Thursday, October 28, 2010

Incursion VI Alerts and Impressions Redefined

Hello to everyone, and I hope you are faring well enough especially in the affected cities by Incursion VI home-invaders acting as raiders upon every country even as more of the misled non-military persons who believed in error that they were military personnel after being told in a manslaughter-level of crime to trespass at bootcamps and take away money for a one-day supposed bootcamp. The retaliations anticipated are not from these misled victims of identity theft scams that are typical of the type of ploy used to turn regular people into criminals by their actions they believed were real. Even realistic. But, these 480,000 persons, so far with more anticipated, have turned themselves in and the monies they were illegally taking from a bootcamp facility or location designated: on a day when it was supposed to be scheduled for an non-military teacher to have security clearance level to teach a regular world skill applicable to the military unit then being trained. See the last five blogs for more details pertinent, and including the dna attempts and other misleading tactics such as happen regularly with the warfare codes on and war declared by all heads-of-state and especially defined by our President of the United States of America as against 'illegalis.' Today's successes include a soldier who disappeared in his bootcamp, as was sometimes rumored to happen, but this time was recovered after suspicion that there was foul play or similar and the Arab Military are to be thanked for recovering him in behalf of the USMC. A Mr. Kristin Wall of same spelling as my name, but different gender, was asked by Selective Service to attend a bootcamp the same year I quietly signed up with a USMC recruiter, Mr. Marful who pointed out that I would not be attending training camp for the months of required duration for any soldier with anyone with the same name. The family and friends of this Mr. Wall, restored fully to status in the USMC may welcome him back with certain comprehension that the Arab Military was able to surgically help him but with a differing appearance from 1981. An Arab crown prince donated organs to help the USMC's Mr. Wall enter this country and reenter his profession. Again, just today directly after Mr. Wall was located and identified by the hundred percent dna-testing accuracy at or near a military installation by many including myself, and mostly those around him including 40 soldiers helping to get him resituated through their ultra-awareness. Although Mr. Wall didn't complete bootcamp training, yet, he is found to be only to be complimented by his military and others for exemplary actions in the equivalent to the field of conduct and others similarities to many awards you may find going out and around. Many times over the years I've been asked about this young soldier and now a certainly seasoned. I hope you'll welcome him home.

The USMC also signed up a couple of Russian marine corp equivalents and others to help with the ballet as experts in the field for a couple of good months during the ballet- or Holiday-season. Ballet from Russia has been on my list of enjoyments of the past, and I'm pleased that as our militaries worldwide have combined that some of these experts are able to help out now and are gracing us with their even better knowledge than most I know. I hope you'll consider helping this especially downed and illegally targeted field of the Arts, if you can, also, this season. While the military officers were signing forms to work on projects to help the ballet through the USMC, there came to our attention the fact that another lookalike of the Russian military personnel was lurking about, dressed like one of them, and wearing a Marine Corp public relations level insignia (although no actual Marine Corp symbol is particularly required to be donned by anyone). A small confrontation ensued as I identified myself as the commanding officer for this deployed at and from home level of warfare coded, and the lookalike who was going by a similar name to the Russians was found out to have only attended a couple of days of what he thought was an actual USMC training camp. But, he had not. The fallacy was one of intentionally misleading him and others like him now being sought and the masterminds behind the nearly successful ploy-illegalis are being sought. The almost-soldier did a correct thing, after all, and announced he'd been working underground thinking it was for a real military and then turned over 890,000 persons he had in his imposter military formations he'd been told to lead thisaway. The bootcamps are signing up at this moment the 890,000, more or less, for actual military training that they can verify after they've attended and where they will get their rank and other data such as had not happened for this duped near-soldier leading them. He had never been given a rank, and that was his first clue that he was not actually in the USMC. Upon leaving bootcamp, each soldier knows their rank which can be earned in training camp, and is not a training level of rank. For example, if the new soldier applies for a job, they can use their rank upon exiting from boot camp. I wish these new applicants good luck, with better results, and since ten million an hour are signing up for bootcamp in the real militaries, there are super-thoughtful schedules happening to help each new recruit get part of their training started enough so that they won't make any terrible mistakes even if their bootcamp is scheduled for ten years from now as some are. The reality is that you the general public is very aware of the need to be able to secure your own peaceable situations at home and work and in social life and in charitable and civic duties, etc. Gaining the abilities to be a soldier while carrying on with your own lives is a good choice, certainly, and you are welcome, also.

Miscreants as a definition was stored at the Vatican although it evolved as a perpetrator of horrendous attempts to dupe the public in identity theft with takeovers and toppling of kingdoms and keeps being the ultimate motivation. The police departments have asked the military to add to the definitions you have already from this site and others inclusive of your clergy which include the miscreant as a person who is no longer a legally protected person or legal citizen by their actions to declare themselves a deity, an angel, a saint, or a royal, and thereby also denying that they have no reason to keep any laws of any lands and that they are able by their demeaning to break any and all laws at all times until their end goal of ultimate demise is met. Ours, or theirs. There are more structured definitions which also include levels of codes for the psychiatric fields applying levels of approach, and safety features built into the training for psychiatrists. The concern today about miscreants given to us in the military by Law Enforcement is that the miscreant is using a code attempt that says, 2 days away. It may be similar to others before that were Two Days and Away, or such, taken from book titles, song lyrics or other manuscripts. It also may not be. Another similar operating level by miscreants detected has to do with a movie of the past, again, but a romance called One Moment in Time.

Heaven is a concept largely thought to be an end goal to the many, in some form. The miscreant and this topic is one the Militaries and Law Enforcement and Civic and Public Officials met upon to discuss with clergy about. The typical miscreant going underground to live had decided that they were the typical biblical tale's occupant or offspring. Then, they also thought that the surface dwellers to their terrarium-type habitats underground where planes copycatting inefficient ones from science fiction movies were found were in the biblical heaven, by location or otherwise. The worst of the miscreants were raiding this esteemed and assumed heaven that the armies of mankind types underground were thinking they could defend in constant battles of good and evil including those in the ill-fated illegalis games and shows that are illegal to show on the Internet or phone systems, etc., as discussed here and by other military and news services. These battles of good and evil for them, though, went into the mental healthcare ranges when they battled to dismembering of limbs and death, etc., for the sake of allowing a trend color to make into into households in this earth-crust-anchored heaven of a type of ours. There was simply no reason for the underground illegal dwellers to have been led to believe they were allowed to live there, that it was sanctified by bibles (ten, from differing religions) nor that it was allowed for them to spy constantly upon the surface civilizations. Let alone raid them on any kind of schedule, regular enough for the advanced casework which date of receipt by the military from the law enforcement declares the actual start of an actual war of any later developed warfare coding or war. More advance work is arriving on this and is welcome. The three religions not recovered yet from being preyed upon by the illegalis underground system are the Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witness, and Mormons currently under most attack by illegal recruitment and false orders to conspire against any or all. Prior to this the Buddhist and Jewish communities reported similar illegalis targeting and attacks and recruitment that they didn't report in on a timetable to help, but they are recovering by their own tactics, already. The Mormon's current problem in illegal recruitment goes back two years to their being asked by the worldwide governements to become specialized experts in certain of the Arts and including Impressionism; instead, they were mislead into thinking they were to focus overly on the recordable-thoughts that mine and other military computer chips that are retrofitted into all and any law enforcement equipment and even regular cellular phones, computers, etc., are recording constantly. This attempt to become impressive again in 'impressions' led to an instant military responsible action to inform them that they could not go about surmising and talking in their thoughts to try to recruit others for illegalities found in Mormon histories but not of their religion, such as polygamy or incest or identity theft of bloodlines, and more like it all. The modernized Mormon Church is listed under their correct church charter available for view at the USMC clergy offices, along with all church charters of any legal religion. A difficult topic, for all, about religions and subcultures that arise. Now, to find where that agreeable realistic order was waylaid that was accepted by the Mormon Church to help out the world of the Arts and lifestyles of it by encouraging Mormons to learn about Impressionism. Other churches received requests for something similar, and are effective with them, but because of the Mormon's tendency to be under the magnifying glass while being targetted illegally by the miscreants of Incursion I to VI that are raiding and invading ...

The USAF Air Force One Office's:Project Fashion is pleased to request the services of any and all heraldic artists for immediate employ within the scope of any or many product ranges that may be for the public consumer or the military in practicable projects such as described about ballet. The way to consider if you might be a reader also qualified for these needed art jobs and projects even if you are not an heraldic artists is if you are familiar with logo work. Then, you might be able to also help out with the art work needed just now.

The holidays are approaching and I'm getting more of my knitting needles and balls of yarn out, and will share the yarn a bit with my military cats at home. Count Zorro the military tomcat you know about here has his first fan club started, and is deciding what to do with a newly donated house and equipment for him to work as a military cat in charge of the military cats care and keeping. He's very pleased with everyone in the general populace for letting him work outside his own back yard.

Take good care, and I'll blog again soon.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin Marie Wall
commanding officer

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Incursion VI Alerts and Fashion Wares Forwarned

Hello to everyone, I hope that you are having a good Autumn day even as the Incursion VI warnings are out again that relate to upcoming elections and also fashionable items in transit being burgled and worn by Incursion VI attackers. The USAF report from its Air Force One Office home of the Project:FashionOne is partly following. Firstly, boxes of test-marketing unique designer wear have been stolen in transit or delivery points and were located on homeland invader attempting attackers considered to be homeless transients in a capacity of professionally marauding and burgling homes. Secondly, the USAF officially reports the data of sociology studies turned in moments ago that most persons are now in ownership of merely two to five clothing ensembles or completed outfits; these are considered to be of their business attire or of benefit to their own business. These dire seeming statististics are compared against others such as the attempt yesterday by 80 million homeless-raiders gathered into their own massive grouping attempting to raid synchronistically in tandem affected cities by Incursion VI. For many of those depleted of wardrobing items, they are able to be using the ones provided from the USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne, which began with four shoes, two suits and shirts and ties, with socks the following delivery and more after that in the continual schedule. Being hopeful of attaining new or any more clothes very soon is not what the focus is of those polled, and that is because they are evidently seeking new sources of future income that take precedence for their next available personal funds. Foreclosures on houses that can be purchased perhaps with others as investors are about to become their most popular selection, but the USMC which often advices personal finance suggests it is a good time to study investments options for the near future that being sometime in a year to year and a half for yourselves as it has those polled. The reason for the most attrition of wardrobe items for those polled is the Incursion I to VI homeland raiding invaders of the dna-Insurgents. This being so, the Department of Defense and the War Department are interested in clarifying for the public sector the certainty all involved in defending the Homelands have that the main groups of Incursion I to VI raiding invaders are self-directed by a false belief system they were recruited into misclaiming that over about forty years or so they would with a schedule of up to several hours a day be assigned to a house chosen to supposedly earn by providing adventure to the occupants while raiding the houses in what these perpetrators-gathered misthought to be their useful items and wares to consume. Albeit, by cleaning up after themselves to the point of mastery of books they used to train with such as the publicly available cleaning hint books that were their study texts, as recorded with USMC Reconnaissance surveillance. In retaliation as a homeland defense by your worldwide governments part of this reconnaissance-level surveillance is the computer chips and similar equipment that I listed here before of the mind-reading and recording ability that is available to the law enforcement and similar in form to plug into any of their equipment data ports without adaptation, and immediately to begin the thought-recording process and send the data to the court houses as well as the other typical places for said data. The microscopic versions are also available to those who qualify as you might expect from studying the advance casework for this continual level of warfare declaration such as President Obama correctly declared against the specified categories and known invaders and their counterparts. Certain leniancy is available to those from the invader-counterparts resident and in positions of business or responsibility that were duped into believing they were working for real militaries or governments but in urgent specific with those who had one day and an hour or some similar oddity in their experience they'd thought to have been military boot camp training. They were not the actual boot camp trainees, and were not the assigned civilian teacher as they are considered to have been an inadvertant or waylaid-to-non-record level, now. These teachers in particular caught notice because they were of the caliber to have been recruitable for a short training class within any particular boot camp in history. There is correlation between similar sounding names of the actual historically present boot camp instructors who would've been full-time at the boot camps, typically, only inviting in an outside instructor for a specialty of a military unit in training such as if the trainer needed a sewing instructor for a type of course that was atypical. Only to those are the certain leniancies being extended to requalify them in hindsight and put them by demand through the actual military training camp. One another vein of this topic the War Department and the Department of Defense wish for you to know that any you know who went through this false one day or so training camp attempt were shown the money system of the military in error by the false instructors which includes having received money in cash forms or equivalents that wasn't theirs and also that they were taught to carry money or handle it for others, but again in error. This is a serious alert, that the money portion of those training camps which were only vacated temporarily for a few hours for the legitimate training unit to go to another location to train such as to learn to guard a shopping mall. So all affected actual military units will be trained in these gaps as soon as possible.

Other things have come up of non-urgent and historical interest and note that are also the new and of a historically renewed designated perview which involves Christian and Druid data. The fact that as many Druids were crucified by Ancient Rome in equal numbers to the Christians that were of that time is a small fact that has fascinated many people. The research that is delving into the roots of the Incursions I to VI is unearthing many newly fascinating details such as this. Interesting to the scholar and student alike, but hopefully of very great interest to those many of you, the good readership, that are agreeing to help out your militaries by accepting long-term assignments that include getting up to 30 scholastic degrees from the grants being donated or located by our militaries. The topics will assist in figuring out how these dna-Insurgents who recruited the masses of mentally retarded and homeless raiding-invaders were finding the equivalent of tax loopholes in everyday business and law. The president declaring warfare against this conspiratorial to the point of demise or harm or intention of levels called illegalis is correct. I'll explain more of the correct as this blog goes along but in the future. Meanwhile, perhaps you'll help out with considering double-degrees on the same topics but different versions of them which are available at both the junior college or community college level or the State college or private university levels. I found more than one, and selecting something such as double-Kinsian economics or heraldry-deliverance are such that are being accepted. Try to think of something you know or would be keenly aware about while learning more of, and thank you, in advance.

Resort and Fashion are two business industries that in some economics studies throughout history are sectors independently operative and fully supporting when holding all businesses within these two realms. Think about it, and you'll see why no type of legal business is left out. Formal business structures proposed and accepted worldwide at the first ever on record consortium style meeting between all human groupings and tribes already forming are very interesting to remember and discuss. Although not 'forming up' per se, as the military term is about becoming armed and such because the world was peaceful and not thought to need even a law enforcement, yet. The business plans of this meeting are viewable and all the official historic tribes and royal courts and similar have them and can compare. One these charts considered the formal business plans are the details known or being taught about how to interact in a world that revolves with all business and lifestyle forms of income being from Fashion and Resort. Another misconception of the recently recruited-illegalis participants-as-invaders in the Incursion VI raiding invasion is to tell new recruits into this crime-laden level to also overdo their use of fashions by discarding wearable fashions daily and also to behave most of the day or night as if at a resort that you might imagine, lounging about much, participating in over-adventure to the point of adventurism, and tossing money about in a usual one or two day using up of it all that is available. Beware and be aware. Some of the results of this discovery found a couple more of the military installations to become non-military and non-installation for the next forseeable future likely a few years, and are not to be considered a military installation or military destination for that time, now including the Blackwater Cafe in Stockton and the Valley Brew Family Restaurant. They've been over run by dna-Insurgents to this level, but the military milling about are still often on display.

Have a good day and I'll see you again on this blog, soon. Take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Incursion VI Alerts of Homeland Invasion and Explaining Fashions

Hello to everyone, there is a good amount of warnings officially and alerts from all worldwide countries and their governments today, officially, from this military-official site (which I also, again, thank you for supporting over the years for it to become PhD referential, too). There were twenty persons removed from a governmental coup attempt that your security clearance level of school districts or justice department level will allow for you to look over, which were taken down for attempting to overrun and overthrow from people's deskjobs under guises as an act of Incursion VI homeland invasions. There was another attempt similarly that can be viewed that was lost in historic files around ballroom dancing and big band eras, and jazzy times, but in hindsight was discovered by historians to be an invasion attempt on the homeland. When New York City called the city council level employees and the military in Stockton, CA recently to consult on metal-kites invading their city from the water, armed with assailants, twice in one night, it was considered to have become a funny war; recalling that the President officially declared warfare already four years ahead of schedules based upon the finalized steps from war-effort. War-effort is the official time when soldiers become rehired fulltime in the military and the term, again, is reactivation for their rehire process. It is also the timeline when all known battles are about to be determined or have already been anticipated and therefore prepared for. In Stockton, you'll remember when I mentioned that the emergency bicycles purchased by the city then to prepare ahead of time were first burgled from a warehouse, then replaced by a generous donation. Many implements of warfare have been prepared for, and the Governor brought more tanks to this city, and others, into our underground tunnel networks. So did other generals. The disbelief of the part of the populace somewhere in between yourself, the good readership that passed clearance levels to read this blog and sign up for boot camp training officially at ten million an hour and scheduled over ten years, and the .30 percent of the populace too terrorized to notify law enforcement or the military about attacks by abductions and raids synchronized, today is revealed as a ploy-populace. The ploy populace is negative in belief about what is occurring because of the influence by regular nominal psychological tactics that dissuade belief of a need to prepare or react and act for warfare at a homeland level. Considering many things, the Justice Department has hired at a budgeted (untouchable budget, again) of $200 per hour experts in psychology who know how to handle populaces and those of them who fell for the disbelief-ploys. It is just plain hard for some people to really truly comprehend a fact or a truth even if presented to that person that challenges their sense of security in a religious fervor or a patriotism. The successes of Incursion VI for our worldwide Militaries and the also involved Law Enforcement include recruiting into the real militaries those who were unaware they were forming up into an illegal army, underground. Again. The more nominal successes for us being after the fact are that more children were located in their families who were falling for illegal ploys to attack families with fecal poisonings in particular, and those children are qualifying to go to the newly opened Anasazi Tribe formulated Arizona government training-camp level schooling camp. Nearly resort like, it is nevertheless a lot of work going on and studies, for the children who will be remembering their community ethics and renewed lawfulness. The intention was to give these somewhat errant or endangered by Incursions I-VI children a NASA Space Camp type of good experience, but on a different level.

Also dramatically in the Incursion VI strange attacks upon the populace by perpetrators are medical attacks that include the now hiring DEA DNA-TaskForce from worldwide cases of Egyptian teeth being removed from cadavers and mummies from all museums. The curators are livid, and the medical community stunned at the gall, and the military ready to hand over the data for law enforcement cases. In the military are teens already joined-up and through their bootcamp training who know Department of State paperwork and files and can help with any amount of case work. In this type of massive quantity, some law officers are requesting several hundred of these military-teen-soldiers. The Egyptian mummies' teeth are turning up in many people's mouths who are victims of these strangest of many of the attacks, and have been located in the victims. The teeth appear more aged than most, and will in a healthy person if remaining in place now return to a normal healthy level over years of time. It is a repeat of a same style attack twenty years ago but on a smaller scale, only a few hundred victims, then. The teeth inserted by these ancient-manual-medical styles of surgery have instructed the typical Incursion VI attacker to do this type of surgery illegalis in about 70 minutes, maximum. Some in the medical community are familiar with this and other types of surgeries but within actual hospitals with proper procedures. There is new training available from the medical schools who are accepting new degree applicants in groupings and individually for this type of data, and for the faster and better levels of field surgeries, also, outside of ideal hospital surroundings: the new degrees allow for the training with real surgeries now needed in the massive amounts of recovery surgeries within the 900,000 affected cities. The cadavers will not have the teeth returned, per se, but the human victims affected are having an option for removal or replacement where a logical decision can be made. The entire jawbone is replaceable in ten minutes with teeth in tact from some soldiering training that is learned in our regular militaries, unusual, but appropriate for some field surgery procedures. This is the type of new material available and with lots of hands-on or frontline experience to allow for a certain degree in organic medicines. Organic healing is also allowed, which also involves occult surgery procedures such as you may've seen in televised or other demonstrations before.

Take your time with reading the prior four blogs with this one for the critical alert data and historic costume information that includes priests resurrection fees of $54000 per hour from the Church, hour long daily job listings for regular supplementing of incomes including some from the USSS for restaurant meeting viability, the magic-economy impossible moment that is proclaimed by the Fed and others such as all-royalty being required to be in the actual military now. Also, there will be deliveries to governmental sites of nutrients for the tiring soldier and regular citizen or resident of our community, alike, and many who used to sell medicines less needed now for disorders are being asked to consider these deliver routes for the municipalities and military, instead.

Most people are finding that they have about a month to catch up on their regular lifestyle payments and earnings. It is not a faltering moment but one of catching up, and partial recovering from the recession. When the recession began, most people had about two months of savings and that is about all; a quarter of earnings was anticipated to be about what most people would be feeling a pinch in now and then while adjusting to their income streams and awaiting their hard work to again pay them enough. The Churches are teaching some short inexpensive courses in some basics in economics, legal document terminology, and reality-real-estate, for some new ones. Some interesting data, for example, such as a city of nearly three hundred thousand at one time where I reside, here, and its merely two hundred thousand appearing to be in the city when surveyed by the government today, with 90,000 houses listed for foreclosures in manners that affect the military in its purview. Remember to also check the list of the new Congressional action which says noone from the DOD or its contractors past or present may be foreclosed upon or removed from a residence unwillingly or by force; and the law has already existed since the early part of this country's founding that says no military past or present and having served in the military at any time may be foreclosed upon or removed forcibly from their abode or unwillingly. The military guarantees housing and trains all soldiers how not to be in debt ever, so that now the military personnel returning are gaining enough people to research why so many cashpoint and delivery points were used by embezzlers to take monies illegally from the military, FBI, USSF in particular with approved credit-for-prepaid-work systems, and other more interesting topics. Perhaps there will be an interest later in the military economics systems and how something such as having every soldier do temporary positions in a public sector that now are on hold so that no military or law enforcement can do this type for now would've boosted the actual economy. Just enough.

There are a lot of people coming into an awareness that they were duped by psychological-ploys that include believing they had only in the past to spend one day at a training camp for the military to be in the military; training camps last four or more months, sometimes over a year, required. There are budgets allotted for training in your area now at your convenience since this is a worldwide recruitment into all militaries-legalis of ten-million per hour signed up for their training camp. The extra cost paid for the requesting new soldier to train at and around their own homes instead of at the other facilities historically known is per day is about $108 per person attending the training camp. This morning I had a meeting, a typical one-minute meeting, about why the the cost went up to $108 per person per day for this special type of camp training, but I don't have an answer of only one thing increasing it by a few dollars, so there are tours to see the new equipment and styles of teaching that are being employed at an extra four dollars per day. Fatigues and other military attire may be worn anywhere for now by mutual agreements in the affected cities of Incursion VI being attacked by witting and unwitting invaders.

The military animals are doing very well, and Count Zorro the tomcat wishes you all to know that even he is on speaking terms with the dogs in the military and those that are being recovered for the RAF. Some have received generous donations of varied colors of fur since they've been rescued, themselves, after they were trained to do search and rescue capacity including retrievance. Grays, beiges, and other varieties of Doberman Pinschers raised and trained for the worldwide Air Forces will be seen in many of the military installations on their rounds, today. Remember that it is still illegal to assess anyone in a public place whether once from a medical community or counseling position, or not, but in the Doberman Pinscher rounds being made a different type of assessment is being made of public reactions. Since all of you good readership and general public did phenomenally with the USMC wolves taken around on patrols and their guard rounds throughout the affected cities of Incursion I to VI, already, I hope you'll know they are doing fine, and some have had surgical repairs with dog parts so look like an interesting new military and sheriff animal.

The rain is about to begin in Stockton, and I have a busy day ahead, as you must also, I'm certain. I was supposed to be at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery today, but had extra meetings to attend to today, but I hope you'll consider going to your own local ones, soon.

Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
K.-Marie Wall
commanding officer

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Incursion VI Alerts and Miracle Sorcery

Hello to everyone, hello to everyone and I hope you are well enough on another fine Autumn day, while the Incursion VI alerts reach serious levels warning against pedophile-attack-marauding-invaders in affected cities mostly around waterways and ports worldwide. The allure of water in history includes using it as an amusement backdrop and an historic topic for comedians and comediennes, much like the modern humor might be selected in a focus universally appealing such as politics; most people had never seen oceans in the places where this ancient humor was most popularized. Fish tanks were very regular to find in these areas that were often themselves rumored to come from the oceans of historic pasts or of caravan's visits, etc. Those times were also ones of normalized magicians and sorcerers used to defend cities and palaces, and were considered to have everyday skills recorded in local histories in city archives recently lugged out by the USMC. Being taught in the affected cities, mostly, it is good to understand where this level of free training for the affected public and all military and law enforcement and others such as clergy helping tremendously. There is some costs at some training sites if signing up for other coursework or literature such as an author's booksigning but not required as the grants are covering the coursework necessary to acclimate and skillfully develop the public's acumen in what for lack of better words is called sorcery in the worldwide military. Time were hard during miscreant-raids in the ancient cities that recorded them for us to use their training manuals, which they won their battles with against the dna-insurgents named aptly miscreants. Fish tanks were used to grow food in and daily gourmet fare was handed out at any public restaurant or pub or cafe equivalent, with all the nutrients and flavors necessary for a day. Then, as is happening now, cities affected were being trained in home-deployment warfare acting as military that they all became. The miscreant, then, improperly breeched cities and impersonated-illegalis the residents and citizens. Today's miscreant attacker has added in newly developed elements in raids and invasion warfare training of their own to their own by training their dna-insurgents to do pedophile attacks by abductions of like kind and also bestiality attacks in similar early warning steps. Thirty young children were abducted and recovered in several respective cities affected yesterday by the Swiss Army which handles vice squad levels you may be familiar with in law enforcement levels, but discovering the children abducted was unexpected. The miscreant attempts to also recruit at such times into homeless-walking-as-reenactment-illegalis; and it is also their job to militarily execute the fifty thousand or more perpetrators in this instance in tunnels exited from Mexico, by Mexico's request. Some of their kin have been arriving to take home the corpses, where appropriate. A thank you goes out to the Swiss Army for their professionalism in the cities affected, and I appreciate very much working alongside them in another good experience for me as the commanding officer. A quick reminder is that in this continual warfare level to respond always now and in any future forseen or unknowable is that commanding officer and other military rank always outweigh any law enforcement jurisdiction in a confidence of crowd management to crowd control levels of breeches and defenses of any region and also in the offensive. The latter you'll witness more of, soon. This horror level of terrifying the public has an answer of a miracle level I'll discuss below.

The Military thanks Law Enforcement and its system counterparts and interactors such as those who work at the court houseses for their extra help in information and their also professional conduct in the field, equal to any soldier, certainly. The courthouses have not been kept open unusual hours, though, lately, such as yesterday an apprehension was made when a claim that the courthouse was open half an hour after it had officially closed again was made by miscreants. These after-five miscreants were trespassing and certainly not allowed to enter the courthouse after it closed up at 5:01 p.m. and the last guard on duty left the premises at 5:04 p.m. to deliver the records and pertinent data to the Military and yesterday's DEA agents helping out around town. You may've seen, as I did, all the judges in your own area gathered at any particular local military installation for a libation or such, and greeting their public. They've been offered as you may sign up for a brief view and ride on a just discovered ostentatious Victorian era train made from about every stolen train part or luxury item missing from the 19th Century, and I'm not really being facetious. The trip is short in duration but may give an idea of the experience of entertainment of truly luxury dining in twenty minutes that a person in the Victorian era would've waited in line for and dressed nearly to ballroom level for. Also, ballroom coursework is being accredited by some educational institutions as taught to the public by the military because many are showing they are very serious about their study, and we're glad to help participants afford it.

Fake war camps discussed on this blog have new indicators that warn in the aftermath they were not real or actual militaries; some found to have been duped into attending fake boot camps of this level during actual and declared wars. There are several recovery courses being taught by the NSA to help this type of victim out with dealing with the wrongful experience where unwitting and to train in new fields and professions, if needed. The typical victim of the type of war ruse considered a fake war training facility or boot camp includes any training of bestiality or pedophilia or rape skills. No militaries train to perform such acts, but many people have been coming forward in search and rescue volunteerism that were victimized in these fake boot camps of the past, and sadly a few recently found and closed by force. The sounds of a training camp facility might've seemed like echoes because usually they were close enough to toss a stone into, but because of unlikely training tactics the illegalis-war-camp would've hidden their participants from view, etc. Your churches can also help you if you were duped into this type of waylaying crime activity unawares. A similar after note on this is a reminder that all actual royalty are required to attend military training in boot camp, in order to remain royalty, officially.

Air quality has been noted in statistics recently and the public should note that the C02 levels are irrespective to the other things on the air detected from miscreant attackers such as garage-brewed or tunnel-devised styles of medications-as-poisons used as weapons declared upon our public. The methodine and similar things are able to be useful for this situation. Methadone in crude versions has been set upon the winds that gives a false sense to miscreants of lack of stagefright for their illegalis-filming in hidden surveillance of their own making. The result for the general populace thus poisoned is that over long duration of time the crude chemicals are altering bone structure in facial features in much the same way everywhere by shortening a nose bridge and emphasizing cheekbones and causing some pointedness in nose cartilages. Apprehended are cosmetic artist hopefuls who would've brought out by emphasis these featured areas of the countenance. Many beauty fields have seen a high rate of violent crimes, in the last few years, though, and often linked to Colonial or merchandising bloodline families or groups.

The miracles of the moment include smaller ones on the practical daily income levels, firstly, and secondly on the miraculous resurrection revivals of the Church and also from the Military for battle occasion. Because it is most interesting, I'll list the Church's offered service for $54,000 per hour to within an eight hour day resurrect a precient family member of yours known to help your own household, house and other guided interests, practicably. The Military is able to do something similar in or after battles involving those attacked, on the emergency levels, and by U.S. Congress's order to provide full restoration to those attacked by miscreants particularly from Incursion I - VI attackers-invaders. The other daily help is coming in with one hour job projects on regular basis levels for the highly skilled and or the highly trustworthy able to be bonded, for safety, also. This is in addition to the many job projects of any skill level available from the Military in the areas of Fashion, Arts, and Finance to ask your Armed Forces recruiter for, or the relevant military branch about more directly. The new one hour a day jobs include things such as balancing a small business checkbook, or delivering food between manufacturing buildings, or helping the Mormon church log tithes, or similar. Not difficult, but needed on a schedule and that will help in the long run by adding up the small amount over long duration, as financial gurus think might tip the finances in some people's favors. The magician-economics measurements announced here and other places gave birth to this type of new income source allowing households to plan differently. For some time in the future, though, no Military persons or Law Enforcement will be doing what is called temporary work through said types of agency positions and respectively similar for Law Enforcement; security concerns are a part of the reason.

Green dye showed up, finally, after being sought for being one of the first two synthetic dyes made but gone missing. Other such interesting tidbits in fashion for fashionistas and costumers will be available soon in quick coursework levels allowing students to choose some of their 30 granted business equivalent degrees and certifications for helping the military defend their own neighborhoods, et al. Some new applicants for degrees are needed in the fields discussed critically and urgently in this blog in the last four blogs describing the: organic medicine of altering by radical surgery any person or animal to turn them into another in some instances, and also the intelligence levels for homeland defenses of the mind-thought recording chips that are retrofitted into law enforcement equipement and used for over twenty years in public locations by military, permanently in place and in emulation in attempts by the miscreants. I hope you'll enjoy selecting your urgently needed certifications of training or degrees of higher education.

Thank you for being a good readership.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Incursion VI Museum Level and Degrees of Um Fashion

Hello to everyone and I hope you are fine and well enough as more rather important Incursion VI alerts are scheduled, including today of synchronized seemingly random or typical crimes are being tracked for their exacting detail in common by judges and others bringing their physical details to the Military. This is a correct step, to recognize something that is too unusual in supposed crime because truly most people do not experience more than one singular unusual event in their life experience that would be at that extreme level, so targeting is suspected. On a hiatus, though brief, typical romance novel statistics are geared to this known if subconscious detail, that there is not a lot really unusual happening to an everyday person although perhaps if they stimulate something extraordinary or rather uncommon to occur. Almost the drama of the past Gothic eras and maybe part of the future and arriving Gothic Christian trend, that being to stimulate by some personal action an unusual and perhaps detrimental and dramatic occurence. The regular person is noticing that these unusual crimes are too strangely occuring to be a personal drama, therefore. The Incursion VI home invader and attacker is now hoping to be gone and not noticed for the crime that is considered warfare level by all Administrations. One minute warning is in play as is continual red-on-red alert, meaning we will and have and are responding as all countries and sovereign churches worldwide as though -- and as -- the threats become physical realities, in kind. Lazy Days declared for the Military is an official way of operating, that you might've noticed, involving getting our degrees, training, reading the books required, revising schedules and meeting on things and with people that had to wait in the previous days. Be ready for other data that may be critical and that was once horded in churches or societies seemingly motivating but unrelated, such as starry diagrams from the overly targetted presently Mormon churches that are not from outer space and are rather diagrams from fine-arts training that can be had and explained from the worldwide militaries and the USMC ARTS. Such things might trigger a knee-jerk tapping reaction level of response, but that is awaited by those who get paid by the bodybag count and have no questions to answer to, as U.S. Congress pays by the bodybag or person apprehended in Incursion VI as raiders and invaders and attackers. Morbid, but still effective for defending our homelands.

Thank you for the many donations of scholastic grants to our soldiers and those they work with, and also for the ten-million per hour of you the good readership signing up for bootcamp training. There is a ten-year wait for some on this continual official military schedule so all of these new-hires will receive the first training right away to put them into a military-mind which is perfect for what they are about to learn and do. Projects can be selected and work for the meantime and many will also find they are effective being put into their field of pursuit already before training is completed, as even in bootcamp the soldier can be pulled into the field of battle, then return to training. Other outpourings of offerings in spirit that would normally be devoted to religions are coming in to the Military in large quantities from the general puplic. They are not unwelcome, and they are in addition usually to the donations that go to churches, anyhow. The monies for defending neighborhoods is an interesting set of plans and not conjectures, and those interested can view many of the budgets coming in and learn about how and what is or is not considered monies of the public, why the military and others working with them can operate fully on money declared their own but legal to use for armaments such as tanks, planes, trains, household paramilitary gear for large areas and similar. There is much around costume history that is coming into play for unknown reasons during Incursion VI attacks by invaders-as-coded, for again unknown reasons so that profilers and other experts in costume are being requested. Especially if holding unique data for echelons, regions, schools of thought, or any organized non-scholastic grouping, but the scholarly are also needed. Costumers are being targeted, along with others, from large scale productions to smaller, as have other segments of industries or quite recognizable groupings. For now, and from historic costume data back in time when the military were all royally located and trained in psychiatric medical levels that still have use today in required military training, some of the terms in use then have survived. Lifestyles and elements from them, you'll recall, are part of costume history. Military personnel used to be always able to assess an enemy by a known mental illness level, if there was one. Such modern corrections to past mistakes of this type involve modern Demonology, or are inclusive in Ghost Hunting which now takes in that field plus Angelology and UFOlogy and any other anomalies of the paranormal or unexplainable. The term, for example -UMs is often added at the end of mottos or similar from the past indicating soldiering specialties in recognizing these types of overly self-focusing perhaps selfishly called predispositions that regaled the UMs to the other proverbial table at dinner from their friends and families. Usually, there ends up being, for instance, a directly traceable link to the UMs seated regions of the anatomy, by negations, jokes, stances, attire, or other things just about acceptable but not quite reasons to toss them from the room like a cantancerous prince might be for too many funny moments irreplaceable. Cantancerous is a negative trait that is a positive, but an -UM would be rather positively oriented but entirely negative in the aftermath or results or motivations.

A notation for ghosthunting and UFOlogy is one to note with the data about those persons grouped into the miscreants by activities-illegalis and encouraged in their 'jip'or 'jeep' sounding mental disorders of extremely conspiratorial devise called once ogres. The historical ogre was mistaken for a deific demon with great ability but is actually one who surrounded itself with mentalists-of-dna-occult-ability. Hobgoblins were another matter, but the ogre's activities trailed typical ufo sightings and those who worked in that part of assigned professions. Ogres or this type of jip or jeep miscreant appear to have plastic looking skin and almost to a beauty level, so that worldwide cosmetics manufacturers are gathering to discuss and decide upon new styles of cosmetics offerings right about now for the general populace to not appear like an ogre. In courtly histories, for an evening of formalities, a plastic type sheen and hair style would be done up for the occasion, perhaps confusing those onlooking if untutored. A little powder went a long way....

These types of costume history facts are noted in the effort to drive away from jobs in film and advertising and other arts professions the more regular person focused upon the art form being accurately portrayed, if possible. Fiction is not out of the question to the regular person as costumer, and most persons in history had some form of daily entertainment from live persons which involved costume in entertainment, and people sitting about or watching in some form the entertainment or its experience. During the Victorian era, a brief but elite moment existed when chivalric mottos and such where repopularized in entertainment and also trains as dinner platforms for less than half an hour at a time were part of the experience of new trendy entertainment. Many people dressed for this type of expectation, as well as they could. Clothes were a recent wave of motivation in the Incursion VI and jewelry in large amounts or very costly ones, again, but more worrisome even is the amount of beauty marring attacks and occult attacks with mutilations being evident in public.

The Military is training at churches in your area and the USMC may be contacted at the clergy offices of your local Armed Forces recruiter for these classes, if you have the tolerance for the topic and perhaps the stamina. Many complaints were heard about lower-level attacks in public by lesser abilities of occult attackers. Now, with unconscionable practice, the attacks by occult are mutilating in the manner discussed in yesterday's blog, so please review it and the prior two blogs for the dna-listings of compatible dna-donors and recipients and especially those that won't be able to be used in certain bloodlines. A list of the affected cities will be coming out soon and announced, but consider that waterways and cities located at ports and similar business relying at any time in the past on water are mostly affected.

Anasazi tribes and Arizona judges and others have set up something akin to the space camps for children for those having difficulty in not being recruited by attackers from Incursion VI. This is a difficult subject following the announcement and alert that widespread pedophilic predatory gang-style attacks have ensued in the last few hours handed over to the Military, not one for law enforcement alone; the casework is being handed back courteously in groupings to the law enforcement that once again rely upon quota daily casework, and hopefully the data is as complete as possible. The numerical groupings of children attacked in declared warfare threats from Incursion VI attackers is 3 or 4 young girls, 23 - 29 young boys, and some pets just days before. The occult training for offense and defense is again at no cost to the public qualifying and the medical communities by the USMC Clergy in particular and heavy reconnaissance. Artillery training is beginning anew in public sectors for frontline encounters with anomalistic attacks, and thank you for applying in ten-thousand an hour numbers to Artillery. The good thing to know is that Count Zorro and his military animals are quite resilient in handling the occult attacks and also the regular weaponry and hand-to-hand combat. A few days ago, you made the RAF military dogs' fundraiser the world's largest in dollar value success in history; gratitude will be expressed in their new blondeness in more public places, worldwide. The wolves of the USMC are receiving some extra benefit from the overflow of budget, so you know what is occuring; a few short months ago they were the new phenomenon in animal soldiers.

The Fed, Gunther and Bernanke and similar are announcing with the Military the good statistics that all the worldwide plans made together show the economy is on its actual proscribed step of recovery. Being this exactingly on target is nearly unheard of, so your cooperation in ratcheting up everyone to a once-higher level away from economic peril and into another statistic level is good. The ability of you readership to help one another while helping us in the Military and private sector employed to help you get out of foreclosures and to pick up work in as little as a day is terrific. You're all doing well.

Take care.

Sartorially yours,
K.-Marie Wall
commanding officer

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Incursion VI Opens and Lazy Days for Fashion Also

Hello to everyone, and I hope that you are well enough on this fine Fall day even as Incursion VI warnings and reports of illegalis-attacks at home-invasion and homeland invasion levels especiallially newly of concern are occult-illegalis attacks of physical harm since this weekend. The ending of Incursion V is noted with trickling of straggling military-attempting groups of attackers being led by devotees of mentally retarded persons or hair stylists cloaking lookalike embezzlers from other places, notably known for such crimes in those places. Again, check the morgue lists for your favorite or worrisome hairstylist's name, and the morgue does list whether it was by treason conviction they were found there; for your safety concerns. On the worldwide trend scope, closing out the Egyptian trend with its typically expected cliffside drop to things includes the Egyptian hair focus, and so that field is not to blame for the main attacks from Incursions I-V invasion styles; rather the hairstyling field is going into classical if not classic styles that were comfortable and stand-out in past cultures when the military ran the proverbial show during raided cities. It was very interesting to receive this statistical data that clearly showed the many beauty industry fields are intuitively aware of what will or can work for now. Many of these industries are still being illegally targeted, though, with the continual daily wrongful deaths or nearly so of their personnel, and so many unusual job-projects to study these situations or other profiling or sociological work is being listed in the military work projects lists. Many people usefully translated the invitation to pick up work projects from the Military incompletely, by assuming it was only gardening or building maintenance or guarding of homes and sites where government or military work is conducted daily. This is again incomplete, and you can be a helpful readership by referring your out of work friends or associates if you are already working and don't consider trying to take on more work just now. One reason is that there is a lot of job projects in the Arts, Entertainment, Music, Fashion, Finance, and more, that are needed to be done in addition to the gardening at the houses where the facilities are designed for such work projects to be done from home. These houses are security clearance level situations so that is why the work projects listed are easier to send to someone else's place of residence or business rather than to have the new worker over at the residence, etc. It may take further explaining. But, for now, you are welcome to apply for the Military listed work projects in these fields listed. Some are only two hours in duration, others up to twenty years, but come with a military job reference. Sadly, because of the attacks from Incursion I-V there are simply more work projects listed than ever before because of the loss of persons in their lives or their abilities to work as before. There will later on be many openings for persons in the generalized categories of healthcare that can work with brain damaged or nerve-damaged victims from these attacks listed by military statistics and not for now crime-wave statistics. More on our worldwide response to Incursion VI attacks in the next section.

The character of Incursion VI is that warfare was declared against our world by some possibly 9,996 miscreants attempting to take over the world, by their statements of warfare and crime-waves rising was the type of warfare threatened. You'll recall other warfare threats from the prior levels were of physical beauty marring incidents or extortion or real estate frauds or forced-hairstyling-visits, betterment and consanguinity attacks and other sensibles and nonsensibles. Which brings to mind that the Military has just changed all of its call-signs, which you'll be able to liken to the ham-radio nicknames. My new one from the soldiers dubbing is officially Sick Sense. My contact name at the Military sites or levels is still kmajorgeneralmarie, for emails, and other equipment. Thank you again to the soldiers who all said hello one day on my dot-mil email. Many training courses for the public and military and sectors that work with them are being offered for the unusual dna-level awareness of self-defense against occult attacks that are coming in to the military surgical sites as physical burns and genital severing or limb severing once again; history has left us good manuals from militaries that defended castles and keeps from such identical attackers. The historical details, alone, are very interesting and study of for accreditation levels is allowable, but the training level is also at the life-saving level. Many animals were attacked first and have been recovered by the Military, WWF and Humane Society and others who are conditioned to handling such victims. Occult Services is the group to ask for at the White House level when contacting which resides at the Office of the Vice President of the United States of America. I am also pleased that the Miracle Workers special-operations unit, now allowed legally and worldwide, has over a hundred medical physicians on call and on duty at any given time of day or night for responding to attacks by occultists-illegalis. Usually, the attacks mimic one another and the official profilers from the FBI, the States of the Union and the localized law enforcement profilers consulted agree that a 12-year-old-adolescence-level of occultism attacks and ability is what the Incursion VI invaders are attacking at. The Church sites are already security clearance cleared for such training since they volunteered their sacred ground for this training for USSF years ago. I hope you'll learn what needs to be done in this renewed area of paranormal-occult-miracleworking if you have an acumen or are desensitizable to be able to function around this level of attacks. Hundreds per day, so the training is for about as many as can be located to do this self-defense and offense-to-defend-homeland levels.

The ability to feed the planet is a very openly and curiously discussed topic in many public places just now, as well as among the world leaders and local leaders and they've asked the military for help. But, it is not limited only to the military persons, although you'll see the Swiss Army and Swiss Guard and FFL and many military units typically in urban-uniforms during distributions. Other large organizations such as the volunteering Mormon Church are capably set up for distribution food in large scales that we ask in a few years time, so others are being asked to help with this in between that timeframe and the Catholic Church's and other's daily bread style shelters. If you think of some ideal system that can be set up in your area, such as a very populous and constantly sized Boy Scouts troop, or rowing clubs, or others that might like to sign up to hand out the food or deliver it very carefully to their own neighborhoods. The amount of home invasions has warranted this situation and so it doesn't require my executive order or others to get this level of work done for the public sector. Just good people, who can even be paid by some of the grants, or get their credited volunteerism time in, and other such ideas. The truth is that now there is plenty of food on our planet for all, but getting it to everyone amply enough is the next hurdle. China as a country did a service of kindness by asking each citizen, quietly, to spend one overtime hour daily gardening in underground tunnels to grow worldwide capacity food, and so they did. USSF has also done the same thing, but with less efficient time use, but has also now guaranteed amounts of crops underground enough for the world, so that math is easy, that there is double what we need at anytime, now. The hard part now is to figure out from where we were all interrupted in meetings to plan at city council levels and as hirees by this type of food distribution. This is regular styled deliveries, rather than food lines, but those can also be considered now and again. Continual efficiency plans can earn scholastic degrees from grants being donated or paid for now for these types of problem solving matters, or other benefits. Some soldiers have come up with fun versions of their own alter-economies by creating from thin aire and good contacts in resort areas their own vouchers good for anything that they're trading about or buying off of those involved.

UFOlogy is meeting Fashion in a sensical way, just now, so if you have 1950s styled artwork of UFOs that you think would make a good, for example, fabric print or button logo or even less noticeable than that, like a light fixture idea inspired from lights and clouds in photos ... send them along to the USAF Air Force One Office's Project: Fashion One. I'm pleased to have already renewed my contract with the USAF, now permanently, replacing the older contract many of you looked up with your clearance levels or through your social order groups that help law firms and police departments, sometimes. I'm quite happy with this broad-scoped worldview and other similar levels that I get to work with in the USAF created job for me of Fashion Director. Other such worldwide-scope positions may be opening soon, and some of the luminaries qualified for them are no longer with us, not always household names, so there may be a rather active recruiting going on later on. And other types of positions related to them such as accountants who want to work for a fashion field, or a financial guru, or a literature publishing house new project line, etc. With the Military taking in forever certain fields which are Finance, Fashion, Arts, Literature, there will be new ways of working part time or from home or mobile meaning by remote equipment that I hope you, the good readership, will consider soon. "I don't want to work anymore," is one line I've heard in reply, often, so maybe some of these new methods of occasional or part-time work will be pleasant enough to be considered, anyhow. Over the Holidays, for instance, there are many openings that are unusual right now for work by experts in the ballet, familiarity with it or research expertise or comfort level in guarding or musical proficiency, are just some of the short-term job openings we, as the Military, are asking you to apply for to the USMC Arts. Again, and thank you, ahead of time, from all those involved, officially.

I hope you'll all have a good day, and remember to read the two prior blogs, also, and that no DOD employees of past or present or Military personnel of past or present can be removed from their residences by force of foreclosure, and other already there laws. Another topic, today, everywhere. Have a beautiful day.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer

Friday, October 15, 2010

Further More of Incursion V Rapes and Deathly Beauties

Hello to everyone, I hope you are overall well while reading this newly official military blog able to alert you today to another faction within the Incursion V attackers and homeland invaders in the 999,000 affected cities that are experiencing today ten thousand attacks of rapes of victims by spousal-identity-thieves, violently. The threats were received first by the authorities and so many of the ten-thousands groupings of assailants-militarized were apprehended already. The repairs equating to cosmetic surgical repair will be completed by the Military, today many of them from the Baltic and other regions of resorts here to help with future travel industry things. There are many interested in more fashion wardrobe plans and cosmetic plans from the USAF today for such reasons, and in behalf of, we are glad to be able to present the complementary other systems for recovery of lifestyles, up to and including full restoration. These tens of thousands of attackers of Incursion V are known to be attacking women carrying cash, perhaps linked to Vatican or other systems or lines of communication, and the attackers fit the descriptions of brothel madams-illegalis' personal military attempts. These types of non-military military-attempts are chronicled throughout history, as discussed before, and much of that data is readily available through the USMC clergy offices or your neighborhood Church priest. These are again Insurgent-dna coded now as Incursionists-miscreant-dna-thievery-occult-superbo/s. They are attempting to also attack by occult for destroying human or animal bodily parts, and the Military is responding with official coursework at no-cost for those willing to be trained in the historic response methods to this type of aggression; ask for the sorcery coursework as being taught by the reactivated former heads of the militaries under the directives of the USMC. No cost, and travel is included and special terms apply for law enforcement or others who depend upon quota casework or similar so as not to lose out on daily income or matters related to. The Incursion V attackers are again attempting to locate out of communication hairstylists due to their being already apprehended and convicted of treason-high. There is no more specific data on this copy-cat round of attacks from history, but you are welcome to recognize and work with the real and appropriate emotions that you may have in reaction and work with them as motivation, so be certain to avoid any other attackers or ignorant-to-recruitment-by-Incursion-V-attackers who attempt to assess in public (illegalis, now) anyone for such reactions and immediately try to drug them with a supposed medication. Any medication not actually for you is considered officially and onward always as a poisoning act or attempt of, even if it has been your medication before, because each time it has to be uniquely counted granules for you on worldwide records, etc. Specifics of this kind can help immediately solve a crime of this kind and all such records must be relinquished immediately from the private sector to law enforcement with no waiting time; executive order is enacted to do such a guarantee which is already required with the present warfare coding and alert level such as noted on HSA sites and such. This type of helpful data can also be requested from any military for law enforcement because nearly everyplace and any time of day or night is fully able to be retrieved on USMC-Reconnaissance and in dignified format for those concerned. This includes the data from the recently and hurriedly retrofitted microchips for the law enforcement and emergency workers equipment that gives them immediate 100% accurate dna-data including whose inside that body. No identity theft can be undiscovered or undisclosed due to this worldwide cooperation that I mentioned more on yesterday that took 2.4 days to complete the manufacture after quickly redesigning this technology from the military, in use by the military for decades, pleasingly.

Be sure to watch out for seeing-eye-dogs or guidedogs for the blind today, and also that they have their owners or trainers with them. Some are being aimed at by attackers in vehicles, not unlike a story you may've read on this blog in years past. The response to help the other animals that choose to work well with us such as the military animals requested for daily training for search and rescue and neighborhood protections is very good. Thank you for helping the HSUS and others line up housing for some of these animals that are responding well to working with the military but some sadly who lost their homes or natural environments. It takes a special type of animal, and with cats it is still new to the public which forgot its historical use of the animal as a military unit member. The lovely heraldic shields from Scotland and its surrounding areas alerted the military to the fact that the animals were actively useful in their paramilitary units, not just as mascots.

The military animals are being studied alongside their training for their ongoing social lives, a many decades in existence set of studies and grants in place. Why is to learn more about human social behaviors that resemble them, most people now are limiting themselves to two social calendar activities per month. This is a normal level for this type of economy and doesn't require expenditures but doesn't omit them, either. Many regular people and active social echelons have expressed concern that they were not normal any longer by only having a duo of calendar items scheduled. Even the heads of many usually social groups are finding this suits them while they are working with everyone cooperatively to help restore their own lifestyles, perhaps including economically. Sociability will address this in the future which assignment from the worldwide school systems and churches it was glad to accept.

Times are good now for making many plans that are appropriate to change for long-term in family and extended household and individual finances. The former regular guest on the Oprah Winfrey show, David Bach, is asking you to join him and his millionaire club in replanning. Since they designed their own financial futures and helped eachother become millionaires, they are now back to redrawing their own future sources of income. The Fed increased the number, responsively, for the average person or their household, extended included, to a recommended five to eight continual or recurring income sources. These can be for instance a once a year type of income, such as a cottage industry type or a neighborhood garage sale or a special occasion memento sale of gift items, etc. There are many that you can come up with, and while Bach had given himself a deadline with his group recently that he would've enjoyed your own participation in, not just vicariously, he and other familiar financial gurus of the recent times still have expressed concern for helping you and others like all of us.

Meanwhile, it is very appreciated that you have been an outstandingly good readership of mainly affected families in the Incursions I to V or from Fashion or the Arts, or Finance including Government and Military. The fact that you have supported the gift item fundraising is very well noted, and several of the groups that need our military assistance to complete their obligations within the public or private sectors will be receiving for awhile a part of any overall sale of these gifts I'm listing. The online store at: has a few items you have seen before, and the Army accountants are happy to be able to handle dividing up the proceeds from them into the requesting beneficiaries until their uniquely requested fundraising item is online, later: WWF for its ongoing paramilitary homeland defense for the animals special-ops units funds; RWA benefiting the over four thousand Incursion V victims of violent attacks for plagiarism; NASA's ghosthunting and special-ops units to also defend neighborhoods; Church parishes with members which remain too depleted to restart lifestyles and income streams after natural disasters and parishes in affected cities that are using their funds to guard homes that are frequently invaded with violent Incursion V attacks; Red Cross for its preparatory funds to gather supplies before the next major disaster, which it had not restocked due to time constraints in time for the most recent natural disaster; MUFON's cooperative USAF and personnel special-ops unit for neighborhood defenses and particular investigations of unusual reports; MI1 military cats for Count Zorro and his league of cats for their upkeep and training and maintenance of their houses donated from the public for their worldwide guarding and search and rescue; RAF dogs training and physical recovery fund after their facilities were raided and they were retrieved from abductions and to repair their facilities.

Beauty in history and its present trends or directions is interesting for many new studies to have been commissioned. There are many historical groups that admire only their own beauty and use it for specific purposes, different from others. Some studies and desktop work levels of grants are coming in to the military for studying beauty in the histories of groups, nicely, again. If you don't find mainstream beauty selections particularly beautiful or have a unique echelon beauty coda, you might be a subject of study. This may be a fun project selection for some with background in these areas, and the Project:Happiness usually resident at the FBI can be requested for this, there. Please hurry to pick up these projects on beauty.

Please be sure to read yesterday's blog, also, for the very important data on dna-beauty-marring incidents and the three organ donation supply groups that are from historic 'creation' groups that won't mix with other types of humans. This data is official from the White House, and may be used in literature or fiction later on, and is being disseminated now for the urgency of its timeliness, but it is historically known to many groups that can also be studied. And, check the lists in prior blogs of the on-going benefits and pay to soldiers deployed at home, and others working with our militaries worldwide, now.

Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Incursion V Alerts and Bad Hat Hair Days

Hello to everyone, and while Incursion V alerts are still high for the 999,990 now affected cities being raided by the same insurgent-dna-groups raiding and considered to be a type of homeland invasion, Fashion and Resort industries and interests of the future are under microscopic care. Terror and paranoia but in normalized functional forms are the appropriate responsiveness levels for those citizens and residents and world travellers being targeted illegalis now in the Incursion V raids and home- and land-invasions. Land and real estate of the past are being looked at all the way back to whenever your own ancestry or histories from your groups might be including, as well as lost or hidden or forbidden kingdoms or the lore of them. As you'll recall, the prior Incursions I to IV saw everyday regular peoples subjected to strangeness in military styled attacks and raids based upon fictional movies and books, and for now also the past kingdoms or cultures of lore or reknown are being examined. Those with expertise or unusual documentation not in textbooks but well catalogued can expect to be paid now for such data as well as those with scholarly insight or a profiler ability to dissect such data into the recent crime wave minutiae equivalents, and also clergy in specific who know of non-military revolutionary library-levels of study on crowd-management to crowd-control levels (usually called riots) that attempt to takeover at White House levels on down. The recent fashions seen on the proverbial street, which again is the useful term about fashions recently purchased or made and being worn in unusual but peaceful and fun groupings, such as neighborhoods or clubs that don the sameness, enjoyably, and now include uniforms from most ancient eras. This has been an enjoyable marking of the transition from the worldwide Egyptian trends and the new but noticeably different Jamaican trend, not quite as overt but also healthy for all. The CIA has this data available sans fashion data or with again from the USAF Air Force One Office's Project: Fashion One. Please consider also submitting your own fashion wardrobe analysis styles of teaching from these recently interesting ancient eras. This may be in any form remembered or preserved. Some museum level of interest for jobs or projects is also available in this area, again, today and for awhile. Thank you again also to all of your supportive readership effort to provide the recent wardrobe re-analysis for those one million women and other victims attacked and beauty marred in their homes in the past Incursions I to IV.

Animal prints are taking on new forms of interest understandably after the data was discussed round and about by many of your own networks-legalis. Just how these furs and skins were used in donations to repair non-similar species has opened your homes again to these animals rescued from attacks that will regrow their own type of fur. And, with the shades and markings of the animal used for the repair. Dalmation spots if used on another type of animal, for example, will regrow out as that animal's type of fur but with Dalmation spotting. The RAF K-9 level search and rescue dogs from breeding kennels and other military kennels raided will leave on some of these furs for the no-longer-breeding animals. Blonde Dobermans and others will be still sported in parade types of festivities if the animal's tolerances remain good in the general public. A nostalgia in minutae will be available in leather and other goods with some imprints reminiscent of these animals, but not overtly all their striping or spotting or print.

Count Zorro, the military tomcat, is pleased to still be accepting forty or more a day of new recruits for the military cats, including ferals and bobcats. These become his trainees as he and they learn search and rescue that includes carrying their weight in documents, retrieving downed officers' weapons, or leading animals from fiery traps out to safety. Albeit the laboratory at the NSA Project:Echelon is able to take in the genetically idealized lab-fertilized kittens, if yours are perfect mixes that you'll consider for our military and law enforcement to use, your own litters are still good. The laboratory only has 24 such kittens in synthetic wombs just now that belong to Count Zorro and Hs'LadyLove, but they are willing to foster and even adopt many more through this system which he, as the very top tomcat in our military, has approved. Dr.Baldr, the bobcat-tomcat under his tutelage has recruited many of his own kind which will be admitted to the heraldry system of the military and royal courts in about four years time. For those of you interested in how this will prove their worthy ability for their job capacity, the Army's Office of Heraldic Services will be available with some certain lists of how a new military symbol and actively serving animal becomes a member listed in the bestiary and in their archives. You might also find your neighborhood cronista willing to spend a moment on the facts in the steps to being admitted which to Count Zorro and his litters seems about like being submitted for Halls of Fame. Those of you willing to help foster the bobcats in training will be welcome to apply to the HSUS or Army Protocol and must know that they are much gentler and more affectionate than usual housecats.

Protocol will be discussed more at another time, and today I'll be working on some tidbits of it for my own writings as the newly updated Department of State's office of protocol services lists are available again. Remember that you must sign-off on these lists when working in the public sector within law enforcement and military and civil service or public service offices, and the data on the list is used to qualify whether someone claiming to be the person is the actual one. Identity theft is the singular greatest hazard to our worldwide systems and economies now according to the governments and churches. All religions being grouped into two formal studies under one system and headed by the USMC and protected by it has brought this ironic fact outward. Identification of the past religious sources and kingdoms related has had an unexpected turn for some of the general populace needing help with facts from the past that may be unsavory or illegal nowadays. Hat studies brought this out as some typical triggers for radically changing the lifestyle for oneself and family is endangered if unstable belief systems are overly challenged. Running off to do illegalis because of discovering in genealogical searches or regional historical ones that an ancestral group, for example, cannibalized, while others were Vedic, is no reason to desert modern life and support Incursion V attackers. Attempting to dwell underground if not the actual military working underground will automatically group others into the illegalis group that the president and all with ability to declare warfare have done.

Reenactment-illegalis is on the list declared warfare against as it is merely identity-theft and extortion and embezzlement recruitment as well as murder-29 as it is being dubbed. Victims unwittingly recruited begin to turn into the criminally minded military styled attackers who average up to 29 murders by the time the recruitment is complete for their supposed award of a house and car and family like life which is of course false. Some not fully recruited-illegalis have returned to normalcy by reforming themselves but enslavement underground is the just uncovered next-step of some of the unknown leaders of Incursion V. Massively laid out technologies in new but uninhabited tunnels resembling all the old slave quarters of any history known were found with fiber optics to spy on anything inside. I am very glad that I have never participated in re-enactments of any kind and especially not illegalis, but at one time I'd thought non-profit reenactment legalis such as Civil War re-enactment might be a nice hobby when retired, etc. To those complying with laws and not reenacting illegally including in public (except city employees with permits to do so, such as the City of Sacramento's Old Town cowboys with buckboard and wagons) a future facility will be built for legal reenactment as nonprofit 501c3s only. Not within public view, but more like a staged and non-violent or damaging version such as in England where popularity of mentalism-entertainment saw fake video games being built for participants to enjoy being amidst; insurance companies are very helpful with the extra amount of insurance required such as for extra hazard. But the gift to a lawful public grouping of non-re-enactiment-illegalis is coming later on and with extras from regular warfare supplies, and more.

The medical community is being helpful and aware with the cosmetic repairs from the attacks of Incursion V and prior including advisors from medical schools willingly taking in students studying for degrees in this unusual moment. Historical costume data meets the medical advancements, including fully determined dna upon contact or within view by non-contact equipment and handheld devices. These retrofit pieces of equipment have been theory and in use by military for a couple of decades without need or requirement to use in a peacable public sector until now. Having had all technology companies worldwide stop what they were doing in order to create and build within two point four days these microchip pieces of equipment and similar components is a human-made miracle, honoring all creation according to all worldwide religions. Their support is greatly appreciated in explaining some of the more interesting data from history where facts were carried, or cloaked in some opinions, that affect these cosmetic repairs. Several types of human-dna are able to interact, but not all, for organ donations, as you now know and from the recently helpful statements sent from our United States Office of the Attorney General and Office of the Surgeon General. Three types of human-dna don't mix in organ donations because the dna is entirely and always incompatible. These three types of family tree groups have always worked alongside all the other human-dna types, but were known to have rules about who to marry for propogating bloodlines, as one clue. These three branches of the seven surviving main human-dna were the 1) royal-military-maternal-royalty, 2) lawyers-physicians-politicians, and 3)French-arising-royalty and fashion courts. These groupings have retained their own non-religious non-scholastic required data on how to propogate families with dna-compatible mates. The sperm and ovum simply will not even match or fertilize with the other of the seven human-dna groupings. It is all very interesting to the point that even shamanistic-human-animal-dna-cosmetic-repairs are being allowed in some of these new medical degrees at schools such as Stanford and UC Berkeley. Even these two are allowing combined degrees from the medical schools under these difficult conditions on the public, so that yesterday the first combined degrees of medical studies are being grouped between the two historical rivals. I look forward to reading these future dissertations in response to Incursion V attacks.

I hope you will all be well and be able to apply for or pick up your own gifted grant for educayion or certification being donated by the millions of affected families who have had some survivors from the Incursions I to IV attacks. The Military is pleased to have ten to ten million and more applying daily for boot camp that are being accepted for home-deployments and working-careers of the military schooling levels. Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
K.-Marie Wall, C.O.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Incursion V Alerts and Changing Appearances

Hello to everyone, I hope you are well and alert during this Incursion V timeframe of homeland invaders and raiders in the affected cities under attack by non-professional military-styled attackers who attempted to attack 800,000 more cities additionally. About a thousand of the newly affected cities by Incursion V attackers remain affected along with the others you know. Other types of attacks are happening to the families and households who raise animals for specific purpose including working dogs for the military, so soon another fundraiser series will allow for donors to be helpful of especially RAF dog litters. In many countries, such homes were added to the Incursion V alerts due to huge scale attacks on their property that were compared to the oil spills on the news, and similar, but are being handled by the military and animal protection groups to rescue wildlife. But because the wildlife is controlled in areas where military and similar animals are being raised the actual count of wildlife affected is low, around fifty animals at each site. Still, I adore watching out for the animals around our own delta waters seeded by the NSA Project:Echelon laboratories and imagine that it is similar in these other sites. The Incursion V is partly characterized by escaped elements of mixed dna from laboratories traced all the way to the War in Vietnam with not-quite-any-one-animal-type bipedal attackers loosed in raided areas by Incursion V invaders. These animal-conglomerations appear human due to the macabre illegalis practice of the invaders of putting human skin and hair over the raiding animals taught to attack homes and persons. The rounded up bad laboratory experiments particularly from Viet Nam underground not part of any actual governing body or one that should've been known by any are most akin to rabbits. If peaceful, they're being restored by surgical process to become rabbit litters and such. Not really a house pet, they'll be watched for awhile to see what these violently trained rabbit-hybrids are up to; their counterparts you heard about were mismade from bats that I discussed here last week and were not all salvageable due to violence in their mistaught raiding tactics. Soon, I'll also have a fundraiser item requested by the WWF to help with such unusual costs as they prepare for nearly anything in the areas affected most by the Incursion I to V invaders. Do be sure to alert the authorities near you or the military if you notice other types of unusual human-appearing raiding parties as they may be animals and not people, after all.

This week I'm painting donation item artwork for the future fundraisers, but it was brought to my attention that very many of the literary societies and writing clubs that are non-profits are helping the very many writers who have recently been attacked violently in their homes with plagiarism as the motive. The attacks were mentioned for their similar time of day and being directed at, for example, romance writers one day, by the thousands. Do check in with your writing clubs that take pride in being professional organizations and non-profits so that they can help with these situations, if possible. Many are. Another fundraiser will appear here for one in the future, also, as it is assisting many of the victims and their families.

Genetic traits are in the dna as you know, but have been mistaken to be available to others of miscreant nature and participation who are gruesomely stealing dna from victims in not just Incursion I to V affected cities. Hair and skin grafts may not be legally given if found in non-hospital settings, so don't fall for such ploys-illegalis. The President and all heads-of-state declared warfare against these types of attackers whether actually following orders of the unknown leaders of the Incursion I to V. No one gets your body parts while you are dead or alive unless you have filled out the proper organ donor forms and had your health verified in the regular medical communities. Hair today and scalps that go with it are of particular interest to the said raiders who are mostly being deterred, so far. The attempts to graft bones from victims is also a renewed alert for the general populace, because certainly only accredited medical schools should be teaching anyone how to do this type of surgery. In history, some civilizations left manuals demonstrating how they performed surgeries and some certain miscreants obtained some data from them and have attacked on occasion for bones. The tribally attempting attackers are now known to be an extremely short in stature group of unknown affiliation that were behind most of the beauty marring attempts, and mostly of males who changed their gender to particularly female form in the beauty industries. Be careful if your genealogies are of the very short in height populaces as there are records absconded from the legitimate and legal populaces recorded by the Church and governments that are being stolen in identity theft by these recently uncovered very short attackers trying for validations and credibility. You'll recall that I and others have discussed on the blogs and other Internet sites that the historic listings for people or animals travelling into areas that were different from its populaces known or who had medical conditions requiring treatments or prevention was the often illuminated bestiary. Don't do as the miscreants are doing and mistake the work bestiary for bestiality, the latter being declared warfare against permanently, of course.

The part-time and special-conditions hiring packages by our worldwide Military are still filling up with new-hires, and a good thing they are. Deployed at home and from home is how the future will interminably roll forward, but it is also a hopeful one. The alternatives have been decided against, including future victimization by being undertrained or underprotected in affected areas. Such icons of our leadership in the recent past joining up include the self-proclaimed 'draft dodger' former President Clinton who'll be in our military, now, permanently welcome to work again after being a commander-in-chief before. Other interesting revamping of human-power includes former Vice President Al Gore being re-activated to the equivalent of his former office of vice president level to help with some of the workload in the present White House Administration and others are similarly working in equal capacity to protect this country and others more fully. I'm sure you'll be glad to know many experienced helpers from the past are assisting these present dedicated staffs with the overload from things happening such as the economies and Incursions I to VIII in particular.

Ghosthunting is a fabulously well thought of hobby for many people nowadays and of the kind of interest that NASA has decided to help out in the public sector, while also setting up more satellite-level offices from home for example. It has its own special-operations units setting up to protect the general populaces, but it is also very able and ready to help out in ghosthunting interests, officially or unofficially. I'll also present a fundraiser for NASA special-ops units here soon for their specialized activities that may present some rather enjoyable experiences for you or in your area. Some of these interests may be overlapping with your own, or with some historic textual studies including religious and the USMC clergy offices is always glad to supply the lore that is officially updated and worth a read that overlaps with stories in various locations.

I will blog again with you soon on this now PhD referential site that has recently become also an official military site, thanks to the hard work of many involved in getting the military and governmental approvals. There are also many daily listings of jobs that are short-term or long-term from the USAF Air Force One Office's Project: Fashion One, and some that are for rather carefully guarded locations such as those required to be manned on certain schedules by the Police Academy graduates worldwide. Do check in at the regular official offices for these types of positions and not by word on the street and don't do as others have done by falling prey to any approaching to intercept you before you reach such official and known offices and precincts, etc., with suddenly alternative stories negating instructions given to you. Just a precaution as there is no re-enactment allowed in public for now that is this type of ploy, still, and certainly not again having been declared warfare against for good reason. You're a good readership and I hope you will take care until the next blog.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Incursion V and Fashion Fast Call Alerts

Hello to everyone as I hope you will be able to read this and the prior two blogs in some connection, as Incursion V raiding-invaders are approaching in identified swarms of mostly: 1)Mormonesque hired-for-the-crime-types groups alluding to military, 2)prostitution-illegalis-impersonating-law-officers loitering or appearing to be doing yardwork or similar in neighborhoods. So, be careful not to let these ununiformed and easily detectable imposters in, although they are down to three to four homeinvaders at a time in some over-affected areas, they are also attacking new soldiers in residences with typically expected and over expected. These attacks numbers available from the military for law enforcement to select from for casework, if needed. It is confirmed that personally assessing what you can and will be able to do to continue your daily living styles and work habits while reaching any moment of personal terror is quite normal for now, and again, requires no additional medical consultation other than any regular you might already have in mind. There is another series of open cases that are available due to the Incursion V specifically that don't affect living law officers as the agents involved are deceased or hidden by the governments to work further with the military, an option for never-ending cases now. Santa Barbara, CA has a case where I am the Army person they hired when their law officer requested and the details are there for when the whole Army and from more than one country and even from the Church arrived on the scene, so please check in the USSS 103 or Prince Charles' of Wale's USSS 101 case file for the connection to two million little girls tortured and mutilated in attempts by miscreants to use illegal artwork for special effects forced upon regular businesses. There are one million of these little girls surviving and rescued at that time, and although none of these victimized in the case have recovered from certain brain damage due to the implementations used by the miscreants, their families one hundred percent donated more grants they'd set aside for their children in their hopes. The Military is distributing these grants judicicously to those in the military and the general public who wish to help with cases like this and others reopened or in the overall battles using extra-education and supra-knowledge in any field of knowledge. The children will not recover fully, and the miscreants apprehended at the time were mostly mentally retarded adults, some who attempted to turn states-evidence, but which failed due to low mental capacity. What mechanism of inhumanity was and is behind this type of worldwide scaled and specified attacks on families and citizenry is still being uncovered in the aftermath rearing an ugly proverbial head. There are some of these children which can be further open to socializing and able to discuss some bit of their experience on limited visitation agreeable to families for their still extroverted and now adult children. Not for the faint of heart. Thank you for contacting your recruiter for the Armed Forces or going through your sources to law enforcement for locating the best grant option possible for you on topics pleasing to the future and present pursuit and stopping of this type of crimes considered now warfare against all countries as declared.

Tribes and their origins are greatly in focus now to be located and further researched by those making enough time on their hands. Combining research methods is recommended as many are going to clergy, confused, about how to use a limited amount of data about where they've come from in genetics, not just who they are in their own mind. The public resources are good, but there reasons to be careful about the whole fangdangled process, as there are many declared enemies to reforming knowledge about ancestry in the tribally rejected miscreants who declared warfare (just yesterday, over twenty seven times against this city's mayor, alone). Heraldry in the military and that reflected in tribal styles was very attacked before that is now being worn more boldly in patches and other styles for soldiers and those working part-time from home with the military. As other lesser known paramilitary defense and offense groups from history are coming forward in visible array I'm certain the groundwork laid down for respect anew will be given also to the less familiar paramilitary units. Beautiful patches in the future will be funded in part by more fundraising thank you, ahead of time.

Newly formed up paramilitary units with some heraldry artwork in-hand arrived nearly duped by miscreants herding them into Northern California, as the Military usefully recovered them and their interest in why they had an ancient heraldic picture and recruited them into a now-happening heraldic military training course. Going all day, there is still room to jump into the classes and catch up on coursework for those who remembered that heraldic picture in grandmother's attic if they contact their local clergy or armed forces recruiter office. The heraldry will be determined by heralds to be either of the military, of a courtier level obligation of career-jobs, or similar such as part-time or regional work. It relates to what the participants' ancestors wished for their decendents to be doing in future oncoming warfare, at home, or abroad. Since training is underway for at home, and in businesses, there is much to be learned and relearned for these heraldic art holders.

Businesses are starting up quickly in denim fashion areas, and the up beat news is that once again the Military is asking for more denim models, four hundred and fifty five more openings this morning for denim jean modeling in particular. Please contact with or without your modeling agency the USAF Air Force One Office's Project:Fashion One and incarcerated person's (non-mental-institution) may apply, also. Some courage is needed to take new job positions in a field like this which lost nine hundred denim jean models to murder in rapid succession prior to the USAF Air Force Project:Fashion One.

Re-enactment-illegalis is a tiring battle for many today and romance writing as a subgenre field are very much alerted because of prostitution illegalis raiders also pretending to cases in courtrooms of plagerism claims to extort from professional or hobby writers. Be cautious, and still enjoy your entertainment reading if you are not in this profession of writing. Many people are seeking one novel a week, now, and because I'm behind on other schedules with many, many meetings to get more educational degree work done fast, I'm still reading Area 51:The Mission by R. Doherty, and some have asked me about it. A few real cases are to be found in it, and I can't seem to figure out where one is in this educational fiction story ...

Music and books are good entertainment to select together as families, and my family and I were choosing recently to re-experience Tony Bennett and movie stars of the silver screen era and to discuss studio art and what we did or didn't like, that day. I had similar quibitzing with cousins travelling who wanted to go over what is fast changing in art-direction, just different enough from art-trend. Direction, for those new to this part of the Arts is useful use of detectable interests by the scholastically inclined in art, so that it can be used for learning or textbooks or contests or small-destination touring. A black and white tuxedo cat, for example, might be the commercial print trend for years, but a Siamese cat will be an epitome of a side-by-side art-direction and first will be useful for advertising and the latter for college texts.

Count Zorro, the military tomcat, is grumbling in the heat that is more onerous this year again, but he is pleased with the renewed abundance of insects that are restoring the farmlands and other greenery. Honey, though, is not usually his favorite thing, but he is very interested along with the other cats in trying the same flavors the new bees from Iraq are enjoying. Since this group of military animals evolved successfully on movie sets during the Frank Sinatra era, specifically, they have developed by a Darwinistic approach, seemingly, their finesse at trying new cuisine.

The beauty-marring incidents that are inherent in the Incursion V raids, as well as prior to now, have the FBI laboratory called FBI Medical Services helping in many ways with not only checking in all organ donations for any incidents worldwide, but also taking in applicants from police academy level for urban or rural positions to guard military and government homes and animals deserted in part by death of an occupant and held now by special-ops units of blood-relations. These home computers, and small yapping dogs, easily understood, are typical of the sporadic guarding positions now avaialable for nearly any duration in time; since these computers can connect to any warfare process worldwide including a NORAD experience if the home guarder is cooperative (alot) the positions would ideally be entirely peaceful abodes. Some are truly in highly raided quadrants, or affected by economic sectors. A gratified group of these job takers assured me that they're pleased to watch over a well-trained professional military animal required to be kept in its usual home and with its usual equipment to guard, and more good tales. The military was just pleased to hear from PETA but surprised it might've received strange supposed tips turning out to be from miscreants worried strangely that the military animals in training alongside soldiers were in tents. Well, they are fine with their soldiers in bullet-proof, fireproof and surveillance proof tents inside, I assure you.

Take good care of yourselves, and I'll look forward to blogging here for your again soon.

Sartorially yours,
K.-M. Wall, C.O.

There is a good amount of