Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Official Alerts to Worldwide Military Martial Law Action by Friendlies

Salutations. This official site of the military (and PhD referential for costume, history of) is data of an official action underway alerted and set-off by friends of all countries represented by the German FBI and Russian Military Officers roving about to defend all, supported fully by myself and all militaries and all governments and set from the 24th to the 24th of February to March: against Incursion IX to XX coming in as dna-Insurgent vehicular to contact level unto/into the verifying of dna-miscreant attacking bloodlines grouped into gang-formation of new nomenclature-status unranked undeterred without this level and under-fold-EN-process1122, adding in from this site that it is of examples following as word-by-mouth is the most prevalent method of this dissemination. And import. Saturday evening all worldwide tax preparation offices were raided in synchronization within 0166 seconds from USMC Reconnaissance surveillance of incoming inland tunnels and aperture-notions of the style (such as running across terrain under guarded along coast lines, digging sites, until back into tunnels). Deterred then by one K-9 hound of Schitzen additional and military breeding-training working within the guidelines of holding off an army in a tunnel, running, and one FBI agent foreign here and 3 witnesses answering his call for assistance, and royal household members traveling from Japan, welcomed for timely assistance, also. Also involved is the order (executive) to108 compounded//\...propounded. Code, ON is on on most things needing it, but the U.S. Department of State will correct soon to for any that are suffering especially first because, for example, an attacker or targeter via hacking or otherwise turned to OFF their code for, say, Life; meaning they are dead not alive and may not have received their medical care that is urgent care or food, or animal care properly. A fortieth sheriff was noted, for those alerted to that count to mobilize. Again, all commanding officers of any past are requested (for pay to) of any war or peaceable time to assist with the defenses and offenses against the Incursion IX to XX homeland invasion by miscreant raiders nominal-dna-Insurgents; please report in to any visible office Armed Forces recruitment office, or per instruction-past.

Non-reenactment, of course, all the data on this blog.

Also assisting this city are Solvang, CA residents and workers traveling through to help deter raids while the results from their being raided are cleaned up quickly by the Military. Welcome additionally are 90 million paid foreign workers in the Arts and Fashion of Art also militarily assisting the U.S.A. while helping with the hundreds of millions of ghost-art sent courteously to the USMC ARTS over the weekend by you the good general readership. The good news of this is that through the additional action by the Martial Law Act selected, the raids upon all the affected cities by the Incursion homeland invasion coded raids -- before and to now list of cities of 900,007 -- are down to 100,000 raided houses, even number. A special thank you goes out to the traveling foreign arts helpers as they were allowed by their countries of China and India one day or so off of their own work, with thought of not affecting the productivity of their own countries. Already a result of the donated portions of the artwork sent by you, the good readership, is that one million pieces of art were selected by the Library System worldwide and purchased at lower than their budget for artwork this annum.

Following are some terrific and of this moment responsive seminars, some accredited.

An opportunity to attend accredited college units transferable to any is from USSF and one of its officers who will be assisting. The clergy are asked to teach this seminar for pay, and to allow the attendees to direct other monies into selected funds or charities or non-profits. The seminar will be about the most ancient and first language version of 008-philosophy-mysticism, from a language still in use (with PhD being given out to the workforce sectors being found in search and rescued and other amazing data, included in the study course). Please see your clergy for this voluntary attendance and donation as pay coursework. The clergy will receive their own pay for teaching from the USSF 01 officer, delivering, and can schedule through the pay-desk of USSS or the FBI desk at any Police Station, worldwide.

Another funding opportunity involves A Way of Love, about the Sherwood Forest, a King there, the un-Hollywood ending after the tale you know, and where it connects today, directly. A presentation from the USMC ARTS. Please sign up with your registered clergy.

Yet one more seminar involves travel to a discreet location with real and presenting members of royal households and is available for 60 funded attendees at our paid cost of $10 each, or if you do the math and make up any difference room for up to 200 attendees. Suggested is congregational groups, troupes, ministries, study groups, or any cohesive or involved in direct studies of known coursework such as a study course via Internet may apply. The seminar will be guarded by USSS, a list of protocol including decorum to be used in this non-fairytale setting provided from the Department of State, Office of Protocol Service, courtesy of the ambassadors of this data on manners and greetings and proper behavior. What is important to know is that the seminar will be presented by an Irish squire and embassy colleagues about a group of full-blooded royalty that separated in 912 A.D. during attacks in castles and kingdoms that hid for these past centuries, working underground in factories of their own devising and supporting themselves in an alter economy. All original castle wares and decorum were utilized, and equipment and styles of doing business, and their own education. Especially useful for those studying protocol or decorum and of the official nature in business or politics or as clergy. Apply at any registered clergy office or request a phone number to apply from a U.S. Postal Worker or one of the international affiliates. Two more days of regular rustic-resort fees for stay may be included for those wishing to continue to visit and assimilate the data. Transportation is included, from the Military and volunteering airlines with open seating. Please include your own tips or fees customary not charged in fares, etc., if known, although not to hardship of the attendee. Four days away, including travel including the 2-day persistent around the clock seminar on a site chosen for the optimization.

Also out of the proceedings this weekend, a seemingly less likely new offering to the public as a gesture of gracefulness in education is to-PhD-level coursework from MIT and Stanford University combining for musicology of the ancients, a cuneiform approach to, into stars. Galaxies to paramecium and frequency waves and the music of the Garden of Eden, etc. Factual, amazingly fun, and the gifted student of any age may apply, or those with a mathematical friendly mind about music and open to the philosophy of centuries gone. Some will be awarded this degree at any level for work-applied, already underway, thanking them for their responding to the urgency of the recent Incursions of inland homeland targeting to the invasion of illegalis scenarios underway. Twenty today were given out, already, and news of may be looked up as the regular degrees of education they are and shared on resumes and more. I hope you'll use these degrees gladly. A big thank you to the still working hard MIT and its other affiliated math groups from University of Utah and anonymous ones, and Stanford University for over exertions in the area of search and rescue of musicians anywhere.

More thank yous to go out later including to the Law Enforcement that are successfully completing mostly 8 years of boot camp training from the Military and along with others from the Civic and Civil Service Offices and the non-profits you know of as governments, and governing. Please keep checking as often as you need work-for-pay the no-cost listings available courteously from the USAF AirForce1 Office's Project:FashionOne and search for your topical work desired. Also for the contests resident there for fashion design.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS, co-head
USN, project literature
Army, finance