Thursday, July 14, 2011

Official Incursion Alert, Solomons and FDNYs

Salutations, the preparation to make from this official alert is from the Military of the brittle poisons by p.m. possible trailing arriving into cities wildcats trying to protect neighborhoods from wildlife destroyers, and FDNY is in this City of Stockton and others for the response to requests by urgent residents wondering if they should flee with those from their abodes attacked to point of injury in home invasions or on the roads by militant-styled now homeland-invasion-coded groupings by HSA; same as dna-miscreants to deviant-'be'led. Victims can be treated no-cost by the Military at the Military Installations (most cafes and bar-restaurants). Insurgent style not yet determined as that would be an anywhere everywhere as either participant to a warlord lode to any level on lists of. This is secondary today to the suddenly bumped into Solomon's self-grouping that was Bhagdad styled thievery-guild-styled in attempted organization that while searching for a missing person allowed since toddlerhood into a home for ice scream cups left for didn't arrive, the cult-attempt was uncovered by an agent, FBI, code-named Drake Faschon. For this self-groupings attacks the musical keys were used graduating it from its last incarnation when signage boards were used by its mentally ill leaders using colors and numbers from; the data from the DA Office level follows. The data can be more accurately transposed by math lab workings of data to compensate for the seismic-ozone-hole relationship that is of the transposition level of light to music such as speeding up x-rays becomes sound, et al. The self-grouped self-styled Solomon's perpetrators were using D and A or A then D and from Ancient Cities' healing maps of bodies. Key-D was for lung and shoulder attacks and a hybrid gemini affect sought with symbols of the man (circle above cross) and frown (check in if using any in mapping in Military, also color blue, magma, and dawn's light. For key-A attackers from same grouping, relates to orange-reds, cross with 2, associated with Capricorn. If D and A combine, then the data becomes oxen-white and grey-base-added-with-blue-brown which the grouping was ordering shoes in special order, caught out by Agent Brown of case files to and of. To apply the data, the offsets by math would be used for example as you've learned, Good Readership, for things like search-and-rescue coordinates on the planet. Any relevant mathlab costs for of this data lode are covered by a warfare-funded-4-3 of special-ops-trust-fund from US Congress filed. Or the FBI or USSS desk at the Police Station near to your needed requests affected area. The other type of attacks located from this grouping involved in related businesses in Fashion in cost-accounting where it would not have worked.

Already apprehended from altercations in public but also still harmful is the other case for this blog today about soldiers or federal agents tossed out of places of business for the public being accused of wearing inadequate quality of textiles. They were in uniforms, or Native American styles used in work for the Military especially as heraldry and other responses to the counties of O.E.S. once regions called -go as you've read on yesterday's and other blogs. The Roman-heraldry the colors and schema of the attire were based upon relfect our Roman Law systems, to some. There is also a grant available to assist those attacked in their uniform status that was proper enough for any establishment now on record in all courtrooms worldwide that is for Native Americans in uniforms, especially. The organization of day-of to-attackers-attacked-storylines-unfounded-by-full-reconnaissance-surveillance-instantaneous-at-any-courthouse-or-police has more data from Sardinia's factional heads and their Police. On, about histories of. The social-call error of those in tandem style tossing out illegally the men in uniform and one woman is being addressed officially by the USMC handling sociability. Some of you Good Readership applied for jobs for this category of work.

Unusual but real work from the USAF AirForce1Office worklisted is the work-on-space-platform-Tundra-level-Spartan-style-productivity with beautiful view of the earth as quoted from an astronaut on the recruitment tape (called seduction to work force level earth-below-us). Also hired already are those in wheel chairs, and with specialties that are unusual. For mining site specialties as a job type to food production which has been allowed for private firms already such as mentioned on this blog. The pay is good.

Today's news for watching in search in rescue is of skunks engaged to do so by the Military and Law Enforcement with two in the highlight as their number symbol came into view in the morning-starry-sky. That is a box of bubbly light about two symbols looking like 11. Their number of expertise. Their code names, S1 and S2. The data also linkes to a triple-one on scale of seismic-ozone reading levels of the O.E.S. and crowd management to crowd control levels of data used for further accuracy in calculations about. More on this topic sooner or later on the blog.

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