Friday, February 17, 2012


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Personal thanking the helpful judges and court assisting law enforcement and military now practicing only at it the ARMY any of it for retreiving my own house recognized to be returned to me by Law and Force of it from 2000 selected to be known in Stockton a city in California of the actual taken by forceful law to removal inappropriate onto wrong day of in my situation entailing eternally seeming extraction from harmful abduction into its interior the local church guards of any religion tortured actual for records of their grouped of identity theft ultra violent the specialization of my own medical career in the Military known all of them for it anytime anyplace if for Military or Royalty bloodline only the ultra violence professional medical psychiatric medicine level I have as a profession in the Military is coincidental. Not yet achieved the pay per fourty four arriving to it to the local fire station personnel Mr. Robert Kuben organizing the into it array with forty person manuevers akin to SWAT also signed on for four slots of to it the alike of all any houses in area affected same to similar pay of USD$169Million per helper of me to the forty with other errand of pay retrieval deposit to cash the day of as ARMY assisting by two required typical of an accumulated pay check if interested in being hired on the DAOffice has the listing of who can pay the said sum amount of it to the forty in and as now may be chosen from a check type pay from DOD DEA DAOffice itself to other agencies a choice good to be made. Thanking any who have expertise to assistance courage to do so for me or others alike in City of Stockton to others on list listed from any Police Station. Since I am single never been married the documentation level is simplistic and as I am the only one declared ever allowed to use my birth name same signature below to protect from identity theft same as for to anyone any countryside legal ones of also the use of paramilitary eugenics for such as myself the full dna royalty bloodline to others alike such as legal politician bloodlines depleted by murders aligned support by income persons to others of noted professions guaranteed jobs at the same time or type when requested to dominating by its need the countryside to be benefiting and of the localized churches doing training on how to with noninvasive to guaranteed marraige partners of before planned by all militaries governments of interest to none normal times.
Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
commanding officer
SAS officiator Knight of Columbus and minister Ministry of Fashion and FFL member
USAF director fashion/art designer and RAF+
omc AllMarineCorp USMC its co-head of ARTS/R
ARMY(any/ finance and USSF as a special-ops unit personnel
NAVY(any/ literature its project also USNSeals as an operative