Monday, October 17, 2011


Salutations, Pentagon squiring-call non-heraldic (hearings of level/s) 9-part 'repentance' disclosures of weapons to combat training into hand-to-hand combative hobby included for Homeland Defense accurately coding homeland-invasion level-'see'2 of, after-dna-Insurgent-misbred-groupings (impersonating any/either/of sides of warfare or other) to raid home or business+;seargent's-sites recording to CIA-call of-nearby placed to get books listed below or previous blogs' for you/school/districted/region/any-charity-likely/need-to-know(law enforcement scholastic to, et al.) and of-FED to for 'black sun days' reports or O.E.S.-regioned data also. Homes still invaded in 900,000 cities waned success of raiders-illegalis to shoes in tandem attempt stolen to jewels attempted to fashion-dot-data to plaguerism forays to animal-abductions to physical presence intent harming by novice skilled-under of actual warfare weaponry from manufacture alikened tots to juveniles aimed for kept away from class with tutor service of retired teachers' validified approved by Surgeon General as health code off-day typical worldwide to help not hinder progress:keep near to things. More urgent-code to hire permanently part-time to ARMY(any)heraldry office's linked economy-fashion-resort jobs, akin to USAF AirForce1Office's free-sort for work asking for 'worklisted' daily any day (to manage a career by ask for CIA-free-to-need-to-know/n determined to work-by an-asking). Thanks!-Stanford University certifying worldwide impetus attempted study course online quiz of 2-day learning new/olden/ancien/age-of economy for questions studied tried can give unit/partial-unit credit, it finding to located by USMC Reconnaissance surveillance-helpful in-public places chosen filmage of study course groups in public library systems South American locales of filming appropriate to coursework how-to available free by asking at seargent's sites questing limited-level; Hitachi Data Systems Human Resources candid link-up for first civilian-won all-correct of quiz here herein hereon off a-Michael-management-of-money-system to other Silicon Valley or any H.R. Department known worldwide by accurate transfer for their paid-by-CIA-American-officially for further data about and of textbook authors for economics accurately 100% answering ancient system ecology-economy questions of it, why they applied which formulations to it to do, with Kinsean's (Kinichea a Native American Way preserved data into archives for kmwall by FED/O.E.S. accessible more on, performance grants accepted/able) Phase1&Phase2 being for Fashion1 or Fashion2 graphed or equaled Resort3 or Resort4 as Phase3&Phase4; to translate insect data see other links on seargents' sites for answers to questions if not arrived yet:no known attacks unto populace-understood by seekers of data from unit-quiz of Stanford University function.

By requested, learning mode continual to education level of for this PhD referential site designated onto lower levels of: History, of costume akin to its official designation as site of the military known, 4-history fashion, costume history-2, history of, on. Into current-affaires helpful to over(t)loaded military personnel:textbook level data from news being reminded of defined:current affaire. Red Cross approved its own historical link (data link soon or by visit to accumulated response time for additional by volunteerism for) that during a Victorian Age non-climactic linked by by song-choice to calculate existence thriving or survival still of any along routed (network) for data of whereabouts wellness or strife (i.e., tornado not known yet, looted warehouse stopping Postal delivery of any) 'when songs were important' for search&rescue to known-of persons and places still alive. Data-1: of Red Cross import for physical safety to harmlessness appearance remade after to events-4 if attacked on route to toilet-setting in-garden walk usually lit, a physical guard of later French resident royal court setting desginating protective job duties to stop attacks inside facility for toilet use and if happened close proximity care-table from now Red Cross organization, known then, applied First Aid care to also regowning/regarbing of victims to return to place expected but in borrowed 'gear-quoted-price-to-charitable-ledgers-only' about of modern approval allusion to look of GunneSaks gowns and Baerolli mens styles browned-off to tell apart from own/owned, to return later by gracious support donation of time or other (biscuits allowed certain parts-locales only, not all accepting crumpets days in repay announced on ledger-available artwork-free-of postings mistaken often for WANTED:poster of outlaw-declared, carefully redone in red-logo-cross-used hopeful attainment objectivized. Of infant care, not as plausible but young children if attacked often regarbed in oversized infant style to remain at place on-site until arriving home or if enough time alotted cut-down-to-sized attire from overused original gear of now Red Cross donated for it but child could keep it redying for Sunday-wear titled it (meaning child was alive from extra skills taught at by any on-hand soldier soldiering official patrol to-parade level for self-defense only that day. Scents and plumping of skin to avoid unwell seeming moment for victims also gifted to Red Cross victims at time, plumping a 'splash' modernized to Indian-then scent-of file (intermixed by later recordkeeping in Indic localized datafiles for a bear of area friendliness of territory liked by; pikake flowers scenting favored overall, plus a cocoa-butter-flavored (no samples sent home of or extras allowed, only applied amount by 'nurse' of station there).

Books for sale + music from CIA-nearby free to need-to-know including cvcc law enforcement non-profits-many or experience adequate to for studies also into grant achievement/acceptance levels serious first. Any school district may order or reference desks at library system worldwide can request for holding there official loan rules applicable. Or, purchase by any credit card known not-dedicated to project work official only by Military for non-civilian use, therefore any credit card company allowing 1%-interest drop on lode on their card used for on likely 80-minutes allowed for now shopping on any CIA or its equivalent worldwide but their being repaid in office of by American CIA or Mexico's or Artillery from extra-curricular-to-payment-days for homeland defense work returning to populace known for its gracious appearance and tirade free help to soldiers soldiering again "-a-known" as typical to Economy-Fashion-Resort now happening within 181-years span of 1/4thOR1/5th of any of it. But purchase freely of books and gifts included, welcoming an array of departing-by-lifespan dedicated-to for awhile for us authors Dr. James Marks and Joe Maum of call-signs alike to names of, while collaborative, awards thanked for to them. Other 'dignities' of musical-2 purchases (Victorian Age lingoed) for dot-on-economy years already ago when asking you the Good Readership for funding based upon a short story I wrote along with others of same time and place sales into textbooks separated for Summer reads, at low purchase for music (some) of USD$.40-equalized per country-coded-monetary-'buck' as determined by f. Vice President Al Gore in-office to now helpful again.
gift items:
* g_etiquette: kits of etiquette proportioned for teaching or editing of or experience by aged 4years to 40years marketplace, of 41styear to plus of in years of English soil to other points of lands included as next
series setting 1864 worldwide:
* 1864 copper snail:nove by James Clavell, a snail macabre heraldry forgotten between 3 kings 1 woman and good snake appear [to musical CD/DVD gift line of linked]
More soon, thanks again, others on prior blogs still on.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head