Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Salutations, days of official alerts of Incursion-Xis coded accurately by Homeland Security Agency homeland invasion 2nd-level plaguerism-to-do after jewel heist attempts of signature or dna-discriptive (school ring typed) crime like attacks handed to Military known by all Police Stations united, and stopped at 103,000 2nd wave of homeless seeming invaders swathed into spelling out letter pattern in approach viewed from satellites for warfare printing out free tape of at any Police Station or Judicial Court House globally of USMC Reconnaissance technology courteous to all known populace. Of alerts more treason/high-treason convictions listing at same courthouses lists finalized but open for another day of prosecutions as needed in absentia allowed for overland home-invasions typed into the Homeland Security and its Agencies of record necessity to defend any/all countryside format:any, unknown excepting arts and developed from it categories of workforces as reason; closure on clothes into bodily parts attacked/removed to be worn by assailants also increasing escalation--morgue lists not free now but comprehensive of convictions already--leaving hairstylists of over 844,000 worldwide with bookkeepers raiding cities with hired armed personal personnel paramilitary equipped to do themed attacks -- see previous days blogs for specific persons listed of and into announced of teachers' id-theives for it discovered same as i.e. 'jan' of many names impersonating children's guard of 1970s decade known fled from San Joaquin County School District pretended employ and altering appearance drastically; to CIA for any criminal background of and like it worldwide to businesses and need-to-know legal work, etc.). Black sun files for orbs of Fashion Resort Economy for 181 years now announced by FED as new archives useful for it have 103 orbs netted by NASA overnight, matched to raids times a ten-power into repeated Incursion attacked; of tours at Travis-AFB USD$43 typical of sound/sight recordable some. IRS announces its tax write off for party given if helping school districts purchase from promotional by CIA from f. President "Teddy: Roosevelt's fund for public to receive gifts and/or books/music/literature/text/data/sound/video/filmage/+; alternate purchase method offered by any credit card company known to lower on its used lode by 1% interest rate, or topic of shopper sent free.

Omu was once the port stopover of ancien Mu including Hawaii modern areas: bears of omu are of California and returned to Military service and trained by the State of California to perform search and rescue full-capacity all costs of covered by USMC Recon anew alignment USMC ARTS/R:abess. Training of animals for military to homeland defenses costs covered such; trained free by Mexico's Military/Artillery, contact. Omu bears, labeled, 144,000; under 80 pounds most 30-40lbs; housepet types retire after 7+ years still about for housepet or return as wildlife. Recall prior blogs fur of first trend-stopped by illegalis behaviors of locals to them by non-allowing of any new trends (no harm to bears) used all white versions for most peiceworked together fancy patches carved into gyrating patterns; imitation in Thailand a military of useful optical illusion fabrics for camoflouge. Gowns were akin to modern artwear category.
* house_of_worth_manual:text; by lee_1, kalleen_1
* fashion_9_manual:for new fashion tribe and its own church; by it
* bible_5:official data water wars behind all known bibles; monks commissioned for it by Office of Emergency Services worldwide agency all counties/regions/alike
* general:Masonic novel by James Clavell
* overhead:angel play; by cop_joe
* across_my_countryside: by RAT, Dr. of entertainment Jim Ricks, kmwall
* dryad: novel, by judge_d
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
USAF, fashion/art director, designer
of all Marine Corp at USMC ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any/, finance
NAVY(any/, project literature
USSS-SS1-#101+, DEA ,SEAL, et al.