Monday, December 12, 2011


Salutations, no soldier charged for getting their work or load of it ruled by all governments and court systems worldwide reinforces original laws planetary reside explained by judges as in today's listed offered it found uncleared security levels groups so-charging free-to soldiers by satellited USMC Recon new also Police Station lists dawn new day data favoring; crimewave attack to war against countryside clever victims call Law Enforcement thanked for 100 cases each taking + of today tomorrow, dna-Insurgents of any battlefield assuming soldier downed identity attackers in uniformed/geared check id-dna sudden 100%accurate, 900,000 cities attacked as in 180,000 raiding houses 2-abode 4-business out with computer id-theft primary 2-pleugerism of past nominal to public lauded theirs unknown unpublished drama-2 objective of enemy declaring itself to-war, reminds prong of 180 days Incursions pre-day 448-on darma-once attack purpose to fulfill entertainment lull in brain-wellness cycle abused of subconscious told to diffuses or for normalizing adds joy awareness. 160,000+ animals/housepets/livestock attacked cruel incursion exhtortions repars to fully by order U.S. Congress like of NASA budget ecology restore. "The Vault" breached again 9 times, 80 yesterday, land-invasion attempts, it most secure building world placed. 180 black sun orbs or day's now red moon day of historical dog-day-off-working less dramatic attacks but of duration and sudden cruelly spoken anywhere of Office of Emergency Services (O.E.S.) region-go/county-level alert for manageing crowd/control job-of. Arts attacked in garbage/roadkill contests of repeat days-180 to TopGun USN free-by clergy listing there for training persons aware to deter attacking flying/hovering 'garbage can' shooting by enemy declaring disguised it garbage usually ignored tactic defunct, call free to it or Police Station for soldier. Warfare/alert data daily of FED/O.E.S./D.A.Office(county alike). Below for job/workforce opportunities and University credit again, prior blogs or IRS lists free USMC ticker tape printed type or request for soldier benefits revamped after economy attacks Spring recent of all to realism what is where and done already tangible until received unfulfilled, see to World Court dockets x01-41+ includes. CIA free promotional from Teddy Roosevelt's personal fund to give in downtime gift/book/music/like, added credit card companies lowering on its used a lode by 1% interest:
* zaruff:novel, zoo hazard; by denver_jake
* gold:novel NAMereaux; by joe_dough, cual, kmwall
* hoosiers:novel; by Hillary Clinton
* fxond:fly fishing, bait inside; by denver_jaum
* fxondu:fly fishing, + gear; by Richard Marcinko, kmwall
* lead_to:how to write; by Stephen King
* little_baum:novel; by cop_joe
* dressed_in_nines:novelized id-theft severe, in NY Central Park; by NYPD
* dressed_in_fines:novelized id-theft severe, in public places; by NYPD
* dressed_in_wines:novelized id-theft severe, in private moments; by NYPD
* dressed_in_lines:novelized id-theft severe, in public affaires (gracious culture events non-marital/conjugal region-lauded/asked-for) 2-events; by NYPD
* fish_food:novel; by sunday_knights
* caur_legs:novel; by RIP Hedrich
* true_blue_gold: byS, Alan Hopkins
* song_of_souths:by roxm (CIA promoted band international)
* song_of_south:by RENT
* seville:music; by Jethro Tull, jerry_lad (of fame)
* baccarat:history crystal court; by sloan, dave, S
* no_more:novel, of SPD terror; by jim_mack
* -a_collectible:-a billionaires how-to; by anonymous
* how_to_be_a_billionaire:by anonymous
* benji_a_wharthog:economics, signals:by over_cast {to:forecast II]
* benji:novel, dog of film fame; by its handler unknown
* cash_and_carry_more_than_one:economics Victorian; by prince_tiem, Michael Levine, kmwall
* borg:novel; by John Jakes, kmwall
* jack:novel; by Dr. Colleen, SPD
* sanitarium:novel; by Dick Francis
* nomad's_land:music; by Jethro Tull
* moor:novel; by jim_igale
* drama_-un:history, acting; by kmwall
* gnome:novelized, real ufo case/footage media-need, official; by John Mayer
* albreque:nove; Jim Plunkett
* hers:novel, raid; by Michael Levine, Richard Marcinko, Jim Plunkett, James Clavell, James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* jim_rok:fashion, how he does; by FBI Dir. Muehller
* edelweiss:novel; by Mitch Kapor, kmwall
* fashion_four:text, year-1, superb; by devon_1
* drum_door:novelized; supreme commander abuse, id-theft; by USMC, NOW
* t.i.i.t.2:old law explained, dominates, precedence, planetary reside; by J, Stockton CA's judge_leon,
* dover:novel; by Bob Mayer (of .org)
* lorex:non-fable; by Al Gore, Richard Marcinko, kmwall
* driven_snow:novelized, Utah setting royalty arriving being stalked/murdered, male model, doctor of military, real footage media-need; by John Mayer, kmwall
* granted:novelization, God, good game over; by NSA's Dr. Hauser, Richard Marcinko, kmwall
* battle_ship_one:novelized, extraterrestrial communication child game; by janet_n_konoe'[to:war]
Send to Stanford University any email/phone/like it non-contest answer to problem soldiers included: earth crust expanding 8-inches now or subsiding to 40-feet wider measure it send answer add diameter for extra 1/2%-lower credit card companies all offering for supporting alert-awareness new-economics of more added to Kinsean+ of FED announced by Spring 2010 accepted worldwide by 2011 same an arrived 181-years ecology-economy, aligned data.
Workforce jobbers careers aware apply to learn ribbon-workforce ancien data archives or get work from topical sort alike USAF AirForce1 Office's:free sort "worklisted" and training at off-schedule at Justice Department accounting it non-counseling data to training groups schedules anyplace timed. Recall ribbon around globe is workforce latitude of ancien economy arrived again latitudal training is finance-required of Marine Corp+ of top-down approach venture to daily guru finance personal investing to David Bach's course free to knowing me or many included extra others courses of his ilk time from Oprah Show as guru international teaching now ancien economic bolsters called economies also aka transvxort economy listed free non-storied by IRS to soldiers accounting look to data of how-to referring business they transfer non-taxed directly to owner's equity invited Payroll agencies prefer new energy arriving 1 employee regular of it non-burden investors. Other, holiday cardwork for such as Hillary Clinton databases to send for her paid by Dept. of State by asking it or EDD of area clearance already done or of verifying background working anew with one provided by Dept. of State's Office of Procurement already or awaiting one to arrive soonest to work/force. USAF/SPAIN hiring Security Forces personnel; apply level-1 direct special-ops capable a plus boldness the motto ok.
Entertaining, Danny Ambience's Facebook site lauded his musical Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone, others alike most popularized got attention to it for Performing Arts already.
Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
commanding officer
USAF, director fashion/art, designer
all Marine Corps it USMC as ARTS/R co-head
ARMY(any/, finance
NAVY(any/, literature project
DEA-101/+-USSS-SS1 SEALs et al