research oriented degree in a program from the schools working with the military or law groups or law enforcement, basically any of the lawful. Remembering that our worldwide countries and churches in total have all been declared warfare against for fifty years in duration by the underground homeless choosing self-styled military of unclaimed or unknown origins, conglomerated together, plan with us all for the future as to how you'd like to be 1)prepared, and 2) how often to react in response to the warfare declared. I explained here before that each country and municipality has a quiet task at hand to put together a thousand year plan, and inclusive, together. Statistics are a dry goods equivalent for the foodie minded persons I was meeting with this morning from USSF who were comparing notes on how to cook a turkey for many people for Thanksgiving Holiday, soon. But, there when you need them.

The zoos are checking in with need for donations, as are the teen runaway charities, so that your continued funding from the online store I listed at so that the Army Accounting will be filling out more forms to divide up the entirely donated proceeds. The bobcats are still coming in at the regular rate of twenty to thirty per day in ports and on trains and accepting food and medical care for their litters. They are about as playful as kittens while fully grown. I am glad to see them accepting their new flea collars right away, and chumming with the housecats from the USSS and the Military.

In about a dozen of the blogs preceding this one is the data listed that you may need from this official military site or from the PhD referential level, including the dna-compatible groupings of humankind typings that are beyond blood types and other genetics. Because many people are gladly accepting their organ donations after Incursion I to VIII plus attacks from invaders they are agreeing that they are able to get up and around right away after the military field surgeries and return soon enough to their regular medical care systems. Jogging the first day out may not be the ultimate objective, but the trained and honed hardiness of those graduating from the bootcamp training system of the Military may defy that logic. Some observers have been amazed about the adrenaline utilized by those in search and rescue amid the Incursion IV to VII attacks by homeland invaders happening. Go ahead, and ask.

This weekend is gloomy weather and I have just met with a special-operations unit that knits for the worldwide governements for gifts and uniforms and the like. I plan to pick up some knitting needles this weekend, in addition to sitting and knitting with them. I'm also looking over the recipes for next week's feast, and I hope to learn that the food distribution happening now for the overnight hungry inclusive to be fed, indeed, works.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin Marie Wall
commanding officer
fashion director USAF