Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Incursion VI Museum Level and Degrees of Um Fashion

Hello to everyone and I hope you are fine and well enough as more rather important Incursion VI alerts are scheduled, including today of synchronized seemingly random or typical crimes are being tracked for their exacting detail in common by judges and others bringing their physical details to the Military. This is a correct step, to recognize something that is too unusual in supposed crime because truly most people do not experience more than one singular unusual event in their life experience that would be at that extreme level, so targeting is suspected. On a hiatus, though brief, typical romance novel statistics are geared to this known if subconscious detail, that there is not a lot really unusual happening to an everyday person although perhaps if they stimulate something extraordinary or rather uncommon to occur. Almost the drama of the past Gothic eras and maybe part of the future and arriving Gothic Christian trend, that being to stimulate by some personal action an unusual and perhaps detrimental and dramatic occurence. The regular person is noticing that these unusual crimes are too strangely occuring to be a personal drama, therefore. The Incursion VI home invader and attacker is now hoping to be gone and not noticed for the crime that is considered warfare level by all Administrations. One minute warning is in play as is continual red-on-red alert, meaning we will and have and are responding as all countries and sovereign churches worldwide as though -- and as -- the threats become physical realities, in kind. Lazy Days declared for the Military is an official way of operating, that you might've noticed, involving getting our degrees, training, reading the books required, revising schedules and meeting on things and with people that had to wait in the previous days. Be ready for other data that may be critical and that was once horded in churches or societies seemingly motivating but unrelated, such as starry diagrams from the overly targetted presently Mormon churches that are not from outer space and are rather diagrams from fine-arts training that can be had and explained from the worldwide militaries and the USMC ARTS. Such things might trigger a knee-jerk tapping reaction level of response, but that is awaited by those who get paid by the bodybag count and have no questions to answer to, as U.S. Congress pays by the bodybag or person apprehended in Incursion VI as raiders and invaders and attackers. Morbid, but still effective for defending our homelands.

Thank you for the many donations of scholastic grants to our soldiers and those they work with, and also for the ten-million per hour of you the good readership signing up for bootcamp training. There is a ten-year wait for some on this continual official military schedule so all of these new-hires will receive the first training right away to put them into a military-mind which is perfect for what they are about to learn and do. Projects can be selected and work for the meantime and many will also find they are effective being put into their field of pursuit already before training is completed, as even in bootcamp the soldier can be pulled into the field of battle, then return to training. Other outpourings of offerings in spirit that would normally be devoted to religions are coming in to the Military in large quantities from the general puplic. They are not unwelcome, and they are in addition usually to the donations that go to churches, anyhow. The monies for defending neighborhoods is an interesting set of plans and not conjectures, and those interested can view many of the budgets coming in and learn about how and what is or is not considered monies of the public, why the military and others working with them can operate fully on money declared their own but legal to use for armaments such as tanks, planes, trains, household paramilitary gear for large areas and similar. There is much around costume history that is coming into play for unknown reasons during Incursion VI attacks by invaders-as-coded, for again unknown reasons so that profilers and other experts in costume are being requested. Especially if holding unique data for echelons, regions, schools of thought, or any organized non-scholastic grouping, but the scholarly are also needed. Costumers are being targeted, along with others, from large scale productions to smaller, as have other segments of industries or quite recognizable groupings. For now, and from historic costume data back in time when the military were all royally located and trained in psychiatric medical levels that still have use today in required military training, some of the terms in use then have survived. Lifestyles and elements from them, you'll recall, are part of costume history. Military personnel used to be always able to assess an enemy by a known mental illness level, if there was one. Such modern corrections to past mistakes of this type involve modern Demonology, or are inclusive in Ghost Hunting which now takes in that field plus Angelology and UFOlogy and any other anomalies of the paranormal or unexplainable. The term, for example -UMs is often added at the end of mottos or similar from the past indicating soldiering specialties in recognizing these types of overly self-focusing perhaps selfishly called predispositions that regaled the UMs to the other proverbial table at dinner from their friends and families. Usually, there ends up being, for instance, a directly traceable link to the UMs seated regions of the anatomy, by negations, jokes, stances, attire, or other things just about acceptable but not quite reasons to toss them from the room like a cantancerous prince might be for too many funny moments irreplaceable. Cantancerous is a negative trait that is a positive, but an -UM would be rather positively oriented but entirely negative in the aftermath or results or motivations.

A notation for ghosthunting and UFOlogy is one to note with the data about those persons grouped into the miscreants by activities-illegalis and encouraged in their 'jip'or 'jeep' sounding mental disorders of extremely conspiratorial devise called once ogres. The historical ogre was mistaken for a deific demon with great ability but is actually one who surrounded itself with mentalists-of-dna-occult-ability. Hobgoblins were another matter, but the ogre's activities trailed typical ufo sightings and those who worked in that part of assigned professions. Ogres or this type of jip or jeep miscreant appear to have plastic looking skin and almost to a beauty level, so that worldwide cosmetics manufacturers are gathering to discuss and decide upon new styles of cosmetics offerings right about now for the general populace to not appear like an ogre. In courtly histories, for an evening of formalities, a plastic type sheen and hair style would be done up for the occasion, perhaps confusing those onlooking if untutored. A little powder went a long way....

These types of costume history facts are noted in the effort to drive away from jobs in film and advertising and other arts professions the more regular person focused upon the art form being accurately portrayed, if possible. Fiction is not out of the question to the regular person as costumer, and most persons in history had some form of daily entertainment from live persons which involved costume in entertainment, and people sitting about or watching in some form the entertainment or its experience. During the Victorian era, a brief but elite moment existed when chivalric mottos and such where repopularized in entertainment and also trains as dinner platforms for less than half an hour at a time were part of the experience of new trendy entertainment. Many people dressed for this type of expectation, as well as they could. Clothes were a recent wave of motivation in the Incursion VI and jewelry in large amounts or very costly ones, again, but more worrisome even is the amount of beauty marring attacks and occult attacks with mutilations being evident in public.

The Military is training at churches in your area and the USMC may be contacted at the clergy offices of your local Armed Forces recruiter for these classes, if you have the tolerance for the topic and perhaps the stamina. Many complaints were heard about lower-level attacks in public by lesser abilities of occult attackers. Now, with unconscionable practice, the attacks by occult are mutilating in the manner discussed in yesterday's blog, so please review it and the prior two blogs for the dna-listings of compatible dna-donors and recipients and especially those that won't be able to be used in certain bloodlines. A list of the affected cities will be coming out soon and announced, but consider that waterways and cities located at ports and similar business relying at any time in the past on water are mostly affected.

Anasazi tribes and Arizona judges and others have set up something akin to the space camps for children for those having difficulty in not being recruited by attackers from Incursion VI. This is a difficult subject following the announcement and alert that widespread pedophilic predatory gang-style attacks have ensued in the last few hours handed over to the Military, not one for law enforcement alone; the casework is being handed back courteously in groupings to the law enforcement that once again rely upon quota daily casework, and hopefully the data is as complete as possible. The numerical groupings of children attacked in declared warfare threats from Incursion VI attackers is 3 or 4 young girls, 23 - 29 young boys, and some pets just days before. The occult training for offense and defense is again at no cost to the public qualifying and the medical communities by the USMC Clergy in particular and heavy reconnaissance. Artillery training is beginning anew in public sectors for frontline encounters with anomalistic attacks, and thank you for applying in ten-thousand an hour numbers to Artillery. The good thing to know is that Count Zorro and his military animals are quite resilient in handling the occult attacks and also the regular weaponry and hand-to-hand combat. A few days ago, you made the RAF military dogs' fundraiser the world's largest in dollar value success in history; gratitude will be expressed in their new blondeness in more public places, worldwide. The wolves of the USMC are receiving some extra benefit from the overflow of budget, so you know what is occuring; a few short months ago they were the new phenomenon in animal soldiers.

The Fed, Gunther and Bernanke and similar are announcing with the Military the good statistics that all the worldwide plans made together show the economy is on its actual proscribed step of recovery. Being this exactingly on target is nearly unheard of, so your cooperation in ratcheting up everyone to a once-higher level away from economic peril and into another statistic level is good. The ability of you readership to help one another while helping us in the Military and private sector employed to help you get out of foreclosures and to pick up work in as little as a day is terrific. You're all doing well.

Take care.

Sartorially yours,
K.-Marie Wall
commanding officer