Friday, March 30, 2012

Funder Teddy R and Gift Items with Black Suns Expected

Police in over 900,000 cities available for data data of to Military daily for plagiarism concerns are to be thanked. Thank you, Good Readership, for following along with the funding items for ultra-defenses extras in your own areas when you purchase from the sites listed or bookstores by request. Of it:
Funder, Teddy Roosevelt Fund, deceased president's own money fund found by USSS decided for gifting from his campaign trail over; four days on for each new person gifted by requested or selected topic granted by CIA nearby managed friendly technology full dna noninvasive suggesting:
Bears, of California the official State's 144,000 bred trained well into search and rescue capacity the seek and destroy level on at this blog time all welcome your interest in their renewed to Fashion an Industry shared funder and on previous blogs:
* _gallant_me:bear's story; by Alarcus a State of California official bear of search and rescue unit; bundled in:
_bear_yokel_youhnmon:songbook Victorian era trends then funny, text level if needed; by denver_jaquenmeunv, dan_mon, doctor of entertainment James Ricks, kmwall
* _jimbo's_-gong:said jong this about bears and elephants on the economy graph or in children's stories; by also bundled:
_how_to_wear_suntans_as_a_child_with_cxorep:new children's brand suntan or prevention of products for their skin development levels by USARMY doctors within and /\-aSNS, kmwall
* _many_monies:how fish became fries then monies; from bears aware of fashion telling first currency outside of mind ledgers etched onto tree bark still on tree trunk storage and how sales forces were first recruited and trained; by bear staff of State of California official, kmwall; bundled in:
_well_lore_in:economy graph book, Seven jeans solved cases harm to church clergy; by Seven Jeans manufacturer
_yore_bunky_dog:jeans to color if child or any size for pocket artwork transfer to Seven Jeans or other full leg option art; by Seven Jeans
[to:Toulouse;wear,with it]
* _niceness:near:telling children how hope works, to know niceness; by niceness_deer_bear; bundled in:
_by_deer_berry:how he rescued his friend in as a NASA tale of friendship with dog-bear collar bejeweled encrusted for wildlife being hand fed to alike nearby; by Alajeulus a bear-dog-bear of State of California official
* sombo:short children's story; by Avalon_nex a bear of State of California official unit
* sonomxoe:song of bears composing playing of State of California official units; signed by Atlantic Records
* _omega_song:sing-along-to; by Abracus composing as the official State of California bear of search and rescue unit, with Reba Macintyre, venga_tim
* parus_bore_game_thurtenzudz:another bear bored game about Paris FRANCE fashion good also for fashion club level; by janus_spd, Janus the State of California official bear, kmwall
* blog_bear_on_top_weekly:anecdotal news about one of the fashion bears at a time of State of California official sent to you; by directors in the Military and kmwall
* traitor:novelized casework inside; by Alabasus an official State of California bear of search and rescue unit, kmwall; bundled in by same:
_ribbons_work_sector:manual economics mint, defense of unit in able to be contacted for more data on how clubs enforced ribbon workforce sectors (on globe imagine ribbon tied across some coordinate typed ancien history of economics-wovneu said wow)
* sognolxo:art mobiles by bears and butcher block gnawed gilded for display plus broom stick and other tools used for economic sector mapping all gilded; by Agracius; also bundled ny Abracus_Jough, salvang_sup, john_ex_hex, kmwall:
_exclusive_art:wall pieces and large structures fine art to gilded and historical displays dipped in gold too silver to Gold Rush 49ers rejecting fashion trends now remade includes photos of fashion designers famed at jailhouse turned fine dining and other Victorian structures used now fashionably in lifestyle as bank standing with tunnels still to all banks known then with tours to and through; by brass a-listing also and bears of California
_done_fore_bear_ware:inside job book beaten bushes guide like olden times
* _dracula_sogno:song and better wear of Gothic Xian trend in now undetectable with wear included; by bear_onex
* _blue_boron_bored_game:new object owl; by Alabacus an official bear of State of California search and rescue unit
* _bear_-a_longuedou_liikenavu:done joe wear in kimono look made with decor look in from Japaneaux trend-or of gold look revised from Victorian log of miners' spotted when none wore, of queen's and laundresses wearing then; by bears of State of California official search and rescue unit, kmwall
* jest_ware_now:guide boring wear; by Borxaus a bear of State of California and Arkansas official to search and rescue unit
Fashion, Economy:
* _needed_neet_its:knit well today instructions with videographer to any technology media need any known technology to soldiers also any theirs their own instant, lore no soldier would knit a sock after one shot while making a sock inside, sock knit in; by dean, father_joe, kmwall; also bundled includes::
_sew_fix_it_wear:how to; by Prince Charles of Wales House of Windsor;
_about_wall:this blogger author storied; by USMC;
_why_no_makeup_now_is_for_knitting_wear_look:book; by sopa_pa
_of_economics:text and manual versions, why knitting is at 'of' on the economics graph of eleven; by ray_von, quand
* _sumpter_hall:bear league glorious economics tales in good bulls, why Victorian revxorsed some economics underway, some cardinals in book and venture capitalists famed as Floyd Kvamme and advised how to invest data; by anonymous cardinals, kmwall; bundled in:
_gear_geared_aware_it_bright:wear gear; by Alan Hopkins NASA
_why_you_like_light_less_if_you're_kristin's:subcult attempt study group of halls; by George
_helpful_ventures:how to invest in social club cars legally getting ahead; by sleepy_giant, IRS
_you're_all_working_hard_this_month_why_not_write_it:letter writing this month; by postal_saum
* _boon_a_logue_in:text missed data level any of Victorian era, lore, into 1920s of brother can you spare a dime social global mentality to soup pot era ilk and Victoria's wanderers mistaken for angelics; by Vogue Magazine, kmwall
* _angel_ware:text how to wear angel's hair to gore on lore and tales of hate of hair that was angel compared; by those_boys; bundled in by same:
_beware_-an_hair:song, long
* _just_blue_is_u:how to wear it; guided by church pals counseling on sudden wardrobe changes; by justin_marque' a priest clandestine
* _2_u:text -a Fashion Economy of u-trend on now; by kmwall
* _vogue_love:novelized about how kmwall was embezzled by parental route both of now in mental institutions healing well old age accounted , what was done, to defiant in front of any law enforcement and court systems or USFederal Marshals catching in the moment of crimes holding on punishments already convicted finally of; by Steve Young '49er, Million Man March men, Stockton PD, Orem Utah PD, bundled in:
_also_love:more on; by casework_joe
_about_yo_u:music of hate for love at home; by Metallica
_u_jest:song; by kmwall
_good_boy:novel; by cual, kmwall
* _fyyire:novel; by dan_d
* _trial:novel; by kmwall
* _a_bee:novel; by John Nesbitt
* _by_stan:novelized, saving a man; by Stanford University Staff
* _gneau:novel; by kmwall
* _vegan_days:novel; by Dr. James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* _kidney:novelized; by Joe
* _aid_m:novelized USSF black_maum_bo; by Tom Clancy;; bundled in:
_black_maum_bo_hair:aides; by black_maum_bo
* _preternatural_one:novelized of attacks on city of Stockton others alike; by Bob Mayer, Steve Martini, Michael Levine, Jim Plunkett, Richard Marcinko, John Jakes, James Clavell, judge_grand, Chuck Norris, kmwall
* _clair:novel skin tone attacks; by devon; bundled in by same:
_-a_clair:guide for hair skin clarity
* _penelope_i_1:novel; by cual_i
* 5_angel_play:novelized; by gym_geo
* _sport_and_dna:book; by SPAIN's King and Crown Princess, and kmwall
* _novel:book on writing; by kmwall
* _eyewear:how to compensate; by denver_jack
* _grace_under_pressure:filmed days of 8 attacks in incursions blog listed and at any police station; by Vee
* _gone_with_the_wind:novel analysis; by Jason Severing
* _red_hair_complexion:saffron d; by dean, USSS, USMC
* _a_new_poetry:poems; by Angus Young
* _mormon_mon_song:music composed written performed; by Jerry Deliberate
* _delve_r:music; by Spyro Gyra
* _gone:song; by jo_-go
* _voter:music; by Disturbed
* _cremieux:music; by CREAM
* _1100_yous_not_you:music; by KDLang
* _vogue_r:music; by RENT;; in:
_book; by Anna Wintaur
_film_in:economy on; by Kent Jamesoni USSF
* _tent_one:musical school stageplay; by Allen Dulles, kmwall
**asking for any topic allowed by funder, such as housing or color green, etc.
Course for Free, Stanford University optional to transfer earned credit unit to alternate training center by sending to Stanford University dean's office by any of its routes into by 4a.m. o'clock any day until May as turning in a set of used to display somehow manually written or other by technology applied or acceptable is to use a type trend from Victorian era on forward for this one exercise each available to be used applying for credit unit of eduction properly as nonwritten or technologically doing this as challenge homework assigned acceptable; its about:
vegetable_white, a u-trend in Fashion-Resort Economy also Ecology-Economy of now arrived by FED or Office of Emergency Services nearby (county level anyplace) -go, coursework: compare a Kinsean bell-curve of full-on onto, with standard X-Y axes labeled respectively as yore, cut-up; assign one below exiting from bell-curve the ten or eleven, find 'on' at nine or ten, preferring an eleven structure to bell; manipulate 1/on to its 43 flippings of graph with accounted for 41 flippings to flopping as 1/n type determined plus one more duo-set as a mirror reversal once then returned oncely for a total counted 43 flip-flops;; also now familiar to many of each or any trend potentate during any business day aligned to; for another unit plus half credit of education, please add the following work assigned: use a graphed system of above assigned, make a scale of graphing new like a log type to focus in closer by using marograms of maromagram in ancien Fashion Industry and economy the in Resort World aware that used from above assigned knowing that it has 400 years within candlelight file labeled sections of historic economics correlating data already done exacting timelined and only 400 years so that nonbinary system of marogramming can be used with light as axis with new log-like type formed so that a scale of scrutiny newly exists by your work assignment, example a light year may be used for an axis, plus your own scale decided to analyze something in your example homework such as a gun or a trend named yun or alike. Enjoy the military gifted alert for a free credit of unit educational and to transfer anywhere even to lower remedial to carry forward for gifted children systems in place already, plus.
Black Suns, no orbs evident but forty will arrive by dawn, viewable by letter swath in skyward angle to a sound of it being heard matched to the assigned alphabet letter formed from its descent; also etched if smooth on dirt. Tours of now through Moffett Federal Airfield on; to civil affaires.
Kristin-Marie Wall, co-writing as kmwall
& those below added
commanding officer any
USAF director fashion/art designer
all Marine Corp its USMC as co-head ARTS/R
ARMY(any/ finance and USSF a special_ops member
NAVY(any/ literature its project and USNSEALs a unit_one
RAF+any Military
OES owner
knight FFL
Knight of Colombus
SAS an officiator as member
chaplain of Industry of Fashion's legwear hosiery /\-aSNS
minister of Ministry of Fashion
writer artist showing at Elsie May Goodwin Gallery in Stockton California two 8x10inch watercolors named Sadness 1 & 2 paired or alone set prices USD$1Million or USD$800,000 respectively; online site free to browse soon to watch for and writer learning center site level on Yahoo!Groups as novel_more and ArtistWayWorkshop for those applying for lessons or reading fee for full manuscripts reading fee USD$400 as at believe_in_one_writer
Noted see other blogs for the other gifts and books and more available from the funder for sale also with optional benefitting you such as described by for IRS value or from any credit card company for lowering their rate by use of these gifts in purchase of their lode card used; thanking.
Further: Known as illegalis the term from a presidential disclosing of original laws, planetary; all countries keep it; that declares war against instantly for it such as ultra violence against a type of system or thing or personal matter; a warfare is set against consanguinity, exampled; within or alone from other topics on his/her/their/its listings permanently in placement; for any governmental rise or leaving; still adhering by universal coding; if invaded from above moon bases established; per. seedqc.