Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Official Incursion XXiII\-go/F&REconomyJobsArmyHeralds'Office/EconLessonOnlineTested/Fore

Salutations, official alert of Incursion XXIII-2countylines visible enemies declared against Entertainment an Industry forcing entry into homes to claim trinkets to harm planning of typified, into 2-20 poisons airladen attempted by planted under earthline into tunnel aperture-forsaken mapped-homes-invaded-journals-ancestral; devised not detectable on mocking of 11/7 warfare mode/ghosthunting-hobby-attacked, coded accurate Homeland Security Agency homeland-invasion-level responded. Low crime rates actual populace into 17%-a-bellcurve-4 fallout persons unknown unmitigateable canceling choice options to remove crime-as-warfare policy/policed-ancien-only-wartime perpetrators responded to military response against Military known (no game) or CDC of Justice Department level treatable/trackable-negotiation; calling spawn as or like terms awarding selves in attacks gnavelike approach of historic goth lore to trite motive on cruelty high level attacks stopped by Police and Law and Force of with Military a might both ends not affrontal. Cooperate with none attacking full USMC Reconnaissance (surveillance legal) into entry from any corner structure streetlevel to above into sound level breaches horrifying last week (see blogs + seargents' site). California the State thanks donations: Wildlife Fund, rescuing+.
Economy graphed (bellcurve-Kinsean-viewable) attacked in foe not faux attacks upon sectors of business, areas-2, formed pictures as result onto graphs to destroy economies, once would destroy, 40 per day attacks down to 20 daily from enemy declaring for it not country/code/church/creed: ARMY(any)heraldry office hiring in/out again more jobs for attack prevention/deterrent/changeover USD$70K+bonus-for-parttime-accepted-USD$10K economy-fashion-resort training included to free data & of blog previous lists any/all CIA offered by its credit card same process:

FED offers Music Industry workload 2-months ask USMC ARTS/R, data from for waning economy sector dissection workforce segments to discuss.

Economy lesson brief, thanking over more of to list here Stanford University and other schools for using blogs for testing in topics:
N backwards with a hard-edged leading-right (called, approaching Arabic right-to-left reading style in archives makes a soft-sided 'opening' like backwards N that scoops or points elsewhere indicating "in time" or other zone aligned with. Using stood-up symbol as graph-tool (protractor-ish) vertical to flat on tabletop graph to view like sundial; used in any sector tool and dataform, archives ancien any likely coded queens-war. Symbol-N-oddity traces solutions-set by shadow made to viewed, points direction exampled marketplace work would move through/to, finalizing cycle for another chosen to begin, not repeating. Maybe wartime mostly price-war to intelligence-of fashion codes clandestine in to other king's spies look or other use listed. Of fractal-matrix symbols found on TradeWinds maps used in balloon-war (to come data) linked-2 ARMY-clothing, cloth-on-pay, any Fashion History topic, into water sightings to tour such as a Loch Ness or practical 'lagoon' logaun business center. Works with rotation of planet. Used in Military lists noting 'n' in such as -an a warfare code; lingual as 'en' or 'ne' for endings of terms to beginnings of words linked from cuneiform systems (over 40 used graphable into economics for/from science also; clothes paramilitary derived being not-exact-to-military's. Works with rotation of earth. Data on or for equation input needed to further from FED; to D.A. Office for also. Pine cone theory soon. Term to comprehend philosophically is blended-burgeoning aka economy-white meaning solutions-within its economy system to find and utilize of it, in.

CIA-nearby-office credit card purchasable free to need-to-know or of purchased by any known credit card (official) to lower lode on it by 1% interest rate to own a thing or textbook management, of more books for sale here and prior blogs:
* crxop_1n, by denver_joauesvze 'denver joe' and kmwall
* crxop_a_to_z, by denver_joauesvze 'denver joe' and kmwall
* crxop_zeta, by denver_joauesvze 'denver joe' and kmwall
* leeck_one_dog:free association math quips for whores to math lab key hint solns, by free_cars
* bi_won:device a year anniversary on any stockmarket account to wealth later if over as years, by don_gs and kmwall
* a_grate_galore, by Dr. James Marks and kmwall
* agate_galore, by Dr. James Marks and kmwall
* drama_k_-an_ancien_weigh, by Dr. James Marks and kmwall

More books to recommend for Q3 and more soon, recall libraries have most with 2-months within 4-waits for most requesting from blog list:
* We Come as Friends, true tales of positive alien encounters, by Peter Michaels
* Vanished, by K. Robards
* Living with Ghosts, Prince Michael of Greece
* Idiot's Guide to Car Repair
* A Beginner's Guide to Short Term Trading, by T. Tumer
* All About Exchange Traded Funds, by A. Richards, Jr.
* Bear Proof Investing by K. Little
* Sex with the Queen, by E. Herman
* Cracking the Bible Code, by J Stanner, MD
* Just Desserts, by M. Daheim

Becoming another layer added blog by Military and other official designations recoded to
Fashion History
of Costume, a military known
of fashions, a military unknown-2
of History, any costume
or history-on
an official site of the military -on, and -of
Thank you Good Readership for reading along and responding timely to Official Incursion I-XXVIII+ Alerts given by all Governments and Military known. As Autumn welcomes 9-Economy or Fashion-Resort-Economy (ancien-ly a-Fashion Economy, on Resort World, by Atlantean recordings to archives soon more disclosed of, into black suns previous blogs listed linked into Travis AFB viewing of netted. More soon on all/any populace requested. Take care.

Sartorially yours,
KMWall, c.o.
USAF, fashion director
Marine Corp(allof)USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any) finance
USSS-+DEA-#1018, SEALs, more

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Official Incursion Alerts/Wildlife Armed Rescuers/F&REconomy Work Almost Mandatory Musicians Global/Books

Salutations, official Incursion Alerts XXIII(a ii) of CIA-coded for NSA Homeland Security correct alerts homeland-invasion level of swaths attacked by map view of above like lettering (to cuneiform later by profiler) average 102,000+ attackers into any/all 900,000 cities identified for Military to stop attacks from correctly; wildlife used as ploy to harm innocent businesses with illegal/forged documents to transport then animals cruelly metal-bracketed without transporter noting attackers breaching freed by official Wildlife Fund (CA) rescuers, donations acceptable such as battle-antelope posing for heraldic school art of today's public viewable search and rescue other noble breeds for artwork found also: horses to dogs, et al, rescued also. Thank you to all Law Enforcement cooperating tandem suddenly intermittent to other rescuers officially allowed/trained and Military, at home also.

U.S. Department of State inviting open businesses to 3rd-World and 2nd-World countries/areas-historic needing workforces (prior blogs to) today recruits/hires private militaries of 102 known requested for if open for work guarding workforces of Fashion-Resort Economy renewing ribbon-economy: longitude lines on maps known points-places; more later of intersects to discovered economic small-boon sites.

Work needed immediately for 2-months of Music Industry to networked-to/linked, for FED working ahead data to D.A. Office (equal of) for work listed like sort of work to-do as if full industry of work useful in Fashion-Resort-Economy of 181 years arriving and 40 years waning Music-Economy (underknown in low): segments healthy music industry dissected data from transposes to all parts of demographic from to aide all business sectors in pre-11o'clock trading-markets (as NYStock Exchange, any) pay good to market, regular work after if asked of USMC ARTS/R, Abess office to USAF AirForce1Office's free-sort 'worklisted' to manage career see books on prior blog of.

From CA-PsyOps, a mild depression of non-consquential proportion affecting mostly males 3rd-World above ignoring poverty ratings not reporting in as depressed-any, mildness of affected by some things. I recommend among as solving some such artists/artisans in music IZ of Hawaiian songs about to Nince Inch Nails of sub-trends influencing now into future approved roots for sound-healthwise-affect (goth-Jamaican undercurrent on/of + in exampled Nickelback's new stuff with vengan-primordial sound implement food-health-animal-safety song-root), to symphonic as I attended in Stockton Saturday with 1st movement celebrity-light-within enjoyable as I did but may cause study by 2nd-movements standing-ovated by historical-music learned experience carried on and over.

Books for sale as prior blogs offered free to need-to-know by CIA office nearby of listed here and seargents' sites linking you a Good Readership, also all/any known credit card companies profer 1%-reduction to interest rate all lode on card used to purchase to own a thing to textbook-management of by:
* a-tele-micro-101:100%accuracy dna-data 1-immediate tests, fully mobile on-the-road, by top_cop, Franklin O'Henley (CA-law enforcement)
* darn_special:how to darn your clothes, by Prince Charles of Wales, House of Windsor
* a-straight:becoming a model, about Kristin Wall (blog author) by her_pa, agency approved
* crxop_4:a fashion code, by denver_joauespze and kmwall
* crxop_1N: a fashion code, by by denver_joauespze and kmwall
* finance_free, by f. FBI Dir. Freeh
* ginger_qwall, by Dr. James Marks and kmwall
* tomeudreoudgh, by Dr. James Marks and kmwall
* ratio_rational: o.e. to debt-free, by dan_won, jacque_dough, kmwall

Economics lesson bits here for some days remind with black-suns orbs and moons named in history of tours at Travis AFB $40 to view on-land no-touch and 90 more pelting through holes into ozone-layer non-repairable part of ecology-economy data of ancien for arriving economies compared to formal ozone-hole sized watchband. 9 archivists bloodlines kept track of incoming 181-year economics homework-data done-ahead for us all equivalent: called a 9-economy; 4 archivists bloodlines kept records of waning 4-economy (music, read above). Ratios to comprehend economic workload in new energizing Fashion-Resort-Economy, so that 2:10 understood as 2 equations to calculate in 4-economy now require 10 equations to calculate in 9-economy. More soon.

Books to recommended and more on list for Q3-2011:
Silver Tomorrows, S Plunkett, isbn#0515120472
Jaguar, by Loup Durand
Jack Knife, by Virginia Baker
Gifts from the Sea, by Anne M. Lindbergh
No Time to Sew, by S. Betzina
Sewing with Nancy, Oxmoore House isbn#084871136x
A Treasury of Crocheted Sweaters, by Sedgewood Press, #0024967300
Eat Right 4 Your Type, by Dr. P.J. Adamo
The Perricone Prescription, by N. Perricone, M.D.
Ask Your Angels, by A. Daniel, T. Wyllie, A. Ramer
A Little Taste of India, Murdoch Books, isbn#1740452135

Take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, any
USAF, fashion director
Marine Corp (any) USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any) finance
NAVY(any) project literature
USSS-1018 et al, USSF-SSrevivedUSN-SEALs

Friday, September 23, 2011

Official Alerts to Reminders State Dept Apply 3rdWResort-l Just Books

Salutations, on a count-day as Incursions' statistics remain in-tact to defending homelands all-globe with Pentagon demanding headcount soon soldiering at-home for abroad-returned by now turn in your armiture to any condition of resupplying of at-home handed over to you into shortage of one-tank-suddenly-appearing-Senate-official-less-1-per-hundred-thousand-homes-by-today: use official routes to send data; one major-general of past hand rusted-out bazooka all left reported in repaired now, all new weapons to homeland defense coursework for attacked Economy-Fashion-Resort arriving by Autumn 2011 into 181 years ahead 40 years waning Music-Economy-guage had it remained untouched. Law Enforcement has overture from Military of caseload offered from sudden yesterday voodoo-styled-morbidurean-attacks-to-known-restored-victims-already, into tour soon from USMC ARTS/R Abess to White House call for yesterdays' discoverers of Incursion victims found on full Reconnaissance+USSS-allotted-hidden-from-view-surveillance-proper, 2-years-old-under-free plus two wave to screen to do, into scholastic of real Roadworkers filmage-live-footage, to courtroom reporters any courtroom official for report-in time to view films in State buildings or to general-bloggers of most newspapers worldwide ask for blogger-report. For these count days just books to other listings: today listed below for buying or reading recommendations for a day blog to save costs for certain ones on blog and reminder to go to yesterday's blog for State Department sign-ups moving open-business part/all to 3rd-World countrysides guarded fully armed resort lands filling up, and black sun tours actual fallen & caught quick tours, but scholastic level books first below then after-Summer reading-lists overt-teens-contacting-FBI asking for proper reading lists for their grouping. Take care, and more recommended reading listed soon.

CIA nearby credit card to those who need-to-know or for scholastic need and soldiers similarly those wanting to own a thing can purchase so all credit card companies are lowering lode on it used 1%interest whole balance of to raising credit limit by $220, of mostly referential desk to scholastic and textbook to entertainment topical of this blog and seargents' sites noting overnight ruling by World Court known 4-star-general-relayed(any) of how to that I author of blog can be topical study to students in regular study of form or field of into mostly Fashion books later devised by court system anticipated if I as others precedent am revovled as topic in regular coursework on-topics of/like and can be drawn from book or manual type production not ads if resembling branded/labels to identifying them or mocking of it/myself allowed due to contracted to be protected from all-countries solid documents viewable any Police Station soon send for Depts. of State to protect others by similar to work for workforce providing, provident of planet or will for own not used in lifeform process to guarantee a world remains to improves by all signed known and unknowning arriving able to support as any contract or treaty by country&type remains (more onto) for students and business may use 'got a card...' or similar to educatiing or free lecture type or typical of industry such by stipend formal payform known to taxed by if over overage:Fashion, ghost-hunting, nothing not allowed on contracts-dominating, specific to USAF dominating contract by my work/lode, thank you for asking to study me after ruling. To buy:
* seven a-denim story, by namebrand of
* xall: fashion compendium, of blog, free from IRS 1-day of blog reads, call to also
* thrice_a_bear:an organice medicine manual; by doctors james marks & kmwall
* a_grouping_not_mistaken:about jewelry mound, on Afghanistan War, by 3rd Brigade 4th Battallion 104th Division (to Civil Affaires office for more on)
* buy_1_division_now:[on philosophoB] how to add math in cuneiform-UN, additional [textbook]workbook for Fashion Economy, Paramilitary Economy with weaponry; by Armory, USAF Travis AFB
* trend_S, a civil affaires economy war, how to read the data on economy graphs (new, old, olden, ancien, ancienII) of subsistence [to:soldier benefits and on-blog,of]
* try_it_triad, why a military unit stays even in history, by official heralds listed in
* a_seti_lunch:how to start a science club lunch star watching, conversation course; by Seth Shostak of SETI
* grate_gay:good compendium on gays in fashion; includes code_g of publishing unit 101; by "S" of Civil Affaires
* booked:how to be model professionally, how kristin marie wall (blog author) does and others; by FORD Models an Agency
* left_left_left_right_left:a day in bootcamp basic training missed what to expect at-home in homeland defense; by mick_z, mitch_q, grace_d, elevated_one, Senators listed in book (all seating +)
* trying_a_blow:how to blow a kiss on television and ads (funny instruction) DVD within; by james marks, john_dough, kmwall, joe_maum
* a_book_on_messerschmidt_art, by joe_maum, dave_h, ko, kmwall
* queen_of_dom; by Royals of Portugal
* book_it:a-model's handbook workbook, men; by male model don_dough
* glance: an occasional etiquette, on i.d.-theft be able to identify them, by dom_dough, (f.) KROLL employee kmwall
* nine_today_is_good:a fashion compendium; by teacher_star
* book_to_commission:a-textiles of Yoruba Tribe; contributions; of data archives:pictures, swatches, data, how to wear them (imperial cloth how-to, tearsheets, level-Z, vogue-to-iffs); USMC ARTS/R Abess office any base free phone call
* dredful_red_again:a-doug book what it means; by tom_tu, thom_to, tom_tom, s_maum, kmwall, a Civil Affaires group
* too close:an old music industry book; by john_paul, kmwall
* black_pearl:a story about a life a friend missed; by kmwall
* sea_menagerie:about real life search and rescue; by kmwall
* granted_crandall:a NASA star how she made it; by dom_joe, kk_klux, dog_dough
* two_cents: a-game included, camp lore; by james marks, jay wall, dom_dough
* a_day_in_the_life_of_model:how-to, one day at, how to say I diet, please not patronize, cover an ad, move; by ed_red, denver_joe
* genver:a-fashion code system for times; by denver_den
* aul_2_extraterrestrial:forced to be extraterrestrial from fashion code war; by ARMY, kmwall
* i'm_a-royal-ware_boy; economy work, fashion coded; by boyd_k, jenver, dom_dough, cancer_queen, tu_tu et al

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF, fashion director
Marine Corp(any) USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any) finance, USSF, SS-renew
NAVY(any) project literature; SEALs
USSS-1018+ et al

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Official IncursionXXX0IAlert Poisons to Books CIA Paid Workforce Invited

Salutations, official alerts forewarning today IncursionXXX0i of poisonings of animalia (pets, heraldic units', wildlife), armed-investigators on-sites of archeology official digs around monies-equaled; into home invasions 104,000 evenly numbered raiders of 900,000 cities listed homeland invaded by 'reenactors-illegalis' identity theft groups committing exhtortions 2-imbezzlements 'fortitude-relay'-outlast-opponent-armed/arms to burying effigy-horrendous of senator, directors of agencies, native american chiefs, others of authority known in targetted-illegalis family's aquaintance; to pets of. Missing any records military in CIA official offices today for retreivals of and correct for those of you Good Readership or known-to needing work done/from them. Into RAF records missing in USN's now/still. Terrorizing countryside illegalis from ancient times has terror codes from ancien-level from District Attorney Office or equal of nearby or O.E.S.-region/go/county/+ as today's peanut_terra_haute is terror of coutrier to namebrand to name-household levels to use of with poisonings noted by peanut as solution historical remembered now (peanuts, prior blog listed, stop poisoning effects 3-5 hours most). D.A. Office for ultra-work of warfare of ultra-paperwork to hand-on-hoof/foot (battle to home/land defenses) for those opting to work-ahead; jobs of. IRS has two openings of jobs for post-Revolution called spur work heraldic units trained to; experts needed. ARMY(any)heraldry office again opened 100,000 (minus few filled by reading of) jobs for civilian or military to required to work as part-time economist-fashion-resort with training free of cuneiform-UN (herald's lengual prepaid data-chord VISA/AMEX presidents' offices by for Language Training Center or closer) of picture attacks on public to destruction attempts 20+ times daily forcing Kinsean bell-curve done-data to exhibit picture benign or benevolent of Fashion or Resort onto said bell-curve of done-data irretreivable, recoverable by Law, paying USD$70,000+USD$10,000 annum with the bonus for accepting part-time lode). U.S. Department of State and counterparts of needing workforces of open companies to apply to re-land into relocation into 3rd-World countries for 'ribbon-economy'-of-latitudes-workforces-assisted now to soon applying to Department of State Office of Protocol Service for as entering 9-Economy (of 181-years by Autumn 2011) aka Fashion-Resort-Economy familiar of this blog + seargent's sites or apply to Vatican; employment military guarded well, to profitable business plans into resort lands on-future: 4-Economy waning over 40-years period still useful for workloads of/into it too, apply either.

Black suns of today's Economy also have history-tour of two retreived by Military in conjunction to small orbs landing on surface sized-car-to-house sent to USAF Travis AFB $40-tour-cost/per if signed up for 1 hour after blog recordings allowed as listed; matrix patterns of economy on Trade Winds and more. Taurus moon, plus, seen.

More of books for sale off of presses of ARMY School of Med. Publishing House free by CIA nearby credit-card by asking/contacting for following order instructions given by to purchase from lists said so on this blog and other seargents' sites to need-to-know or equivalent (i.e., school districts, detectives, cvcc, etc.) or available for purchase to own a thing, asking; if using credit-cards (any known) reduces by 1%-interest rate balance held on it; if for schools to reference desks only PhD level to student in level may study from or buy of these books about myself the blog author and others noted, thanks:
* of_extreme_elegance:a-how_to book on royalty, by denver_jaexuevexfsoughdadeugo (jade)
* dialing_4_u; james marks, kmwall
* subsistence_level_support; by joe_maum, kmwall
* 9_alive:USAF's-JointChiefs' official Church of Fashion, like a fashion club in USMC ARTS/R annex; by USSS
* 5_gold:another vulgar purpose, a Swiss bank account number for you included new investment get started on golds; by kmwall
* 11_is_a-hero:code of fashion; by james marks
* to_introduce:a-basic deportment manual on places in world; by Dept. of State's Office of Protocol Serv.
* rare:a-production; by OMAN governing-seat
* 90_days_a_way_to_a_grant; by no_tom
* rant:of fashion code; by dan_o
* opals_opium_opak; by denver_d_na_deaouhenn (dean)
* drama_u:university high wear: by james marks, kmwall
* 2/3_a-day:of income streams of the future; by moron_moron_ea
* p_phenal_robe, by denver_toaumeauh (tom)
* a_man_a_sun_soldier_-un; by denver_unit and men of it
* 23_n_a-day; by , denver_deaouhenn
* 23_n_ace_day; by dan_dia, denver_jaouqueeuax (jack)
* 20_n_wjanu; by don_davlos_w
* drain_and_a-reign; by denver_raaoeughhaughea
* grey_and_a-day: for women of finishing-school-level-grey-codes; by josh cuenmaen
* crxop, kexun5sz3t2: fashion codes; by dan_dan and d_mannaeu (the man)
* 11_to_do:voice control, a music book; by drama_queen
To USAF (any-soon) AirForce1 office or USMC ARTS/R abess send topical interest persons of finance climb-recovered-success-strategy to use in referential material by-request written to referential levels (for schools or other) any level of fame or not exampled judges or street-beat patrol law enforcement or postman or guru or stars-of to founders, et al.

Requests for Q3-reading-list on this blog soon. Thanks to you Good Readership this blog is still most popular worldwide and also has same audiences hounding well for top hour predictably + to CNN's Anderson Cooper and your local news moguls and blog-heroes, plus others of similar. You've impressed 'the brass'. Take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF, fashion director
USMC & MarineCorp(any), ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any) finance to SS-units
NAVY(any) proj. literature, SEAL
USSS-1018 to DEA et al

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Official Alert Incursion XX(iii) Chime Fashion

Salutations, official alerts of Incursion II-XXI underway in 900,000 cities on list from any Police Station from them officially, 109,000 homeland-invaders coded by CIA-NSA/Homeland Security correct code for home invasions inland raiders attempting takeovers by CIA-imitating tactics to them their bearing similar not of often mistaken by appearance styled per Military, heads-of-state per noon last by hacking of typical to CIA sites known after musical event literature ticketing schedules into musical notes. Other plaguerism motivations/motives of Orem Police Department per Office of President, any White House Administration code/key to operator transfer legal as usual White House any number to reach archives for needing, data repeat or other approach or mental-retardation-leaders-impersonating military style entry by methods and FTB (CA taxing body) conjoining USMC stopped smoke link nearly correct emulators working hard behind actual main military-to-governments on same work quoted, primary enveloping now had most monies smoke link groups underpaid overstaffing nightshift resulting more, by yesterday. Emulation done by 'enemy'-declared of found hacked level error computer systems caught fixed and typical. Donations accepted by FTB resulting of animals also rescued of into genetically altered no known care for State requiring to itself found on soil lone operative into grace timeframe for legal matters, after bears and bear-foot-wave-mania-goodness-lore happening to schoolrooms data of soon, good cause data box on-screens from seargent's sites for; funding from churches if needed, 2-explain. Other result, mammoth-ARMY(any)-herald's-office-combined-task-forces-all-past-present-Nfuture/9s see to Sweden country of FBI office resident: same as any taskforce level previous. Terror alert official today adding in ecology-economy of FED data and District Attorney Office's + O.E.S. forewarning: terra_verdu with any 9-economy symbology working on of-day added before for archival data: reacanthus_terra_verdu is solution for day-alert if used by today Noon to 11 a.m. tomorrow. Reacanthus or type definition combining in seargent's alerts, down.

Average voter at poll has known now personalized cost/s deductible schedules for, taxes: of USD$1oxen-12 in cuneiform-UN of blog/LTC/linguistics-ancien-1st-language useful already in worldwide governing systems or 10 to 12 (or 19) dollars to get to voting poll or similar. Remember more books soon, and earlier blogs have lists.
USAF fashion director
ARMY(any) finance

Friday, September 16, 2011

Official Alert IncursionsXXIIIIV Poisoned Wildlife, Fashion Books 50+Bear Paws

Salutations, official IncursionXXIIIIV alerts of 220,000 evenly numbered homeland-invasion coded correctly by Homeland Security (CIA) of attempted break-ins to breaches of business and other locales by marauders exhtorting and other crimewave similar acts halted attempted faux revolution to replace heads-of-state (any) with a woman of no origins or lands or countrycode or creed; damage overlay into a.m. with poisoning of wildlife to housepets behaving wildly at night attacked again with poison implements sharpened and doused, to surgery repair fully restorative and recovered by NASA funding for all ecology (wildlife, 2-humans first), to any facility able to handle, reimbursed NASA form sent: all animals to 'hugh' for forms from human. All hospitals able to handle same poisonings if found in humans, to DEA office known local or by DMV head nearby assistance directing to, into military installation. Search and rescue animal applicants are still welcome in the future to become students with the Mexican Military training at no cost, classes now full, and paramilitary units of any proportion awakening with animal such as official State of California bear units devised by its court system to handle Navajo-styled/accompanied-if-needed into-search-and-rescue. Some educators suddenly helping with seeking more bears of paw prints warning signs disclosed on blog and international news guarding territories on estates causing class delays so other coursework funding-made available meantime to tutoring. Emergency levels have soldiers in reapplied to Senate and into CIA private armies applicants high, and USSS and equivalent hiring into record rate for privatized type guarding same training, much work, clientele automatic USD$200,000annum salaries endangered. Yesterday's game warning handled.

USAF AirForce1Office's:ProjectFashionOne thanks the ra_rug entrants for participating and wins. More contests soon. Below, books including a new church formed by USMC ARTS/R and CIA approved for a fashion focus; others as previous blogs also free using CIA nearby office's credit card for free purchase for days indicated to need-to-know (law enforcement, educators, governmental, cvvc, etc.):
* to_introduce_a_basic_deportment_manual, by Dept. of State, office of protocol service
included, written by James Marks and KMWall (myself):
* dun_letice2 (is 6 of)
* dun_dri_spell
* dun_dripse
* dun_dxelve
USAF, fashion director

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Official Incursion XXII Alerts Fashion Books

Salutations, Incursion XXII+ includes a second dna-Insurgent grouping misbred by themselves to trail homeland-invasion coded correctly by Homeland Security (CIA) explaining home invasions to businesses breached into identity theft of the principals on down as tactical to embezzle backgrounds for sudden needs by assailants pretending to be military in styles of attack formations that require ethnic purity in any ethnicity to participate in their levels, to threats to lie about documents and not confirm them where official, into schooling records. Monies researched of schooling programs historic to gauge modernizing programs of education by alerted researchers that incited some connected to dna-Insurgents-new about misplaced monies literally spent on the wrong person donated to by families involved donating or transferring to the wrong person or account for one like, usually ending up in a friendly family to or other solveable within family groups. Precaution again in the ozone-seismic high alert days of overlode stress on nervous systems eliciting untoward thoughts not emotions into susceptibility in these internationally news announced and FED to White House addressed confirmed levels of black suns upon the scape of influence into sociological patterns noted historically for thousands of years of logs kept now by 'regions' here counties officially of odd behaviours to strange thoughts not needed to be acted upon sudden hospitalizations to rehydrations no-cost to victims of available at each hospital nearby and of the recovery possible interrupting work though. Black suns were lored into religions of past or revival groups' thought. Normal black sun times apply to economy cycles graphed as final data, of interest to the ancien-ancestral bloodlines leaving data for a future.

IRS announcing its support of the USMC ARTS/R in seeking more art dens to be built has 280 now it agreed to build within proper bounds with donated funds and items for a general populace applying for owner's equity investment into to invest. 1% at about USD$1050 is about expected lowest level investment to those agreed stateside.

More books for purchase by public sector with credit card companies all cooperating allowing an increase to average $220 more per user of card type plus 1% lowered on all interest for items on card now gifted from them for buying in support or any other reason such as scholastic proof the books listed in this manner on this blog but firstly of need-to-know free to this category known by CIA nearby office for its credit card use for instructed on how following:
* a_funder_4_education_onely: how to raise funds outside of education streams, by Board of Education, of a San Joaquin County known, to benefit schooling
* a_queen_of_the_black_logaun: on being a Polynesian royal to ARMY(any)herald, a_grade_gameboard included for Fashion obverse students of Fashion in school systems, about Kay of ARMY(any)heraldry office by HM a Jamaican King

USAF, fashion dir.
USMC ARTS/R, co-head
et al

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Official Incursion IXX next of Fashion Resort Economy Books

Salutations, official Incursion-IXX of seeming street raids from broken military parties underground arriving from tunnel apperature within 3 years about from USMC Reconnaissance and per the heads-of-state referring to U.S. President Obama and more within cities illegalis (to warfare automatic by) targetting same 900,000 cities again soon not all over raids as imped illegalis by 'the game' from Mexico removed from citizenship by all countries for raiding again 4th time in wake of Incursion's dna-Insurgents miscreant placed and taking housewares (due to lack of decor impulse) to retire without sewage or postal routes in grandiose otherwise living (Church halted before) returned to Mexico; aided by Israel's non-Veda task force equivalent to remove illegalis prostitutes and illegalis pornography attacks terrorizing countryside. More on Reconnaisance technology, new term: tele-micro being its officially used at all court houses and police stations worldwide, free printouts of any anytime any place for any thing in law to court proceedings, now free for time from military installations of sent to your last known address your dna-records of from 100% accurate if requesting even by recorded electrical thought military protocoal of communication from USAF Travis AFB Armory's 'mind control' or other like.

Named after persons full-human status working animals in search and rescue selected from those particularly guarding territories they're in are being allowed human styled names to work in Government functions: I'm pleased to have a California bear working in a government office now using my name, although I'm guaranteed no one else will use my name being the only one from birth with it after all, but animals excepted. Many others enjoying novelty.

Thank you for helping with funding which has some free on bundle-growth like chia plant pets, available at many churches and temples. Please check for more books soon and yesterdays and other blog days lists.
USAF fashion director

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Official Incursion XXII+ Books and Economy Ten Minutes

Salutations, our today's Military official alert of the about everywhere for some while crime-wave behaving paramilitary impersonating homeland-invasion coded correctly by Homeland Security (to CIA), of numbers divisible by 10 raids of raping maiming torturing exthorting still underway in named by D.A. Office in Stockton, CA to any locale's, headway made with stopped: law trained attackers approaching royalty bloodline children and mentally retarded (savante, under-detectable) in public to threaten coming-home-for-day persons to personnel of White House in 50th of day attempted takeover (usually up to 57 before) halted by mostly law enforcement officers houses and housing available catching in act of attempted. The FED determined a slow-economy, motivation of home invasions linked to businesses honestly not able to lose 10 minutes per day of business after previously announced under hard-economy data that 20 minutes per day could not be lost, but that most people can have four income streams already. Training still everyplace from IRS to FTB in CA to privatized to private financial gurus of fame about: income (streams) being not same as net income on balance sheets familiar to more and more. Good to help plan, but some underattacking bloodlines to mistaken for USMC commissioned but attacking under banner assigned raids from mentally retarded persons institutionalized today are doing parolee level replanning with CDC and others to: assist soldiers official with unit outside work needed, or to do such as open businesses such as hostels or types for travelling groups of like them that were trespassing to think to eat or sleep awhile though not knowing person/place supposedly assigned. Most counselors, though, at Justice Department are equally alotted in timeframe set to counsel for satisfying paroles to do from FED by design the workforce of future to now training in official and declared new scope of Economy called "9" in Military and of Fashion-Resort. Out of Atlantis' and Kings of Aragon's royal court records of how to, too; some funding coursework available to pay for homeland defense of neighborhoods and neighboring areas affected in such as a parishl, graciously by clergy choosing. The sale of yesterday's book by President Obama and myself already had its proceeds utilized overnight to pay all of a White House known's bills in place to be paid; thank you for supporting the book purchases and of textbook levels with average 93% of populace networked by these linked to Military servers were awarded by credit card companies known average $200 limit increase to buy of CIA approved listed. Also, the about 9/11 actual facts book of textbook to changing of ideas by after more data of for many in law enforcement now guarded for celebrity type protections and others quick access to data from, such as which badge number was on foot first towards to where the investigations go to now with sought to be prosecuted as found terror at homeland groupings of identity theft circles moving from business to business to place unknown to underknown still being pursued and labeled now form D.A. Office to heads-of-state level approved calling them 'fright-feane' (said, fan). A fund was put into place also yesterday for those many of you the Good Readership requesting from the local St. Basil Greek Orthodox Church its service honoring 9/11 at 4 p.m. printed form or other. Noted: yesterday's selling book by President and myself is including #400-diamond grant from any large insurance company towards unusual care to recovery costs from paramilitary to style of invasions to home invasion recovery, book title: City Number 400 Diamond.

More books below approved for free purchase from CIA nearby credit card (by contacting their office requesting, plus prompt-list how to power through too to buy online or) and honoring requested by higher education professors textbooks topical on fashion codes of business trends also appearing on Kinsean's bell-curve data finalized, and adding in about-me books which polls requested earlier. Thank you for supporting the troops and at-home defense systems the most of you participate in also in some form; to request about others known of well in public or venture areas please submit names for biography-level to anctedotes of important included working modes to levels only to Moffett Federal Airfield's CA-PsyOps by any means, list okay:
* john_j: how to tell a mark, for law enforcement afficionados by anonymous few of law enforcement forgotten found by detective casework:ARMY about how-to topics in errors to correcting wrong to wrongful approached
* putting_your_foot_in_your_mouth: when a case goes wrong where to find your resources [new,to]; when you hit on a queen not a pro, form Vice, a how to by HM Queen Elizabeth II, HM a Jamaican King, q, a_grace; where to find your resources to solve/correct now not when
* needed_a_vote: to popularity; by President Obama, john_dough, tu_Tu', q, kmwall, about author of this blog, Ms. Hillary Clinton, Prince Charles of House of Windsor and popularity tactical
* tu_Tu's queen_wall: author of blog, how she's changed from ten on, by a Secret Service agent King tu-Tu' application to USSS(any) included; (about me)
* quite_quine: why queens are in again in style, by cannon_dee
* how_to_finance_a-game worldwide warfare tactic, by ARMY(any)finance
* granted_concundrum, how to get a-grant, by denver_unit_'joe'
Below refer to happening now in business trend referring to Fashion-Resort-Economy cuneiform symbology of FED worldwide accepted by May 2011+ as 1/4 to 1/5 economy affecting sectors-new, but of textbook level:
* dun_q, book I: about like a gold? get one: it'll be never for sale when you can get one by James Marks, kmwall
* dun_q, book II, more on topic gold, by kmwall
* dun_dus, by James Marks, kmwall
* dun_lev, by James Marks, kmwall
* dun_letice, by James Marks, kmwall
* dun_drie, by James Marks, kmwall
* dun_lec, by James Marks, kmwall
* dun_loc, by James Marks, kmwall
* dun_lus, by James Marks, kmwall
* dun_lov, by James Marks, kmwall
* dun_len, by James Marks, kmwall

USAF, fashion director
ARMY(any) finance
et al

Monday, September 12, 2011

Official Incursion X+crimewaving Alert Fashion Economy Books

Salutations, Saturday's 90-million homeland-invasion accurately coded by NSA for Homeland Security home-invasion-raiders attempted evenly numbered attacks; to Law Enforcement now, code-11 14-war, of Fashion Economy from Resort a world records to Atlantean and Merovignian Court (coded city-O0x381 in 900th city planned Armageddon, by war fared against known populaces by prostitution amassed to military challenge). In official economic-black-suns viewed (4 graphed only by math of 11, 8th replaced cyclically), tiny facts from attacks of lack of glibness or eloquence relate to ARMY(any) disclosed determination 1974-2001 1/4-C Age of Eloquence; to Ecclesiastical/Economy overlap of 1000s-denominations linked to astronomy-ancien, currency links active during visible light from 'star' appointed and of several attacks in homes to abroad: visitors; of, into churches where denomination-1000 started for instant-relief of any perceived, offered by clergy (2-business relief, instant funding home-business their friend: embroiderer, art, candles, etc.). Weekend's search-and-rescue horse collapsing in new-terrain endurance runs for immediacy newly stocking breeding farms to provide relief horses, horse paths and endurance training for short-stock-looking barrel-riding type manuevers into tunnels-aperatures highly skilled horses arriving with Mexican Military training; like with military and other persons involved in searches to detectives hired onto open budgets for working without clues to casework (into f. Pres. Geo. W. Bush Administration data, from) of ozone-seismic-overlode on nerve systems that FED receives daily affecting patterns and hospitalization is on previous blogs. Other animals hired if trained already 'peicemeal' workload good for social club search-and-rescue to ufologists contacted for odd-terrain beforehand, and skilled observers with ability to work with animals on teamwork levels, high stress; not excluding scouting clubs of past or present background-of trained (after success stopping public bathroom raid-attacks-cruel worldwide, heads-of-state and President agreeable). Sunday, I attended 9/11 ceremony at local St. Basil Greek Orthodox Church as many worldwide did similar; President authorized new data on it all at coded-Office of Counterintelligence of White House Administration a need-to-know and education book on data explaining why all known terrorists now work for office and with Heads-of-State and all Presidents (to equal of) worldwide entries in book and how to contact USSF for more casework data newly discovered who/what routes of signals into triggers to attacks noting why not religious mode war per USMC Recon handling Religion, free by-CIA creditcard of its office nearby to owned for cleared purpose, called City Number 400 Diamond, (textbook level higher education to degreeing in doctoral+), by denver unit joauhen (said john), a caznar, denver unit 'jack', kmwall, all worldwide presidents and heads-of-state (listing as within): please ask for as below how to enter creditcard data into sequence-buying regimen to many already.

In University discovered business-coded trends, newly U-scotch as I thank Stanford University for degreeing me in this fast-opened fashion-economy-code to scotch-U of many others already, grants arriving places for. USAF AirForce1Office's:ProjectFashion-UN(one) requests to USMC ARTS/R may be sent data on State of Delaware link to State of California conjoined with Iriquois University(any) for Arts project, work to. Same office also requests 'essays' for contest paying in also writing credit and reference for 10-page or under about luggage and carraiges; a textbook topic also for Fashion in Economy study accepted. See previous blog for ra_rug contest $800 paid daily.

Researchers sought for new degreeing higher-education levels of autism unusual levels of sxestrum (when home-invasion attack to 2-authority attack in past) see most medical schools for grants to degreeing potential. It may treat differently into savante types expertise beyond but has medical condition concerns of full autism, and other research typing needed now. Resulting from reported to Police Station nearby and similar attack reports of cases.

More books, for need-to-know buy same was as above stated or as thing-to-own, collectors to education (blog authorship listed in blogs previous 2 ways now and future kmwall):
* equestrian_style_ana_code_fashion_warfare_on, by president Barack Obama and kmwall
* towel_thrown: unusual cases about love and romance in royal homes said and cases against them by ne'erdowells, funny for policework, by San Francisco Police Department's Official Library (worldwide documentation housed)
* a_dun_f, by gregory orph
* canta_elope: a-runaway to destination songbook, by joe_maum, kmwall
* black_book_art: on police cases unknown, hot to log them when they go dark, by tom_to (a cop, official military personnel)
* smoke_in_arts, by Mexican Military Artillery
* a_nun_book: how to wear one code, Chanel's to Dark Ages proper wear, by James Marks and kmwall
* ray_vo's_book_on_U, posthumously benefitting his estate to guard well Sweden's royalty workdwide-placed, job contracted from USSS; O.E.S. regarded within
* a_store_in_U:40-year trend ahead, how to run a store, by denver_unit_"jan"
* a_gain: a book on taxes to making it, by denver_unit_wall plus accomodating IRS for worldwide information war-on taxes adn gain anywhere to ...
* conquistadores_style, by James Marks and kmwall
* how_to_buy_on_9: your buying may be done by 10 a.m., placed ... a stockmarket hint-help book, by quan_dough (known billionaire see within) and kmwall
* 80_dazze_and_a_weigh: a fashion trip how to, by denver_unit's d_na_deauhnn (said dean)
* 90_daze_and_a-weight_to_a-grant, by ups_tom

USAF, fashion director
USMC ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any), finance
USN, et al

Friday, September 9, 2011

Official Alert Incursion 1(x)iii; Ant Symbol 11:11s

Salutations, Official Incursion 0-XXIII on photo-negative affect effectively swathing in openings to newcomers to all-comers racing into housing illegalis, into rushed to place any straying from agreements of legal housing quickly by States; shambles to extorhtions on premises and converting informants handing over monthly to other schedules (2-days per annum, bi-annual) of home invading to 'own' it by when. Despite real owner/occupant on premises, confronting. The duped converts are being re-placed in alternate courses. Economy-9 of the FED accepted cuneiform-UN system (ARMY(any)heraldry office's paramilitary into weapons devised by) language taught from some schools now (BYU, Stanford; Univ. of Utah; in Toledo, Spain soon, Language Training Center nearby Monterey), explains 'energy' of further Economy favors Investors, to do, into interest as income sources, more soon. Chichen Itza lore type data is both happy and feared by attention givers and 11:11 a type of past New Age lure has an economy counterpart noted not intuitive but fractal pattern making on the Kinsean bell-curve that made a 'maup' spot expected (not hoped or not) and the general populace's linked ability to use the First Lady's 17th channel of a dedicated satellite to her for fashion choreography archiving was used to communicate to the 93% populace networked legally by Military linkage doing an end-result of the 41-flip-flop cycles on Economy graph to do its good-end. At the (11,11) of and x-y-graph system, generalized, signal indicator. The comments from military heads and heads-of-state, "Very funny." Good and well. Thanks to swift actions to search and rescue partly from previous blog and efforts, the public facility (restrooms on beaches, parks, centers) attacks reported were stopped in act. The Justice Department's CDC here and elsewhere have data on the additional decoration motives in use; search and rescue animals brought to fore still on land for, and local charities to animal handler coded welcome to work-tabs (extra pay) to feed or groom or extra-house adequately-coded. Forty hours without home invasions ensued after the code-6 of non-stop effort until done. Dixon, CA and similar have such as General Short's 20 brood giving authorized lectures for free/pay of experiences in search and rescue to working with working animals in newer old economies making as much to more per day to allow handlers to receive out of budget cycles. Twenty-three thousands law enforcement personnel in Dixon radius are especially thanked in focused lectures and here as well as other law enforcement and civil and civic servants, including Homeland Security head, on foot. Boons and free books again below and soldier's benefits for missing-vehicle arrivals.

Trend business timing of 5-7 years ahead of manufacture deadline has businesses arriving at various locales, one always at a new place out of ten on list. Toledo, Spain area is hotspot now and of destination so that other boons out of attacked trend primordial places for businesspersons of include gifts of free transportation/stay by listed from seargents' sites and United Airlines of available first-class to business-class with animal of business in main cabins front to first class not with cargo.

Other gifts include Humane Society of America feeding on trains animals shipped instead of flown for concern of atmospheric pressures, to some animals any environ stress change is shorter lifespan. Of transvxerse economy bolster system IRS-touted (and David Bach taught, free to many) is anticipated payroll taxes affected State of Alabama which has fund named 'ancien-and-old' monies left for since Constitution signing; for.

Search and rescue high interest countrywide areas is answered by USMC ARTS/R and Mexico's Artillery (full military) for named in ancien times B_anean_stule a named economy to sign up your animal at home for search and rescue training.

Thanks to the international news and day show coverage of lace of the kaunake times, there is funding on Victorian era resin-lace patterns. Thanks also to the response welcoming lace in history on modern shows. From the USAF AirForce1Office's: ProjectFashionOne contest of the ra-rug of rag-rug styled tapestry there are 10 more days and 50 winners already, USD$800 each. Entries welcomed.

History of interest, rare marsupiam humans found from temple of roman area ancient locale, 6th baby in CA-Psy Ops care; not Darwin grouping. Ants also were the beauty symbol for centuries more on soon.

More books free from CIA's nearby credit card of Fashion Resort Economy for those who need-to-know paid for by the number in buy-now prompt, or can be bought by others wanting to own one and thanks for buying many of my own co-writing, too listed:
* go_no, by daen and kmwall
* quan_do, by daen
* travis_travails_9-art, a bookset by denver-unit jaouen
* don_to_toe organic team, a film training, by Dr. K. Keith
* dxealant, by reese_a_ghost
* a_dun_f, by gregory orph
* daun_saun, a clergy game (higher education){author omission an error}
* black_suns_peddling_a_mounts: take tample 2-performance av solutions in e (warfares affect) by old_man_see and kmwall
* drama_k_-an_ancien_wight; by James Marks and KMWall
* a_fashion_statement by Jay A. Wall and KMWall
* dreaded_red, by James Marks
* dresden, wells, and fish by Stockton P.D. representatives benefitting Police Station employ

Take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, global
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any) finance
NAVY(any) project literature
USSS-1018, USSF-SS, NavySEAL, et al

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Official Alert Incursion2(x)iii-ONto1/4timed and Queens Gold

Salutations, Incursion2(x)iii as Incursion VI underway by attackers to homelands correctly coded by Homeland Security as homeland-invasion level attempt in re-targetted into homes to rape attempts of children out of class and of poison-by-household-items(cleansers)force-injected into veins of victims hostage on illegalis homevideo typed phone/internet sent real-footage-replacment of special-effects attempts again crimes in swath see USSS 1018badge case file of and San Francisco Police Station to Library in for 'draino-crucifixion' attempts to its City Councilmembers files and those responding directly to search and rescue attempts previously of Tenderloin located, now circled swathed about: not bathtub scenery sent by reenactors declared illegalis. The search and rescue teams need 1/4 of time to appear for travel to locations; of USMC ARTS/R work to do, and of special-effects laboratories of Hollywood and similarly common casework to USSS of raided laboratories that then have copycat crimes to large amounts of imitating fake with real attempting to sell or force onto public spectrum, visible. Use of existence 'symbol' approach to search and rescue equations on most police handheld and other emergency personnel, familiar since May 2010 Incursion 1 plus into cities against Music before and Fashion Economy now. Funds for search and rescue borrowed from public refunded by U.S. Government bonds #800-diamond of Ness pooled 240 amounts of economy held for warfare actions against countryside in any amount. See IRS for 2 days for, FTB(CA) afterwards for full refund to search and rescue. And into delxuette funds for same. Gold found by USSS motive of non-motivations in crime type imitation of warfare styled attempts by non-affiliated with legal country/code/church/etc. Found yesterday, 4100 USSS agents worked on restoring to the Government of Spain from the Victorian Era missed by of 1801 to 1804 expected in the Northern California comstock region (Gold Country later) two schooners of 'queen's gold'. Typically these silver coins dubbed and HM's gold was loaned to port cities anxious to open for business, collateral only. The region (county now) benefits, from the loan, too, to modern. The schooners were wedged into under-crust of surface tunnels and surrounded by ash from 340 B.C. volcano used as bobby-traps to stop searchers and scalding many booted legs retreiving the ships. The schooners are removed from the comstock lode areas, fully, and the 400 hours of work anticipated was shorted to overnight by the fully arriving USSS personnel, thanked, and the County employees handling the historic interchange. Also, thanks to the coinage experts and the earlier collectors turning in smaller parts of collections from a few coins to sailor's chests full of, to once full gauged and dramatically defaced business of government carved carrying trunks. Also, to Police who helped interfere with heist attempts late in the day, yesterday with distractions of borrowed and bought elegant jewels made for the royal in taste: to Dept. of State for purchase-sale available now for the nostalgic to the patriotic funding protections of neighborhoods in the 900,000 affected by Incursions I - XXI cities. Less notable, typical of a USSS day, were up to 50 attempts to takeover countryside to White House level by women disgruntled leading non-legal cultish groupings but not particular of Incursion-6-types, and as usual deterred to destroyed attempts to. For search and rescuers joining in please indicate your timed arrival for quartering such as hour to deliver is 15 minute travelled to destinations of location searched; to rescue, any trained welcomed at this point - to Veterans Administration officially now to do - for wide swath attacks home-homelands. Thanks as success defending from Incursions I-2(x)iii is today lower at 40,000 home invaders paramilitary styled attacking in affected cities, from 180,000. And tanks below.

The Senators are to be thanked for providing a new but hesitantaly accepted group of new tanks to the Military as the color-painted ones are better received, and personnel that are needing trained tank repair persons hard to find, lately. After four unknown not from USA rolled into the Midtowns on Mainland, other country governments heads of state arrived with assistance to defend from because they'd had it happen there. U.S.Congress finding me an hour daily of work for them included the tank disbursing task, and so that to ease acceptance by soldiers a tank painting contest of actual ones is now on: ask at Moffett Federal Airfield and soon at Travis AFB, too. Into Sea World for over sized lot capacity needed, and regular background checks needed more than for air shows to participate; photo ops and contest wins. See also free sort 'worklisted' at USAF AirForce1Office.

In 4 A.D. when Incursion rounds attacked countrysides a time before, senators were invited firstly to new or open 'councils' modernly translating into representatives. Skin logs of these early fan clubs called gatherings are available from the O.E.S. nearby, asking for. Also noted history relating to Incursion2(x)iii typed-communication of Wildlife into homes as terrain warnings are 5-part foot-pad prints equal to identically placed and interesting housepets; declared warning of terrain invasion by miscreants to insurgents-dna or similar. Historically the beginning of the modern Americanism 'barefoot', as the California light bears of small stature or weight are noted making footprints that are recently declared up to full-human status of the 143,000 populating the state of search and rescue use for 7 years working animals by Military known (many retiring now) that were historically the first 'housepets' recorded in human histories. The kaunake a fitted 'gaun' dress like covering was cut and designed and sewn from deceased light/white bears from the Mesopotamian records also of defending the areas against invasions (see miscreant invasions earlier blogs and seargents' sites of). White bears were beiges, too. After death and after being housepets, they were then used for skins in clothing. The style considered now a first trend stuck lasted 156,000 years approximately. O Until Indic and Polynesian noted trend bringers, unchanged much, then about every hundred years (most trends lasted up to 81 years). First hair trend recorded imitated other Wildlife pelts demonstrated by combing fur into tufts with combs, picks, selecting wave/spikes; crown of head then braided rows pushing hair ahead motion to up (away from backsides). Today, wind patterns from used Trade Winds historically moving (to sod delivering to farmers and farmlands visited as markets placed) left matrix of now rythm-11-wind: any of its parts to whole add to '11' on scales used, daily may be part 11th but adds by day's end to. To scale, maps for sale by Steve Wall as S.Wall on linked seargent's sites. Types of reviving economy products found in ancient to mythical from Arthurian and Aragonia Courts filed UFOlogy is a recipe for frangiapani soap splash done yesterday to try for market sale by SWAT FBI Honolulo, HI of Lemurian styled, funding your neighborhoods direct area protections to their teams use for. Pleasant floral. More on history to limited supply of explained there. Ask for 'space RIP' if calling regular FBI switchboard to Honolulu office of.

Ecology of economy degrees are being earned at many Universities and Colleges into sudden ones for ancien to modern calculations using examples in zoomorphic to botanical symbols to other anthropomorphic symbology explaining business trends to solutions sets for Kinsean bell-curve documented Economy. Ailing economies to trends for more business affect. More soon, meanwhile ask for one at Stanford University to California State University levels or request added to programs such as as SUNY, BYU, and others inspecting such prospects over the recent holiday. Some topics of you the Good Readership read here and other sites and on the international news noted already, and of 'homework problems done' already by the Ancestors to regions' logs (on macabre human pelts for researchers): in Counties here, those used in attacks on countryside to home invasions from benign benevolent usefulness only codes of economy USD$4 from Stockton District Attorney Office grants for acceptable to vouchers and of lists defined.

More books for sale from CIA credit card purchase free to those who need-to-know inluding law enforcement a couple more books on timely fashion economy:
* The Letter of Symbol Cuneiform: hot to approach it, by James Marks and K.Wall (study guide later to be offered)
* J, by Jon Marks and KMWall, (of fashion code for Economy, Fashion-Resort at 6-parts)
Remember for above to use CIA number given from office nearby at purchase prompts.
For educators

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any), finance
NAVY(any), project literature
USSF-SSwith, USSS-DEA-#1018, USNSeal, et al

Friday, September 2, 2011

Official Alerts of Incursion (x)iii to Books and Artful Contests

Salutations, the change in a day of the Incursion (x)iii is of the lessening to 10 new affected cities now adding to the 900,000 of primary listing and others left (7 or 8) from previous alert status 1) and into Texas' booted topography only and of the easing from homeland invasion deterrents around Corona, CA by State of California to Office of Emergency Services (O.E.S.) at region/county/+ from District Attorney Office/s led. The experts in search and rescue hired on were key, and Law Enforcement and Civil Employees also, with gratitude to supporting Agencies and non-profits including the School Systems. Many jobs are available from professional recruiters hailing to the Military and the USMC has many in the military installations for public sector only jobs now; please refer your under-employed to unemployed for these quick decisions and instant verifications of jobs needing filling before the State employing agencies would have time to list them in their expertise. Cultish behaviors noted as not of registered religions is of USSS case#109 about Incursions I to continued-any of cult type behaviors by a machination undervalued system of re-enactment-illegal (illegalis, to warfare instantly by heads-of-states declaring openly/interminably; international news networks used for data, too) of approaches to coached limmerick styles in attacks non-normalized population groupings hailing to part of brain lobes clutter of non-fact non-religion focus to trite reasons of attacks in homes by 108,000 an averaged number of the evenly divisible by ten attacking formations intruding: some infiltration data of/on II; tu-T'u's file of a USSS past renown ignored thought dead in-service files recaptured to FBI level-see France's 7-point entry. Five hundred fashion codes in history plus two more of fashion wardrobe levels of seasons for color charts and light levels for adornment is of actions to motivations such as 'God wants Springs to conquer' ridiculousness attacks or 11th-light level of shine on wardrobed person reason behind attacks called incursions. D.A. Office Stockton, CA has the 500 list and your support of the CIA promoted books here listed this week selling out in the geography pictorial tour of examples of in Fashion Economy is appreciated for funding homeland defense levels into neighborhoods affected (and of others listed). More free to need-to-know are following of similar-same matrix of supporting homeland defense directly and CIA nearby providing credit card number to apply to box indicated to buy directly input number (not option on screen) and also for sale for many who wish to own a thing discussed here or for schools, too:
* crown_style_one: crown king in style, an owner's manual, by devon, brevon and beau
* to_top, of Fashion, by ten of Jamaican Military groups
* to_trend, by denver_james
* dreadful_red a grey area book, by don_jon_jonestown_da (to DA Office fund after a-matrix)
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* dum_jun a-code-2, dun-wear, by JAM jiaueaum (said, "jim")
* ocean in a sun, a series on astronomy: books I, II, III, IV, by thom_tom, thom_to and a jack_ripper
* known_USA_model: how to model men, by ckres team (for unit 101 of Fort Ord past)
* demon devil love, an art book, by Chas II
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Official Incursion (x)iii and More Books Fashion and Black Suns

Salutations, the homeland-invasion coded correctly by Homeland Security level of response to protect against home invasions in swaths by derelict-by-choice-of-attack types to be mistaken by their victim areas as weathered in exercise to working in lawn types attire approaches were of 108,000 per 900,000 affected cities on list from Police worldwide; home exhtortions to rapes to animal bestiality to collecting poisonous substances and jewelry to small money of significance to thought of prestige. The business trends of past histories are of motto type attack lingo by home-invasion 'squads' self-styled following an apprehended woman and spouse-unknowning incarcerated into mental institutions because she thought suddenly she was a fashion director of the Air Force common and had a chance to take over the world from a breakfast joint asking Naval personnel to assist in. Attempts to take over the White House were similar, most days average 51 attempted now by USSS records and homeland invasion coding for today's Incursion (x)iii hereof is found in 102 to 109 and of badge1018 linked (mine). The attempts also to add more cities affected came in at 90,000 more reported in by Noon C.S.T. less the 10,000 halted from being added to Incursion (x)iii immediately by Law Enforcement's success in those places. Elefantitum or ele-phantom orderivation an elephantitus tribe 2/3 to 3/4 medically disabled but in history Bold on Mottos and in heraldic unit placement volunteered some of their longer lived from Mexico although most were removed from citizenry for earlier tribal demise in revelry gone overboard, and with women in tribe decending from Chichen Itza's surviving by Conquistador decision for benevolence or benign Orders then decided, now hassleing in home-invasion re-recruitment of their tribal lines by invaders trying to ally them to unlawfullness again, but many have joined the military and stand by despite the recruiting from their separated female groupings into clergy ancien studies. Boldness often is in public array to display of power to befriend or befriend for powered in moment, then to ... Recent blogs list links obvious to Incan data or of Peru to digs. Welcomed from similar histories is modernly arriving law following always an ancient cult called Aramoues that defended in search and rescue alongside trained personnel with their historic background as others have before, that has no direct link to Mormonism but is of their selected studies relating to truncation Amos, a book of, to their official bible/s. Choosing a different color than the oxblood red paint handed to others, their colors of units are oranged-blue: to apply for, paramilitary official any Military.

Black suns research in archives and from the math laboratories and astronomy laboratories working with the worldwide governments likened new calculations to categories linking the phantom black suns (on this blog and internation t.v. news +) among the visible black suns of 7 of the 11 as a four decoded: two side- by-side as viewing regular displays now approaching central from right relate to Wildlife activities; the next two link to government or 'governing' activities. Subtle affects of the light or magnetic energy affect is partial explanation of this type of matrix-available from D.A. Office(s), Stockton, fractal-system or recurring patterning math graphed, too. Of historic trends for four-day duration at a time.

More books tomorrow to buy. Thank you for your support.

USAF, fashion director