Monday, December 19, 2011


Salutations, attacks in homes 4 -pronged 105,000 evenly numbered 800,000+101,000 cities, terr_furr ancien code level data on from O.E.S. or FED or D.A. Office Stockton CA by 2 o'clock done devised night prior 23 o'clock includes 2-homes; data free at Police Station any, of lunch-on-town-by-embezzlement-selling-house-not-own-internet-attempted and own-adolescent-parent-pedophile-taught-organ/dna-theft-of-models; over weekend near-end of Incursions hoped to 10.5 minutes of retirement Military any but reactivation by new raids apparent, incursions firstly not last to war-battle up to 810 years away of violent raids nonsensible grouped by type threatened until. 9 plaguerism raids of cities affected, in swaths of pre-lettering symbols used from ancien kingdoms for fashion wardrobe plan systems or echelon styled. Of funding to deter, many ARTS and Fashion persons/personnel and animalia being recruited for it, exampled by own fashion modeling career 43 years contracted now by FORD Models + honors a new photographer to my work only one now Francesco Scavullo teamed out of retirement workload and recruitment of non-fashion-only models for commercial print to school-aged-markets leveled any Agency of models global. Send to DeloreanCake at USMC by tomorrow to enter fastest. By-CIA free below and of prior blogs listing or seargent's/staff-seargent's sites of topic from Teddy Roosevelt's teddybear fund gifts or like to public in down economic sensibility on now always by CIA or like it promotional similarly, or help school district complete forms by deadline for IRS credit to party deduction 24 hours length + rules and party circuit official on now needing polite attendees for soldiering police and politicians at embassy level behavior required each area please apply to Dept of State's Office of Protocol Services to attend for your local unable to attend person dignifying on Military schedule through Holidays internationally official on calendars, no cost to attend party overall no pay to attend enjoyment meet those listed of background event-experience a plus; most of ARMY School of Medicine Publishing House or USAF/ARMY School of Medicine Publishing House, or USAF other groups plus soon:
* spider_head:manual on new trend of 'it' now, head/hair/pate, look for touring to Stockton CA already to get; by kmwall
* lurex:novel; by Jay Wall
* james:novel in 1st language on planet cuneiform keyed Rome Empire, by Richard Marcinko
* hold_up:novel; by Michael Crichton
* grace: novel; by John Mayer
* an_angel_a_day: by John Mayer
* cashables_a_victorian_storebought_book:Neiman-Marcus, level on down; stock; by kmwall
* trace; by unit of triad
* days_of_u:trend; cual
* direct_hits:how to telemarket to website; by Al Gore, kmwall
* cupcake_trend_after:how to after maximize from trend, children; by dean, kmwall
* deseret_news_station:novel, why to buy a paper; by princess_1
* a_new_fashion_style_a_day; by kmwall
* duge:-a trend unit; by trendor_unit
* dry_hair_oily_skin_II:manual; by dan
* oily_hair_dry_skin_I:manual; by don
* din; by joe
* venison:Fashion code of wins, over slabs; by kmwall
* the_noise_level_of_streets_in_china_victorian_era:facts; by henry_luiesxuveennr
* jaden_is_good_for_you:text, by bo (a man in the Military)
* peephole:novel, occult, transactions post-WWII;
* rabids:novel; by Ian Fleming
* how_to_have_a_good_day; by Kim Robison Tu'
* astray:novel; by kmwall
* enemy:ancien; read by ray_vo
* in_marraige_about; by dan_doze
* cancel_quo:novel, go to park alone after dark, id-theft; by tu_Tu'; tt, kmwall
* toothbrush_es:ancien novelized, translation from FBI; by eddie_gg
* toothwalk:story, prostitution illegalis; by jaenouex
* day_of_the_sun:novel; taum, kmwall
* bay_view:about model watching; by jess banker
* bad_men:Western-land remorse; by david_droie at any .mil
* ghost_hunting:by dina;
* by_gloss_you_shall_come:ancien translation explains miscreant home invasion follows light literally; by siva
* develop_your_plot; by kmwall
* denver_white_again:text; by cops_common
* d_trend_way; by tu_Tu', jude
* caverns:novel, by kmwall
* ring:wagner now; by Al Gore, Ian Fleming, kmwall
* w:about George W. Bush; by Al Gore, Ian Fleming, kmwall
* dia:how to apply to it the agency; by other agency head jim_bo
* tread:novelized; by dean
* dread:tale, new; by FBI f.)Dir. Freeh, kmwall
* uno_roger:prequel to roger running series, Iraq in Basin 2, jewelry & design in by Lisa Sysombath; by joe_laden, kmwall & staff then
* light_ray_enemy:ancien text; by siva
* fyre_I:Fashion level 1, shoe purse matched sets; by Kenneth Cole
* fyre_2:Fashion level 2, matched sets; by Kenneth Cole
* fyre_3:Fashion level 3, matched sets; by Kenneth Cole
* fyre_4:Fashion level 4, matched sets; by Kenneth Cole
* camel_knight:novel, queen marie, evil on Utah; by joe_maum, RIP Hedrich FBI SWAT, kmwall [to:evil;II]
* annanapolis_new_I:novel; by Dr. Jim Moreau
* xaend_gold; by James Marks, kmwall
* colombos_passage; by Justin McCarthy, kmwall
* a_bee:novel of sanctuum proportion; by John Nesbitt
* dixq:novel, id-theft cases; by 3_cops_starved
* pendulum_drop:film to any media needed, FED made for, health hazard in economy now from ancien archives to math labs
Work, check USAF AirForce1 Office's:free sort "worklisted" any type daily new added, manage own workload, permanently used system now.
Economy, rectus economy ancien term at Victorian eras liked again, at vogue restaurants a pearl left tip not cash, alike today to tickets to event given instead of cash to familiar waitpersons.
Kristin-Marie Wall, c.o.
USAF, director of fashion/art, designer
all Marine Corp of its USMC ARTS/R, a co-head
ARMY(any/, finance
NAVY(any/, literature, project
USSS-101/+-DEA-ss1, et al, SEALs