Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Official Incursion IXX next of Fashion Resort Economy Books

Salutations, official Incursion-IXX of seeming street raids from broken military parties underground arriving from tunnel apperature within 3 years about from USMC Reconnaissance and per the heads-of-state referring to U.S. President Obama and more within cities illegalis (to warfare automatic by) targetting same 900,000 cities again soon not all over raids as imped illegalis by 'the game' from Mexico removed from citizenship by all countries for raiding again 4th time in wake of Incursion's dna-Insurgents miscreant placed and taking housewares (due to lack of decor impulse) to retire without sewage or postal routes in grandiose otherwise living (Church halted before) returned to Mexico; aided by Israel's non-Veda task force equivalent to remove illegalis prostitutes and illegalis pornography attacks terrorizing countryside. More on Reconnaisance technology, new term: tele-micro being its officially used at all court houses and police stations worldwide, free printouts of any anytime any place for any thing in law to court proceedings, now free for time from military installations of sent to your last known address your dna-records of from 100% accurate if requesting even by recorded electrical thought military protocoal of communication from USAF Travis AFB Armory's 'mind control' or other like.

Named after persons full-human status working animals in search and rescue selected from those particularly guarding territories they're in are being allowed human styled names to work in Government functions: I'm pleased to have a California bear working in a government office now using my name, although I'm guaranteed no one else will use my name being the only one from birth with it after all, but animals excepted. Many others enjoying novelty.

Thank you for helping with funding which has some free on bundle-growth like chia plant pets, available at many churches and temples. Please check for more books soon and yesterdays and other blog days lists.
USAF fashion director