Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Incursion IX to X Official Alerts and Math Work Fashionable

Salutations, and I hope that you the good readership have been having a good experience with the ten military servers trafficking you yesterday at 65 million per minute through this official military site with alerts again of Incursion IX homeland invaders of miscreant dna-Insurgents who raided 900,000 plus 7 cities worldwide at 9MM (9 million), deterred contained and destroyed. There is a good news day though as the raids daily from homeless behaving military army styled now raiders, not of an actual army from underground, though, are back at 90,000 to 100,000 invaders, not that being attacked in these police-detected and handed over data amounts is good. But, the 89,000 averages of attackers are still reflecting strangeness into stupidness of crime-motivations and not of warfare battles of arguement solving. There is a good amount of new work, though, coming into the business sectors out of all this rush into the most ancient cuneiform-UN language(s) being several versions of the first alphabet translating into all businesses including figurative, design, and more. Commerce Departments of any government, USAF Finance or Army Heraldry Offices can distrubute work in this mathematical area of new developments from the old to help any level of business into any level of projection, based upon the known affects upon that type of business. Each being a fractal math reflection describing what is, then this information can be useful for developing what the person or entity business wishes to have come about on their impetus aligned with the flow of the fractal patterns in life in general, or each its own. Within the laws, of course.

The responses from you the good readership about how you've spent also your nights up and sleep-awake equivalent (being how nocturnal assigned soldiers work from bootcamp training that you know have been relevant and requests accepted for data in these areas of business are being 'tilted' and realigned into a similar mathematical modeling display and data output for you. Basically, the graphs and art of them you sent from your own work with the cuneiforms of what you're willing to do and would like to do in the coming economy by your own effort is mostly a 90-degree tipping to realign your own work. This is good, and now there is being sought from the three universities that responded by heraldic deliverance equivalent and arrived in Stockton, California en masse with their readiness and now workload are often underground in the prepared cellar levels using the work facilities. The average equation solution takes at a frantic pace up to five days, for most businesses, longer timelines of a few more days or so will be given. Most business sectors in regular times can run along at a regular pace that fits into the accounting systems of annual, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, et al. The funding though that you've helped with is now reaching more of the special-ops units guarding your own neighborhoods and visibly. The funding is coming from much work in these regular business sectors of the economy again, just in time. Special-ops units gone into the autonomoe-pincer with me as well as those doing the regular military actions with me have funding anew added today from the USAF Finance Department to be picked up or delivered and those needing bags dropped can access them via NASA paramilitary units assigned to the paranormal to anomaly investigations in the public so go ahead and ask to meet your favorite astronaut via this route. Those most affected are the SS and royal-military units and the Ninja training special-ops unit reviving and the annexed social orders non-military but supported now by the USMC Religions for their philosophical religious beliefs and for helping out Law Enforcement with free data and workload assistance all along. The oddity of the moment is that there is a gaggle of oncomers turning about in public military installations and at other governmental and military sites suddenly realizing: 1)no game or reenactment is actually ato work or at play and going on, after all, in the Incursions of homeland-invasion coded with warfarecodeON official, and 2) that conceptually both autonomoe and regular military actions side by side can be done at the same time as is happening, as they revive their own philosophy ability to think with their own minds, again. Both braincells that are linked into one at conception have been in some instances the only remaining live part of some found and left for dead, many in new physical form due to the organ donors, and special counseling jobs are open from the offices of heraldry in the miltary and at educational insitutions such as Jesuit schools to help the victims and families along.

The USAF is able to be helpful still in these trying times for many with the lists at the Police Stations of the work available for pay from the USAF AirForce1 Office's Project:FashionOne.

The USMC Religions welcomes in 43 more schisms legalis already adjusted to our Law from underground, once separated by a stranger's orders to go underground and live below the sea. Rather than to conduct their business about the below sea level places on the crust of the earth.

Sartorially yours,
KMWall, C.O. worldwide