Saturday, February 12, 2011

Incursion IX Official Alerts Weekend Extras

Salutations to all, and I hope you have been able to read yesterday's blog along with this short and pert one, with key data about Incursion IX dna-Insurgent miscreant homeland-invasion (War Code On, see list, all considered on not onward (prepared for future, not one now)) as I recollect with several parents representing several cities and their municipalities governments that are concerned for the safety of their children. Daughters raped by nearly all in certain locations and the reopening of the case from Santa Barbar Police linked to the USSS case work in 103/4on has many energized to help stop the miscreant and keep everyone lawful. No matter what. The war acts are continually enacted in order to enforce the law, and peaceful or peaceable measures are not required, even as I remind that this blog explained the ancient symbol algiz in a circle was not heraldic princess wear but was the sign not for Peace, but to consider that in warfare all will be restored super quickly to the semblance of peace. Or, rather how it would look or feel or be during complete peace.

Silent, or not. That others are noticing ways that they can do the obvious to help and also to raise funds for funding such as from the soon speech touring Rico Born of the silent military submarines who'll explain their class, the fifty he was serving underwater with (including me, for a month and an hour which was an hour more than most days seem) and what types of animals live and work so silently radars can't pick up the vibration. Think of the exciting books and movies by famed storytellers such as Tom Clancy and the subs, and nerves of steal. That he may share his recent loss of life partner and nitrogen tanks and other high drama this week, alone, I hope you'll enjoy registering with your clergy or law enforcement. When you ask for the lists of work for pay for the public or military extra lists in Finance, Fashion, Arts, Literature from the USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne.

Some of the specialized project work that is akin to TLC's coursework on the most ancient language made available to many of you near Monterey, California is the now listed and sooner than soon listings for music work and math work using computers or later synthesized scores. The cuneiform ancient languages and math have been noticed by many scientists by those who used the ancient cue-cards on how to have successful emotion and character trait portrayal in music. Think of Michael Jackson's Thriller which has the music in it from the directly transposed existence-number-sequence for detectable luck, or his Beat It that is the existence-number-sequence for vigour, and often are in dna strands. The genes may be missing valor hidden behind the courage gene on the genome, but as you'll recall valor can be given to a recipient for its effect, or ask to hear snippets of the music of valor that you may recall from the various popular music of recent decades. Other interesting music that is still as helpful as bandages in musical healing include some by Nickelback which utilizes a genetic existence-number-sequence for 'fester' the verb, such as festering. Which makes one feel well again or soothed in that state.

Other work in or from the USMC ARTS will be coming soon available after several doses of it all yesterday; while the USMC analyzes the overnight self-corrected Mormon groups who shot extramarital affairs statistics charts upward, and also for their yesterday reported group wide affect, in the meanwhile, on modern French Impressionism in-play ... Other groups exercising their efforts in the requested directions and trends or similar in ARTS will be appearing on this blog as well as the CIA reports, recording at this writing.

Many veterans were also thankfully to the Law Enforcement and Vatican personnel removed from the harmful homeless existence from within the last year to month, unknown until officially reported to the Press. One percent to one person may still be located, and your continual help is needed, so thank you in advance.

Take good care of yourselves.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer,
worldwide military