Saturday, May 7, 2011

Incursion IX to XX Museum Festive Patch Works

Salutations, on this beautiful day there is amid or due to the Incursion IX of homeland-invasions of dna-Insurgents miscreants-complitacitusum/complicatusoumVs a listable "44 * a power of ten" for both good and bad in the public sector, and answering calls on the economy graphs again noted by the FED for weekend and similar work for economists (ARMY (any) Heraldry Office to apply in time or D.A. Office nearby) of the 440,000 still searching and rescuing animals mostly now in the underground water-boxes built across land masses in North and South America, and of the 44,000 malaria-plant hybrid poisonous laboratory concoction that got away from a student experiment put away when discovered to be unhealthful. A DEA Task Force Equivalent is amassing into the former President George W. Bush's President's Task Force on Identity Theft to solve also: poisoning plants devisive and also the threats today at 40,000-even-tortured pets sent to educators live via phone or Internet or such to higher education meetings mostly who are helping students in classrooms or to get degreeing data such as addresses, etc.; detected today at five to one ratio, emulation of the numeral-1-rune of the cuneiform-UN queen's black logaun symbol-language of the Garden of Eden fabled times from 5000 years of trend tracking and logging useage. This matrix system you'll recall, Good Readership, is being taught still at The Language Training Center near Monterey, CA and is also being degreed as mine in it was from Stanford University. Because of this there is a sudden need for unlimited economists part-time to full-time who can work by adding to the Kinsean graphs a pamphlet level of study from the CIA Factbook on the DA Office free list of 13 or more cuneiform. They rotate simply and predictably on the Kinsean graph, helping to track trends and now relate to a funding of one yesterday of the Mr. Potatoe Head Game that saw its symbols being played by 'attackers' onto the Kinsean graphs, and the funding will help understuanding and also more data on the fun childhood game beginnings and inventors' stories. The Economy does not need games, and is always taken seriously by the reactive from behind by the free economy system, but this series of daily to weekly attacks to form pictures on the Kinsean graphs is following the awareness that Chutes and Ladders a game also I've discussed here and that is the precedent to the noticed economics attacks. My first game, itself. Factual behind the other game the USMC Reconnaissance notified you of on this blog before of the partially burned ancient bazaar travelling board game. Those with chess game tactical and similar experience are also asked to report in from the Militaries to the TLC, especially if honed by the Medeival courtly standards of playing a game before battle to get into the mindset. Hello, then to others being invited by Travis AFB Armory and Division Communications to do public speaking or funding such as Walt Milem of the USMC Recon who came back from Iraq1 with a good story to tell of surviving behind the lines until ... Or others with chess experience who can describe famed tactics or games for pay from the publicly funded grants and the invitations from the credit card companies to help, by contacting their president's offices. Those of you who know 34-chessboard or 56-chessboard games of the past on back to Atlantis the Lost City lore or strategies are also being requested for the information that will assist with deflecting the filmed on Recon attacks on the way into the affected cities by future Incursions raiding by dna-Insurgents.

If you're a police officer please check in for your information updated on how yesterday's announced living funded grants of 900-Daimond are to be distributed after the night meetings, from your watch command or the clergy office, or from the Abess at the USMC Recon. There is a lot of interest in the help with these types of grants intended to stop colleges from closing due to lack of ability of students to pay for degrees such as those from the legal-reenactment-501c3-Esperance who dropped their play guarded on a cordoned field as required to be kept away from public sectors and got our Military and others ahead of the daily requirement to get 840 degrees per day every day for 840 weeks for two of the educational institutions. Those in clubs who'd like to help on a particular schedule interested in qualifying for these grants such as by a whole group on any good day please contact the Moffett Federal Airfield CaPsyOps via Civil Affaires Office. The grants again are for Fashion Institute of Technology SUNY and Wharton College. Because of the additional illegalis Insurgents targetting of the law enforcement and farmers and taxation professionals, these grants are timely to assist these types of groupings at this particular time, detected by the Russian head of state and sovereigns of blood and by their contributing Special Forces.

During the Civil War in America, called the War on Agression often by the South, there were noted battle tactics of traitorism by mentally retarded people not known to be retarded then that repeated later in other wars before mentally retarded persons were no longer able to serve in the Militaries. They one hundred percent appeared to have been contacted by attempts to alter-train them by their response on battlefields when told to turn-Left by a commanding officer. They then turned 8-degrees back and shot at the commanding officers. Running away from the battlefield. Other times in history turned in by the Vatican showed that some military psychiatrists in past miscreant raiding centuries were unhappy that their tactics were not accepted for military training. They interacted before death with lineal workforces curiously who expanded on their battle techniques recently to attempt to get trend data to the USAF AirForce1Office's:ProjectFashionOne on time; but by pretending to attack to defy the enemy line between here and there they are being martyrs detected that need to be dissuaded and taken into care for their business survival attempt that may be extreme or can be soothed another way. The USAF is able by funds to take care of their businesses and them as they do business with us from there or in direct approach. The DA Office in any place is also familiar with this and can recognize the first-run trend pattern relaying. To help. Many are still teens trying to do business, and search and rescue is on call at any time any place anywhere still. There have been about a million teens taken into Resort and Fashion bloodline workforce families recently that will still learn and be in this business area with these families aiding and fostering. Data files on these tactics are available from the RAF's HM the Queen's listed and the HM Jamaican Palaise Royale file-on-UN2.

During many past centuries, the quilts were parts of several wars, and the patchwork items on some attire, such that it is expected that the quilts and attire are being found with cuneiform symbols of the trends the persons were working on at the time, or similarly. If there are interesting ones you know of, please send their description or photos to USAF AirForce1OfficeOne's:ProjectFashionOne as some quilts averaged 4 of granny's hidden trends, at least. From anywhere worldwide. Thank you.
Another contest to apply for, also, is one of little or big train designs, thinking of display quality for museum or toy store level, etc., to go on for awhile and monetary awards based upon level of expertise and completeness; to be displayed also at the Moffett Federal Airfield collection of unusual vehicles based upon a bequest, and amounts given on direct contact to the above office.

The United Nations officially is the greeter of ufo-occupants as you might recall from my and other blogs of the past, and there is a good amount of support already for the yesterday's invitation to contact Turin, Italy's civil office on ufo contacts about mistaken landings that were advanced military or private sector equipment. Those interested in helping the animals necessary for the tests and short trips that help learn about accomodating them in travel also are to be thanked today for their gentile response, too. The equipment most often mistaken for ufos is ironically often designed about ufo sightings and intended for search and rescue in the way that a water scooter might be noted for the first time but not be incomprehensible to the observer. The actual greeting persons are sometimes missing from these unusual sites and others have been dispatched by another such as the monkeys not coded to be removed from the jungles yet on equipment and the responders are often disappointed, greatly, even told to fire upon. The housing for those involved by having to hide from the legal landings with ufo based equipment are being cared for by governmental employees who can get through the systems in place to contact despite hacking or similar. Expertise 501c3 clubs such as MUFON which in Northern California has a good history of interacting with both law enforcement and Mexico's Air Force and now Arabia's also have the assistance of NASA's own paramilitary special-ops unit of novelle9 that involves astronauts and others trained for fronts. 1954 is one of the files from the offices in Turin or NASA or Nasau's government to request. Also, the Consul of Arabia, which also has much good data on the Fashion-Resort Economy and cuneiform matrix system underway by May 2011 thanks to the acceptance of these fashion code systems by the FED. (For those working with alter-religions please contact the Abess of the USMC ARTS/Religions for urgent-to-distribute data noted by the D.A. Office for covens especially or those of witchery training, or the DA Office).

Last weekend I found at our local Steelhead Festival on Sunday shades of the Mediterranean in flavors and was delighted with the samplings and literature. I hope you will find some similar things to enjoy. Take good care, and thank you for being a good readership, making my blog again the most popular worldwide, to your credit.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any) Finance
USN-SS2 and USSF-USSS-SS1 plus any military
USSS badge 1018plus reactivated by demand