Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekend Incursion IV and Fashions

Hello to everyone and this weekend update is by special request of the Military for your benefit, of course, and so it won't wait until Thursday as Incursion IV is full tilt this weekend with skewed reports of for specific 40 million homeland invaders of self-declared mormon-jehovah-witness-claimant-illegalis-miscreants. They are actually one-tenth of that but still very aggressive and have been entering houses and government buildings to take food and attempt to live as the identity theft victims, again, while actual family members are present. They are not confirming as any legal members of any religion and therefore are considered not entitled to legal protections of any form, and are misclaiming they have legal courts or police departments operating underground on their own. This is incorrect, and so they are to be handled just as any invasion or home invader. Most have entered via ocean ways and waterways, within the last four days. Some from Point Lobos reported, though, ended up being a friendly force of divers that surprised the Military, and were greeted graciously by representatives from the French Foreign Legion who took personal time to welcome them ashore. The negative news, though, includes that soldiers are handling over 5,000 invasions of homes alone, each, by the reports and the bodybag counts coming in, so don't delay reporting incidents or even suspicions which can be tallied in the computer systems for Law Enforcement and also of course the Military. Sadness is being played upon such as attacking residents who had Mormon or Jehovah Witness friends or family that supposedly died in the past but went into fake or illegal witness-protection-type programs and hid instead in crime groups living off of embezzled substance; this happened in my on sphere as I and Military and Law Enforcement located and extracted a police officer left for dead illegally for my once upon a time prom date my Junior year in high school. The law officer which had been kidnapped by the fake Mormon witness protection program claiming to help supposed angels and royals elope has been closed down and its embezzling line shut down. There are no such programs, and no one has been more grieving again today than the families of those who are really turning up deceased again including trying to take up collections and ask strangers for monies to fund funerals that they'd thought happened decades ago. Several victims of these saddening kidnappings have been restored to their families and semblance of their lives and given back their jobs in law enforcement and other fields, in particular. My enacted executive orders prevent any repercussions or any leniency to any of the participants of the illegalis attempts to elope and hide in worldwide or other religions in fake witness protection programs as I've just discussed.

Entertainment is part of an industry that is formally necessary for good mental health, but is not intended to be dangerous. There are entertainments that I and others have discussed that teach, such as historically popular ones like the game of chess. My own Marine Corp personnel are often very easily reached in online tournaments or seen at cafes with game boards out. The day for me of recreation doesn't include formal entertainments required, or not required, as it does for some of the other military. The ability to play a game only when allowed is part of a grown-up mind.

As the Incursion IV swings on into Incursion V there will be a change in reporting to you, the general public, some actions and activities, such as exactly where the invaders operating as homeless waves of attackers in military formations or patterns of their own making. The Incursion V will continue to report the 'known' and it will be good of you, the public, to report and be aware of the activities of where and how you notice the Incursion IV to VIII. Today, there were other successes such as apprehending more of those who attempted to aim and fire missiles at homeowners whom they'd already attacked with disgraceful modes such as filling swimming pools with fecal product and other typical attacks indicating the homeless choice of illegalis cultish styled crime and warring gang types. Since the change indicated by our US Congress earlier this month, the rest of the Incursions are noted to be the remainder of the homeless waves flushed out from underground illegalis habitations of their own choosing. I wish and hope for you the same success in finding your own kidnapped friends or associates as I've had happen, many from the technology community of former Silicon Valley high economy that appeared to disappear into other parts and places but were unlocatable. Or, had been illegally replaced by uncharacteristic seeming identity thieves. Go ahead and take more steps to prevent and recover from identity theft, yourselves, and rest assured that the governmental taxation agencies are now allowing you to deduct the expenses from identity theft, in full, and it didn't even take my or other executive orders enacted for this to occur so that the graciousness is noted and noteworthy.

Remember that no one can put you or others on medication in public or by pretending sudden emergency doses are needed, and no judges that are real will allow them to so that this Incursion IV is characterized by the drugging and misconduct of false medical prescriptions and garage-designed medications illegally dropped into water systems, cafe cups, food at home, or even found to be blowing off the backs of truck beds while driving through town. Be careful, and as before remember to urinate frequently and drink as much assuredly clean water as possible for this Incursion IV while you are in the affected 8000 cities remaining.

The opportunities in Fashion today are quick and quiet if you'd like to use your background in psychology or fashion or similar such as speech writers or events planners to assist churches worldwide. They have one hundred percent requested help for their parishioners or attendees to redefine their styles of garb (non-clerical) for church or temple attendance. The clergy or USAF can assist with this list of projects as the churches have said they think the attire worn by too many of their attendees are actually too distracting, whether immodest or overly bright or similar. If this interests you, there are specific studies and wardrobe analysis and presentation seminars.

It is good for me to be online with you again before next Thursday as I'd planned, and the military pets doing search & rescue are enjoying today's 91 degrees Fahrenheit with me. I stopped in to view a cooking book and demo at the local Barnes & Noble and I'll list it next time, and some other good experiences while I'm on my official vacation working on a manuscript. Take good care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide