Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Incursion VIII Alerts and Primordial to Victorian Root Jobs

Hello to everyone, and I hope that you are handling your own directly contacting alerts soon if not already about Incursion VIII dna-Insurgent homeland invaders attempting to take over industry sectors to residential groupings of areas and those falling prey also include being from famed games such as scrabble wins by all numbers. That type of data is helpful with the profilers analyzing for the Military the actual crime waves threatened by those in groups of ten times some number. I am pleased though already at the massive cooperation in the Incursion VIII affected cities as the residents went quickly to their awaiting lookalike underground cellar levels prepared by the Military in cooperation directly with their municipalities' Office of Emergency Services from their city council level. Some data came to help us with providing the same level of services as job openings to bloodline groups of applicants whose heritage level pride help with courage in the affected cities, including unique and extra levels of postal delivery work or protections of if there is a link to the Victorian or other historic postal deliverers. The Police Stations will be glad to print out the lists of jobs and short-term projects, including the others needing less immediate but quick response to resize patterns for businesses in the clothing manufacturing line of work for the 60 percent of American women now with an average waistline of 23 inches, and holding. They are not weight conscious but are budget conscious, so the Military has no need to provide extra medical care to them outside their own regularly required ones from us or through their own providers. Thank you to the law officers retired who have been found by us to be assisting on their own merit in underground tunnels many groups of deserted children in various stages of growth to adult hood. And the other law enforcement who are letting us do our job in the cities well focused on Arts, its subcomponents and detection of its elements such as the newest of fashion-direction (with new job openings starting in this field). The others who are helping us on last moments notice, though unhappy to be interrupted (noted) who are in truth supporting those they put into local offices to show gratitude are arriving on the front line of attacks in the affected cities. Some of the other casework handed back to the police officers in particular are still being done with the thousands of perpetrators unique and repeating, but the USSS office at your police stations will be able to extract the data you need from the cases being worked.

Art direction is one area that the USMC has paid much attention to, and it is being noted especially with gratitude back to the military for the artwork and textbooks keeping up with the newest two year deadlines. The head of the USAF was observed by many to have fulfilled his own 8-year contract to write a textbook early, within 8 months to get back to work on forming up specialized units now. The latest new direction of fashion-direction is more akin to art direction for higher education than to fashion trends work, and the USAF's paramilitary special-ops units hiring at ten per day is also going to be working with those of you who sign up for the fashion-direction jobs. The units to be expecting to work closely with are the USAF's fashion art special-ops unit, and the USSF art fashion special-ops units. The ability to work with Viet Nam era personnel is required in the art fashion unit levels of interaction.

Today is a gloomy day overall for the city skies around here, and I'm pleased to be able to take my charcoal and sketch book for a short walk, combining my walking patrol today. Several of the military and sherriff's department K-9 wolves are about on patrols, too, as you the general populace took to them well in lauding their appearance with the USMC a few years ago, you'll recall. These wolves are trained by the USMC and military and K-9 handlers and use the same signals, but their nasal cavities are able to determine different scents, wherever K-9 dogs are confused by organ donations or illegal transfers of them. Remember that over 90% of the dna after an organ transfer temporarily acts upon the body like scar tissue accelerated healing and the scents are now known to be also those dominating from the dna of the organ donor, confusing in search and rescue or other pursuit. The wildlife in use in the military choosing to work with us are of different dna strands, and this extra ability to differentiate is useful in the Incursion VIII dna-Insurgent attacked cities. To help out with all of this effort, University of San Francisco(USF) and WWF are doing some special funding and training for continuing education units transferrable (CEUs plus) with training on wildlife militarily handled and as working animals. These animals seek out soldiers (perhaps by scent) when in trouble such as homes destroyed and take food from hands, anyhow. One of our signals.

With the above in mind, I won a contest with other soldiers yesterday of live sketching of the bobcat guarding my house and playing with my knee cap on live Reconnaissance and winning his first portraiture, with my police and fire department cats you know. The rest of their friendly lookalike teams that are used to hiding by blending into the environments is explained in the courses being offered for funding. The other animals to be introduced will the special-ops units of historic heraldically listed birds such as crows and others of ancient religious memory and logging in lore. Their recorded success mission data is exacting and they are good with the human and household pet populaces, as are the other birds in training again such as the hunting hawks, and more. The reptilian and insect special-ops units are also being discussed, including the rattle snakes that carry cameras and equipment to explore and return, and the insects with miniature equipement that are already accustomed to laboratories, and similar, that have been working with the USSS for some time. Thank you for supporting these funding events.

Education paid for is a recent high interest of those arriving to help us and of being able to guarantee their continual help within the affected cities by Incursion VIII of dna-Insurgent raids and homeland invasion. Reenactors illegalis are now aligning themselves in a sudden awareness and change of heart and getting away from the illegal underground and home invasion level torture shows they were participating in witting or unwitting on the Internet and via phone companies (recall that these companies help us investigate and front-line stop said). There are training seminars to show these new types of arrivals how to get the types of higher educations outside the regular grant systems from the governments that may be depleted, and how to get the degrees as soon as possible. Ridiculous amounts are being welcomed every place and everywhere now as keen and appropriate levels of interest in any profession.

Christina Skye's spy novel-type romances are on my today bedside reading along with others that are piled up. Noted, is the highly sensual details for the children to be reading with parent-types along. Mostly, twelve years old and older are these book markets and within this thirty-something readership geared level of story type.

Sartorially yours,