Friday, November 5, 2010

Incursion VI Alerts and Fashion Onward

Hello to everyone, I hope you are doing well enough on this weekend upon us all even as Incursion VI raiding-homeland-invading alerts go out forewarning of typical household raiding-invaders attempting to embezzle houses, steal shoes, and destroy food supplies awaiting regular populaces from the Military. Especially the USAF has shoes on supply for the general populace qualifying such as if someone had no shoes left as some soldiers run into or only one pair, but the timeline is the request and awaiting someone to make the shoe-kit from department store manufacturers and name-brands and in healthful coordination with the recipients wardrobing plan. Those who wish for work on an as-project basis to construct these top-trend shoes and boots to put them together from kits are welcome to apply to the USAF Air Force One's Project: Fashion One by contacting it directly from any phone system or legal and listed clergy office. Those in the shoe business are welcome to these possible time-filler projects or to the occasional work for you and your staff, as well. Thank you in advance to those of you helping with this logistical and challenging work, and those in groups such as Boy Scout troops who are volunteering to do some projects to help fund their groups are welcome, also. There also for the regular soldiers the top-line boots to request or order if your pair wore out, and not all the soldiers have had time to do so yet, but the Government of Spain has made them logistically possible, also. Some soldiers reported theirs lasting up to forty years due to the good quality of manufacturing. The other worries around Incursion VI raiding-invaders is one that also encompasses now the Parks and Recreation systems of all countries worldwide. They, the park systems, are reporting that these dna-Insurgents known in officialdoms as the Vatican-defined 'miscreant' are the same as detected and deterred or detained, officially, raiding and homeland invading at parkland locations. The ability to stop them is up to the combined enmassed general populace who are joining in on soldiery by signing up for Armed Forces bootcamp training at ten million per day, which in unaffected cities will allow them their training conveniently to the Military over ten years, and in under-affected cities over a two year duration more akin to normalized bootcamp training that is about two months to one year. Two months if at twenty-four-hour-seven-day-per-week pacing with zero hours sleeping; many medical interns called or contacted the Military to offer their moral support at this schedule saying that they made it through a year with less than an hour sleep per day to complete requirements of their internships. Four months is a good fast pacing, but one year in less urgent times or for fields of professions that are requiring more training and data. Later on there may be a 'certain leniency' again if more people are discovered who attempted to become soldiers but were put on falsified or hacker-devised paths instead of real military training. The little boys who just last night helped the military by showing up in their uniforms and with military gear to defend their homes and pets and neighborhoods are thanked, officially, reminding of when the children at schools in affected cities left the classrooms guided and guarded by their teachers to rescue animals discovered enslaved illegalis in the tunnel structures underground.

Days off are coded in the Military, if you're interested in where historical ideals come from for working environments, from an actual code of off/on. If the code reads 'on' then there is a day of work ahead, accommodating the rest of the schedules employed. The code being 'off' on any day, like a light switch, is where the historical idea of a day-off of working came from. For the soldiery you know, there is a list of things that they do on days off. For myself, I just had one, and was able to go to the park and read a book and watch the ducks. I appreciated very much the police guard hired by the good citizenship to help me read half the book and get some ideas to take back for my other regular workload. It is not necessary on a day-off to accomplish anything. One military days off, there is still the chance that the soldier will be called into a situation that is typical of work, such as a raid in a tunnel or at outlying warehouses or several sequential houses of firemen, and similar as has been happening. The rest of the day is still a day off. Many of our work culture and work environment rules come from styles of living and operating in the military. The regular business world is doing dress-down days as are scholastic environments that are pleased to say that wearing something convenient to our present economic level worldwide such as a sweatshirt neatened up with business slacks or skirting is just fine. The time is also being overall at many business environments considered a good time to get moldy old boxes or items out, proverbially or otherwise, and to get some backlogged things done. Not unlike historical Spring-cleaning.

The animals in the military are doing better, again, and the public is acknowledged in its unusual assistance when the groups such as the WWF were unable to respond on a given day, but the public filled in. Sometimes conglomerate set-ups don't always have an ability to mobilize for various reasons. The funding projects you've been supporting from the last few blogs, six or seven ago, are helping with such matters. Groups such as the Red Cross asking for specialized funding from blogs like this one to fill up their funds uniquely for preparing to mobilize for emergencies are about timing, and planning ahead. The Military officially looks forward to when all the groups it works in tandem with can help out at the drop of a proverbial hat, again, such as the WWF which usually resonds in alternate to requests from the Military to PETA and of course, the Humane Society.

Sleeping in the Wintertime coming soon is studied and noted by many universities and such, but usually the Wintertime has other focuses including diets for holiday fare, and occasional sports such as skiing. There are many good ways to approach these things, but teens are especially being invited to participate for a couple of days at a time with the Military in staying up all day and all night without sleep to get a whole lot of projects and work done on a military type schedule. Some meetings are one to five minutes long, and many projects are done in special-ops or paramilitary units together, including one unit I'm in which knits gifts quickly for the countries of the world's protocol offices and officers to give away as official gifts. Think about joining in on this fun system new and available through your school districts, clergy office or the military recruitment system, and enjoy meeting military officers and soldiers and getting some of your own things or something for the country done, and having fun at it. Just so you know about it, many soldiers are on 200 days up all day and night schedules until there are enough new soldiers out of bootcamp to pick up more of the work projects and guarding and other roles (non-re-enactment). If you're not a youth or a teen, but still would like to help out the Incursion VI raided and affected cities with your expandig Military, you're also invited to stay the 200 days with us, or any portion of them. Or, help with the teens, if bonded and able to counsel.

Languages are coming up in lifestyle studies as an important future implementation for most of the world. Rather than one singular language becoming the most useful, it is interesting to find out that for now, at least, it appears knowing more languages will be more useful to most people, sooner than ever. Learning 9th languages is a present gift from the Military on grant levels to those willing to work with us and help us with this important area of Communication, another USAF assigned and specialized global task. I will look forward to seeing more people trying to do what some monarchs are attempting to do such as travel to a place to learn its language, and in the USSS it is a pleasure to arrange housing and travel for many of the people whose jobs require them to know the 9th language, soon.

Safety of the children is a paramount concern and there are many intersting dna-tests happening to benefit the general populace and help families comprehend the results of - sadly - rapes of children or those who are adults who have grown up. These dna tests are comprehensive and ideal and no-cost from the Military when involving children of rape of someone in childhood, and there is foolproof information to help know if offspring resulted or need be accounted for. Children are not required to carry to term children, nor support those sired or birthed in childhood. For Law Enforcement and the Judicial System, the Military and Governments have new data on particularly little boys of about seven or eight years of age through about aged sixteen being regularly or repeatedly raped by women with groups usually to attempt to steal genetic bloodlines. The treatment for the offspring is availble, kindly, from the Justice Department at no cost, concerned and to help especially those offspring mistold that they were entitled to those bloodlines by rape but usually in a bold lie pretending to have had loving knowing relationships involved. Which is false. There are certain systems of moral support in place that are for the adult offspring of such illicity interference in childhoods by adult pedophilic and conspiratorial attackers. These resulting adults will be informed in a classroom style setting or military business-like meeting whether there is an opening in the affected households (victim's of the rapes) to have some sort of contact or agreements or in some instances even adoptions by distant cousins, although none of the inheriting rights of any country or state relating to estates or even royal titles and such. I've heard often through these meetings the offspring who said, But Mom said she was a princess and he left her ... Not so, in any instance. The dna tests are available and careful considerate handling of the matters are ready as the Incursion VI homeland-raids includes the recent spate of rapes by women of seven and eight year old boys who are just about beginning to become fertile with sperm. It is terribly saddening, but the careful system in place of handling this type of attack and results of is coming from an historically successful system employed by Great Houses otherwise known as the noble and royal households. Discussed here and other places previously as capital-H, Households.

Today is another writing and artwork day for me, and I'm pleased to participate in another art show at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery in Stockton. A group of fifteen artists including myself are featured, dubbed the Tuesday Group, and our group show is next Saturday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. I'd be pleased if you stop by, as a good readership. About a hundred students per day have already been accomodated in touring this gallery for this show, already. My other current interests include fulfilling a certain grant to read and recommend novels, and since the public is hoping to be reading a novel a week but can ill afford to buy that many now, I take seriously this private grant through a clergy office. The novels I'm reading now over the Holiday preparation time include Chromosome 6 by Robin Cook, Sandstorm by James Rollins, Caravans by James Michener, Whirlwind by Clavell, Sarum by E. Rutherford and Fellowship of the Rings by Tolkein. I hope you'll search the library, early for some of these if you'd like to join in. Also, I looked over the new book by the author of religious books you enjoyed, mostly, Jean Claude Crhi who has a new Hebrew Dictionary out based upon the Egyptian Kingdom records. I'm searching for some other religious extra studies books equal of textbook levels that I'll post soon, as well as the promised cookbooks list that I'm perusing from home.

Take good care of yourselves and I'll see you soon again on this blog.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF fashion director