Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Annum Charms and Incursion Alerts

Hello to everyone, and as I say, Happy New Year to all of you good readership, I also include again the official alerts of the Incursions IV to VII dna-Insurgent led or misled raids and homeland invasion level attacks upon our general public. The shoes were a major target this past Holiday Season, one still on for some, but also one during which the type-A personality "workaholics" in the fields of Arts and Literature and of course in Fashion were espied in public locations in quick meetings. During the holidays, many people travel, and the Military was glad to offer up unused travel opportunities to those working with us in particularly four areas. USMC ARTS, USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne, USN Project Literature, and General Army's Finance (see Accountancy of). Thank you to those who participated in waylaying your own travel plans or taking up overtime with your workloads to help these favored fields of mine catch up by the end of the year. You've read about the work available on lists of schedules from us to you on any given day and that now for you are available from any Police Station; kindly of them to be willing to help the public working in these sectors sign up and report in these paying projects. This saves time for the clergy and Air Force One Office. Due to several deterred raids by Incursion IV to VII dna-Insurgents-as-miscreants, many homes were interrupted during the Holidays already, but are recovering. A good amount of success is happening relating to this as some of leaders of the raiding parties are coming in to the military to return past favors from our good general populace they recall well in a past known and traceable and so the Military is able to relieve these raiding parties acting in normalizing military minds and actions to become real military with our own. Their training starts immediately and they are to be defending us and their own against any further military styled homeland raiding invasions from particularly underground. Good news, then, and thank you to Law Enforcement for bringing these types of military leadership to our attention and to meetings for this current level of success. Straight out of annals of museum quality art are the abodes of these arriving new 'personnel' (being soldiers recognized as such) as the quotable artwork and arts are going to be enjoyable for many of the public to view and catalog, and help with relocating or distributing to proper display locations. The caches were discovered along the way to meet up with the new arrivals to the Military, just today; apparently abandoned by time and reminiscent of fictionalized pirates dens. Sign up to help with this new level of tunnel work with your local mayor's office or Sheriff. Understanding that over 80 years now of warfare declarations taken seriously by your authorities have been declared against the worldwide populaces from outcasts, primarily, of ancient and historic tribes and kingdoms. Rather, fifty years were declared, but are now recorded updated to 80 years of detected by USMC Reconnaissance. You're welcome to learn your self defense and more about how to run your businesses and families and lifestyles on us, the militaries, through a United States of America's Congress seeded fund available also for this training purpose.

Ninety days from now, your life can be changed and different for a new good for you if you sign up with your local judge to stay up with the Military for twenty-four-hour-guided-and-guarded workload and accomplishments. You'll be amazed at your own ability to have consistent energy, lack of sleeplessness and managed food and exercise regimens that optimize your own experience underway. A good amount of job references and experience are yours to be had and of course, the good results and other benefits. Recall that the old and professional term for the types of networks-legalis that you'll be working in and forming up have no sexual or romantic or dating connotations or other motive other than work and objective achievement. I hope you'll enjoy this level of involved interaction.

In the past, I've used simple math to predict annual project successes such as for my writing career (a portion of my careers underway) that include such formulas: one hour per day of lunchtime writing adds up to one novel manuscript per year. Think about how you may use some of these hours of your day as described above. Also, of working on more than one focus at the same time. My tomcat, Count Zorro, is doing so, for those of you following his story and especially in the younger sets, as this seventeen year old tomcat has been working successfully alongside Dalmatians and firemen for the Fire Department and now is also working for a local police department, too. He knows his skills transfer into more than one job for him and he's pleased to be supporting his new kittens for the USSS and Military, further.

Count Zorro the tomcat has a top hat for his modeling profession, but he now needs an official police cap or hat of some type. (His sweetheart, HsLadyLove has a kerchief with her official badge embroidered on it.) For a $10 award, the USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne would like to see any of you enter a contest to design a wee but mighty looking police cap or hat from any time in history for Count Zorro the tomcat. He is quite well adapted to proudly balance his attention winning headdress for any adoring public. Thank you in advance for entering the contest.

Strength in numbers is a proverbial phrase in our modern world. Individual strength is about who you believe you are, inside, when there is only you and whatever elements you are up against. A pulling test is available at no cost to the general populace continuing to learn their own abilities to defend their homes and hearths from the Military. Advance your own skills and discover your actual pulling ability in strength load capacity from your local Armed Forces Recruiter and also your own clergy, again, being helpful. Some hallway self-defense courses are also on schedules from the USMC, Basque style, known for superiority worldwide in close walled quarters including cliffsides. Their berets are also tripping wires on fashion alert circuits, and are not a bad wardrobe rebuilding investment this season. I am enjoying having permission to wear one of my general stars on my own beret sometimes with my business-suit uniforms.

Water has been the typical warfare focus of the dna-Insurgents of the past, mainly recorded as miscreants in the Church annals. Now, though it is food-focused in the Incursions I to VIII discussed, already, water is again out of alignment in the public. Most people did not drink enough water or liquids this Holiday Season, for no known reason. It is being recommended that although the strange weather patterns are adding more dew, as noted by the FBI department heads today to be officially announced, that water consumption needs to be done in any or several forms, more. The military cats and USSS cats you know from this blog are capable as other felines of surviving with some water absorbed from their environment because of dna. It is not recommended that anyone else or any other species short themselves on their water or liquids any longer.

If you have a network of information to help out in the Incursions IV to VII happening to 900,000 affected cities, please recall to use exacting words and phrases. The USAF needed to receive information, for example, on stalkings from a credible privatized network of information gathering and instead someone erroneously changed the word stalking into stockings. The USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne was pleased, however, to distribute the overabundance of fashionable stockings ordered by the some to very many households in time for their revelries. The misordered stockings came in black and quite the loveliest of motifs seen in many a season. Reminded me of my own San Francisco forays into the shopping district where I sought out beautiful stockings for my classic wardrobe items, to dress them up for the occasions.

While I was offline for the Holidays, I kept you, the good readership in mind, and appreciated the international news systems putting me on the news more than once (for romance news, mildly and gently, of course) as well as for more than one day of fashion notation. Nordica was explained as a type of fashion look construed from a usually available type of wardrobe mix. In fact, some of the trendsetters in this look are still on-travel and you may spot some of these friendly royalty out and about and in this severely classic understated overdramatic look. I hope you'll enjoy being friendly to them.

Also over the Holiday, I found it worthwhile to spend some time with the astronauts of novelle8 now renamed either novelle9 or novelle10 special-operations paramilitary units of NASA in ghosthunting ventures and consultation. Although some of you asked for them or this unit via Nassau, the messages arrived safely. Some of the workloads we could not all combine efforts on to get done are on-going opportunities for the writers and photographers willing. There is a daily writing-for-pay article opportunity for the general's magazine and another (Perspective) for our worldwide militaries to read about the public sector and happenings. Please sign up to work on these articles with the USN Project:Literature, listed at your local police department, courteously.

I will look forward to blogging with you soon, again, and until then I'll be catching up on some imminent reading. In the meantime I'll also be looking into the practical joke that lost control upon another commanding officer, as I have several soldiers who also lost jobs for practical jokes from places including the FBI now working well in entertainment and frontline contacts with the public. You'll recall I've retaliated against one or more levels of attacks upon myself or others in my family of same-name that were forced upon a television audience of the past that were hacked joke files called 'roasts' in FBI chronicles when I worked on cults for the Office of the Vice President, White House. Take good care and I'll see you soon on the blog.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS, co-head (and of religion)