Monday, October 3, 2011


Salutations, official from this site of the Military and PhD referential data Homeland Security coded-correctly homeland-invasion of homes-to-business-any of ancien level data learned schools transferred incorrectly to psychology-quotes-incorrect-for-motto-stance or teen-sex-rave-movies-lore-of-generational-times/eras street-parked attacks announced-bellows raids to homes-numbered-4th-away-from-protected-by-listed-or-executiveorders attempted stopped by LAPD-visiting with CA-ARTS weekend-jobs-recruiting-extra-time responding with local Law Enforcement and Military response-to Stockton, CA quickly removed into own-autos right-measures returned to Los Angeles greater, and any echoed in 900,000 affected incursion cities of Police Stations' handing to Military for it to do listings; enemies-declared-themselves-as attackers-typed here and on seargents' sites tried research to negate criminal offense level to lower refer to tanks first smaller garaged illegalis unknown to occupant that day driving over children selling legal wares, duo attacks, court defenses tried said were tractors by size not illegal tanks: to tank funding or refunding if citizen/resident fell for it to expend; Senate providing one per house already by any government connect for affected areas or Pentagon by White House switching of Operator for homeland defense not abroad, abroad also to military with trained/recruited tank-repairpersons jobs available. IRS opened 220 art dens responding to USMC ARTS/R to support worldwide ARTS into Economy levels by ancient to modern data, investor-ready at 1%-at-USD$1050.00-only+ investment-as-owener's-equity non-taxed transfer of monies into/for by any taxing agency (payroll affected ones find new employee by month-1 from energized, norm) data-confidential-allowed, also of 44Million-military-installations-now-listed/for; to jobs for/in and see Mormon Church Offices for work/suppliers building 800 more or IRS for 680 more building: sudden work homeland-defense level timelines. Urgent to Kinsean bell-curve graphed data found attacks 40-20 daily even numbered attempts putting ancien fashion label coded picture (picture attacks on public sector, ARMY type) onto final bell-curve for non-normal economy to form picture on it novelty a purpose not modus operandi differing into warfare but criminal action to responsive casework for Law Enforcement also and to Military gain for ARMY(any)heraldry office's new hires again more jobs opening economy-fashion-resort of fashion field to economist to resort world into Atlantean graphs or Aragonian official royalty/government systems for to King Arthur's sorcery times afield records useful military or civilian hired at USD$70,000+USD$10,000 permanent-part-time work; urgency. Below more Economy lesson data requested by Stanford University rushed onto this blog for two-choice to view 181Million viewers/minute-100hours-scheduled; and books for sale paid for by CIA (American and Mexican refunding to lesser-economy zones of it) for need-to-know-readership/scholastic/referentialdesks plus open sales for wanting to own:

Lesson brief pine-cone 181-partitioned example in sudden-burn-zones-normal-Ecology as California's Santa Cruz Mountains deciding landowners use off-season Princeton's philosophy 'beer-grown-in-closet-sold' to tide over; seeds fall from pinecone opened by heat of fires into warmed turning mulch ideal in condensation by any next Springtime thriving ecology cycle festering-2-fostering ancien-files at O.E.S./region-ancien-human-skin-logs-on. Helping farmlands in normal low of insects by other needing in crucial 2-40 days time 'window' (at 13 cuneiform-UN, LTC/ARMYherald lengua) of if not pollenated/fertilitytimefloral lost crops/season by insect-lo/w traceable ancien graphs/logs transposeable to marker-economic. Marker predicts by likelihood pre-finalized data about forming onto Kinsean bell-curve: useful to Ancients were shell-shaped-graphs on topic this/seargents' blog also pre-data-finalized-by-bell-curve-graphs/charts useful as marker-predicting. Phenomena an ancien file useful now transposes into phenomena/l (l as cursive-small-l Roman alphabet) in charitable-ecclesiastical-shadowing of economy-known entering 3+ days away as 181-years-cycle-normal astronomy labeled terms for and tracked to 5000 years data Arabia's government and at FED/O.E.S./D.A.Office,Stockton,CA/LTC. accepted. Returned a Fashion-Resort-Economy, in Atlantean records to Aragon's Royal Courts now Spain the Country's official records into scholastic lore/data King Arthur's caravan-fashion then Resort World (Atlantean owned) Fashion-Economy of to-enter-bring-an-economy-solution to).

Long-listed CIA paying for books (including novels to edu) for need to know for timeline indicated by nearby as above described or credit card companies all agree lode on card used for to own books listed on this site/seargents' 1% interest rate of lowered by. Thanks to.
* 4from4to4, a 9-economy book, ARMY of financial services, by James Marks, kmwall
* disk_wish: a bout with UFOs; by kmwall, delivery by USAF only for real footage included to view, benefitting in donation from MUFON-Northern-California-Chapter
* 9_9_9_no_answer:about WorldWarII, insider from RAF and her Chief, by kmwall
* travelling, by Ray Vo, Jay Wall
* a_wilson:golf empire; by kmwall
* H_is_a_great_gree: by Dr. James Marks, Jay Wall
* 11_is_never_amore:on fashion-economics, by Office of Counter Intelligence of White House Administration currently, kmwall, Bin Laden, gym_go; benefitting gymwork_group (after Heroes a paramilitary unit of all wars so-named) of search & rescue to any Homeland defenses
* wxoer_monghering:a mining war novel-in-space; by kmwall
* -a_sorted_songbook: economy-relative; by Dr. Jim Marks, joe_blough, kmwall
* ten_good_things_you_can_do_to_your_own_home_to_keep_it_not_sell_it; by Dr. Jim Marks, kmwall
* a_charles_wall_bio:a-race-story, how to find your Air Force records to VA Hospital fund for/of soldiers official, 4-useful; kmwall
* of extreme elegance:how-to style on royalty; by kmwall
* idols_of_Zimbabwe:10-again non-war a 3rd-World segment-to a 1st-world, 2-World business sector, by kmwall, donating to its King's welfare-funding
* gate; a novel on how to do a gate on the world and get caught; by hiding judge for denver_unit, kmwall
* how to plan a wardrobe, by kmwall
* 8_craig_greg_blaub:about Kristin Wall's past in Music Industry, carried bazooka to music sheets hidden; by ALL, john_dough, denver_joe
* 51_marble_street: a regular murder mystery about a plum unit gone; by kmwall
* cordoned:about how a king works; by kmwall
* polynesia_war_and_fare:history book, by kmwall
* dredful_red_again:a doug book what it means (mormono); by tom_tu', tom_tho, tom_tom, S, joe_maum, a Civil Affaires group, kmwall
* nine_steps_and_flats:musical composition book joe_maum, kmwall
* left_left_left_right_left:a day in bootcamp basic training missed waht to expect at-home in homeland defense (training book, any war, any military known); by mick_z, mitch_q, grace_d, elevated_one, and Senators listing inside (all known alive now)
* soldier_anew_blue_and_major_general: soldiers resurrected and States about; by anonymous (official)
* cancel:a new age novel; by Dr. Jim Marks
* his_life_his_ways_his_means:hot to tell a man; by Dr. Jim Marks
* alpha_aleph:the top god visited, of visiting; by ARMY(any)
* of swing:a musical book on it; by Dr. Chas. Wall
* jen:a capital offense novel and true filmage of a case undisclosed as passed-off as military and crimes of; by kmwall
* driven:a hard earned novel, by Dr. Jim Marks
* bayou_bleu:a novel, by S.W.A.T. and team of, toward neighborhood defenses, kmwall
* david:bio, as king he flew no one knew how now his secrets are out; by joe_maum
* davis:a novel about surrender unknown; benefit to Confederate Museum, by kmwall
* dressed_to_kill:novel about id-theft on San Francisco roadway; by kmwall
* dress_on_fire:historical novel ancien, theater and theater of war met; by kmwall
* stagnation:a bee-city novel around Mormon pioneering; interviewing agaze Anasazi tribal defendors unnoticed; by kmwall
* dragon_gain:medical book of how people coming out of comas return what they tell us; by kmwall
* stripe:a novel of testament (teamwork); first Christian bookmarket novel by kmwall
* living_dead:a novel, by kmwall
* molecule:a novel, by kmwall
* soap:a novel, how a soap opera star thrilled then killed them all; by S.J.P.D., kmwall
* a_rael_song:how he thrived, stayed alive, a real ufo manual from U.S.S.F. on his viewed; by kmwall
* moron:a novel, by kmwall funding to Presby-in-warfare-neighborhoods
* fort:a novel explanation of warfare by doctor of; by kmwall
* king_dead:a novel on history of a real one underknown to unknown; kmwall
* ode_to_you; by them (official extraterrestrials arrived; a pleasing story)
* sen:fashion code; by Dr. Jim Marks
* gas:its history; by kmwall
* -a_calleaune:a beauty morning zone of resources ecological; by kmwall
* oneths:a-pamphlet; by Dr. Jim Marks
* slop:a complexion guide for it; by Dr. Jim Markskmwall
* natural_2_vedic_healing:for complexions, by bob_a_wall; kmwall
* quine:a-fashion code-2; by Dr. Jim Marks, don_d_leon, kmwall
* bio_economics; by kmwall
* to_do_lists_for_you:how to organize in Fashion; by kmwall
* some_real_life_purses:a collection to go with; by kmwall
* very_berry:a fashion code; by Dr. Jim Marks, kmwall
* -a_tax:donation; by kmwall
* doenuusiuym:a novel of war waged on IRS-equivalence of Roman Empire to Incursion III data D.E.A.; by kmwall
* any_-a type of war, shortages; by doctor of war kmwall
* demon_days:a novel, by kmwall
* left_ware:wear it once give it away any occasion only once code; by Dr. Jim Marks
* vau_u; by peter_allen, peter_-an_all, by Dr. Jim Marks
* to_two_a.m._buyers; by Dr. Jim Marks
* world_re_noun:an anchor in R.E.I.T.; by Dr. Jim Marks
* vau:an ancient love, real cases novelized land, by S.P.D.
* bolden:a novel of proto-Marine Corp; benefitting his unit; by kmwall
* on_bolden_korn:a novel, serious footage inside of KORN, by kmwall
* protractor:a novel-textbook-level, espionage; by kmwall
* wheel:a novel invention [hot cavemen invented] textbook level; by kmwall
* trying_to_write:why USN project literature is for you, pamphlet; of Navy(any)
* virtual:a novel about timing in space and battle; by Dr. Jim Marks
* truck_at_visit:a novelization, 4-days in the desert evolved, hiding royalty in peril, by USSS agent data, kmwall
* yoruba_one:a novelization of how, Yoruba, a tale evolved to be musical, mixed, channeled; by kmwall
* free_tour:concept giving on path of tourism, about a king-guide, novella inside; by kmwall
* chichen_itza_high:a novel [reading agegroup 14-20 years old]; by kmwall
* land_mass:a novel of Teotihuacan's land mass; by kmwall

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
USAF, fashion director
Marine Corp(any) USMC ARTS/R
ARMY(any) finance
NAVY(any) project literature; SEALs