Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vedic Medicine and Arabian Finance Taught Free by IRS to Qualified

More funding books gifts and items as distributed by USAF Publishing House and noting that thanks to the VA's helpfulness from their Stockton office, all soldiers have been reached now by Veterans Administration USA+ to receive their free items listing and their custom gear by request right down to custom color, and for it the thanking with:
* ender's_day:bored game board turns into computer before your vision; by Vogue Magazine, dun_v_duuzzzneleven_ddgeu, judge_vogue, king_reg, joe, kmwall
* board_and_doe:game to sail away; by Abratus and Alabasus the official State of California animals doing search and rescue alongside the military dogs and other K9 units, officially
* pantofle_flu:novel; by dan, joe, denver_jan
* tries_roger:novelized, Maiye art inside included; by kmwall
* vau:novelized; by Al Gore
* royal_braun:novel; by Bob Lily of disc jockey fame
* spartan_maum:novelized; by rosa
* ten_two:book; by Bruce R. McKonkey
*dressed_to_nines:text fashion; by bailey_little, grand_jacque, Anne Perry, Poul Anderson, Dan Millman, Michael Fitzgerald, Dave Berry, Colonel Surtan, Robert Bruce, John Grisham, Steven Segal, Stephen Frey, Michael Ontiveros USMC, John Legg, Bob Mayer, Tom Clancy, bi_taum, judge_grand, James Clavell, John Jakes, Richard Marcinko, Jim Plunkett, Michael, Levine, Steve Martini, Patrick Donohue, Clive Cussler, Al Gore, Dir. Muehller, Ian Fleming, kmwall
* Mauna_mapsiestumr; book plus moapst in for military and of imposters; by HM a Jamaican King and others; library museum useage supplied, +
* flag_of_one:novelized with original one replica inside included; by kmwall
Medicine, Vedic is system used by all USN military doctors and psychiatrists in the field of combat to after treatment it being a word explained only by its similar sound to demarcations of it by any prostitutes naming themselves of soundalike removed from Israel permanently for it. Vedic systems used are beneficial to bodies if only 3 days per week but 4 does no more than three; all experience should be enjoyed as Vedic medicine is the bloodline of modern medicines and more archives to hundreds more medical degrees of challenging suddenly from schools including Wharton College, Stanford University and SUNY including FIT its school of fashion covering lifestyle elements historical or soon. Thanking with for soldiers plus aligned workforces for these the topics on blogs prior and now the #900daimond grant a good qualifier for of all covered needed plus adding your own benefits equaled ahead.

Finance, training on ARABIA its Naval portion the plans of money made already unware to find it there not from saving but from rounds of it plans legal all countries the IRS trains free the tickertape option of list still available or modernized more technology with it on it.

Astrology, 800,000 students allowed into coursework by Ed Cromarty USMC co-head ARTS/R a known before as head of All Military a once revised into corrected data from errors handed about on technical novelized versions his identity theif caught, prosecuted, done. The class is about new data from how a tank-artillery brings all them to you by being there at it a place placed by astrology, or the missive style entry please submissable of a novel document or type needed to qualify it for real work it must have some related astrology from astronomy charts and historical data of use. [to:the;site.]
Heraldry, music heraldry now existing by USNAVY the new herald for myself including as a job already transferring about as an officiator of SAS. Dr. of Entertainment James Ricks included in lore of it to factual archives used for the heraldic patchwork manuevers of battlefield akin, typical of heraldry and its formal use. Thanking those requesting.

Fashion, Parrot-day fashion code of today on calendar day trend 'isiminate'-n-warfared noted liked to attacked in public places, of one black-file archives including color of black and a shiny thing or piece added. There are good security procedures to observe from OES any county region type -ga =-go et al. Shiny or bright recall opens eye-rods that allow more light to vein ahead of brain that speeds blood under more light, makes victim participant feel smarter; various reasons obvious for attacks. To Police to report, correlate, thanking them for extra.

Thanks, including Law Enforcement and CVCC Civil Servants Civil Affaires and also the Country of SWEDEN lately for the new job categories for me which they defined. I like writing more again, with the advanced schedules. More by request of the populace about myself soon on this a once personal family blog.


Kristin-Marie Wall
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USAF director fashion/art designer
all Marine Corp its omc and USMC as co-head ARTS/R
ARMY(any/ finance + USSF special_ops a member of
NAVY(any/ literature its project + USNSEALs a unit_one
FFL knight
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chaplain Fashion Industry legwear hosiery
minister Ministry of Fashion
author and artist: displaying now at Elsie May Goodwin Gallery Stockton California 2 8x10 watercolor tryptch experience Sadness no. 1 Sadness no. 2 priced USD$1Million or USD$800,000 respectively