Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Incursion VI Alerts of Imposterisms Galore

Hello to everyone, I'm pleased with very many good performances today and yesterday of the real military and the law enforcement and heard similarly from more than one of our judicial system judges this morning. I'm sitting in a library computer room with no other soldiers in the room, and reminded that my contract to guard me against the Incursions I to infinite-number is granted to me by the NSA, offially. There are zero changes as in nothing at all to any call signs today which are official nomenclature of the worldwide militaries that you'll recall along with each and every police department and all governmental groups became the same together worldwide in all capacities. Excepting unique identifications that are still there such as the Stockton Police Department may as with other cities identify itself as the only California city's police department by that name, etc., but functions as one police department equivalent worldwide and able to handle a case from anywhere anytime and any country, as explained previously. That said, the elections went overall well yesterday and the police departments are to be commendated from our Military for their superb performance under the direct attacks upon precincts, again keeping matters calmly observable to the public within the military's assigned crowd-management-to-crowd-control levels. The police department here logged correctly 90 cases of the actual attackers of voting precincts and the military added 90 other body bags of other attackers upon this city's precinct locations for voting, plus stopped the attempted takeover by 40 imposter sherriff's. This latter the police department performed their accurate manuevers to apprehend exactly correctly and the training level tape made from the realtime USMC Reconnaissance filmage that is the same as used in the actual judicial and other court systems to back up any and all data useful at the courtroom level. Overall, I had a good experience in the voting polls working as an inspector for the county and now have posed the question to the judges, soldiers and general populace gathered about the cafe where you may've been one of the 40 million who saw the news spot I was on a time or two ago and retrieved legally all the legal copies of various documents through your legal networks. And then there was the rest of you good readership and the very good general public. It is noted that you also should be and are receiving in a museum posting for the NSA and other international governmental agencies an award, noted for your time involved being good citzens and following this blog and others from the military by being law abiding. The time period of leniancy for discovered one day plus one hour or some similar absurdly low level of attendance at bootcamp training for the past or present wars, basically anything not complying with the approximately four month minimal requirement for boot camp training to serve in the militaries. It won't be restored, but I thank the public sector for returning things such that were purchased illegalis with the actual soldiers' monies without the authorization or knowledge of the soldier, military, or any proper or governing authority. Hotels and boats and other things were being bought illegalis and the titles have been given to the actual owners, now, but who didn't know they were for, etc. I appreciate receiving a deed for a fine hotel that was illegalis purchased with my own money bag that was taken away from bootcamp while I was on an official training manuever with the USMC and USSF, as it happened that day, at a shopping mall. The person who took the money was not allowed into the training camp, and it was appreciated that the money or something like it was returned. My special-ops unit and others are going to get some benefit out of these returned and unwittingly funded goods and with the services that go along with them; I have a lot of soldiers arriving who need places to stay and laundry bag service and room service catering, and banquet rooms to meet in. The days of the Colonel or others in charge of desert operations for our militaries unfolding maps and meeting with myself and others of USSF at Starbucks Cafe in Stockton during a regular day because we had no other facility that immediately available are not over, but are alleviated. The Incursion VI attackers are being slowly but surely recognized by the populace seduced away from lawfullness by these dna-Insurgent-homeland-invaders as what they are as enemies who declared warfare against all countries and not people to play games with. The Incursion level warfare code is "on" officially and all countries agreed to it, and all declared actual warfare against any homeland invaders including reenactors-illegalis, and others listed out by this country's president and on similar blogs and news formats. The affected cities are not staying at the same numbers all the time, but the actual numbers are still within the 90,000 range detected by the Military and the 900,000 detected and turned in on a list by law enforcement. Remember to turn into any law enforcement or military person that is actual including at a recruiter's office for the military or any courthouse any recruitment or approaches to get you participate in any 'games' in public for reenacting. Due to ultra high security and alert today, do not accept any IMs from anyone with my name or nomenclatures, or any claiming to have been me all day since midnight this a.m. Or, until further notice, as they are compromised and although some and certain heads of state were secure enough in using IMs beforehand, not today, or anytime today. On the only light note I have going today, I officially as a USAF fashion director who just received an appreciated raise from you, the people, which helps out tremendously, a warm and real thank you to the news stations worldwide who broadcast yesterday the footwear I had on for the practicality of the moment, and thereby announcing where I was at on my coded "day off."

There are about 90 divorces in my supposed name or my spouses' names today which are discovered and all conspiring to do so were executed by the military in an official action against Incursion VI homeland invaders. These invaders even attempted to annul illegalis-style 455,000 weddings of the past by a loophole now closed that didn't require any or both parties involved in being married to be present; but these invaders used and misused these identifities illegalis to get into the countries respective. These 455,000 couples are being remarried at 45 per day in this county alone and on a federal grant due to the fact that neither person in the marraige-original victimized by unknown-anullments against their knowledge or presence. The legal styled attack by Incursion VI attackers coded correctly as aiding a homeland invasion were the ones who filed annullments for this list of 455,000 pairs of blissfully wed couples who were misled to believe their annullment of the past was due to their marraige partners action. Now, it could not be done to thse types of partners who are working with militaries, are royalty or royal bloodlines required to work for the Department of State, or similar. All the couples are graciously noted to have been working with city councils and similar to help plan protections of the urban and similar areas, long term, as I'm sure their marraiges were hoped to be. If you have knowledge of other groups of people attacked in this manner, by desktop or paperwork styles, please notify the law enforcement near you or the military. Be aware that these attackers seem overly grounded in reality but are actually into ufo type beliefs which are not founded as they hope for their own planets someday, etc., and behave as though they don't live or belong on earth. They don't, now.

The alert is also out about various interests in fur, ranging from the fashionable historical studies and current affaires levels of news or research such as discussed here and in the New York Times. The sad part is that outside of the essay or dissertation research on fur types of patterning or style donning going on, lauded and greeted warmly from students by the Fashion World, a disturbing level of attacks is happening again to fur bearing pets. The WWF is being asked to respond, and should it fail, it will be replaced with other military and authorized actions. Finding your pet skinned alive and its fur on other animals bearing illegal genetics data into your area or country will be stopped, now, or soon. I'm certain your information is going to be helpful on all of this. Remember not to be lured underground unless you are the official worldwide government's military led teams, on horseback all of this past week. No bikes and trikes for awhile down there.

I'll check back with you on this official PhD referential and official military blog, gladly, soon. Take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer