Friday, October 15, 2010

Further More of Incursion V Rapes and Deathly Beauties

Hello to everyone, I hope you are overall well while reading this newly official military blog able to alert you today to another faction within the Incursion V attackers and homeland invaders in the 999,000 affected cities that are experiencing today ten thousand attacks of rapes of victims by spousal-identity-thieves, violently. The threats were received first by the authorities and so many of the ten-thousands groupings of assailants-militarized were apprehended already. The repairs equating to cosmetic surgical repair will be completed by the Military, today many of them from the Baltic and other regions of resorts here to help with future travel industry things. There are many interested in more fashion wardrobe plans and cosmetic plans from the USAF today for such reasons, and in behalf of, we are glad to be able to present the complementary other systems for recovery of lifestyles, up to and including full restoration. These tens of thousands of attackers of Incursion V are known to be attacking women carrying cash, perhaps linked to Vatican or other systems or lines of communication, and the attackers fit the descriptions of brothel madams-illegalis' personal military attempts. These types of non-military military-attempts are chronicled throughout history, as discussed before, and much of that data is readily available through the USMC clergy offices or your neighborhood Church priest. These are again Insurgent-dna coded now as Incursionists-miscreant-dna-thievery-occult-superbo/s. They are attempting to also attack by occult for destroying human or animal bodily parts, and the Military is responding with official coursework at no-cost for those willing to be trained in the historic response methods to this type of aggression; ask for the sorcery coursework as being taught by the reactivated former heads of the militaries under the directives of the USMC. No cost, and travel is included and special terms apply for law enforcement or others who depend upon quota casework or similar so as not to lose out on daily income or matters related to. The Incursion V attackers are again attempting to locate out of communication hairstylists due to their being already apprehended and convicted of treason-high. There is no more specific data on this copy-cat round of attacks from history, but you are welcome to recognize and work with the real and appropriate emotions that you may have in reaction and work with them as motivation, so be certain to avoid any other attackers or ignorant-to-recruitment-by-Incursion-V-attackers who attempt to assess in public (illegalis, now) anyone for such reactions and immediately try to drug them with a supposed medication. Any medication not actually for you is considered officially and onward always as a poisoning act or attempt of, even if it has been your medication before, because each time it has to be uniquely counted granules for you on worldwide records, etc. Specifics of this kind can help immediately solve a crime of this kind and all such records must be relinquished immediately from the private sector to law enforcement with no waiting time; executive order is enacted to do such a guarantee which is already required with the present warfare coding and alert level such as noted on HSA sites and such. This type of helpful data can also be requested from any military for law enforcement because nearly everyplace and any time of day or night is fully able to be retrieved on USMC-Reconnaissance and in dignified format for those concerned. This includes the data from the recently and hurriedly retrofitted microchips for the law enforcement and emergency workers equipment that gives them immediate 100% accurate dna-data including whose inside that body. No identity theft can be undiscovered or undisclosed due to this worldwide cooperation that I mentioned more on yesterday that took 2.4 days to complete the manufacture after quickly redesigning this technology from the military, in use by the military for decades, pleasingly.

Be sure to watch out for seeing-eye-dogs or guidedogs for the blind today, and also that they have their owners or trainers with them. Some are being aimed at by attackers in vehicles, not unlike a story you may've read on this blog in years past. The response to help the other animals that choose to work well with us such as the military animals requested for daily training for search and rescue and neighborhood protections is very good. Thank you for helping the HSUS and others line up housing for some of these animals that are responding well to working with the military but some sadly who lost their homes or natural environments. It takes a special type of animal, and with cats it is still new to the public which forgot its historical use of the animal as a military unit member. The lovely heraldic shields from Scotland and its surrounding areas alerted the military to the fact that the animals were actively useful in their paramilitary units, not just as mascots.

The military animals are being studied alongside their training for their ongoing social lives, a many decades in existence set of studies and grants in place. Why is to learn more about human social behaviors that resemble them, most people now are limiting themselves to two social calendar activities per month. This is a normal level for this type of economy and doesn't require expenditures but doesn't omit them, either. Many regular people and active social echelons have expressed concern that they were not normal any longer by only having a duo of calendar items scheduled. Even the heads of many usually social groups are finding this suits them while they are working with everyone cooperatively to help restore their own lifestyles, perhaps including economically. Sociability will address this in the future which assignment from the worldwide school systems and churches it was glad to accept.

Times are good now for making many plans that are appropriate to change for long-term in family and extended household and individual finances. The former regular guest on the Oprah Winfrey show, David Bach, is asking you to join him and his millionaire club in replanning. Since they designed their own financial futures and helped eachother become millionaires, they are now back to redrawing their own future sources of income. The Fed increased the number, responsively, for the average person or their household, extended included, to a recommended five to eight continual or recurring income sources. These can be for instance a once a year type of income, such as a cottage industry type or a neighborhood garage sale or a special occasion memento sale of gift items, etc. There are many that you can come up with, and while Bach had given himself a deadline with his group recently that he would've enjoyed your own participation in, not just vicariously, he and other familiar financial gurus of the recent times still have expressed concern for helping you and others like all of us.

Meanwhile, it is very appreciated that you have been an outstandingly good readership of mainly affected families in the Incursions I to V or from Fashion or the Arts, or Finance including Government and Military. The fact that you have supported the gift item fundraising is very well noted, and several of the groups that need our military assistance to complete their obligations within the public or private sectors will be receiving for awhile a part of any overall sale of these gifts I'm listing. The online store at: has a few items you have seen before, and the Army accountants are happy to be able to handle dividing up the proceeds from them into the requesting beneficiaries until their uniquely requested fundraising item is online, later: WWF for its ongoing paramilitary homeland defense for the animals special-ops units funds; RWA benefiting the over four thousand Incursion V victims of violent attacks for plagiarism; NASA's ghosthunting and special-ops units to also defend neighborhoods; Church parishes with members which remain too depleted to restart lifestyles and income streams after natural disasters and parishes in affected cities that are using their funds to guard homes that are frequently invaded with violent Incursion V attacks; Red Cross for its preparatory funds to gather supplies before the next major disaster, which it had not restocked due to time constraints in time for the most recent natural disaster; MUFON's cooperative USAF and personnel special-ops unit for neighborhood defenses and particular investigations of unusual reports; MI1 military cats for Count Zorro and his league of cats for their upkeep and training and maintenance of their houses donated from the public for their worldwide guarding and search and rescue; RAF dogs training and physical recovery fund after their facilities were raided and they were retrieved from abductions and to repair their facilities.

Beauty in history and its present trends or directions is interesting for many new studies to have been commissioned. There are many historical groups that admire only their own beauty and use it for specific purposes, different from others. Some studies and desktop work levels of grants are coming in to the military for studying beauty in the histories of groups, nicely, again. If you don't find mainstream beauty selections particularly beautiful or have a unique echelon beauty coda, you might be a subject of study. This may be a fun project selection for some with background in these areas, and the Project:Happiness usually resident at the FBI can be requested for this, there. Please hurry to pick up these projects on beauty.

Please be sure to read yesterday's blog, also, for the very important data on dna-beauty-marring incidents and the three organ donation supply groups that are from historic 'creation' groups that won't mix with other types of humans. This data is official from the White House, and may be used in literature or fiction later on, and is being disseminated now for the urgency of its timeliness, but it is historically known to many groups that can also be studied. And, check the lists in prior blogs of the on-going benefits and pay to soldiers deployed at home, and others working with our militaries worldwide, now.

Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer