Friday, February 11, 2011

Incursion IX Alerts and Fashionable Cuneiforms Galore

Hello to Everyone and Salutations in a newly approved official opener, as the official worldwide alerts for Incursion IX are underway with especially Mormon out of favor types of attackers from 54 illegally filing attempts to copycat the Mormon's only actual church charter allowed or on record who in the last few days are doing character assasignations along with embezzling attempts as part of the actual military statistics that are kept out of the affected cities' crime rates. One hundred thousand more or less attackers by the dna-Insurgent miscreant attackers that are now terribly behaving in public places (instead of genteely approaching their victims) are still considered officially by all countries and churches to be homeland-invading. Their particular problem is that they were raised up by prostitution-known in a guise that hid from them false prophecies from their hidden supposed prophetesses that weren't and who were actually keeping incorrect improper spy data on anyone about. Especially of their own ambitions to bloodlines. Therefore, the Language Training Center is again scheduling the newly recruited USMC and its worldwide marine corp awaiting bootcamp to start with early first-aid training and then the most ancient language cuneiform training in any affected city or at the facilities near Monterey, California. These attacking Mormonites are quite lewd and lacivious and think only of accusing of improper sexual contacts which the newest CIA official data announces relates to their counter-marraige statistics of more extramarital and non-conjugally properized sexual relations outside of their marraige unions than any other statistical body. The American Medical Association and Veterans Administration met with me and others officially and are continually updating their own information now in their actual and annual databases. Attackers are looking to accuse by illegally assessing (not their job, anyhow) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is not an actual one for soldiers any longer, negated after recent findings announced in media worldwide. There is still an official holiday of religious code for accountancy logs and tax deductible (aware) that is for the soldier who suddenly remembers a thing left undone now necessary to get done to assist the civilian area they reside or work in, that urgency for a day was formerly miscued as PTSD and is not a disorder at all for any soldier. I'm pleased to have reconnected by my own bootcamp trainers and military units and compared notes, as some were even my notetakers while I officially carried on other assignments. During the coming training times of the general populace known, you the good readership with all your own legal documentation in life of you and only you using your actual identity are protected fully to any level by any country and all, including the real religions, from any acusations or assessments from out of date rules (illegal now) or not practicing medical staff of any level.

As you've read on this official site of the military, known (meaning the real military worldwide) before and again now, as the judges who went on CNN and other networks announced that the importance of the facts on this site of alerts, your rights are protected and you are now superbly learning to fight back. None may assess you or anyone in the public. My own daily medical and psychiatric exam from military only physician are required as I discusses before, and you may approach at any military installation or military hospital if bothered in such a manner. The VA and AMA are aware that people like myself (a Vedic physician for the military, only, worldwide) are under no obligation to get data to them for their private practices but really would like to. My latest focus on beauty prosthetics from the organic medicine degreeing focus is about moving ahead and away from the attacks of prejudices and a newer problem of ownership of beauty. This latter is about the fact that in another limelight level beauty not of a tribal or ethnic or regional area may be triggering attacks by those who are recruited for a purpose not allowed in any part of our world. Since I've reactivated in the military (come out of retirement, full-time, meaning getting the military job assigned firstly done, then there'll be time for other income and research later), the times for meetings in the public locations of military installations are being more and more filled up in open-call type time slots of available military personnel officially able to meet up with religion heads of the Arts and similar. Music is a large topic of requests on how to optimize its effect of the newly remembered (discovered anew) data from the last blog, of one unique number relating to you, the only one existing at that space and time and in any level of life. Your pets, you might find, are often closely aligned to your existence-number. The music is intended to bring a wellness feeling to those gathered, no more or less.

If you were reached by a nuclear submarine crew in the last few days with yours you might have also received a ride someplace from them, for your enjoyment. Not unlike the annual airshows at military bases open to the public for a short time, partially. The actual police stations are what the attackers of this Incursion IX are avoiding or the real records of the known and signage often evident and enterable Federal buildings including the Department of State of any country. Embassies have their staff out and about in the public helping greatly and assisting law enforcement point blank and other methods that you might imagine to prevent medical assessing of anyone in the public place or by non-bloodline related persons, required. Thank you for informing the Military of these harassments to you, the good readership.

Yesterday I attended an art gallery art class and enjoyed learning another approach to oil, a medium historically beloved. The artist Gina Leyton at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery was their typical graciousness and did very well to explain. I hope you'll attend similar functions in your own areas. The Arts World is also since yesterday that much safer about the fact that there is a now guarding USMC paramilitary special-ops unit for each art dealer doing his or her job at any gallery known. The recent untenable attacks upon all worldwide art dealers of robbery and rape and mangling of chosen vehicular transport and demoralizing of them by such methods is against the laws worldwide, inclusive in the actual continual warfare declarations against such attackers. All measures may be done to protect the Arts and other business segments and sectors.

An art den in history used to be common experience to visit at some time during one's travels perhaps while on caravan routes or passing through black forests escorted by a king's knights. There is another grouping of devotees to the historic segment called Arts that have kept up their bloodline genealogical dens of arts and musical primordial development. Many became heraldic. The den, however, was only for fine art to pass through, hung for awhile and sold to travelling dealers who'd pass their way again; also, for the primordial musical development and where performances of it could be performed for the general populace allowed in under good behaviour. Established artists in demand, primal to new and never heard styles of music not ready for sale to the developing market.

Dressing to the nines is not always possible in this economic climate, but many have been helping to get the deliverable supplies of new and designer clothing to the law enforcement. If you've been interested in this profession, perhaps like the Boy Scouts of America you can help us deliver their gear to them while we in the USAF have been short-handed to get it all there, on time. When I found out from police that approached that they were down to average two ensembles besides their uniforms, from raids and attacks and other things they protect their areas from, volunteers to deliver started signing up.

Others to thank are the ones who just travelled to the African continent where a swath aligned with an equatorial line was cleared of Incursion IX dna-Insurgent miscreant homeland invaders by 111 private and privatized armies, fully assisting. There were then next 40 million Americans and other unannounced residents of other countries who helped the African continent with picking up from the Police Stations the work for pay that applied to especially parallel with and at Cameroon. Fashion work. The 40 million Americans who did this under a sudden and secret leader of the moment anonymous for now gained 2 days of average pay for their households for it. Cameroon and its capitol have gained 2 months of average pay as a benefit to help their love-oriented belief system country that is greatly involved in Fashion.

Those working with mathematics worldwide picking up the work for pay from the Army Finance or the USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne have a lot of work ahead to calculate the individual existence numbers of the person. Over and over and over and over ... routine and rote, it is perhaps easy to use to supplement incomes as it can also be done on any phone system by the return reply of the data stream readable by standardized military equipment. It tells what your unique anything is now, by light or sound or similar as you've learned about this very real world, now. I am pleased to have besides my own personal technology developed in past decades with my own teams and provided to myself to do my job in the USMC Reconnaissance the further addition of 9 more announced military groups doing the exact same type of thing with similar technology. All reading all thoughts included up to and through the conspiring against levels as it all goes to any Justice Department and State level and other Municipal Courts, immediately.

In Stockton, California, in the evenings, many people have mentioned sighting senators and congressmembers out in public places, watching the public and paying out the over 2.3Million $USD per apprehension/kill of each dna-Insurgent miscrean, mormon-54 grouping or not, on site, verified by the governments at large. This evening time pay from military personnel on duty then being assisted by or guarded from quadrants about is being donated to the law enforcement on duty during the apprehension or prevention-further of attacking dna-Insurgent miscreants of Incursion IX. These overly laughing, weirdly rude attackers are attempting to discuss their stupidly sounding plans to drive people homeless as part of their conspiring-against. The law enforcement, unlike in WWII patrols in cities, have the use of untethere to unmuzzled military animals that kill in under 60 seconds, now, and also the distribution on-point from military of heavy reconnaissance weapons they've had training in and are now receiving, to their vehicles at any place on any roadway or further. Out of the seeming woodwork will the military assistance to them be showing up on site, if needed, by the detection methods standardly employed.

The District Attorney's offices are still preparing cuneiform analysis for general useage by detecting overt antagonistic use of any of it to the public sector, and if you have data yourself on this, please contact them directly.

Thank you, good readership, and the confident again military.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer,
worldwide military official