Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Incursion VI Alerts and Ridiculously Fashionable In

Hello to everyone, and as Incursion VI is still being considered to be happening as an official homeland-raiding-invasion by the dna-Insurgents of mostly homeless choosing embezzlement and murderous tactical military-styled attackers, I hope you are alert and aware. Another two-days-of-leniance for those certain they'd become soldiers but were not fully or correctly trained and were not in actuality fully deployed but were in possession of other soldiers items including money or timecards and were transported on non-military vehicles to foreign zones of battle based upon female-voice-mystery-callers-on-phones orders that seemed patriotic are being given again. Many more were learned and are very noticeable because they were, for one thing, never properly trained in military protocol or deportment and simply cannot take an order from anyone including a commanding officer. Even as the Incursion VI invasion is being characterized and recharacterized as those in the cities most affected by it are being polled at will on how to shorten the timeline of Incursions detected, even though the over 30 percent anticipated for the shortening of the homeland defenses of Incursions I to infinite number but 8 detected is within 50 years. Thirty-four years to slow and stop the Incursions I to VIII invasions detected has been agreeable to the 34% of American males who answered the poll first, and with 30% requested to proceed on a simile-of-vote system for the general populace comfort level, the timelines are shortened now for homeland defenses of these awful and declared Incursions I to VIII. Women may vote, as well, and other countries, but ask your news station or your emergency services office or clergy office for the vote of it all. The Military is glad to hear from you. The statistics are descriptions and the human level of interest is what is of most concern at the moment, even while record numbers of restorative and repairative surgeries are quickly being done for the public sector as well as the military and others working with us all. The Law Enforcement now have much improved medical restorative coverage which doesn't negate our military offering to them of the fully restorative surgeries and medical treatment, and you'll be glad of it as they're reporting about 80,000 military styled attempted or successful home-raids by militant dressed or operating attackers in many affected cities, daily. Stockton, CA, where I reside being an affected city carefully analyzed some data and I appreciated their recent numbers as reported to the military asking us all for an explanation from Reconnaissance surveillance for the 500,000 autos driving through the city proper each day. It was partially gladdening to find that most of those autos were from sports fans from surrounding and major cities' events. About 200,000, though, were not, and are among a possible one-to-one statistic of home-invasion-raider per each resident in Stockton. The USMC opened up its 50 million Victorian styled underground bedroom facilities in groups of ten for the 50 million soldiers who arrived to help further protect the area. They've brought their own workloads with them, as well, and the soldiers who built these historically accurate and hopefully enjoyable facilities for the other soldiers used usefully the discarded or extra supplies for it, plus similar in overages from the State of California and City of Sacramento and in particular the HUD offices asked to handle home improvement items when the economy took a down swing. Many accurate replica production pieces were available, and I'm certain will be well deserved quarters a gift much finer than even the officer quarters which I am pleased by, already. It was thoughtful of the USMC in construction fields out of work at the time to donate their time to museum quality living quarters with their own artsmanship and motivation. One of the reasons for many soldiers arriving in various cities is that the regularity of case work from Incursion VI is hoped to not overburden the Law Enforcement and District Attorney's offices, even as they've handed us their data appropriate for the military handling: 900,009 cities are now affected by dna-Insurgent raids called Incursion VI homeland invasion, and 40% of the 40% reported attacks of women now involved mutiliations of bustlines being repaired and restored at no cost by US Congress' order from the military. An officer locally was quoted to our military staffs and soldiers as he reported that 4 of every 8 attacks of women in their homes in rape situations in Stockton include mutilations of the bustline area rather consistently now. Certain manufacturers have made the prosthetics for the repairs already available in-stock from Mexico which is known for being one of the world's finest in medical training at its universities. Meanwhile, give a nod to the WalMart folks who are collecting guns in obviously non-affected regions or locales, although it is not recommended by the worldwide governments and the militaries and churches that your legal and registered weapons be relinquished, over all. You're not the ones raiding and causing hold-ups and embezzling or murdering 27 average persons to steal one identity by old-age as are the miscreant-dna-Insurgents of Incursion VI.

The USAF Air Force One Office's: Project Fashion One is available for an ongoing project submission by students of fashion design or serious hobbyists or professionals in the field who have a moment for us all. In this contest, a $50 award is being given for each viable evening dinner suit of the caliber that a military personnel or professional soldier could don. To be able to both stand out but not be intrusive and yet not be overlooked as a military person available for impromptu or scheduled meetings which may last about an hour or more in the types of public places appropriate to a dinner suit. What will win out will be movie-era types of glitz or regular daily glamor that is heraldic in an honorable way, but may be understated or overly done to the point of fashion's-ridiculous, an actual category for those new to this field or its influence.

Economies are bidden, in histories, by groups in awareness, but are affected just as much by those unwitting of their influence -- in groups. The churches are offering various training courses on various groups who are civilian or not who affected or still do affect economic factors. Factors, to economists, are measurable things or areas that can be categorized, but the clergy will go over all that and I hope you'll sign up soon. The Victorian Age saw the worst economic lows in history, but it was not able to be compared to economic factors in the same manner so it was hard data to analyze or for governments to react to. The recent Recession may have some new correlations, or not, also, and motivations to learn about. The Fed is available on data that was found to be both interesting and scholastic in nature noticed to be of possible interest to those of the public sector. Not required, but good to know. Scholastically, this type of data could formulate an appropriate educational degree application. I'm busy with several of my own that will fullfill my own requirements now from the military in my part-time job as fashion director, USAF, which asks for 100 degrees inclusive of fashion, but not to apply for rank. One hundred is again what level the threats arriving to heads-of-state are claiming to have to use against any or an average person or their business. And, therefore, the bootcamp trainers that I filed for many half-degrees with were also mentioned here before as being that helpful, so don't be afraid to ask others you know to participate with you in sharing a degree and sharing in the workload of unusual possible studies. Some topics on this blog are considered good for degree research for those who like new data, including that the average person now has two more business style outfits than last week or the week before, and an extra pair of shoes again; quickly available data for the asking.

The military animals and other animals are becoming more topical and beloved in literature again being added into many stories, or used as characters submitted to publishing houses, which is fabulous. Your good readership interest in donations spiking the top of charts with military animal recipients being the largest groups of donation recipients is a tremendous indicator of many things. The Arts and Literature of course respond to these types of general interests. The top tomcat, Count Zorro introduces sometimes more than forty bobcats for the military per day, newly trained and used to neighborhoods.

Take good care of yourselves.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF fashion director