Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Incursion IX to XX Official Alerts and Fashion a sUNflower

Salutations, I have heard that already you, Good Readership, is at-ready for the 9,300 new attacked-by-Incursion-IX dna-Insurgents as homeland invaders miscreant led underway, another statistic becoming military that doesn't affect the cities own regular crime statistics, exceptions being some of their own choosing for their pay or fundable and income source levels, regularly. Of course, the Military is glad to provide that data for any type of case load as requested or anticipated. Based upon USMC Reconnaissance, fully, any time place date of (et al), at the court houses worldwide already or now at any Police Station. Remember, there is no reenactment or game-playing of warfare or like levels in public allowed, falling fully into the illegalis level declared by our President of the United States of America. As the Fed is still collecting more data on the most ancient -UN cuneiform language offered and taught now at The Language Training Center nearby to Monterey, CA, USA, there is also an opportunity to sign-on/up early for the classified security clearances to be able to work in the field of Fashion, any level of its business if full-time, necessarily as you know by your all-known by birth certificates legal and verified and non-identity theft infiltrated or suspect of (one or two excepted, in person, etc., denying invitations for reasons of busyness) of the Tribe Fashion, AC, with full rights to landed reservation granted. This brought to mind my conversations with leaders and those studying Fashion from the Hmong Tribe, always available historically and continually and working now again with the cuneiform as others of the genealogical bloodlines from Fashion and Resort will, that they were not in a genetic land for some reason. Many countries and leaders found sovereign reigns fine by their place in the world, others changed, of course. No actual warfare declared against the worldwide populace is of the nature of a country trying to rise but of those trying to take over to take identities and retirements and backgrounds after stalking for lengths of time ... if you would like to interrogate for study these types of miscreants held en masse by the Military, please ask at the Sheriff Office near you. Certain data is critical to some professionals in the relevant fields. For example, the usual attempt historically to take over a village or modern town was to go through the mail system or equivalent. You'll recall the rescuing of the bloodline of the kidnapped king's courier (mistaken for the king, carrying the official seal for return reply and notary level recordings, of then). And, so the recent attempts of the miscreants to take over two towns entirely by tunneling by the Post Office were uncovered by regular methods of detection. While the USN researched the plot points submitted for committee approval of one of my own manuscripts to suggest for a mystery that one town could be taken over, such, or nearly so. I explained this before on the blog about that story line, waiting.

Less confusing, this type of data, surprisingly, than the context and thought of how the world once ran its currency on jewelry as the exchange. Comstocks and mother lodes aside, it is available in some funding courses in the future. Typed to comprehension of: jewelry cut to a dimensional style and of weight measurements to be discussed, and more, were all equal currency exchange basis to keep economies afloat. The regal traditions about the processional flow of the said monies will also be learned. After the course work has been made available, I'll notate more on this blog for the PhD referential level designation. Of other funding now is the Shoreline - tiger/ess and please bring a mitt, skein, potential toy ... For the children, funding course on making your own language cuneiform from a staple. Yes, a staple, which began in Chichen Itza, where the first staples were found and used within their language systems during math and fashion equations. A third level of funding course is available for blank-philosophy (Fashion/Resort/Economy-plugs/Trends-any). Coming soon will be next a semantics of cuneiform for the moss to green hue technical tactical detail to faux pas corrective not cover up as is the arising sociological tradition dna-level formed up already from Mesopotamian culture. Also, you'll find out about their terrorizing fashion shows, and much much more; please be prepared to be entertained at all the funding listed on today's blog, and official site of the military, always. Please attend well-garbed to any of these funding proceedings for the USAF to prepare your own shoes in your typed style, from your official Military and Governments.

Artists are needed for various businesses and business sectors for in addition to lobby or boardroom artwork, and in addition to logo work still being listed regularly, for the USMC ARTS (see Police Station lists of work from USAF AirForce1 Office's Project:FashionOne, for) because many of our talented Marine Corp are too busy today and for a while in search and rescue preparations, and in action to do so, so that they need help getting artistic renderings into classical forms for that industry or business sector. For companies to use, or businesses; to last longer than the trend-use, but to portray concepts of this and more. A short course will be provided no-cost for the conceptual grasping of how the Ancients to Medieval did this while disguising their business within the Fine Arts, cleverly. Forwards of live questions and answers at this training by a regularly seen Princess Michael of Kent, or others you'll know from your entertainment awareness volunteering. The work load is anticipated to be for some foreseeable future, any.

Types of artwork useful but also considered nearly mystical to some in the past, for no real reason other than availability of symbols, were flowers representing peaks and lows in the economic affecting trend cycles and other sociological progressions, expressing. The lotus flower was the personal finance symbol and the with it is close kin the color indigo. Historically, too, are the sunflower in Fashion for a peak and a dandelion for a turnaround or low-point, still gaining momentum. Recall that like an effect of a downward roller coaster, the energy sensation is there and part of the experience. Once, upon a time, a restaurant or two appeared at locations where fashion coordinates landed upon the globe. Discussions of ... fashion ... happened at such locales, known by caravans and travellers and even vacationing to be available. Orchids that are blue-black and 'en budd' still budding were for Resort, Housing, Food. No low symbol. Paramilitary economies arrived on scene with artichokes of a primordial nature, nearly thistle like if you think Scots.

More on Scottish. Once a glut of happy economic additions during certain economies, many have expressed to the Military a wish and a hope for more gluts, but alas and alack they are not predictable by trends, only describable by mathematics of higher learning and welcomed. In nostalgia, though, the worldwide network of nearly conglomerating Scottish memorabilia stores wish to make available a special deal to you, Good Readership. Of particular interest to those with museum level pieces of tartan, please consider turning in for the replica available for wear and use, instead. Or, try purchase of a tartan item in value ranges for uniforms at-from home, official, with an addition of a pair of newly devised official and ancient styled (delegated to but real uniform for special-ops or advisory levels) pants. With purchase gifts such as scotch and tasting of, advise level and gift listings (thing registered for weddings).

Fans of Lisa Sysombath's jewelry having made her the most popular search on the Internet the day I mentioned her work on this blog will find that the USAF Air Force1 Office's Fun File is supplying decals to cloth regalia for her 'following' but be forewarned it has a greenish hue of the recently sighted success of an 8-day trend. Based upon the historic tradition of 8-days being the minimum 'weekly' trend of actuating cuneiform-UN (first language, Garden of Eden or Creation Story, any) level. Suggested uses are on the nail-art, book covers, and allowed even on official military uniforms. Also, please do continue to pick up from any Police Station, yours, too, if you're not too 'impersonal' to them, the USAF AirForce1 Office's:Project FashionOne work-for-pay (not only for a day) listings of work in the fields of Fashion, ARTS, Literature (some) and Finance, as well as spaceman level work such as the astronauts unretiring have been picking up to get done.

Thank you for participating in the where you are training of boot camp, official, provided by prepaid credit card charges from a general public known for 10 million persons signed up per minute to train, also funded by U.S. Congress, known, and from Warfare Funded, my account personal for warfare of this type, stated.

Remember that the Federal Military Martial Law is on through the 24th, from the 24th of February, non-reenactment and no-game/s\z.... See FBI or desk of at Police Stations by you for codes of various countries that use specified symbols to codes.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide militaries
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/Religion, co-head
USN, Project Literature
Army (any) Finance
front-line-level-1 funding for special-ops units entailed with USD$1Million, Le Temp Fuit at Elsie May Goodwin Gallery, Stockton, CA, USA
accompanying card-level gift items still funding worldwide official militaries and churches registered