Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Incursion VII Haunts and Plants

Salutations, while I'm thanking the New York editors who stopped in to input my blog for a few weeks time while I was on-call for the private sector with NASA in my mascot slot, meaning the earthworm type or food platform type you are aware of as a general and good readership, the D.A. Office is now supplying intermittent memo-writers as I need, to military communicators and the budget for those utilizing their DA connection is available from another of my warfare special-ops trust funds that U.S. Congress in their hired 1 hour overtime per day do reinvestments for me to use with the populace needs. Potatoes, today, are up as the opera societies in their 501c3s are about to do the generosity of helping with supplying some out of their extra funds, okayed by the IRS and taxing bodies, and along with training courses if needed on how to use potatoes in a travel or readiness situation. The Mormon Battalion being still and reactivated in the Military worldwide has readiness with potatoes data from the Irish Royal Households working now in such areas. The low yeilds so far on vegetables is due to raids and other irregularities to farmers, and so traditionally the grape is the food that opens the bodies ability to absorb more nutrients from less vegetables, more grapes should be coming your way. The jar of jam or glass of wine are enough. The 800,000 persons who responded onsite to the request on this blog for unnamed terrain search and rescue are also thanked, including the two law enforcement and RAF retired who led as well as the USSF veterans coming out of retirement, so that their 40 persons were able to be fully assisted there in the water and muck boxes underground in strange belting across South America. Cattle are still being pulled from the boxes, and other animals. 240 persons mistaken for soldiers by assailants who trapped them were what alerted HM the Queen of England to send her personnel. Oddly enough, the RAF records were missing, not in action, and so all RAF personnel known and not in records possibly hacked or hindered are now in the US Department of the Navy. Go ahead and ask for them. Back to the watery undercourses: they are also around Maryland, Minnetonka, and elsewhere, for those who wish to do more searching and perhaps rescuing, from the D.A. Office dispatching or deployment level near you. RAF style is fine if by your unit commander alottment level, such as showing up at the chain of command and asking for permission to go there without stopping anywhere along the way, and being checked in for the medical exam immediate at the military installation no cost near you, or stop in at your local Veterans Affaires offices for a quick a-pployment gig style in jargons. Some generals are still there to greet and defense orient, on site. The transportation is the official military, and if you need the military office near you can find you suitable systems of arrival and return. Many of the victims of the underground watercourse that have been stuck are appreciative and aftermath help is also needed for those who can bathe and groom and do routine exams. Any information on who built the strange wooden formations is also needed.

The Lord Lyons today officially removed all the Avalon Kingdom listings as the only heraldic body outside of the one unit in the Army with a faux patchwork of that used this kingdom that was not actual royalty and was formed as an option type readiness level that was akin to Boy Scouts of America or similar in readiness. There are no actual bloodlines left of them detected for the homeland preparedness intention of the Kingdom of Avalon system, and those removed were caught in animal pit fighting instead of in animal search and rescue training, etc., which of course breaks the laws of the royal households and militaries, at large. No association with the scouting groups as an analogy of what this faux but needed kingdom of readiness should've been is intended, except as a comparison of what the scouts do as good for the public. The scouts thanked already. The Avalon heraldry being defunct now and records caught up in the very busy heraldry offices. Those from Avalon Kingdom groupings that are retrainable have ethics training and testing to do, and may be salvageable in some instances, but not being returned to allusion of royal courts or systems of noble orders. Simply a chance for the real world again. The bobcats of the militaries therefore will no longer be compared to them and are still only in the RAF level of animal search and rescue training and accomplishment, such as your readership awareness showed you were conscious of by supplying the world's largest amount of funding on record to day with the RAF dogs donations.

The USMC ARTS/Religions is pleased to be working on the ARTeWorld of the future. One new task that has many job openings for the public sector, as well. The Abess Office can take applications. The traditional Art World as an economic sector you learned does a remunerative multiplication over the years while it plans for the 'granddaughters' retirement (boys included too) and the grandson's education (girl's included, also) is from a tradition in codex form going back beyond Ancient Peru. There are also a certain amount of economist steps along the way. One effort leads to a sideline of remuneration that supplies openings for those who care for this addition to the economy, not to be mistaken for anything but an elective system for additional in household or personal financial bolstering, it is not actually a retirement fund that competes with your own. What it does is provide in 80 years or more the amounts added to an economy of base in any area, those levels of monies usually partitioned into those categories. All having to be invested along the way, as any retirement fund carefully watched would and is. A bit of philosophy for those not able to comprehend that the funding near you is able to address. Charts for perspetive included from the Abess office of the USMC ARTS/R.

The USAF AirForce1Office's:ProjectFashionOne is pleased with the results of nearly a million yodel contest applicants, already. Please also consider still the upcoming Victorian era vehicle with any motor that is not harmful to the public contest as the submissions are already being accepted with transportation paid by a bequest for the contest to be in underground facilities of Moffett Federal Airfield in Northern California.

On my reading list today is a romantic adventure by JoAnn Ross titled Roarke: The Adventurer, isbn#0373257384. New Orleans in it. I'll also mention some more of my studty materials as I'm challenging fashion degrees in a hurry in a battle formation effort from other wars of the past that will help universities and colleges meet their combined requirements of graduations. Go ahead and ask your military recruiter or your college advisor near you how to find out which programs of graduation they have knowledge of or on a list that need to be fulfilled soon to prevent negative repurcussions to the schools. Closing them down because not enough of the impacted attendance can afford graduation is the moment happening. Grants abound now for this alleigance of effort from the good-hearted public sector; ask for one, or an unused one from the Mormon Church Offices who wish to thank for their extra attention while being overtly targetted by miscreants of dna-Insurgents in the Incursion homeland invasion attacks worldwide. The RAF again is spotlighted today as this is a typical past World War ploy by homeland invasion abetting groupings, to threaten universities. Less get turned down in degreeing than you might think with these challenges so that if a school usually turns down 45% of degrees in a tough topic, about 8% in the challenges might be, due to the direct contact for missing textbook data and also the USMC Reconnaissance systems in many places to help the writing of the challenge degrees to be an acceptable manner. Many grants pay the writer now if the degree is accepted. About 80 minutes is needed to do the data transfer and communication for most collegiate level staff, on a schedule acceptable to all. I hope you can help with this good project, while it is a time for it and awareness on it has found much in education monies and equivalents suddenly for the masses.

On my costume study moment going on today, I'm reading through quilting books again, and you'll recall from earlier blogs about the European quilt that was done in the same manner as the Underground Railroad quilts that at one time originally were maps of tunnels and escape routes for all. The quilts were cut apart and done into squares and such. The European one had not been touched until some possible prankster got a hold of it, and the Military or USSS office near you can handle questions on the interesting routes of the past provided to the general populaces. Usually a queen's route, on a king's road. The quilts of the Victorian Age and even earlier to it seem to be coming in with some parts of them holding the fabrics or patterns within them of fashion trends of the time. Perhaps stuck ones in some instances. Up to about four per quilt may be expected. Perhaps more forensics data from this of the workforces or their dna lines can be traced, such as the FED requested be done encompassing recently, opening up still awaiting 76,000 more world-class economists job openings. Apply to the ARMY (any) Heraldry Office, pay ranges from about USD$70,000annum, private and public sector welcomed to firms of for a position among them, such as those with hourly billing that can schedule in the daily amounts. Battle to fend off economic attacks are the order of the day, and may alleviate or remain in warfare tactical stance for any amount of time. The cuneiform approaches are explained in free training by the CIA of any country. I hope you enjoy these positions.

Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF, fashion director
USMC ARTS/R, ARMY(any) finanance, USNavySEALs, USSS