Friday, June 24, 2011

Incursion IX on Fashionable Helm Raiding Day Apres Note

Salutations, the Incursions today of the macreant-miscreants dna-Insurgents homeland invading coded are still 120,000 in number per affected city, over 900,000 known still and the Military thanking the Police for the city lists. The Military Installations are the place to stop to volunteer to help the now 4 per average animal arriving militarily styled attacked (arrows poisoned, etc.) to assist their surgery and care as they receive their donated parts from NASA and Monsanto, also thanked. Time can be paid by the DA Office funding awaiting for helping and for transporting, although the Military recruiters seem to have a good transporting fund available as a good reason for contacting them even as some of their offices are moving. The attacks in the homes today were prevented to apprehended by local Police and USSS agents out due to Swedish Princess or Spanish Military artwork rumored to actual being threatened. Into helms, a repeating case type linking the two. See the military herald of the countries of origin, or the USSS. Now, the later in the day raids behind the earlier ones within minutes were re-recruited homeless reformees failing their reform programs and trying ultra-warfare paperwork attempts by entering hacking level data on fashion designers attempting to stop the business plans being assisted by governments and halting in a glitch all the systems: claiming that an exclusive fashion designer was required to be dedicated only to the projects ramping up. The glitch cleared should help get mirroring systems back in place and other things such as small business loans applications reported in large amounts stalled, to schooling grants from taxpayer monies, etc., on the way again.

The FED is using pie-charts again from the heyday of the Technology Industry heights that are still in many computer tools such as were in right-clicks translating data from bar-charts or bell-curves into proportions by percentage on a pretty pie graph.

Also of interest is the USMC ARTS/R recommended to try: your existence number transposed to music with the generalized fertilized egg-sperm ones to key-C GFF#F#....

Sartorially yours,
ARMY finance