Thursday, August 19, 2010

Incursion V Alerts and Musicality in the Air

Hello to everyone and I hope you are taking your regular precautions during this officially defined Incursion V which you'll recall involves military styled raids by those choosing homelessness for any length of time, but with more details from the worldwide police departments stating 900 million municipalities worldwide are affected by Incursion V. There are only about 840 million police protected regions, so that there are other military types of zones that will happen in your own areas. The nine hundred affected cities after Incursion IV have passed into this new Incursion V. No reenacting in public or outside nonprofit designated places guarded by official police departments that are paid to guard the facilities is allowed, and is considered part of the Incursions I to VIII which all including the President and Heads of State have declared official and continual warfare against. There are those soldiers returning from the frontline of combat that have asked me, frankly, Why was my fashion trend unit sent to the front line? Or, similar with performing arts units, and others like them. They are trained soldiers, for one thing, but beyond that they are familiar with the most overtly and illegally targeted economic sectors of our business world and other echelons. Those being again entertainment including Music and Film and Performing Arts including stage, with private business network heads (legal ones) that came to the military and asked for protections of their business as a whole economic sector. Similarly with the Arts and Fashion that you've heard mostly about on my personal blogs.

The other alert for Incursion V today involves victims homes or locatable places by house or other numbers, as the Incursion V raiders and invaders are using these numbers added together as binary then plus or minus one: 212 would become 5 then with one added or subtracted to make 4 or 6 the Incursion V perpetrators' operative form of function against their victims. Take precautions normal to you already, now, as you've been keeping up to date in your additional home safety training courses at churches and schools and such. The seriousness of Incursion V is that our U.S. Congress offers USD$80Million for each apprehension or execution of any Incursion V perpetrator found to be working openly in normal jobs around or about you; payment is on demand or even on the spot with no 'clean up' or repercussions and that is how valued our general populace is to our worldwide governments, while it can be shown in dollar values. The military can be contacted for this in usual manners, or through your police departments or other law enforcement or your regular and listed clergy offices at the USMC. If you haven't been reactivated in the military for at least part-time for your own hard work you're probably already doing again anyhow, please do so. Some nice benefits await the urban defense levels of service.

Thank you again for making it a useful tool of communication by your readership numbers which indicate it is the most popular worldwide. As you've followed up on items, others from the blog discussions have become very searched out on the Internet and elsewhere such as jeweler Lisa Sysombath and the book authors, so that you may rest assured that we in the military anticipate guarding them during the times of our online discussions or research together or alone. I've started the R. Doherty Area 51 novel and will fill you in later on other projects.

Someone asked me how these novels get selected, besides my own suggestion. They are analyzed for the size of the readership for the good of the large group in communication. The topics are suitable to be read aloud to children or others, and they are on unusual topics usually that belong in entertainment, not to be repeated at home, most often. That is the nature of the surviving and evolving entertainment market that includes novels, being guided but actually rather driven by the Christian book market and its guidelines. For those interested in this field's direction and movement, you can contact the CIA for studies or the various Christian book market writing groups, or even many other writing clubs of sizable or historical longevity.

Music is also surviving today because of the diligence of many in the field who felt it ought to be defended and by Constitutional powers to use the military to do so. Therefore, we are pleased to list some and certain jobs from the military that are available to the public sector as well as to soldiers. Career musicians looking about today may consider our postings for performing musicians of fine arts or classical backgrounds and training. We need to have many filmed and recorded segments made prior to films and other entertainments which will dignify any participating artists. These recordings will be available for purchase by filmmakers and other recording professionals; this is part of the steps that will be assisting those recovering the fields of entertainment in the Arts. These job listings come with the usual job reference from the military, so thank you, if, for example you are an impresario or an accomplished single instrument performer such as a banjo player. Soon, there will be more of this type of opening for those who can be recorded or filmed in the act of preparing musical instruments of beauty or historical note, such as an ancient harp, or other you might have around as a genealogical gesture.

This leads me to mention some interesting facts from the Cherokee Tribe and its various Councils that have relayed to the Military that they have an unusually high percentage of their populace now that is mentally retarded. About fifty percent, and yet what is a pleasant gift to societies about this other than possible volunteerism is that these Cherokee Native Americans are highly adept at historic musical instruments and even skilled at carving or creating them from scratch. Their performances may need instructors, or not, but this might be an dedicated way to contribute in volunteer hours, and the regular charities have been cooperative and helpful, already.

For the children, as well as adults, be aware to watch out for our military animals again, which you may know are part of MI1 officially. It is easy to imagine as I've explained your favorite movie spies such as James Bond and MI6 types of systems are similar, where all MI6 are also USSS equivalents and all USSS are also MI6, now. These military animals have much training in transporting documents, carrying weapons or otherwise fighting for victims' safety and defense. They are very brave, but too inquisitive on their own time, so that I need to alert you to watch your pet doors in your own neighborhoods as our military trained cats are making new patrols on their own effort to guard you and yours further. Some of the cats treat themselves to an unscheduled reward not on their lists approved, often by dipping into fish bowls in homes where they've tread without invitation but added by themselves to their patrols. Be sure to let us know if you have your house invaded and see signs of the military cats such as Dr. Baldr the part bobcat and Siamese at my own home who attempted to guard a house and then dip into the fish bowl for repayment. The owner is having the fish repaired in our own NSA Project: Echelon lab (if you're searching for the lab in your directory from a government facility, the spelling is the old style you're accustomed to, for speedier dialing). Although Dr. Baldr has received an honorary PhD from some caring folks to help his status in the military, he is still not above reproach by Count Zorro his senior tomcat who is making him do extra guarding today until the younger tomcat gets it right again. Remember that Count Zorro was also caught in the act of paying himself for extra guarding in raided houses where he scared away trespassers when he ate pizza lunches left out and about. HsLadyLove is above reproach this week as she's been sailing again on Navy docked ships here for various things and is so pleased with all the attention that she is behaving well.

Be well and take care of yourselves, and I'll see you on the blog again, soon, likely by next Thursday.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer worldwide