Thursday, December 6, 2012

Grand Preparations

Salutations Good Readership,

Being the holiday season, well wishes to all of you. It was with interest that I noted a source's data that says grand event attire sales are up, in preparation, particularly of a ballgown nature. I had in the past bought one and made one appropriate. It all sparked with interest in wardrobe planning, getting by with something worth the waiting for or purchased for less by early planning. It has led me back into the visual realm of wardrobe planning by color scheme or analysis, such as learned by an old course taught at the Expanding Light retreat center. I also dusted off my old books on the matter and reread them over the Thanksgiving holiday recently. With new enjoyment and with many of you noticing my more colorful additions to my once black and white wardrobe. At one frugal time it had even been all black, a scheme that in original religions had been the shade for purity according to the chaplains of the USMC questioned.

Another former Marine is back by popular demand on this blog, Mr. Anthony Ontiveros greets you with his thoughtfulness on the topic of preparedness, the readership, to be inspired to become most prepared for uncertain futures. His advice relates to the recognition of ancient history as a true source for actual survival techniques and training. By learning about how ancestry survived and even thrived with non-modern conveniences one may anticipate handling even catastrophic happenings such as power outages or currency breakdowns or need for shelter. Many of you followed me on a non-profit site I had up for awhile that shared my story of after a major earthquake and FEMA's adequate assistance to recover and insurance company's provision of housing in the interim. Ontiveros takes his training right back to the cave eras. In them was more than originally thought; including classroom data drawn on the wall. He explained there were sets of glyphs for schoolroom breaks, naturally. Learning what is dangerous in flora and fauna or animalia is one of his thoughts for your preparedness, because in a downed environment there may be anything from runaway wildlife or livestock to incredibly spreading poison plants or more foods available from plants. Basics, truly. Some of this category of skills can be learned from places like my father and brother learned them, my father dubbed Old Charlie on my Facebook page!/kristin.wall.399 spent most of his life being a Boy Scouts of America troop leader after achieving Eagle Scout rank. He always seemed to have something at ready for any kind of emergency or even tragedy that beset our family at times.

Other preparedness topics have come up with the colloquialism of 2012 or Mayan lore about December 21st of this year. Fears of end of the world being linked to the calendar restart date were addressed by registered clergy of many churches and especially by extra-studies religions who registered with the Office of the Vice President of the U.S.A. where legal records of the extra-studies ones are housed and monitored. The anticipation of the 21st of this month for some people took the form of extra preparedness and even ancient lore studying. For some perhaps in seriousness and for others in more lightness. As Ontiveros recommends ancient history, I also thought to mention again on this site Mr. Marshall Masters' site reflective of his CNN science editor times; where his duo-bible has an under read Celtic find written at the times of others of its kind with predictions for last days.

If you have some good reading materials on preparedness of ancient histories of these topics, be sure to recommend them or even gift them over the holiday season in an especially notable year. Take care.

Sartorially yours,

Kristin-Marie Wall

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Knight Aware


If you read my earliest series of blogs you'll recall some on knighthoods. As I read of Stockton's trouble with gold chains being stolen from the wearers reaching 170 with a fatality at the same park where I like to do yoga, I thought about the knight's chains. Each knight and often other persons had a sumptuary type assigned chain link that was more unique than a name. Worn across the shoulders in many an ancient of medieval portrait the knight's chain also contained unique mixes of metals. From heraldic study you might've learned about these assigned mixes. It was difficult to steal or sell off an heraldic or sumptuary chain.

Modernly, the Church and others that still use heraldry can explain or demonstrate the chain link awareness. A special request of metal mixes for adornment chains can still be had at some trouble. Designs of chain links can fall into the sumptuary level still and be of unique artistry allowing the bearer to be protected similar to a copyright. For the genealogically interested, such a picture of a symbolic knight's chain can mean a link to one or its group, sometimes the actual one in inheritance. Heraldry originated in times when language was difficult between groups but heraldic symbols did the explaining of things such as how one worked. Such symbols today are accepted in traditional honors including going out to dine at night as specialized jewelry.

Some knighthood bloodlines will still use tattoos of the unique symbols such as chain links. Modern hospitals are referred to official groups such as the United States Secret Service (USSS) for protections or information on persons with such a symbol used for a bloodline or awarded by a regal heir or authority such as a herald. The USSS has in my experience also handled inquiries of knighthood bloodlines as well as other concerns. I used them myself when making inquiry into my grandfather's knighthood from a deposed kingdom and with success at gaining accurate data and real contacts.

Knighthood groups doing good deeds in areas of focus can take donations today, such as Malta's Knight's Hospitaller; they were granted the isle in 1530 by Charles V, the island having converted to Christianity by Saint Paul. For a time, Malta also was used as a pirate's base by separatist counts, but it spent much time under regal control. The Maltese cross is still worn by those wishing association in form to these grand knights and their traditions. Likewise with others. Most knighthood groups are busily doing charitable works today.

Black knights are another topic from the past and you'll recall, Good Reader, that the black knight was responsible for its own disinformation that cloaked it on its nightly forays while travelling through forests. Knights became the best friends of the king, traditionally, meeting with him late at knight after others had left, and were the last to leave.

Until next time I'll keep up with many of you, Good Reader, on facebook at!/kristin.wall.399 on happenings and sabbatical again, freeing up this blog for its educational stance. Take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
writing as kmwall and more

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Artwear and Purple


I've been writing more of my manuscripts of events set in the Victorian Age when the attire for ladies for the salons caught my attention in its link to modern artwear. Although not seeming linked at first glance. The flowing raiment often associated with artwear has had many connotations, likened to the Victorian era's nostalgia not quite taking off in subsequent eras as one advisor on costume history termed it. The angelic seeming garb of the Victorian's salon was worn loose by at least one attendee daily to disguise the Machiavellian or home-defense readiness of its wearer. One attendee at each event wore the lady's style without corset or hoops. She was the one ready to defend the gathering in the salon whether it was a party or tea or reading or alike. Tradition was that the styles she chose would be praised highly by each attendee, a veritable conversation piece. The ladies would take their training for home defense and self-defense while the gentlemen were absent at wartime or in alike circumstances during their afternoons, daily. Self-defense training and clearly more started much earlier in history. In the Dark Ages and Middle Ages a lady defended the home while the males were gone.

Sewing fans will have noticed that artwear abounds in their circles and it has been a national sewing month.

A similar trend was the purple coat by the 4th Century in Europe. Seeming an item to wear for the wilder times, wild being having to deal with things as if from the wilds.

Purple in a historical note is something I addressed in a recent Facebook posting in a writing sample about an Egyptoid princess who was abducted in history for wearing her purple wrong.!/kristin.wall.399 The purple was an exclusive shade from China transported by Polynesian traders and collected upon for payment by the Indic traders, a lubricating shaded product that was used for facial adornment. She offended certain offshoots of the Mayans in her extreme travel on a mission to convert. She was known in the 6th C as Lady-lek.

Purple, sometimes decidedly for the royalty carrying on into the fairytale yarns was also historically many times for everyone and even the daily underwear shade, along with its cousins of red and blue. Leaving nuances of the artistic devising in dyeing to separate a regal from a plain shade.

As I work on a manuscript that I hope will be available to you, Good Readers, soon, I've found many of the details if its Victorian timeline interesting for costume history. Including the fact that every trend except a few countable on one hand that had ever been known resurfaced sometime during the Victorian Age. Silver Linings is the working title of my manuscript and as soon as I figure out how to get this short story to market, I'll be glad to share it with you all. Set in New Orleans during the Civil War, it is an espionage love story and I'm enjoying working on it today. And yesterday. Thank you, Good Reader, for following along with this blog over the years. I'll look forward to giving you the gift of more reading soon. Please join me on Facebook if you're of a mind to.

Take care, and please check the older blogs for funding items if you're interested in the collaborative writings and media items that make your areas safer and other good benefits.

Sartorially yours,

Kristin Marie Wall

Friday, August 17, 2012

Law and Order Rooted with Welfare Systems


Years ago those of you who read the blog know that Princess Charlotte of Belgium (1840-1927) who became the Empress Carlota of Mexico's Imperium II tried to start a welfare system and free schools and hospitals. She did so with her ladies-in-waiting. The original ladies were replaced or added to with some from Mexico, eventually. They were assigned to setting up schools and hospitals. They went  to the remote areas and villages to do so. It was a time that colloquially was called the French Intervention. I'm working on a story again set in that time and place, and on my Facebook there should be more tidbits along the way.!/kristin.wall.399 Charlotte was visited until she died by the families of her original ladies-in-waiting. C.M. Mayo's Internet sites seem to have a good deal of factual data on the real situations for the ill fated monarchy of the Imperium II during the Victorian Age.

In the Bible are many times and groups, such as Babylon that has been considered with negativity for the lore of religious or spiritual experience but is the root of the concepts of law-and-order in modern times. Babylon's King Hummurabi is credited with a code of law at the root of it; 1792-1750 B.C. He centralized a government. It was very close to ours. Another thing King Hummurabi was known for, according to former Marine Anthony Ontiveros a student of history and the arts was carving walled structures into lava. It all explains why Hummurabi's portrait is on many a law building around the globe. He also states that the modern Welfare System was nearly the same in ancient Babylon at the time of King Hummurabi. See Wikipedia for the first code of laws. For photo of modern Iraq insurgent watch:

I will look forward to blogging with you again in the near future. Meanwhile, take good care.

Sartorially yours,

Kristin Marie Wall

thanking former Marine Anthony Ontiveros for participating in the Sartorial Matters blog

Friday, July 27, 2012

Manner of Victorian Age Reliant


Transitioning this blog from the borrowed for it phase includes awareness that you, Good Readership, enjoyed early on in its inception the stories from the Victorian Age and of the Royalty. Something for you, then, the loyal.

Today, on a bit about manners and etiquette, a tad of both. It is clear that entry to various leagues can include the automatic acceptance of that group's deportment and comportment, with etiquette trailing. The topic arises as it is rumored that many of you are reviewing deportment which is the behavior of the group; grooming in public is by its nature kept at a minimum so that curtailing the seeming need to do more than sneeze suddenly into a cloth or paper handkerchief is of paramount. Grime is about most places. Adding to it by dousing oneself accidentally is not the topic. Adding to it by continual touching of places on the body that collect grime such as hair or complexion or clothing items leads the topic of unacceptable overdoing. Awareness is also called for of the properly trained of going between cultural sub-groupings.

Napkins are always a good front topic, but of the best left unspoken about in public unless handing one to someone. In obvious need or simply in sequence. Of a question posed about whether to use the paper or cloth napkins, reviewing on this blog from one item stated by HRH Princess Michael of Kent is that it is more frugal over time to use the washed cloth napkin if needing a preference. The smaller sized paper napkin used next, on up until the larger but saving it for another occasion if not needed. The difference economically becomes pennies that add up over time, and environmental concerns show recovery is faster again over time. HRH Princess Michael of Kent giving the data for dissemination was involved in teaching about her books, at the time, most graciously she is at:

Males trained by sub-group cultural telltale details watch, by their own avowing, before first meeting. Representative, the groups are traceable in origins of etiquette to the American Victorian Age's types when many regions developed their own etiquette. Such surviving groups include the conglomerated Boston Brahmins, or Merchant Princes, or Vanderbilts as a social class with each an own etiquette and deportment. Merchant Princes were said to be from those dignified bloodlines of names, and are about many places and professions. Such items they include in teaching men, when asked, of its own deportment have the male brought aside for one-to-one tutoring at each or any occasion. Over lengthy time, condoning only the lack of information given on each behavior, discussable at public places if in strife or effort. Such mundane approaches to the foreign to their group lady being considered for more than a social meeting involves her comportment with things like the Merchant Princes' preference for no leg crossing (varicose veins a stated concern by their grouping representative or their security teams). is of the typed grouping and has taught leadership courses over the years.

Finishing school for ladies is often more openly known but carefully guarded up to its topics. Many a rumor has been a reason of it being only for extremes in financial condition of the families involved, either very wealthy or very impoverished. The actuality is a cross-section with some informal surveys showing up to 60% of persons on this continent learning their own finishing school level at home. It was once a tradition to delay collegiate activity until polishing one's skills in deportment, comportment, etiquette, house management, and the alike. Around the kitchen table to learn any or all of it is about the modicum of expectation in modern times, a tradition from the Victorian Age when the economies were harsh for most. A typical finishing school lady would be able to handle grandness levels frugally, and similarly other sets of behavior. She became a weather vane. If being female, modernly interested in a quiet self-study, you may apply for membership at

Manners in the Victorian Age were designed to guard others reputations in deportment. Epitomized by dating etiquette that returns in social strength with males:

For those following through the transitions phases. You can still do funding here from time to time. Below are more funding items offered at bookstores by request or from pop-up orders from ARMY School of Medicine Publishing House and affiliates distributed by USAF Publishing House, help solve the problems in your neighborhoods with extra or ultra protections from funding as a type of good donation by purchase:

* _mauna_mapsiestumr; about military mate and volcanoes, impostor maps in and how they traded; by HM a Jamaican King, recommended from archived soley at a museum level at library of Bank of Stockton in California; why_double_wrapped_in_SWEDEN:most owl fashion codes besides CHINA of pertinent cheekbone and eye glare helpful to UFOlogists also of demised persons entrapped to trapped of
* _pterodactyl_sun: novel, -go from JAPAN translated for it :_ol_sun;manuscript ancient applicable; in Maiye art included; in _braun_suna:book likable look
* _wolf_species_social_lives: music and musical score in also library level stored at Bank of Stockton,
* _dragula: novelette; by Francis Bailey, kmwall
* _undone: novel, imbezzler, id-theft; by Michael Fitgerald, kmwall [to:check, held]
* _gabralter: soyn ukelely sprinkler attackers case a tempo score
* _gibralter_roc: novel, work time, grey jade in tie tack cuff-link in
* _crayon_gray: novel, ads, drawings by KM; by dan, Francis Bailey

I am glad to be back on familiar topics and will be updating on social media until the next blog:!/kristin.wall.399 Take good care of yourselves and think today upon your own concepts of group behaviors, and of your own wellness activities and how to blend them. Until next time, then.
Sartorially yours,
Kristin Marie Wall

Friday, July 13, 2012

This Weekend Summer Vacation Essay To Do Time

Salutations. Although I found out late about these that caused me to reminisce, they are what I'd be doing if I wasn't on the way to another event this weekend.

Keep a shelter open this weekend. At the Delta Humane Society where you'll remember the doggy dashing events I once volunteered for there is a need for funds. They'll have a fund raiser at Whirlows in Stockton to keep providing for these animals in a no-kill environment. Patrice Davidson, their executive director. Whirlows has regular event nights, lately, I noted. Acoustics are fine inside the bistro.

Wheat. An event? The colorful dance costumes of a male-oriented competition at harvest time has a feature about the women joining more in the traditions. At Delta Community College's Atherton Hall.

What I did on my prior sabbatical, a bit like a proverbial Americanism essay of what I did on Summer vacation. Lively in Utah, the events at the Krishna Temple and Cultural Center in Spanish Fork. Worth adding into the canyon vacation time. The food excels in a simplistic buffet for the flavor awakenings. I thought their gift set jewelry kits were phenomenal in the boutique. The kind to send away for. I'd meant to tour their service, also.

About ghosts, as I research a topic of insects in the Victorian era for a story. I'm on a timeline partial-sabbatical while sorting through the family emergencies and crisis, I have to be home bound awhile. A few weeks? The time is good for another writing and art sabbatical, and I hope to have a good story for you, Good Readership, from this time. I will also update you on Facebook:!/kristin.wall.399 Sabbatical support to 2187 Christina Ave, Stockton, CA 95204. If unusual, a gift.

Some of you liked the heraldic artwork on this site, including some of the Yahoo!360 from the early years of the blog. A point then to the Historical Names dot com group for their accommodation of requests. They were helping when I was attempting to set up a non-profit business, and the colorful artwork still warmly greets many of you.

Take good care.

Kristin Marie Wall

Monday, June 25, 2012

Orchestrated Blues on History Noted


The blog transitioning relating on Mondays helpful data requestable from your law enforcement offices or of the FED and Office of Emergency Services' extra services to respectively get incursion data (up to 2nd set of prongs and of 28th of 340 predictable) such as total victimized for writing works swaths or to help your trend business with exacting times of day for two trends or one superior changed one. Such as the June Solstice timed to historical fashion courts that noticed the trends such as this year turned from one grouping of animal likened trend types into a wardrobe planners' type that uses the person's own type. Such as a cheetah style for me if I relate it to a save-the-cheetah poem I wrote in childhood and wildlife management interests still being something I follow. History on.

Some good rumors I've researched from sources is of colors of blue notes. About the time of cavemen making history, their favorite color being a silvery-blue washed-out looking. It was the must have. Luminous like a transparency. It was about their mood, also. Revived by moderns in other ages. Jazz types of music relating to blues emotions gave a full-circle to the color spring. Bell-pulls were being wrapped in this color used for eons as underwear dye because it was around alot. Extra fabric was used to wrap bell-pulls in that made evil-reducing noise levels to some in certain places, otherwise for a call to service in an abode, typically. This blue transitioned during Versailles high times into an equal for red, then heralds made another blue the equal to heraldic red still in use today by governments of Spain and royal household courts.

God granting, many things are changing for me to relate to the blues notations and I appreciate the friendly persons grouped around Facebook aligned with this blog. Adding notes. Today being a good and productive day of spring around here, while I research a group of fashion angels from ancient history, try a suggestion of an angel card reading online such as I visited myself. Or enjoy a book at a park and watch for the sprites of the mind. My muse and I have the afternoon together to do writing samples. Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin Marie Wall

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Overage and Incursion Fashion Literature Detail


Incursion official data at each police station or policing area nearby daily by approximately 8:30 a.m. o'clock. Orbs of red were remarked upon by watchers of NASA's paramilitary on air patrol netting the unharmful tokens from space matter of Earth's own orbit; in with black sun orbs and new but requestable at observatories, many. Homeland invasion incursion level coded by NSA explained by swaths of reaction time in it all of response and of what to be done by local law enforcement or of your NSA volunteerism from Homeland Security its Agencies nearby.

To you, the Good Readership, do use your free call into the Facebook site of extra promotional on Kristin Wall site and links from there are of interesting sites and persons in my friends lists. Some you know already. Texts on Fashion and alike are there greatly discounted for their supplemental value anticipated if buying early before your regular coursework, or just advantage in your regular course. Listings all beginning in grouped of sign-ons by Facebook regular applicable here and so the artwork on there is also some gadget level of low pixel use with some offers at times to buy or use it for your own if a pop-op script asks you. Or similar might be in future time.

To purchase other items from my Yahoo! sited groups begin with if you collect art and other groups such as if you're a fashion student or wardrobe planner or alike or other groups if you're a writer or need writing new data lessons from or The Artist's Way course of it Vein of Gold by their authors Mark Bryan and Julia Cameron the last respectively of some new alike added to support its money making process from your own creative art or form of it to and to have your writing product read for a standard fee to as judges and artistically known upper education schools set the price ranges and limits, including of time. Thanking you who've sent some while I was out. To make art support go onto Facebook for it or to PayPal.

More soon on this blog of history as it was made for your good student efforts that have kept this site busy recently for many days of almost only students worldwide.

Kristin Marie Wall writing as kmwall
sign-off as per listing

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Summary Fashion Flare Day


Congratulations to those who went to Facebook finding my newer extra place as it gave away and had nearly free items common to this blog; for easy bridgeing of education and entertainment items plus gear very important. Foreign and on-land calls for more gear and equipment given into exchange is accepted anywhere by the Senators or equal already and foreign government and military representatives have arrived to help donate time to collect them, sparse or over-abundance at. This an alumni site, also announcing a good addition from legal to education or entertainment the G-rated educating on sitatuations at large in areas of topical textbook. Extra education was sought on my site Facebook as Kristin Wall and good seeking further got many new readers an unit of education-training for their own trained level from places already from Stanford University gifting and transferring, for the actual economy study of transvxoerse. It a tax-overwrite and of the tax shelter colloquialism terms. 2-IRS leadd-in data for coursework acceptance sudden text of it all abundant now on the marketplace and acceptable by known date time to TONGA its a land of self the many a placement of for testing also required an acceptable alternative to testing for getting into or out of the training by extra-overt to alternative economics said by the FED to be for over 180 years ahead. Already done, by IRS its equals all over.

Gear by answering or asking at secondary messaging by technology common and free now to soldiering and of vetarans approved re-use to reinvigoration of their career status to a homeland defense about it anew to any, also gifts books texts music more of a fund here declared several times, appropriate for all aged groups:
_sur:song, rescue, going to hell and returning again; by Metallica;;
_j:fashion point, song in by RENT musical cast of Broadway; by joe;;
_camelot_next:tale, one-time; by Amanus an official bear of State of California search and rescue unit, kmwall;;
_ fed_ferry_brogue:book compilation, included _insurgency_mobile_alert, gear included; by their submissions offer of correct technical data of for South Was Right site and studies by to benefit them;;
_ferry_brogue:book of; by their submissions offer of correct technical data of for Confederate Heraldry site studies by to benefit them;;
_wallet_you:how-to, doing funding funds as at District Attorney Offices or equal global style to fund exacting warfare or homeland defense area wise; by Allen Dulles, kmwall;;
_love_ness:novel, pleased to death; benefits Elliot Ness fund; by kmwall;;
_love_night:novel; by bob_b off-USSF-Russia's;;
_fallopian_soldiers:manual, how to raise a shrunken soldier; by Charles Redd Wall, kmwall;;
_dun_way;manual, fashion code, level-2; by Caloamus an antelope of war heraldry unit loaned to City of Stoctkon's homeland defense against incursions; kmwall;;'
_delaware_drew:book, funds, vogue fashion code liken buying favored hosiery as stock of worn; by Alamasus official bear-wolf hybrid laboratory unknown of State of California search and rescue unit, HM a Jamacian King's unit_1;;
_delaware_dreuv:book of economics, value; by Alamasus official bear-wolf hybrid laboratory unknown of State of California search and rescue unit, HM a Jamaican King's unit_1;;
_bayou_blue:novel, includes _sons:music by RENT the musical cast of Broadway; by sons_on_serial_unit, kmwall;;
_dry_one:novel; by dry_one_unit;;
_salome_song:book, by California Psy-Ops;;
_grxog:recipes; by poor_birds as computer robot birds paramilitary unit members of for Stockton Police Department benefitting;;
_borg:novel; by Toy Story staff, Anna Wintaur;;.

As this blog will soon transition back to my personal interests of the type you, Good Readership, found here and on earlier incarnations of the blog, I thank you for following along.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin Wall
ARMY finance

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cosmic Black Suns Sighted and Funding Items


Black suns, about 80 plus or minus daily of the orbs official titles of good tourism level to happy expectations for their comic type aero performance competing with any glider or balloon or kite once feared now enjoyed by fashion demographic analysts comparing the data from wind patterns and astronomy light that is used by the FED and OES and Fashion Industry and soon again the Resort. Demographics transpose or translate directly. The black sun shows stopping as NASA nets them well, to tourism again later after demise attempts against the military base ghost researchers go about more undetected that are in line of work, once more visible. Anomaly reports needing to be done were over assigned over the Easter weekend by sudden request on my last moment blog extra site 2 at as all Police Stations or other Stations of law enforcement were overloded with anomalies that are actual; the pay is good, casework still allowed 2 of per day to MUFON for its first and fast response to meet with SAC of FBI Sacramento or LAPD's representative by 2 o'clock in disclosed locations welcomed with free housing to work at it by the Mayor's office of Stockton, California and others of places the same. All weekend the mayors' offices worked happily with the public, thanking them for situating the newly arriving workforces for other and types of.

Below are of gifts or items for purchase in funding the soldiers or law enforcement in your areas for extra or ultra defenses or alike and so thanking them for their tirelessness such as they interact; asking also at sergeants and staff-sergeants sites also of:

* _bear_fuuiirtz:book fashion, by abhid_feelings
* _su_gone_naugh:how-to fashion; by bear_joe
* _germain_bu:astronaut ware look; by weiearougnh
* _aran_sun:text fashion code, fashion face codes and sogno; by face_codes
* _one_hour_polka:music; by John Suen
* _lever_four:economics text; by FBI, kmwall
* _dreadful_rite:economics text; by kmwall; included dreadful_blue_sogno:by RENT the musical cast of Broadway
* _goddess_lasting:novelized; by Richard Marcinko, kmwall
* _vega_sun:novelized; by king_d
* _blood_rock; novel; by Dick Francis
* _lie_racks:novel hopeful; by dean
* _divertuculusus_ro:text; by dave_s
* _sinking_man:novelized; by Jerry Deliberate, kmwall; included  mormon_mon: song by Jerry Deliberate
* _jeff's_got_it:novelized; by taum_tom
* _by_wunder;moviephone movie with extraterrestrial guide; by vu
* _i_did:novel about vows broken, included zebra wear; by kmwall
* _buys_dover:pamphlets and brochures
* _bxolve:text fashion code to superstition; by aryan_one
* _very_big_omens_in:text fashion code; by a State of California bear official Alaanu's only one with an apostrophe; included omen_us:book of trends to text level-1; includes omen_vu:text fashion code on
* _four_u_trend:text, category fiction lifestyle type data; by bear made in heaven platforms skyward welcomed by State of California other bears official Adonniuvs
* _gram_un_ow:novelized; by Abramauus an official State of California bear, kmwall; includes gram_un_o: text buy well in bi-well trends lot of light on clothes and amazing things; by Abramauus, kmwall
* _love_bytes:by animals adoring with trend book in: fostering_care_of_animals and by_speak; by Cal
* _candela's_node:novelized magic by masonci faux ploy; by saun, kmwall; included photos defined why she was detected as an illegal Pygmalion attempt on
* _dun_johns:how-to wear leggings to wear of, get leg wear that won't snag or run or let bullets into or burn; also shirts that can be ordered bright blue the favored heraldry color as the next one up; included teachings from Vogue Magazine on hair wearing in such gear; by Anna Wintaur, kmwall
* _leivz:novelized; by Raucanuus a State of California bear official, grand_jaque, kmwall; included -an_u_trend:book; included poem Silence on plaque and a jaanuus gunprint most requested from ARMY School of Medicine Publising House; included gift_one:surprise from extraterrestrial bear grown on space level platform fully trained to State of California official search and rescue bear teams
* _bold_us:gaming novel of horror, at every cafe 8 o'clock; by Aparrueavus an official bear from Denver; kmwall
* _bran_x_adew:book trend of face curves to adore or demise by trend cycles, hair styles and products of left 13 after; by Vogue Magazine, Galashunus a dog-bear official of State of California by DAOffices, kmwall
* _pantyhose_free_lines:strike-free pantyhose how-to includes hosiery; by boring_us_bears, kmwall
* _ball_and_u:text data on ballroom waer concerted concerned; by kmwall; includes over shoes and laces and NASA globe in_colorful; includes to_die_for_gold:by Alan Hopkins
* _o_clock:novel done damage; by Codelius a NAM bear now in State of California search and rescue team, kmwall
* _wardrobe:on_us_lyions:book on look lyoness-in; by gentle_bear, kmwall; includes _plan_ahead_rave_store:buy trend
* _dogwood:manual going good includes maxi skirt Victorian era; by kmwall

To other day's blogs for my houseing and alike data, thanking.
Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
USAF director fashion/art designer
USMC all Marine Corp its ARTS/R co-head
ARMY(any/ finance & USSF special-op
NAVY(any/ literature its project and USNSEALs unit_one
minister Ministsry of Fashion

Friday, March 30, 2012

Funder Teddy R and Gift Items with Black Suns Expected

Police in over 900,000 cities available for data data of to Military daily for plagiarism concerns are to be thanked. Thank you, Good Readership, for following along with the funding items for ultra-defenses extras in your own areas when you purchase from the sites listed or bookstores by request. Of it:
Funder, Teddy Roosevelt Fund, deceased president's own money fund found by USSS decided for gifting from his campaign trail over; four days on for each new person gifted by requested or selected topic granted by CIA nearby managed friendly technology full dna noninvasive suggesting:
Bears, of California the official State's 144,000 bred trained well into search and rescue capacity the seek and destroy level on at this blog time all welcome your interest in their renewed to Fashion an Industry shared funder and on previous blogs:
* _gallant_me:bear's story; by Alarcus a State of California official bear of search and rescue unit; bundled in:
_bear_yokel_youhnmon:songbook Victorian era trends then funny, text level if needed; by denver_jaquenmeunv, dan_mon, doctor of entertainment James Ricks, kmwall
* _jimbo's_-gong:said jong this about bears and elephants on the economy graph or in children's stories; by also bundled:
_how_to_wear_suntans_as_a_child_with_cxorep:new children's brand suntan or prevention of products for their skin development levels by USARMY doctors within and /\-aSNS, kmwall
* _many_monies:how fish became fries then monies; from bears aware of fashion telling first currency outside of mind ledgers etched onto tree bark still on tree trunk storage and how sales forces were first recruited and trained; by bear staff of State of California official, kmwall; bundled in:
_well_lore_in:economy graph book, Seven jeans solved cases harm to church clergy; by Seven Jeans manufacturer
_yore_bunky_dog:jeans to color if child or any size for pocket artwork transfer to Seven Jeans or other full leg option art; by Seven Jeans
[to:Toulouse;wear,with it]
* _niceness:near:telling children how hope works, to know niceness; by niceness_deer_bear; bundled in:
_by_deer_berry:how he rescued his friend in as a NASA tale of friendship with dog-bear collar bejeweled encrusted for wildlife being hand fed to alike nearby; by Alajeulus a bear-dog-bear of State of California official
* sombo:short children's story; by Avalon_nex a bear of State of California official unit
* sonomxoe:song of bears composing playing of State of California official units; signed by Atlantic Records
* _omega_song:sing-along-to; by Abracus composing as the official State of California bear of search and rescue unit, with Reba Macintyre, venga_tim
* parus_bore_game_thurtenzudz:another bear bored game about Paris FRANCE fashion good also for fashion club level; by janus_spd, Janus the State of California official bear, kmwall
* blog_bear_on_top_weekly:anecdotal news about one of the fashion bears at a time of State of California official sent to you; by directors in the Military and kmwall
* traitor:novelized casework inside; by Alabasus an official State of California bear of search and rescue unit, kmwall; bundled in by same:
_ribbons_work_sector:manual economics mint, defense of unit in able to be contacted for more data on how clubs enforced ribbon workforce sectors (on globe imagine ribbon tied across some coordinate typed ancien history of economics-wovneu said wow)
* sognolxo:art mobiles by bears and butcher block gnawed gilded for display plus broom stick and other tools used for economic sector mapping all gilded; by Agracius; also bundled ny Abracus_Jough, salvang_sup, john_ex_hex, kmwall:
_exclusive_art:wall pieces and large structures fine art to gilded and historical displays dipped in gold too silver to Gold Rush 49ers rejecting fashion trends now remade includes photos of fashion designers famed at jailhouse turned fine dining and other Victorian structures used now fashionably in lifestyle as bank standing with tunnels still to all banks known then with tours to and through; by brass a-listing also and bears of California
_done_fore_bear_ware:inside job book beaten bushes guide like olden times
* _dracula_sogno:song and better wear of Gothic Xian trend in now undetectable with wear included; by bear_onex
* _blue_boron_bored_game:new object owl; by Alabacus an official bear of State of California search and rescue unit
* _bear_-a_longuedou_liikenavu:done joe wear in kimono look made with decor look in from Japaneaux trend-or of gold look revised from Victorian log of miners' spotted when none wore, of queen's and laundresses wearing then; by bears of State of California official search and rescue unit, kmwall
* jest_ware_now:guide boring wear; by Borxaus a bear of State of California and Arkansas official to search and rescue unit
Fashion, Economy:
* _needed_neet_its:knit well today instructions with videographer to any technology media need any known technology to soldiers also any theirs their own instant, lore no soldier would knit a sock after one shot while making a sock inside, sock knit in; by dean, father_joe, kmwall; also bundled includes::
_sew_fix_it_wear:how to; by Prince Charles of Wales House of Windsor;
_about_wall:this blogger author storied; by USMC;
_why_no_makeup_now_is_for_knitting_wear_look:book; by sopa_pa
_of_economics:text and manual versions, why knitting is at 'of' on the economics graph of eleven; by ray_von, quand
* _sumpter_hall:bear league glorious economics tales in good bulls, why Victorian revxorsed some economics underway, some cardinals in book and venture capitalists famed as Floyd Kvamme and advised how to invest data; by anonymous cardinals, kmwall; bundled in:
_gear_geared_aware_it_bright:wear gear; by Alan Hopkins NASA
_why_you_like_light_less_if_you're_kristin's:subcult attempt study group of halls; by George
_helpful_ventures:how to invest in social club cars legally getting ahead; by sleepy_giant, IRS
_you're_all_working_hard_this_month_why_not_write_it:letter writing this month; by postal_saum
* _boon_a_logue_in:text missed data level any of Victorian era, lore, into 1920s of brother can you spare a dime social global mentality to soup pot era ilk and Victoria's wanderers mistaken for angelics; by Vogue Magazine, kmwall
* _angel_ware:text how to wear angel's hair to gore on lore and tales of hate of hair that was angel compared; by those_boys; bundled in by same:
_beware_-an_hair:song, long
* _just_blue_is_u:how to wear it; guided by church pals counseling on sudden wardrobe changes; by justin_marque' a priest clandestine
* _2_u:text -a Fashion Economy of u-trend on now; by kmwall
* _vogue_love:novelized about how kmwall was embezzled by parental route both of now in mental institutions healing well old age accounted , what was done, to defiant in front of any law enforcement and court systems or USFederal Marshals catching in the moment of crimes holding on punishments already convicted finally of; by Steve Young '49er, Million Man March men, Stockton PD, Orem Utah PD, bundled in:
_also_love:more on; by casework_joe
_about_yo_u:music of hate for love at home; by Metallica
_u_jest:song; by kmwall
_good_boy:novel; by cual, kmwall
* _fyyire:novel; by dan_d
* _trial:novel; by kmwall
* _a_bee:novel; by John Nesbitt
* _by_stan:novelized, saving a man; by Stanford University Staff
* _gneau:novel; by kmwall
* _vegan_days:novel; by Dr. James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* _kidney:novelized; by Joe
* _aid_m:novelized USSF black_maum_bo; by Tom Clancy;; bundled in:
_black_maum_bo_hair:aides; by black_maum_bo
* _preternatural_one:novelized of attacks on city of Stockton others alike; by Bob Mayer, Steve Martini, Michael Levine, Jim Plunkett, Richard Marcinko, John Jakes, James Clavell, judge_grand, Chuck Norris, kmwall
* _clair:novel skin tone attacks; by devon; bundled in by same:
_-a_clair:guide for hair skin clarity
* _penelope_i_1:novel; by cual_i
* 5_angel_play:novelized; by gym_geo
* _sport_and_dna:book; by SPAIN's King and Crown Princess, and kmwall
* _novel:book on writing; by kmwall
* _eyewear:how to compensate; by denver_jack
* _grace_under_pressure:filmed days of 8 attacks in incursions blog listed and at any police station; by Vee
* _gone_with_the_wind:novel analysis; by Jason Severing
* _red_hair_complexion:saffron d; by dean, USSS, USMC
* _a_new_poetry:poems; by Angus Young
* _mormon_mon_song:music composed written performed; by Jerry Deliberate
* _delve_r:music; by Spyro Gyra
* _gone:song; by jo_-go
* _voter:music; by Disturbed
* _cremieux:music; by CREAM
* _1100_yous_not_you:music; by KDLang
* _vogue_r:music; by RENT;; in:
_book; by Anna Wintaur
_film_in:economy on; by Kent Jamesoni USSF
* _tent_one:musical school stageplay; by Allen Dulles, kmwall
**asking for any topic allowed by funder, such as housing or color green, etc.
Course for Free, Stanford University optional to transfer earned credit unit to alternate training center by sending to Stanford University dean's office by any of its routes into by 4a.m. o'clock any day until May as turning in a set of used to display somehow manually written or other by technology applied or acceptable is to use a type trend from Victorian era on forward for this one exercise each available to be used applying for credit unit of eduction properly as nonwritten or technologically doing this as challenge homework assigned acceptable; its about:
vegetable_white, a u-trend in Fashion-Resort Economy also Ecology-Economy of now arrived by FED or Office of Emergency Services nearby (county level anyplace) -go, coursework: compare a Kinsean bell-curve of full-on onto, with standard X-Y axes labeled respectively as yore, cut-up; assign one below exiting from bell-curve the ten or eleven, find 'on' at nine or ten, preferring an eleven structure to bell; manipulate 1/on to its 43 flippings of graph with accounted for 41 flippings to flopping as 1/n type determined plus one more duo-set as a mirror reversal once then returned oncely for a total counted 43 flip-flops;; also now familiar to many of each or any trend potentate during any business day aligned to; for another unit plus half credit of education, please add the following work assigned: use a graphed system of above assigned, make a scale of graphing new like a log type to focus in closer by using marograms of maromagram in ancien Fashion Industry and economy the in Resort World aware that used from above assigned knowing that it has 400 years within candlelight file labeled sections of historic economics correlating data already done exacting timelined and only 400 years so that nonbinary system of marogramming can be used with light as axis with new log-like type formed so that a scale of scrutiny newly exists by your work assignment, example a light year may be used for an axis, plus your own scale decided to analyze something in your example homework such as a gun or a trend named yun or alike. Enjoy the military gifted alert for a free credit of unit educational and to transfer anywhere even to lower remedial to carry forward for gifted children systems in place already, plus.
Black Suns, no orbs evident but forty will arrive by dawn, viewable by letter swath in skyward angle to a sound of it being heard matched to the assigned alphabet letter formed from its descent; also etched if smooth on dirt. Tours of now through Moffett Federal Airfield on; to civil affaires.
Kristin-Marie Wall, co-writing as kmwall
& those below added
commanding officer any
USAF director fashion/art designer
all Marine Corp its USMC as co-head ARTS/R
ARMY(any/ finance and USSF a special_ops member
NAVY(any/ literature its project and USNSEALs a unit_one
RAF+any Military
OES owner
knight FFL
Knight of Colombus
SAS an officiator as member
chaplain of Industry of Fashion's legwear hosiery /\-aSNS
minister of Ministry of Fashion
writer artist showing at Elsie May Goodwin Gallery in Stockton California two 8x10inch watercolors named Sadness 1 & 2 paired or alone set prices USD$1Million or USD$800,000 respectively; online site free to browse soon to watch for and writer learning center site level on Yahoo!Groups as novel_more and ArtistWayWorkshop for those applying for lessons or reading fee for full manuscripts reading fee USD$400 as at believe_in_one_writer
Noted see other blogs for the other gifts and books and more available from the funder for sale also with optional benefitting you such as described by for IRS value or from any credit card company for lowering their rate by use of these gifts in purchase of their lode card used; thanking.
Further: Known as illegalis the term from a presidential disclosing of original laws, planetary; all countries keep it; that declares war against instantly for it such as ultra violence against a type of system or thing or personal matter; a warfare is set against consanguinity, exampled; within or alone from other topics on his/her/their/its listings permanently in placement; for any governmental rise or leaving; still adhering by universal coding; if invaded from above moon bases established; per. seedqc.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Trend-On Gifts Books Data

More on funding items today in that you can ask for the items listed on this blog and other sites mentioned for it the pop-up menu also or at bookstores by request. Distribution by USAF Publishing House. Include in your asking any and all California State bear official items of designed devised written co-written books texts textiles wares to full gear any all to full-support soldiering alike. May these gift items be an enjoyment.

Kristin-Marie Wall,
co-writing as kmwall

& those below added as at other sites sharing this blog

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Funders and Scarab Art and Black Suns


More of the funder items for your areas' ultra-protections are listed here; may they be an enjoyment as you request them from sites listed or on the pop-up menu or by asking at bookstores' reference desks of these distributed by USAF Publishing House:
* onex:music:sogno; by CREAM
* rxover_x:done jobs of communication, 2-lever, refer to; by Alananus an official bear of State of California writing guiding
* table_ware__book:tells history; by official state bear of search and rescue response teams Alaexux
* how_to_handle_a_ceo:manual, tirade; by Shel Israel, Army 3
* try_as_you_might_1; book; by Alabanus an official bear of State of California search and rescue team
* happenance_of_ARTS_trend:brochure, follow Fashion; by Alabanus an official bear of State of California search and rescue and kmwall
* max_mouse_ii:manual 2 level; only art trend known to follow Fashion Industry; by kmwall
* mayflower_homes:by church_clergy_one
* gieve:novellized I believe; by Chet of USSS
*stuffed_rats:gift by Alabacus a bear for your pet dog
* asking for any by topic of education military alike
Art, lesson free requested again by poll. Scarab from Egyptian art was used first on buttons and wares with a same sized guaged now with the button of modern times. Internet icons sized as avatars being similar. The artwork was once a legal mark of identification and considered filed with the beauty industry items and data such as wardrobe plans in file for scarabs.
Black Suns, 30 orbs and 31 expected in next two days, peaceful. For tours schedule through Moffett a Federal AFB by office in of Civil Affaires to the food needs also of soldiers there at-places; for list to free for soldiering as at UOP in Stockton CA at the culinary site there assigned, gourmet-2+. Gladdening.
Kristin-Marie Wall co-writing as kmwall\
& those listing:
USAF director fashion/art designer
all Marine Corp its omc and as co-head of the USMC ARTS/R
ARMY(any/finance and USSF a special-ops unit member
NAVY(any/ literature its project and USNSEALs a unit_one member
chaplain Fashion Industry of legwear hosiery alike
minister Ministry of Fashion
knight FFL
RAF+ all Military any commanding officer or for clear
SAS officiator
herald USN
below beginning soon ask for invitation to it at frontpage
on display my artwork at Elsie May Goodwin Gallery in Stockton CA of 2 8x10 watercolors tryptch styled priced separately at USD$1Million and USD$800,000 by asking with this printout of site a government impressed document guarantor will allow the 9-month payment of the asking set price to the gallery if while hung to sell view while on show.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Astro Data Ancien Lesson

Funding first today as you consider a gift book or any topical one to these guaranteed by CIA nearby American or Mexican or an Artillery refunding to it the other countryside offices officials given by Teddy Roosevelt the former president USA wish to do for a Good Readership; distributed by USAF Publishing House:
* glaness:story of white dye economy; by unit_one jones
* cleopatra_ware:mecca; by manus bear an official State of California bear of search and rescue team
* buy_one_more + pare'_bear:economics and story by Aburnus an official State of California bear of search and rescue
* squinc_baer:fashion code weyr; by listing
* plumouuth_wien:novelized, casework level 2 included; by sildier_wien
douvgnsmsx_dog:by januiisult12
* pattern_warp:by mae rover, kmwall
*asking for any by topic of all prior blogs on gift book promotional also

Work, to USAF AirForce1Office's:Projects under free sort named "worklisted" to get work paying equal all marketplaces typed to civilian alright also of FED named workforces filed, ask.

Writing, to my Yahoo!Groups if Clergy a ten for one price of USD$10 to learn intensive pace data on new novel screenplay manuscript add more lessons approved by World Court and CIA to be given by myself an author teacher online textbook writer plus. Groups called one_writer for novel_more course new or ArtistWayWorkshop teaching a Vein of Gold by serious entertainment writer Julia Cameron a type enjoyed at workshop on how to make money on one type found by course.

ARTS, noted: A vogue trend on art only time, timely fun of this explained returning to art focus of one since ancien now in modern times of 181 years of a trend time of kornier art becoming siiully said 'silly' trend of non-hurtfulness and good; towards gladness in the experience and of a wellness cycle taught on this site and others officially.

Astrology, travel AAA document and others alike of magazines using some data grids of matrix value found likeability in populace already taking courses mostly $USD12-60, about if Rio de Janeiro it would've been by astrology a honeymoon exclusive vacation for sailing boaters catapulted type amusement park ride to launch an adventure honeymoon specializing; if Ritz Carlton on castle areas would've been adventure search and rescue vacation of Wildlife near resorts to brought back to health while tourism is in smaller building structure alikened by squared like some castle floorplants, of named Castle Baer, and more already paid for and studied. Thanking magazines such as travel ventures and focus of immediate for trend data gathering plus such as their five-star accomodation listings would've by astrology also included one for each lowering starred category down to one-star accomodation enjoyably.

Orbs, black suns are still arriving at 32 by day 678 netted by NASA to its museum with staff-seargent call-sign raelian_vu_vau leading.

Take good care and I'll see you on the next blog.


Kristin-Marie Wall
those writing as kmwall
USAF director fashion/art
all Marine Corp its USMC  its co-head of ARTS/R
ARMY(any/ finance and USSF special-ops member
NAVY(any/ literature its project also USNSEALS a unit_one of
RAF+ all Militaries
NASA mascot
knight FFL
Knight of Columbus English soiled
OES owner
badged#11011/+USSS-DEA-sheriffparamilitaryunit et al

Friday, March 16, 2012

Funding Books Gifts Items

Funding items first again as distributed by USAF Publishing House as done by a CIA nearby funder:
* alabanus_I:novelized about first search and rescue lion and his friend; by Alabanus the lion, official, Sir Pauls, shou, grant_ed, devon, dan, dorque, valneum, kmwall
* lion_kapade:gamebook; by Alabanus the search and rescue lion for the Military
* lion_capade:solving book; by rzsuvnmnousx of HM a Jamaican King's unit_one
* alabanus_II:novelized; by Sir Pauls, devon, dan, dorque, shou, valenum, Alabanus the search and rescue lion official
* boot_and_camp_for_bored_and_pare':training camp data official; by Abracus the State of California state bear doing search and rescue explaining officially
* gxom_50:novel;by judge_d, Richard Marcinko, kmwall
duex_un:music; by Procol Harum
* try_a_tray:book on gracious living; by Abudulus another official State of California search and rescue doing bear
* dance_chance:novel; by Dan Millman
* skorn_grown:novel; by Richard Marcinko
* overjoy:novel; by Gil Killigan
* duck_with_a_walk:novel; by Anna Wintaur, kmwall
* double_duty:novel; by Tom Cruise
* brick:novel; by Jim Brick
* over_and_out:novel; by gym_joe
* pot_of_gold:novel; by asinarius_narre
* the_pearl:music; by Danny Ambience
* away:novel fear; by kmwall
* battle_q:by jon_ju_2
* alive!_satanism_now_Norad_and_it:book; by maharaja_juan, kmwall
* church_maus_horse:novel; by Bob Mayer
* church_maus_braun:novel; by judge_leon
* monster_sock:book, socks within of new voguen; by AASF
* mxonautor:novelized psy op war; by ben {to:Rome;i]
* ask for by topic such as color bleu or for all gear for it grouped for any Military soldiering or alike assigned to by determined on linked sites to seargents staff seargetnts thanking with no cost of for qualified

Work, USAF AirForce1 Office's: freesort "worklisted" or to listed above.

Take good care and until the next blog.

Kristin-Marie Wall
those writing as kmwall
any of, commanding officer
USAF director fashion/art designer
all omc Marine Corp its USMC as its co-head ARTS/R
ARMY(any/ finance and USSF a special_ops member
NAVY(any/ literature its project and USNSEALs a unit_one and herald to others by
knight FFL
NASA mascot employed
all Military
OES owner
SAS officiator
chaplain Fashion Industry legwear hosiery
minister Ministry of Fashion

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vedic Medicine and Arabian Finance Taught Free by IRS to Qualified

More funding books gifts and items as distributed by USAF Publishing House and noting that thanks to the VA's helpfulness from their Stockton office, all soldiers have been reached now by Veterans Administration USA+ to receive their free items listing and their custom gear by request right down to custom color, and for it the thanking with:
* ender's_day:bored game board turns into computer before your vision; by Vogue Magazine, dun_v_duuzzzneleven_ddgeu, judge_vogue, king_reg, joe, kmwall
* board_and_doe:game to sail away; by Abratus and Alabasus the official State of California animals doing search and rescue alongside the military dogs and other K9 units, officially
* pantofle_flu:novel; by dan, joe, denver_jan
* tries_roger:novelized, Maiye art inside included; by kmwall
* vau:novelized; by Al Gore
* royal_braun:novel; by Bob Lily of disc jockey fame
* spartan_maum:novelized; by rosa
* ten_two:book; by Bruce R. McKonkey
*dressed_to_nines:text fashion; by bailey_little, grand_jacque, Anne Perry, Poul Anderson, Dan Millman, Michael Fitzgerald, Dave Berry, Colonel Surtan, Robert Bruce, John Grisham, Steven Segal, Stephen Frey, Michael Ontiveros USMC, John Legg, Bob Mayer, Tom Clancy, bi_taum, judge_grand, James Clavell, John Jakes, Richard Marcinko, Jim Plunkett, Michael, Levine, Steve Martini, Patrick Donohue, Clive Cussler, Al Gore, Dir. Muehller, Ian Fleming, kmwall
* Mauna_mapsiestumr; book plus moapst in for military and of imposters; by HM a Jamaican King and others; library museum useage supplied, +
* flag_of_one:novelized with original one replica inside included; by kmwall
Medicine, Vedic is system used by all USN military doctors and psychiatrists in the field of combat to after treatment it being a word explained only by its similar sound to demarcations of it by any prostitutes naming themselves of soundalike removed from Israel permanently for it. Vedic systems used are beneficial to bodies if only 3 days per week but 4 does no more than three; all experience should be enjoyed as Vedic medicine is the bloodline of modern medicines and more archives to hundreds more medical degrees of challenging suddenly from schools including Wharton College, Stanford University and SUNY including FIT its school of fashion covering lifestyle elements historical or soon. Thanking with for soldiers plus aligned workforces for these the topics on blogs prior and now the #900daimond grant a good qualifier for of all covered needed plus adding your own benefits equaled ahead.

Finance, training on ARABIA its Naval portion the plans of money made already unware to find it there not from saving but from rounds of it plans legal all countries the IRS trains free the tickertape option of list still available or modernized more technology with it on it.

Astrology, 800,000 students allowed into coursework by Ed Cromarty USMC co-head ARTS/R a known before as head of All Military a once revised into corrected data from errors handed about on technical novelized versions his identity theif caught, prosecuted, done. The class is about new data from how a tank-artillery brings all them to you by being there at it a place placed by astrology, or the missive style entry please submissable of a novel document or type needed to qualify it for real work it must have some related astrology from astronomy charts and historical data of use. [to:the;site.]
Heraldry, music heraldry now existing by USNAVY the new herald for myself including as a job already transferring about as an officiator of SAS. Dr. of Entertainment James Ricks included in lore of it to factual archives used for the heraldic patchwork manuevers of battlefield akin, typical of heraldry and its formal use. Thanking those requesting.

Fashion, Parrot-day fashion code of today on calendar day trend 'isiminate'-n-warfared noted liked to attacked in public places, of one black-file archives including color of black and a shiny thing or piece added. There are good security procedures to observe from OES any county region type -ga =-go et al. Shiny or bright recall opens eye-rods that allow more light to vein ahead of brain that speeds blood under more light, makes victim participant feel smarter; various reasons obvious for attacks. To Police to report, correlate, thanking them for extra.

Thanks, including Law Enforcement and CVCC Civil Servants Civil Affaires and also the Country of SWEDEN lately for the new job categories for me which they defined. I like writing more again, with the advanced schedules. More by request of the populace about myself soon on this a once personal family blog.


Kristin-Marie Wall
and with
those writing as kmwall
any commanding officer
USAF director fashion/art designer
all Marine Corp its omc and USMC as co-head ARTS/R
ARMY(any/ finance + USSF special_ops a member of
NAVY(any/ literature its project + USNSEALs a unit_one
FFL knight
Knight of Columbus
any military
chaplain Fashion Industry legwear hosiery
minister Ministry of Fashion
author and artist: displaying now at Elsie May Goodwin Gallery Stockton California 2 8x10 watercolor tryptch experience Sadness no. 1 Sadness no. 2 priced USD$1Million or USD$800,000 respectively

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Official Funding Items


Funding items by USAF Publishing House distributed:
* boot_and_camp_for_bored_and_pare':training camp data 80 days; by official State of California search and rescue bear Abracus
* harpoon_ 97_classic:game version by judge_day
* belugi_sogno:song; by John Belushi, -aun_units
gxom_50:novel; by Richard Marcinko, kmwall
*asking for any topic by it provided


Kristin-Marie Wall
aka kmwall
those writing as kmwall
any commanding officer
USAF director fashion/art designer
all Marine Corp omc + its USMC as co-head ARTS/R
ARMY(any/ finance + USSF a special_ops unit member unionized effect thanking for gear on
NAVY(any/literature its project + USNSEALs a unit_one as
knight Knight of Columbus
officiator SAS
chaplain Fashion Industry hosiery legwear
minister of Ministry of Fashion
RAF+ any Military and FFL and CA-PsyOps a battallion formed + et al

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Funding Items and NASA Food Grown Feeding Planet Also

Official Incursion alert of over one million plus ten thousand cities homeland invaded coded accurately of the plagerism violence ultra level of also artistic items the actual hidden by home office business four level to Orem Utah's Police for data case overlap FBI to USSS 101 of any Prince Charles of Wales caseloaded number form from FFL listed this blogsite staff seargents seargents also sited on to it the form add your own code for day of. Burned cyanide of airdropped attacks also with scum much spum of any below waisted the level of it from bodily any over same cities to sickening. Be aware to grafts sudden from any Military to toted or at any hospital by #400daimondGrants from their computer arising already, or hospitalers of known fame around with fully mobile hospitals on foot doctors afterwards. Thanking the public the games or books from former President Teddy Roosevelt's personal finances at his office then resulting in free to soldiers all any gear of type asked any or for public the Good Readership this blogsite of included with staff seargents seargents sites onto leading over to more the 3 days further all any topic chosen by it you or the CIA online with friendly noninvasive technology managing still free for timeframe stated, for students certain benefit announced as is, until later, thanking all as with Police Civil Servants CVCC and other governmental and church temple workers for extra help; choose by topic color blue exampled:
* ask for by topic any pare bear etc story book alike: bored_and_doe: or pare'_bore_game_
* ask for by game type used in actual soldier training by Judges Justice Department USA:
as silent_hunter or civilization_1 to 4th

Work, from AirForce1Office's free sort "worklisted" from USAF or EDD link up, on trend now of it the type King Arthur Court combs for hair design a type sectored of workforce any by FED devised. For it call, write, any amount fine to managed.

Food, many accounted shortages, to NASA a budged orug sounding like 'original' the word to get the supply accurate for your need of platforms of food supplying the surface of the planet now.  Each space floating platform terrarium the type grown.

Take good care.


Kristin-Marie Wall
aka kmwall
and with
those writing as kmwall
any commanding officer
USAF director fashion/art designer
all Marine Corp its USMC as co-head ARTS/R
ARMY(any/ finance and USSF as its special_ops member
NAVY(any/ literature its project also a USNSEALs a unit_one
FFL+ any Military RAF NASA knight Knights of Columbus
chaplain Industry of Fashion legwear hosiery

Monday, March 12, 2012

Funding and School Art Lesson Summer!

Miscreant lead ins into sites of countryside cities of over 1million ten thousand cities now victimized in swathed endpoints objectives of plagerism and beauty marring incidents repeated in sameness has had of it the totality of crime ridden cases alike turned over to any Military worldwide from all Police Stations congruently grouped permanently to handle as accurately coded by Homeland Security its Agencies and of OES the imposters as attackers as identity theives attacking verbally to violently for beauty marring incidents logged at places for meetings and of government agencies the military failing to respond correctly as homeland defenders into cities as World Court in session demanded already reproved officially and retaught at USMC Urban Defense Center and other places to receive and order and carry it out without failing as older time militaries did by the time of the Cromarty man training before his own namesaked identity theft extremus demarcated his influence on stout courage and nondefiant obedience. Confusion was the term discovered mildly but of the citizenry sueing in court houses the soldier denying soldiering or trying not to follow orders of superior in rank, fully winning all cases against disobedience to commands. Command from above presumed exceptional not excepted for attempting if to harm as dog rape with human commands issued in public by to any law enforcement making the sayer obviously an identity theif and also as specifically illegally harassed an ARMY Ranger by sameness lying and saying the Ranger was on a premise romantically dating instead of responding exactinly with 50 others of alike to an emergency search and rescue call and by fake head of military or army doing the saying so. Lying being a social trend for movie making dialogue typed fun or possible other nonharmful social socialized fun such as can be thought of nonharmful if in the actual trend. Not of public places where the reenactment illegalis coded by the president is not allowed ever. Burned cyanide again over the weekend illegally dropped and today sewer matter airdropped onto many of the cities listed on same list from any Police Station that is the harmful substance level to sicken and lesion cause to malignancy impersonating on body not intending to support effect by burning it to code to. Military wanting free gear were confusedly assigned four days onto this blog internationally can by designed Teddy Roosevelt former president of USA this site agiven to all militaries again for those who ignored it through and thanking the Veterans Administration for a way into via busy lines although the public has been on up to 100% for alerts of this type if of known background that is legal or able to be by the presumed wait for one from the Department of State; enjoy:
* devon_bu:sogno by IZ
* duox_pare:get duo playing versions of any pare' or alike it bored game with wildlife or search and rescue animals to other housepets on this site or staff saergents or seargent's sites offered; by same listed and from State of California officially
* bare_board:chess game with two wildlife from State of California trained in search and rescue; by Alabasus a bear
* pare_fish_and_fry_fabric:content textile plus food in trends designed by computers used by wildlife and search and rescue bears of California the State of $1-100 per yard. by the bears.
**Soldiers get gear free by topic sort of all recent new.

Work, from the listed sorts daily from the USAF AirForce1Office:'worklisted' and of the EDD in California new link to the sorted, same. Daily by work segment or industry sector as discussed by the FED.
Stanford, thanking the University for another degree PhD in a genetics topic, and for a future BA in from SUNY of organic fashion data soon, same topic; to military or scientists the data also good for historians of ancient cities missing.

Fun, soon on this site by request of all school children polled by Military and into all schools returning a free art lesson of the ancien codes and styles of calling a painting group of today. Also, a free look at astrology requested for a description of what something would be if it was graphed or designed by astrology coordinates alone. See my writing lesson site on Yahoo!Groups if wanting to take a writing lesson at write_on of a class called novel_more that can be accredited as stated for a bonus lesson on how topics by historical-astrological teaching would've been. Of art lesson a preview: look for Spring anytype by cuneiform ancien first language in any galleries. In the Military they can't find any that are of the ancien description. Another label called Summer! with an exclamation it is of windy looking grand art abstract to wind alley looks. Does the wind look like it touched the canvas or its subjects? Then it might be a Summer!


Kristin-Marie Wall
aka kmwall
those writing as kmwall
USAF director fashion/art designer
all Marine Corp its USMC as co-head ARTS/R
ARMY(any/ finance and USSF one of and to sorcery coded a commanding officer any
NAVY(any/ literature its project and USNSEALs a unit_one
RAF+ all Military and FFL
chaplain Industry of Fashion legwear hosiery
officiator SAS also knight of Columbus England nonresiding of its own
on display at Elsie May Goodwin Gallery in Stockton, CA my duo 8x10 watercolors Sadness 1&2 priced USD$1Million+800,000 and a payment plan available with prior blogs printed alike form presented.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Shoe Funder


Funding item from USAF Publishing House distributing:
* good_blue_shoe_manual1; by HM a Jamaican King's unit_one, don; ask for next 3 versions
*ask by any topic and more soon and of all back blogs on

Work, request from USAF AirForce1Office's:free-sort "worklisted" of any workforce sector as FED defined. As it the exampled trend blue on find in it all under that sky's light by the timed return expectedly of trends to be developed by workforces of.


Kristin-Marie Wall
aka kmwall
those writing as kmwall
USAF director fashion/art designer
all Marine Corp its USMC as co-head its ARTS/R
ARMY(any/ finance and USSF special_ops
NAVY(any/ literature its project USNSeals unit_one
RAF+ all Militaries FFL included
knight new Knight of Columbus
chaplain of Industry fashion its hosiery legwear to its
SAS officiator, in
minister of Ministry of Fashion or reading fee service at one_writer
et al from listed by EDD of California as such

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bulletin Gifts Books Promotional

Funding items can be requested by topic, and are distributed by USAF Publishing House as from the Teddy R funder as described in other blogs and that is providing many by topic the gifts books and gear fully speckle free and more alike on this and any other day of funder, for future also; enjoy reading:
* ask for by topic of your choice with more suggest by next blog and on previous 40+

Work, from USAF AirForce1Office's list called 'work listed' a free sort also for civilians daily 800,000 jobs posted for Fashion Industry and more.


Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
USAF director fashion/art designer
all Marine Corp USMC as its co-head ARTS/R
ARMY(any/ finance and USSF a special_ops
NAVY(any/ literature its project and USNSEALs a unit_on et al

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Funding Novels Gifts Promotional Free Stuff


Another bulletin to use the funding items for gifts and gear as it is distributed by USAF Publishing House:
*choose by topics of any asking for music or games or gear or wares, etc., asking at bookstores reference desk for assistance.


Kristin-Marie Wall
aka kmwall
those writing as kmwall
commanding officer any
USAF director art/fashion designer
all Marine Corp its USMC as co-head ARTS/R
ARMY(any/ finance + USSF a special_ops personnel
NAVY(any/ literature its project also USNSEALs a unit_one

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Plaguerism and Fashion Unusual Attack Seeing


Homeland Security its Agencies the listed alert of cyanide dropped poisonings on cities listed at Police Stations of plaguerism to fashion attacks.

Enjoy by promotional distributed by USAF Publishing House:
* elowlal:novel, textbooks by Al Gore, kmwall
*prayer_of_the_day:by USMC ARTS/R
*ask for by any topic


Kristin-Marie Wall
aka kmwall
those writing as kmwall
commanding officer any
USAF director fashion/art designer
all Marine Corp its USMC's ARTS/R co-head
ARMY(any/ finance + USSF as a special_ops unit personnel
NAVY(any/ literature its project + USNSEALs as a unit_one

Monday, March 5, 2012

U as I and Pare'GamesIn/FashionTexts/NovelsMusicPromo/Dol1TODouble8


Enjoy the available by any topic below and those to the staff-seargents seargents sites aligning: noted gifts free by CIA nearby its offices American or Mexico's doing the free transfer back to the funded funder amount thanking for the time its affiliates; managing: free by Teddy Roosevelt funder the below and of it the previous blogs to any topic or offer from it the IRS reducing or the credit card companies any alikened offer as from the notables adding benefit by their own to education levels a plus, as thank you to now the groupings of the many and the Law Enforcement and CVCC and Civil Service and Clergy registered as officially and Military with all its gear provided by it from the combined to the asked for from the staff seargent of the day all free to soldiers officially approved:
* pare'_bored_game_6:leveled; game school children leveled fun with Wildlife and housepets and them; by Abracus and others from the delta waters of San Joaquin County area found playing with him the official bear of the State of California doing search and rescue with the other bears and bobcats added to the heraldry units homeland defense level.
* pare'_bear_same_game:education leveled; by Abracus and his friendly duo official from the State of California
* very_well_very_good_pare'_bear_bored_game:education leveled; by Abracus and his friends official from the State of California
* grate_of_the_day:text; by John Mayer
* twelve_angels:novel god good; by dean, Dr. James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* -a_queen:novel, sanctuum proportion; John Nesbitt
* tres_roger:novelized; artwork in by Maiye and Mexican lore to South America; by kmwall
* ghostt:novel; by cual, kmwall
* candle_wiq:novel; by Al Gore [to:Gore]
* by_light_dawns_came:novel; by Anne Perry, kmwall [to:horror;at:Kay]
* privatized:how to make your own army; by MAC of DEA official methods involved approved by Kristin M. Wall doctor of battlefield and with all Militaries USAF dominating approach the approach contracted also demised none viewable all at any Police Station global
* 11_glances:how to; by fashion_model_tree
* pantofle_flu:novel; by dan, joe, denver_jan
* im_so_sexual_with_uu:book and music in; by dean, don, joe, kmwall
* dance_-a_divine:novel; by dan_j, kmwall
* benjiighnounm_and_bayou:novel esque; by Nurse Chappell
* buy_one_get_one:text 11 within it NEXT computer leveled for study group online group good and galore dde oxen household-cuneiform; by them
* olive_oil_for_good_clear_skin_of_oily_2:text; by dean, kmwall
* sveolve:text; by HM Jamaican King's unit_one's r_rostreaxvlsd
* haliburton:text; by Mickey
* try_as_you_will:book; by Mormon Joe
* 22_books_of_horror_for_you:horror novels; by Stephen King
* platform:novel; by Alan Hope
* divine:novel; by Stephen Frey
* arena:novel; by James Ricks doctor of entertainment, Al Gore, kmwall
* how_streets_got_cleaned:history; by SUMA
* reapid:novel 2nd language; by King of Spain
* delorean_weight:how to achieve USMC's modeling agency's modeling weight; by Jim
* rant_rose:novel CIA; by Tom Clancy, kmwall
* ask for by topics

History, the demised term lettering likened 'u' as two 'i' at it or behind on today's or other FED graphs appropriate to all ages to learn relearning that u was a sound of little-i Americanized type. Doubling it was of more urgency the sudden emergence of emergency level personnel with search and rescue attire and animals then now of dogs. Seen in most areas worldwide. About as popular as Count Zorro the tomcat on this site and others who reminds to not pet the search and rescue dogs publicly to spoil them, or they might not concentrate on work, kind thoughts are detected by them from you the Good Readership. It being enough.

Of units trained in mistrained to undertraining of it the term in their homeland defense skills the Urban Defense Training Center Isle in Stockton, California delta area upon it all is open 21 hours any day fully covered attendees by the State or place officially resided in to not lose income stream or job. Mayors inviting, pleased.

Work, apply please at free call list of USAF worklisted its named of any topical sited and also from any

Thank you, to Writers Guild a good grouping buying me lunch one day for being chosen a nonattendee but wished for.

Kristin-Marie Wall
writing as aka kmwall with others
and with
commanding officer contactable as kmajorgeneralmarie at any .mil to bases
USAF director fashion/art designer
all Marine Corp its USMC as co-head ARTS/R
ARMY(any/ finance + USSF as a spsecial-ops personnel
NAVY(any/ literature its project + USNSEALs as one
RAF+ any Military
SAS officiator
knight a new Knight of Columbus by England
chaplain of Fashion Industry legwears
minister at Ministry of Fashion
doctor of psychiatric medicine the battlefield ultra-violence+

Friday, March 2, 2012

Atlantis Lengual Historical


Funding items to ask for distributed by USAF Publishing House:
Thanking all by gift as listing in title framing of all for it aligned from here to others the official also staff seargents seargents sites for more data of more offeres to topical choices the funder a gladness:
* love_is_an_angel:by john_dough, jonqueuseuvnnr, kmwall
* love_is_due:by 10k, Cameroon goons (of country official)
* underendowed_cosmetics:text;by dand_d_man, kmwall
* drinking_man:by sir Paulus

History, to Atlantis all documented the first lengual. Taught now by The Language Training Center at nearby or Monterey the place discussed; at time of signing up for from the desktop request at VISA Company or AMERICAN EXPRESS Company president's for it prepaid: as this, the first official Department of Motor Vehicles type comparison  of then approval of languages in use was allowed 23 languages in official use they being misthought septs on this Earth as -- closely spelled to Jamaican language now still intact from and the first langauge paramilitary/Fashion-Industry. Also similar appearance to Dutch. Others are: raraewmaciouvnsx, jawmaczquen, jaueonmaczquen, plus Jamaican approved. Hopeful cheering on from Masons saying from one leader of, It sounds like the work mason. Said. Construction and angel lore mixture to mixup this site blog gift included today to NORAD's official two blogs. Ago, about sighting onto news international with books gifts song filmage to allow hope for more.

Take care....


Kristin-Marie Wall
writing as and with others as aka kmwall as publishing author to B&N asking for any by name named on these blogs a linked to staff seargents seargents the system wide for it the communications effort the panoramic pan America today a gift courteously
and with others as
a commanding officer any for
USAF director fashion/art designer
USMC all Marine Corp for it as co-head ARTS/R
ARMY(any/ finance + USSF special_ops of any prejudice age grouping
NAVY(any/ literature its project (to help go to USAF AirForce1Office's free sort named 'worklisted' for it the any topic to saving houses by soldier pay renewed revived exhorbitant onto this site a blogger also included myself + a view of it the work from any OES FED defined work sector by topical, please, pleasing
RAF+ all Military a conjoined dominating contract for all available view it alike new type for all times away or at home to the homeland defenses the most of care to one or more
chaplain a Fashion Industry legwears as work requested to EDD /\-aSNS
knight and new Knight of Columbus
SAS an officiator in of
badge#101/+USSS-ss1-DEA-sherriffparamilitaryunit et al

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Funding Day Items


Funding items distributed by the USAF Publishing House: Thanking those helping and of gifts books and more provided by generosity of former President Teddy Roosevelt USA to grace this site and the staff seargents' seargents' sites aligned for it, official plus of any military purposeful; student shopping spree over. Asking for by topic one per person a likely free book gift to entire library of it the topic possible on the site from the fund disclosed managed by the CIA nearby American Mexican offices, of repaying any foreign other alike it as noted on this international blog:
* wolf_brothers: movie-book; by Steven Barry, kmwall
* wolfe_sence: novel; by James Marks
* wolf_sence_2: novel; by cual
* wolf_science: text by Dr. Skullhead
* ask for by topic of choice and of previous blogs

Work, ask for from USAF AirForce1 Office's free sort called 'worklisted' the international furniture day in history being funture day back to Atlantis and the school room nearby needing your machine shop ability to assembling for it to the making of a gaming chair.

Enjoy the gifts on the blog.


Kristin-Marie Wall
writing as and with others aka kmwall
and others as
a commanding officer continual any of for it to USMC blog/blut site or Police Station nearby data for it the training over at USMC isle of urban defenseland of others to DEA training A-leveled to homeland defense accurate this blog for it the one time recruitment to
USAF director fashion/art designer
omc all Marine Corp USMC its co-head ARTS/R
ARMY(any/ finance + USSF special_ops
NAVY(any/ literature its project also USNSEALs as operative unit_one of
RAF+ any Military
minister in Ministry of Fashion
chaplain of Fashion Industry's legwear to EDD = work from in /\-aSNS

Wednesday, February 29, 2012



Funding items distributed by USAF Publishing House: By-CIA any office the American Mexican or Artillery of office where already funded linked to or at OES to short-file the reimbursement to any CIA office at its place picturing third world country locale a type to this form system allowed, the Teddy Roosevelt funder his left for a good book or teddy bear toy his wish from it his fund found allotted by CIA approved and invested to increase his wish for all populace to receive one or more, below type or of any this blog site or staff seargents seargents sites listing for it the continual by being well received:
* count_zorro's_dawn:novel;:about:: "Met a marque' on the road to China," said the actual Count Zorro one day saying; twenty had tried to be him and died. Since it." Setting during Mexico's Military coded new calendar officially synched oxen-3 year. by Count Zorro the feline former of Stockton Fire Department or NASA, bill_weil, kmwall;...Of it:included:; The water important for its changing one to a fashion code made by it other information in it about from kmwall' professor at SUNY FIT; metn_one:of how romantic fan was helt to meet one , by FBI f. Director Freeh, lie_lily_lei:;: also in: from NASA NSA film belza_bu_a_story_of_u; a hacienda economy text book leveld to actual buyer to be sent after recipient receives buying it now, though;,;,sand_castles_cream:text Fashion one once the color shade called done code 'in' filed [to:SUNY;once];,;,; sainted:music directed by Doctor of entertainment James Ricks with casting call found then and there to rescue one more a good tune of type Count Zorro used to write--his actual transposed for musicianship along the way his having sung brightly now dimly done, by chorale style if in the requested musical sheets for it the trained to sound alike voices even it being best found;,;,;,; hacienda_economy_was_in: economic packet FED approved in by Al Gore, Alan Hopkins.
**texts of medical below three of off often already used standardized all countries official governmentally supported at to Stanford University, Dartmouth, others alike and same of topic this page blog blogger on an official use at for the topic of men's demographics attacked them by 60% grouping of bowels loss it in to vomit to other fluids above below beltline sudden the medical doctors finding no reason it being from a weaponry by school children errant devised others removing from them continuing attack visciouness worldwide repeated mocking size shape of it any Fashion Industry code official:
* diverticulus_do:text medical; by Dr. D.E.W.
* diverticulusus_1:text medical; by bett_oh, cop_jones, dengen
* hopi_gone_galore:novel, introduction inside by Michael Fitzgerald; by Steve Martini, Michael Levine, Jim Plunkett, Richard Marcinko, John Jakes, James Clavell, judge_grand
* movie_in_night_sky:movie novel of being attacked by astronomy seen guises of now day blog mentioned by others; by Howard Hughes
*topical any pare' bear story book but children asked to recede from computers systemized for it long enough for Abracus to help devise and write more of them for them, overwhelmingly ready.
Work, pleasingly from the for the public also available to get by topic type of workforce alisting at the USAF AirForce1Office as 'worklisted.'
History, economic data found useable nowadays the ancien revived to textbook soon entering again any within two years likely the friendly once lowly cxourdell_kolland economy said cord al coal and. It being a daily amount earned from a home paid or nearly overly secured by it the mini economic boon system providing a comparable continual over the amount needed to pay it the housing cost by a home business income streamed into as this comparison City of Stockton's houseing average costed compared to USD$7 or USD$8

Take care ....

Kristin-Marie Wall
writing as with others aka kmwall
with others as
commanding officer any
USAF director fashion/art designer
SAS officiator
omc All Marine Corp its USMC as cohead ARTS/R
ARMY(any/finance + USSF a special_ops unit in
NAVY(any/literature its project + USNSEALs a unit_one
CA-PsyOps Moffett a Federal AFB +
any Military
a Knight of Columbus
minister Ministry of Fashion
chaplain of Industry Fashion legwear any of it the defined category at /\-aSNS
online: Yahoo!Group believe_in_one_writer manuscript reading fees

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Salutations, official alert Homeland Security its Agencies burned cyanide a beauty marring incident expanded absurdness 2 level harmful to OES files for defined untutored in of swaths plaugerism again against all any; of it to OES office systems this one time for it any Catholic writer excluded for one day for attention below of catholic seeming product in Mormon lored world awaited not authorized directly to them only their Mormon Church Offices doing previous set up of study of it the family lore an angel actual and abounding data more in older Catholic Churches and others for it combined to all public. Enjoy the pare' gifts below also from Vogue Magazine and alerts of for any day of today typical not expected wanted condoned all Military to report in anytime any of to free of all gear replacement also all costs covered to travel and of the on this listed site a blog official and of staff seargents seargents sites lined contacting you the Good Readership for any topic free by CIA office American Mexican or Artillery of both for it funded already and to it for other places the nearby office CIA of Teddy Roosevelt funder for book gift or more for public at timed economy. Text included, for students 4 day special offer helpful from Scott McNealy SUN Microsystems from, also:
* grace_cat:book film; by Catholic Writers Online Yahoo!Group (did the only one not in it as moderator exit me? they're sail on work pleasing)
* good_clear_skin_of_oily_2:text; by dean, kmwall
* wedding_power:novel; by Ian Fleming
* wedding_etiquette_3_planner; by Ed Cromarty, kmwall
* newsmonster:music; by Metallica, theresa_m, Dr. of entertainment James Ricks,
* vogue_pare'_boulder; book text level 1 ;pare' bear swank or how to wear white in any era from stuck up code of centuries redone to modern translated; by Vogue Magazine and State of California bear official Boulder
* romarque:novel hate a Clan K story; by daque', devon, kmwall
* an_art_book:extraterrestrial contacted art book; by Them
* grass_gown:novel; by judge_r; in it also vogue text called dawn_green_gon; by kmwall
** all featured below allowed to first to Military and lengual first one studiers of officially of the especially for angelology to anomaly blended for more ufology demonology ghosthunting interest actual factual categorized to entertainment the mormo religion once 17th Mayan not the one the Mormons got but wanted tried to study already from its Church Offices and all official below listing plus any more in by NORAD or approved plus dan_dan_d_man official military investigator plus kmwall and others listing
* auwl:storyboard of what is in; by cal, sal, theresa_m,
* to_you; by Them
* do_you_want_their_song?: by Rob Zombie, Metallica
* known_inside; by Dolly Parton
* once_c_u:credit unit transferrable to any training center or school given from Stanford University for homework level assignment inside all paid for to be done as usual
* jones_2; by cal, sal
* god_seed_p:novel inside of; by kmwall
* the_camera_breaks:about how to film one; by lee
* i_feel_like_a_god:book inside; by benny_bob of General Short's family
* then_their_daughter_isn't_one:music; by KISS
* rescue_a_book_within:book; by jugular_vein_team
* anew by AVON samples within of awared team by personal analysis by remote noninvasive technology
* about_us:how to explain to one what you are; by men_i
* where's_glory?:book major general in derth; by chip_q
* you_didn't_get_him_he_did:how she chose a home; by dick
* attackers_after:how to anticipate a landing site ufology; by HM a Jamaican King and his unit_A_one
* catch_as_you_can:song dance routine; by Donny Osmond
* mani_too:in also inside by herself the angel found to welcome of mormo the family one
* money_you_make_is_mine_in_real_estate:by Donny Osmond
* she_accepted_cosmetic_surgery:plaquet inside from doctor level to make appear more human; by dean
* youno:text said yawn oh!; by Aztec Society official study data of Mayan also sending their clergy trained to Mayan Chichen Itza predemised unable to reach in time to convert to lawful data to 15thC studies
* that's_ours_to_you:a white wedding will do text data on it for angel wear also in; by USMC and any listing
History, pestilence biblically any term translates over to include its term for identity theft ultra violent to abusive by following along as the real appearing into public places scaring out most away.
Fashion history, vogue the term from vague the word origin not its own but once said as same with letter a.
Military, FFL head of exits to own business assisting terribly dire situations onhand into retirement by provided as from Monoco its Prince of it now the head with others listing of in FFL to this blogger able to reach any for it of the FFL system in place or any soldier for dominating helpful form uniting all for any computers or systemized structures already lauded now in.
Work, from USAF worklisted a free sort by name it at Office AirForce1 or EDD linked to anyplace. Soon to Stockton of four industries here a new arriving into fashion design order taking any of it the leg wear items to hosiery to alerted tasks of sudden trends ala a fashion club typed work level as dying especially for a timed place trend set or alike to think of onto EDD by day ending as /\-aSNS. More on my house recovery system next time or thereabout. To prior blogs for more data increased personnel needed by World Court.
Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
USAF director fashion/art designer +RAF+
OES officiator
FFL plus any
omc its USMC as its ARTS/R co-head
ARMY(any/finance +USSF special_ops unit of
NAVY(any/literature its project + USNSEALs a unit_one
minister Ministry of Fashion
chaplain of Industry
knight a Knight of Columbus also
commanding officer any