Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Incursion IX to XX Resorts to Rescue Fashion Workforces

Salutations, there has been much good headway made in the search and rescue of workforces driven out of homes or factories or businesses of the dna-lineal workforces, today and for the last few days those being rescued and guarded underground by the USSS cats and K-9 dogs, including the USMC wolves and the Sheriff's Departments four (plus a pup) in this county. There are many children being found whose parents had baptized them Mormons, then dragged them below ground into torture scenarious embezzling a greater populace such as reported in by AT&T today with their own investigators. These children are listed deceases under Jane Doe and alive are ready soon to be placed for foster and adoption again, and my executive order is enacted on view at all Police Stations to aide these children being placed in their own religion. Those specifically of the Fashion and Resort Economies from the Garden of Eden reckoning are still being placed insted in those types of generational family settings that are of these same businesses. Usually grouped into thousands still, or just tens of them. The others found needing placement are all little girls, aged ten, of Mormonism exposure and training, escaping by fleeing and considering themselves to be defending in the tunnels the cities targeted by the Incursion IX to XI, of threats of fair jugglers or herbalists lists turned modern into bookkeepers and hairstylists as your local courthouse and morgue lists correctly recorded. Thanks are going out to the rescuers, and mayors worldwide are arriving in their paramilitary gear today to assist the rescue efforts, with quiet heroics, in their usual respectful manner. The basic styles of attacks on these children has been in home-settings, thus far, such as an illegal show broadcast to extorht called the Garage. Victims of it have their garage broken into, strangers trespass to attack them and burgle or steal point-blank with beaten residents, and then the attackers have been set up on a blind date, with love motives. Next steps for them are noted on USMC Reconnaissance Surveillance to be progressing into other warfare declared against them levels-of.

On a less urgent vein, there is a new contest from the USMC ARTS/Religions and the USAF AirForce1 Office's Project:FashionOne that asks for you who work on autos or transports to consider a new contest. Two prizes, USD$50,000 or USD$40,000, and of the auto shop at school to hobbyist to professional mechanic on own time. Take any Victorian Age small transport (up to train car) size equipment and convert it into a combustive or similar type engine, for locomotion. The money for the contest was donated by a citizen, and it has passed approval, and these Victorian converted vehicles will be transported and housed near Moffett Federal Airfield in California.

Thank you again for sending in your ghost art, and the USMC ARTS has completed that worldwide prohect and the analysis of it all and the donations of them helped with funding the defense of your neighborhoods. Millions of international soldiers were able to view the artwork, particularly, as it was analyzed for its component in a now happening travails in the Arts.

KMWall, commanding officer, worldwide