Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Incursion IX to XX Official Alerts and Seismic Search and Rescue in Fashion

Salutations, official alerts again go out about Incursion IX to XX in particular that are illegalis targeting the 900,000 plus cities worldwide affected by the homeland invasion coded raids by dna-Insurgents miscreant led, once again. Still, at about 100,000 more or less raiding attempts to homes and workplaces including public settings in each. Yesterday and the day before yielded up over 400 children from search and rescue efforts fleeing from attackers, a military statistic and not one of city crime reports just yet, but available from the Police Station from the Military. And thank you again to the Law Enforcement and their K-9 and other search and rescue workers for this, some responding suddenly from an early morning cup of coffee break without advance notice. The USSS search and rescue cats such as Count Zorro (please spare the Fire Department phone calls on now) are being fed in the tunnels where they won't relent any more than any other USSS agent will, that being never due to training, and as they search for children hiding and to defend them bodily. Several of these cats are also repaired already surgically by the military veterinarians from these tunnel rescues. Also found, about 1 million more teens organizing themselves into their genealogical tree workforces, or dna-lineal ones, by training or avocation, respectively. They are from Resort to Resort Fashion economy workforces who were interrupted by harm while learning at home their familial businesses. Since the Garden of Eden times, or 5,000 years ago. Of the older times before destruction on the planet, 90,000 years ago and 9 million years ago records of similar, none have been noted to be using, for now. Religions, inclusive, due to requirements to keep lawful (termed, adjusted, in USMC ARTS/Religions). Arrivals into the affected cities is welcomed from businesses which will be compensated, such as AmericanExpress, VISA, Gruen, and others that are bringing more people to help the cities recover and also with search and rescue. Also, if colonial-paramilitary lines, please report in for assignments, again.

The lists of similar attacks happening by nearly identical plans from the 4 B.C., 1 B.C., 4 A.D., 1 A.D., and in the Victorian Era with the lists of types of attackers such as faire jugglers then listed on earlier blogs. An era is typically about a decade or so, and an Age is close to a century, for the purposes of this PhD referential blog on History of Costume and as it is also an official site of the military for Costume:History,of. Definitions may change over time, to be adjusted. Fashion, the field of, has been getting attacked noticeably with a timing of trends defined by those in the profession to detect trends for humans that wish to enjoy them in their lives, somehow. Energy to success at business sense of accomplishment is what is sought by trend adopting, and later on will be a sense of happiness and of course a good amount of wellness even after that. In the Victorian Age, trend discussions were done weekly and in an attempt to head-count also any who might be missing in a link of social travel. If someone didn't get their trend data that week from a usual source, there was up to a posse organized to go find the person. There were also weekly trends organized, slightly incorrect as actual trends based upon human thought by electricity in the brain and also by the revolving planet and other celestial bodies such as the Uranus 'shepherd moon' and Io. The Victorian Era is missing 4 trends, therefore, not noted to be missing, and none of the people that would've been delivering these trends mentioned as do modern trend makers deliver them to the USAF AirForce1 Office's Project:FashionOne. Those being asked to sign up for search and rescue for even the forensics data line of fact gathering into tunnels and apertures unknown is also being rewarded whether volunteering or as a job with the military or law enforcement, fire department, etc., for the typically now being found dna-offshoots or family bloodlines of those who were in the trend business, then. A contest, not disrespectful of the process of gathering and exchanging data during the 19th Century is devised for helping with this particular project, perhaps to uncover more data as hoped to be used in the search and rescue effort. Short, or on-going. The contest out of the USAF AirForce1 Office's:Project Fashion One is for gathering trend data of the weekly or other levels from the Victorian Age. In the attic, then, or perhaps the cellar plaques, may be the clue for this real life scenario unfolding. When MIT detected that four trends in particular never made it all the way to the head count, they were to be used for as well as for actual retailing level and sociable trends. Please be prepared if winning this contest to accept a gift of donation or perhaps more than one from the general public such as classic cars, boats, attire, jewelry, etc.

Thank you for also entering the other contests listed by the USAF AirForce1 Office's
Project: FashionOne, mostly of the designing nature. Please consider also a ballet costume designing contest for any age or gender performer, from an annexed agency to the USMC ARTS of ballet. Out of the historical archives of the USMC ARTS is more data from Babylon's Arts, after the previous blog data on its education system and inclusive of art training. The costumes closely aligned to Shakespearean-timed and modern-preserving ballet costumes may be easily tracked into Babylon's stage performances. Lots of flags and draping were attached to the performers costumes, similar to some ballet costumes. These performances were about triumph. Into Shakespeare's time, ballet held a focus of lovelorn art.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USMC ARTS/Religions, co-head
USAF, fashion director
USN, Project Literature
Army (any), Finance
USSF/SS1, USN/SS2, USSS/badge-reactivated