Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hello to everyone and I hope that you are taking your everyday precautions during the Incursion V events-illegalis that include unpleasantries such as home invasions by groups of ten times any other number throughout 109,000 now affected cities worldwide. The Military officially announces that it is ready for the rest of Incurison V and within and for the affected cities, as listed at your local law enforcement and by Clergy who care to help you through it all. There is much filming going on now that is intent on future information that is very interesting historically to those who wish for more comprehension on groupings of peoples all the way back to the beginning of creations. Also of their own groupings by religions and paramilitaries as we now call them by. I hope you'll continue to support the legalized updated versions of religions which have historic roots in countries of origin where they originally were available to people. Sometimes as the governing body, othertimes as counseling, and yet in later years as the sources of other chosen evolved religions of choice. All the legal religions are listed at the USMC clergy offices, and available through the regular request levels. Only those listed or annexed by the listed ones are considered legal and actual churches worldwide, and happen to be gladly recognized now by all real governments. As with police departments and State Departments and such, all are linked worldwide; in the case of religions by and through the USMC. It took a good and thankful year of dedicated work by many to link all the known and existing churches into the oneness of communications and with two basic styles of formal studies and extra study systems available. This is enough for now, based mainly upon the e pluribus styles of governing large groups chose by much of the world governments. The success of the combined communications and ability to respond reflects in many places including the special-operations units that exist with the Military comprised of all the clergy heads of each legal church within one of these paramilitary units. You may actually see you worlwide church head guarding your area on their schedule sometime, or conducting their assigned patrol for urban defense levels now dubbed 'Emergency Services' and with the USSS and its counterparts nearby. This is helpful to know because the Incursion V attempts to destroy households illegally targetted are having many of the illegalis invaders misclaim to be a head of an organized and ancient religion, any of them, or particular ones. The website for one of the USMC guided and guarded legal versions that has been misclaimed, for example, has some historic music that is very interesting and educational, since education is a big interest by the Military and Government to be offered at church levels. Their site for one of these combined resources for the extra-studies of religions is at and I suggest their Music page at

My current official vacation has been extended by another hundred days by the Military and other governmental groups which combine with interest in my writing project, and historic music found is part of my clues in my short story underway. It is a clue based upon real life modern cases of search and rescue of people who played historic music in accomplished manner while abducted or kidnapped together. It led the search and rescue teams to them, and while their identitities are guarded for their privacy by the militaries, it is fine as a fictional clue.

Writing about historic events can be very enjoyable when fictionalized, and I know that many authors have written into their stories that are published much in the way of military equipment. Interesting in peace time and to youthful readers, as well as to any other audience when included in literature. I am glad to list a fundraiser for getting the 909s fully functional and their crews with equipment and vehicles for response right up through to the camouflage paint, one of which deflects enemy or public market radar systems. The Military is officially bringing some of the museum pieces of the 909 out and back into service, it mentioned today. These well maintained craft have been lovingly tended and are now welcomed back for some certain urban terrains of patrols and to service the public again. It might be fun for you as readership sometime to notice how many times a day or week or such that you notice the aircraft or other service vehicles of the military used in Arts and Literature, such as you might find strolling through a bookstore and in a children's book department. Movies, also, of course. Perhaps also some in some historic music.

I have a couple of small paintings over at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery in Stockton and they have a gracious site at; phone at 209-466-6604. I've sometimes mentioned my own artwork on this blog and had follow-up discussions with some general readership as they travel about so that if you are ever interested in the original artwork while it will benefit the gallery mentioned as it hangs, don't be shy about calling or asking about shipping it with a purchase. In looking at some other groups and my artwork before especially as fundraising the originals arrived in proper condition. In the backdrop of this show, I have at this gallery an orchid with rose from my orchid series, and also a morgue art portrait of a pretty lady.

The Holidays are on mind of the many this Autumn already, and so are determined gift budgets. I hope that you will enjoy early shopping or crafting your own, as many I know are doing. It may seem early, but it is just characteristic of this year and this time, for a variety of reasons. I'll list some books soon that I think might be interesting to consider as gifts for the Holidays.

My cats are pleased to be resting between search and rescue training as the weather here is changing into a windy Fall, already. The cats have just learned to rescue dogs, which they like the least of all, but they have achieved this advanced level of training. After learning to rescue other animals, and people ....

I will look forward to blogging again with you soon, and thank you for being a patient readership as the servers transfer you on schedules to the seargents' sites, as you prepare yourselves for Incursion V self defense and home defenses, and watch for fashionable trends at the PhD referential level of coding. Have a good week.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer