Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Incursion IX to 99 as MIAnimals Make Waves

Hello to everyone, I hope you are having a better day today than yesterday in the changeovers from Incursion VIII to Incursion IX by dna-Insurgent homeland invading raiders who have stilled through today into one raid a day, countered by another new military to us from underground (under a world is their phrasing for underground) which the Military known thanks them for, joining them up. The one-hundredth of expected daily raids is from an acknowledged remembered from 5,000 years ago language of charted levels that are focused upon business cycles and lifestyles of fashion and resort containing all other business and styles of life. The columnar charts do many things to avoid the 13th and 51st of anything, for crowd management to crowd control interests, but the ancient runic communities of pre-formed civilized terrains and strongholds demanded numbers collapse to singular form. Now the singular form 19th becomes 1+9=10 acting in our favor as a 1 as zeros and tens from them in multiples drop away in some certain numerical musical-trend sequences. Today, some military units are working on the translation of musical scores from or into mathematics, the math equations of which are computerized already, but are helpful in locations pinpointed by the math datum. Singular points are sought in trends to the weekly location on a global earth that rotates and wobbles, plus vibrates at a rate from seismic and other activity that now are known to affect the energy (again, a math numerical equivalent) tracked or traced by trend-trackers, similar to trend spotters; this first of the pronged career path being about as much work to accomplish but is seeking rather than gathering pre-trend data as it becomes evidenced. Or, mathematically predictable. So much that goes into the seemingly happy and energetic but not always noticeable experience of trends that are presented to business sectors and their minutae. Using trends gets one closer to the business at hand being acceptable by those involved, so it has many purposes in the noted money-marks along many passageways and tunnels and even in other above-ground locations. There is work today and to continue from the USAF Air Force One Office's:ProjectFashion lists at your local police station in this type of financial analysis and statistical data alerts as they're pegged. The other types of work are for assessing new steps for systematized living and working that are non-intrusive or invasive but will ease the high costs of workers who are avid since the beginning of calendar time on this business sector. Some practical ones from history being added in alleviate these alter-economies working underground still and who may sometime opt to remain functioning underground for work as you've learned DOD companies sometimes have facilities underground for contracts to do. Above ground, there is plenty of housing that is adequate to all available from the HUD offices in the capital cities of each state or sovereign. These professionals in fashion may be able to use some sudden work for synthetic-blended rubber shoe bottoms coatings and other things that will extend the life of their attire during daily work. They are better garbed than most on the surface can afford about now, but not out of spite, out of necessity from the extreme conditions in tunnel aperture including sizzling heat that disintegrates attire. With the slowing of attacks from Incursion IX dna-Insurgents homeland invading in house raids there has been enough people kindly signing up for the macabre workload from the little girl cadavers from the various police departments and municipalities and sovereignities. Thank you also to the mercenaries and private armies that signed on the work the defenses in Africa of similar raids along the half-way lines of the countries in a ribbon-like-swath.

The ability to think of others at this time is part of the humanity I know, and experience again through all of you the good readership. Other household members that are being considered the equivalent of human by law enforcement today in special observation include HsLadyLove the search and rescue cat. Reading as you did a few days ago that she'd jumped the naval ship to race it to the search and rescue location ahead, she avoided the nets to retrieve her from the water repeatedly, dogged as she was. The Navy awakening me to watch her on the surveillance equipment were amazed that she could slip out of any net or control-basket, determinedly to get there her way, with fast dog paddling. CountZorro, her mate, made a similar decision. By dashing to the dock, and jumping into the tide, he did what he was trained to do, and met her along the way. The funding of the clergy has the limited showing for the children especially, as these well-trained search and rescue cats of Military Intelligence and also the Police Departments and Fire Department (CountZorro) worked together. They were very tender together in the lively waters. The mission of search and rescue was also a success, and I hope you'll enjoy the funding show. Remember that the funding defends your affected cities, and more.

The LTC classes filled up yesterday at 200,000 so that more are being opened quietly in areas affected if near you. Future classes of the most ancient language underway and in battle useage and underground populace dignified and undignified useage are for the future topics. One hour is for the lists; two more hours to two weeks broken into the various schedules will let attendees evaluate a life of style and wonder denoted by the charted and cubed cuneiform letter-numbers-sequences-stories that are of yawning implementation to those who now outnumber the surface dwellers in many detected areas. They are about to be integrated in varietal manners into existing routes via programs, school systems open, and housing areas appropriate and with alter-economies annexing to our regular economy, particularly the Kinsian and other established country ones of choosing including China's. The autonomoe act ultra actions have been to respond quickly to strengthening the already in place countries and bounds. Inclusive of historic kingdoms of record in theoretical practical existence still for their business aspects of the past brought into the present. Such as those of you who signed up for the re-opened Merovignian Court by House of Wales and Prince Charles of Wales in his job capacity, officially. No longer a place, but still doing its kingdom work worldwide of fashion and freeing from enslavement. Other less active details in future training coursework of this LTC ilk are being devised to include the earliest philosophies of the Arts that include surnames doled out to those most involved. The surname ARt in the first generation (lower letter-t, denoting a cross, as certain clergy still adopt today), would lead into the later generation, usually immediate 2nd generations (but not required, yet) as a recorded name ARtte with the 'e' optionally dragged under the word or dropped-carriage. Terms used in attacks against regular populaces are being decided to have some implications from original language terms used to describe languages. More of this interest level will be along the lines of what is provided and especially to those who are helping greatly in the affected cities including fully paid for training to law enforcement and civil workers and volunteers who arrived to humanely guard and assist to the sensibilities of the families most victimized. More degree-grants have been donated, again, and are to be assigned as gifts from the families of the recently uncovered victims. The embassies business offices will be glad to assist especially with this task at hand.

Thank you again, and take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS, co-head
USN, project:Literature