Friday, January 21, 2011

Incursion VIII Alerts and Resorting it Short

Hello to everyone and I hope you are able to consider assisting the affected cities beseiged by Incursion VIII dna-Insurgent homeland invaders, today from Mexico and not expected to return according to the Mexican government for being 'non-citizens-now' as non-entities. The travel industry and airlines included are having their extra unused seats taken for this use of instant resort level travel to paramilitary affected zones for those volunteering or calling up their unusual fort-styled forces of social clubs of long standing or remembering on records and books for immediate identification such as rotary clubs and old athletic clubs and gun clubs and noted scholastic or gaming clubs, and similar, so that the travel cost is covered for you the good readership with apt courage now by a police station organized and accessible 'municipal 0' fund (the 0 looks like a cross is through it or had a partial one, formed by a military keyboard; clear is the code used). Thank you, in advance. Reasonably, the two Stockton resident militias went this week to the worst affected cities, with the blessing of the locals, to help the populace unnamed except in law enforcement and military case work for the moment of all teenaged and now younger girls being raped in that locale in ritualized militarily styled attacks. Upon homes or family-promoting environments, where the detriment was intended psychologically as well; this has to do with why one hundred percent of the teens are being afforded on a music industry person's grant to the governments the pay for bootcamp training or also called training camp for the real militaries. The city of Stockton and others are besieged in a manner that the phone systems are down purposely as the military and Offices of Emergency Services prepared by testing for in public a few years ago, and each household and person is equipped with one phone, mobile, for now. The number of days ahead are to be disclosed another time. Those arriving on their own already are being afforded the same as those requested today, and who have responded by dna-responsiveness that being their bloodlines of worth in good behavior or who have training to handle the very bad. An old Santa Barbara Police Department case is reopened (all but the military involved are deceased) with one million murdered girls at a time, foreign abductees, and now linked to an Oregon Police case delivered to our Military in Stockton for handling; also a million deceased, same modus operandi. There are more than three million others arriving, and an undisclosed police department is bringing another of these -- a million -- bodies of the young girls all mutilated in attempts to do special effects for film that are not fake and then sold for prostitution illegalis to the death of the victim. Some of the survivors are expected to need housing and handling by mental health care experts and child protection units and charities, as for each historic million dead on this case, one million escaped by the help of the deceased. Your own children have been learning apt self-defense skills in the schools, of late. Note that money is the motivation, and the victims families of this Incursion VIIIattacks upon us all by dna-Insurgent homeland invaders level all had school monies set aside for these children. Many underground persons found means to set these fundings up, also, despite remaining technically homeless. Most of these victim's casework will also be residing in their countries of origin, so as not to overly affect any area's crime rates where detrimental, but providing income-level case work for those avaialable, per or each occasion from. More on this below.

The soldiers who were found in private armies underground stopping homeland raids have been accepted into regular militaries this weekend, after detection that they were living in cavelike tunnels. Using the most ancient language (see the linguistics:occultims and its linked degrees from Stanford University, and others), these soldiers are able to teach it as the form of cipher being used by attackers of the Incursion VIII dna-Insurgent homeland raiding parties. These soldiers speak the local dialects smoothly but are otherwise illiterate of it, only knowing the oldest ancient cuneiform written language which is technically perfect for any military or new and forming government or business world. There are job reqs open for those who can teach the local languages: writing of and reading of. Other lingual jobs today include sorting obvious misstyled word useage such as the word "Punjab" being replaced illegally with "putah": the first being from a stylized military formation from the Raman ancient war cultures being accessed from Indic (India's) history, and CIA level data is needed and to be distributed of."Putah" is a colloquialized term for prostitute, but there are also waterways a short while away with the same name, and other Gold Rush Era catches. Technical writers are also sought today for job reqs for this Incursion VIII detailing or short-list conceptual work, from concept to technical-detail: think of the short and small-sized lists of helpful hints that arrive with computers or technical products that are in addition to training manuals and included are those for law enforcement and also military. See the Police Station lists from the USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne.

Military housing arrayed in protection alignments for the countries are usually the first arriving in a newly terraformed area, historically. Most of these locations were illegalis targetted by the dna-Insurgents. The lifestyles of the Victorian Era settlements and including those in this areas Gold Country from the Gold Rush Era are of the historic three-day party circuit grouping. Being discussed in the funding level and also extra coursework level immediate training at fashionand technical schools near you, the three day parties included the technologies of modern daily useage that were thought to be merely for party entertainments. Lighting by batteries from Egypt's ancient culture for an example were simply not considered yet for anything but the Versailles-styled cocktail party type function. Modern gadgets belie the fact that our ancestors ever thought that way, even in the Industrial Revolution, most noted by food and clothing manufacturing and weaponry improvements.

Phone systems in your areas go down in preference for the dominant unhackable military equipment that ensures there are exacting and reliable systems functioning. The other system employed today are also of job req level of runners of courage. The hundred mile runners of the Tarahuamara Tribe that you've heard of here before, the marathoners such as would be running the same races as military paramilitary and special-ops units now out and around the cities, running. There are wildlife imitating patterns of formation being utilized by some groupings of persons approaching the affected cities by attackers of the Incursion VIII dna-Insurgent homeland invaders. These wildlife patterns are observed to be non-harmful and have not been firing upon our affected cities, and on the same perimiter patterns outlined originally by USSF for the USMC's MI1 wolf dogs and wolves (trained K-9 level, and able to follow any K-9 command, also, if found separated from units). The counties of the wildlife formation patterns provide an unwritten communication and attempt to being recognized at the command levels. These are a human barrier unspoken against what is detected on USMC Reconnaissance to be arriving in various endpoints. The President of the United States of America you'll recall used a library here to show a new and selected special-ops unit how he analyzed the nine-years-away future attackers detected formed up underground self-devised out of their own laboratories. They declared warfare upon the surface planet for no political or country boundary claims, but of a reincarnation threat. Armed, and deadly, though. Meanwhile, the Incursions VIII and upward in count will be the ones of pre-destination arrivals of these dna-Insurgents intentionally misbreeding. Again, the Vatican's library stored definitions and textual data on 'miscreants' is appropriate levels of reference and study about for this third time in Earth's history of this type of dna-Insurgent worldwide takeover attempt.

The homes of music industry persons of technical compatibility in business and or instrumentations are also reported in as under attacks by Incursion VIII. Please report in through your networks, and the USMC wolves being airdropped to protect your computer systems and your household are to be cared for by our military at our cost; reimbursements on the way from the USSS office of any Police Station. Historic attacks similiar to those today were what caused Iberian music industries of the Middle Ages to hide in alleyway black-tie level events, particularly during the Dark Ages, so must lineal music industry families are equipped with known escape routes and military directions of how to report and handle today's attacks upon their own.

Fashion department of schools are sorting out observations by assigning military uniforms out in the open once thought to be fashion as homework assignments now. These are fine assignments, and can be done with the military in mind a couple of times now and then, as they acknowledge topics such as shabby-drabs being noted skyrocketing with fashion ladder climbers in this business field, as opposed to rockstar video glamor or past decades of changeovers in Fashion, and others that can be discussed. Some of the USAF fashion directors of the past are available by request for these online and group interviews by technical methods such as SKYPE or its type, and please excuse the spelling errors in the practical rush today. For those needing a quick opportunity. The Dark Nineties (90s) is one such topic by a famed person who'll be glad to be introduced to you as the surprise lecturer online or in virtual or recorded format, live. Thank you for signing up for this duo of no-cost and funding level for those making charitable contributions today to the defense of their own church organization areas.

The paramilitary cats in our worldwide militaries and our law enforcement are dropping in numbers due to age and its attrition even as they achieve superb levels in battles underground against homeland invaders and neighborhood raiders. One cat will drop an attacker and kill them in 90 seconds and under now, with the military training. Coming to you. These abilities are in addition to the search and rescue training of how they lead livestock, wildlife and people (especially children) to safety. And, lead the rescuers to them. The trained cats took many years to perfect in training skills, as the military animal handlers learned more about them. The shorter training schedules now is the benefit. These cats, such as Count Zorro the tomcat and his mate Hs'LadyLove are over seventeen years old, and some of their kittens are now dying of old age. Other USSS cats that babysit the new litters are over thirty years of age, and well and fine. There is no exacting age for a military cat to survive until, and so homes to foster new litters from our laboratories partially funded by a Federal grant are being sought. Please contact your local military offices, in England those In Her Majesty's Service and abroad at any CIA expressed office or location, and also your local animal control or especially the worldwide Humane Society for this specialized project. All care and food for the animals involved are provided. If you have extra room for Count Zorro the tomcat's other affiliates such as his special-ops units goats and donkeys and horses and some hybrids, please also mention it. Goats, for example, are terrific at keeping up a lawn for a suddenly busy household, and are able to help Count Zorro in his workload with our militaries and police departments. Their care is also provided for by our military and can be accessed through the Humane Society level contact.

Opera and other highly skilled vocalists in the City of Stockton at now the largest conservatory of music worldwide (and the oldest in California) have often had fire damage from a local incident with toxic smoke some time ago. The military will offer a one time medical treatment for any hazarded performance on your schedule to alleviate the smoke affect.

Thank you all.

Sartorially yours,
commanding officer