Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Incursion VI Alerts and Fashion Wares Forwarned

Hello to everyone, I hope that you are having a good Autumn day even as the Incursion VI warnings are out again that relate to upcoming elections and also fashionable items in transit being burgled and worn by Incursion VI attackers. The USAF report from its Air Force One Office home of the Project:FashionOne is partly following. Firstly, boxes of test-marketing unique designer wear have been stolen in transit or delivery points and were located on homeland invader attempting attackers considered to be homeless transients in a capacity of professionally marauding and burgling homes. Secondly, the USAF officially reports the data of sociology studies turned in moments ago that most persons are now in ownership of merely two to five clothing ensembles or completed outfits; these are considered to be of their business attire or of benefit to their own business. These dire seeming statististics are compared against others such as the attempt yesterday by 80 million homeless-raiders gathered into their own massive grouping attempting to raid synchronistically in tandem affected cities by Incursion VI. For many of those depleted of wardrobing items, they are able to be using the ones provided from the USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne, which began with four shoes, two suits and shirts and ties, with socks the following delivery and more after that in the continual schedule. Being hopeful of attaining new or any more clothes very soon is not what the focus is of those polled, and that is because they are evidently seeking new sources of future income that take precedence for their next available personal funds. Foreclosures on houses that can be purchased perhaps with others as investors are about to become their most popular selection, but the USMC which often advices personal finance suggests it is a good time to study investments options for the near future that being sometime in a year to year and a half for yourselves as it has those polled. The reason for the most attrition of wardrobe items for those polled is the Incursion I to VI homeland raiding invaders of the dna-Insurgents. This being so, the Department of Defense and the War Department are interested in clarifying for the public sector the certainty all involved in defending the Homelands have that the main groups of Incursion I to VI raiding invaders are self-directed by a false belief system they were recruited into misclaiming that over about forty years or so they would with a schedule of up to several hours a day be assigned to a house chosen to supposedly earn by providing adventure to the occupants while raiding the houses in what these perpetrators-gathered misthought to be their useful items and wares to consume. Albeit, by cleaning up after themselves to the point of mastery of books they used to train with such as the publicly available cleaning hint books that were their study texts, as recorded with USMC Reconnaissance surveillance. In retaliation as a homeland defense by your worldwide governments part of this reconnaissance-level surveillance is the computer chips and similar equipment that I listed here before of the mind-reading and recording ability that is available to the law enforcement and similar in form to plug into any of their equipment data ports without adaptation, and immediately to begin the thought-recording process and send the data to the court houses as well as the other typical places for said data. The microscopic versions are also available to those who qualify as you might expect from studying the advance casework for this continual level of warfare declaration such as President Obama correctly declared against the specified categories and known invaders and their counterparts. Certain leniancy is available to those from the invader-counterparts resident and in positions of business or responsibility that were duped into believing they were working for real militaries or governments but in urgent specific with those who had one day and an hour or some similar oddity in their experience they'd thought to have been military boot camp training. They were not the actual boot camp trainees, and were not the assigned civilian teacher as they are considered to have been an inadvertant or waylaid-to-non-record level, now. These teachers in particular caught notice because they were of the caliber to have been recruitable for a short training class within any particular boot camp in history. There is correlation between similar sounding names of the actual historically present boot camp instructors who would've been full-time at the boot camps, typically, only inviting in an outside instructor for a specialty of a military unit in training such as if the trainer needed a sewing instructor for a type of course that was atypical. Only to those are the certain leniancies being extended to requalify them in hindsight and put them by demand through the actual military training camp. One another vein of this topic the War Department and the Department of Defense wish for you to know that any you know who went through this false one day or so training camp attempt were shown the money system of the military in error by the false instructors which includes having received money in cash forms or equivalents that wasn't theirs and also that they were taught to carry money or handle it for others, but again in error. This is a serious alert, that the money portion of those training camps which were only vacated temporarily for a few hours for the legitimate training unit to go to another location to train such as to learn to guard a shopping mall. So all affected actual military units will be trained in these gaps as soon as possible.

Other things have come up of non-urgent and historical interest and note that are also the new and of a historically renewed designated perview which involves Christian and Druid data. The fact that as many Druids were crucified by Ancient Rome in equal numbers to the Christians that were of that time is a small fact that has fascinated many people. The research that is delving into the roots of the Incursions I to VI is unearthing many newly fascinating details such as this. Interesting to the scholar and student alike, but hopefully of very great interest to those many of you, the good readership, that are agreeing to help out your militaries by accepting long-term assignments that include getting up to 30 scholastic degrees from the grants being donated or located by our militaries. The topics will assist in figuring out how these dna-Insurgents who recruited the masses of mentally retarded and homeless raiding-invaders were finding the equivalent of tax loopholes in everyday business and law. The president declaring warfare against this conspiratorial to the point of demise or harm or intention of levels called illegalis is correct. I'll explain more of the correct as this blog goes along but in the future. Meanwhile, perhaps you'll help out with considering double-degrees on the same topics but different versions of them which are available at both the junior college or community college level or the State college or private university levels. I found more than one, and selecting something such as double-Kinsian economics or heraldry-deliverance are such that are being accepted. Try to think of something you know or would be keenly aware about while learning more of, and thank you, in advance.

Resort and Fashion are two business industries that in some economics studies throughout history are sectors independently operative and fully supporting when holding all businesses within these two realms. Think about it, and you'll see why no type of legal business is left out. Formal business structures proposed and accepted worldwide at the first ever on record consortium style meeting between all human groupings and tribes already forming are very interesting to remember and discuss. Although not 'forming up' per se, as the military term is about becoming armed and such because the world was peaceful and not thought to need even a law enforcement, yet. The business plans of this meeting are viewable and all the official historic tribes and royal courts and similar have them and can compare. One these charts considered the formal business plans are the details known or being taught about how to interact in a world that revolves with all business and lifestyle forms of income being from Fashion and Resort. Another misconception of the recently recruited-illegalis participants-as-invaders in the Incursion VI raiding invasion is to tell new recruits into this crime-laden level to also overdo their use of fashions by discarding wearable fashions daily and also to behave most of the day or night as if at a resort that you might imagine, lounging about much, participating in over-adventure to the point of adventurism, and tossing money about in a usual one or two day using up of it all that is available. Beware and be aware. Some of the results of this discovery found a couple more of the military installations to become non-military and non-installation for the next forseeable future likely a few years, and are not to be considered a military installation or military destination for that time, now including the Blackwater Cafe in Stockton and the Valley Brew Family Restaurant. They've been over run by dna-Insurgents to this level, but the military milling about are still often on display.

Have a good day and I'll see you again on this blog, soon. Take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer