Friday, March 16, 2012

Funding Books Gifts Items

Funding items first again as distributed by USAF Publishing House as done by a CIA nearby funder:
* alabanus_I:novelized about first search and rescue lion and his friend; by Alabanus the lion, official, Sir Pauls, shou, grant_ed, devon, dan, dorque, valneum, kmwall
* lion_kapade:gamebook; by Alabanus the search and rescue lion for the Military
* lion_capade:solving book; by rzsuvnmnousx of HM a Jamaican King's unit_one
* alabanus_II:novelized; by Sir Pauls, devon, dan, dorque, shou, valenum, Alabanus the search and rescue lion official
* boot_and_camp_for_bored_and_pare':training camp data official; by Abracus the State of California state bear doing search and rescue explaining officially
* gxom_50:novel;by judge_d, Richard Marcinko, kmwall
duex_un:music; by Procol Harum
* try_a_tray:book on gracious living; by Abudulus another official State of California search and rescue doing bear
* dance_chance:novel; by Dan Millman
* skorn_grown:novel; by Richard Marcinko
* overjoy:novel; by Gil Killigan
* duck_with_a_walk:novel; by Anna Wintaur, kmwall
* double_duty:novel; by Tom Cruise
* brick:novel; by Jim Brick
* over_and_out:novel; by gym_joe
* pot_of_gold:novel; by asinarius_narre
* the_pearl:music; by Danny Ambience
* away:novel fear; by kmwall
* battle_q:by jon_ju_2
* alive!_satanism_now_Norad_and_it:book; by maharaja_juan, kmwall
* church_maus_horse:novel; by Bob Mayer
* church_maus_braun:novel; by judge_leon
* monster_sock:book, socks within of new voguen; by AASF
* mxonautor:novelized psy op war; by ben {to:Rome;i]
* ask for by topic such as color bleu or for all gear for it grouped for any Military soldiering or alike assigned to by determined on linked sites to seargents staff seargetnts thanking with no cost of for qualified

Work, USAF AirForce1 Office's: freesort "worklisted" or to listed above.

Take good care and until the next blog.

Kristin-Marie Wall
those writing as kmwall
any of, commanding officer
USAF director fashion/art designer
all omc Marine Corp its USMC as its co-head ARTS/R
ARMY(any/ finance and USSF a special_ops member
NAVY(any/ literature its project and USNSEALs a unit_one and herald to others by
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