Friday, April 8, 2011

Incursion IX to XX Official Alerts and Foos to Fashions Duex

Salutations, again the official from the Military worldwide alerts of the Incursion IX attackers coded homeland invaders of dna-Insurgents miscreant led in the affected cities listed at your local Police Station are broadcast from this official site of the Military and also any of your recurring news networks as has been happening. The home invasions and business hold-ups in military formations and repeated number-game formats worldwide put the Incursion into the military hands, already, and especially as the field of Fashion and now also Resort (food, housing included in) of the missing workforces that the Fed sent myself and you, the Good Readership to look for in search and rescue. The good news is that about 1/4 of Sweden is mobile in an effort to assist furniture manufacturing families missing that 109 of the Swedish Royal Households fled their own homes to assist anywhere around the world. There are about all of them housed in Northern California by the USMC, as they assist their governments and our militaries. The manufacturers were working and still are from the cuneiform-UN first language that is from their secret and legal methods of how they do business. There are no particulars about the groups missing other than several already were located by the search and rescue methods utilizing mathematics from MIT and University of Utah today where the missing workforces of Resort had gone to seek work following trends forming, taking their business along after being driven homeless by threats and intidimidations into the weapons drawn, and now being assisted fully to reacclimate. The manufacturers missing them arrived in meetings with the military heads and bootcamp trainers this morning, and elsewhise, to also train these new sudden recruits in self-defense, calling trees and lifelines of escape routes, and also their own part-time career or full-time ones with the military options. The films of the ten little Jane Doe girls are now fostered in their appropriate homes similar to their bloodlines from their Garden of Eden dna-testing which indicated their likely ancestral agreements in fields chosen. The films of the animals working in the rescues are helping many understand more what the military search and rescue animals do. The one that touched my heart was of the fallen by exhaustion ten year old girl who kept trying to defend this city in in-tunnels from miscreants raiders, and met my cat in the USSS who played with her until help arrived after trying to pull her forward into the visible exit to safety. It was the first time, I realized as did others who handle the animals in training, that the cat had seen tears. Thank you to all of you for your ability to accept these new and unusual members of our search and rescue paramilitary and special-ops teams, including those from the wildlife recruited by the USMC.

There are things in Fashion that are less honorous, but just as telling for the USAF to report. Today, from USAF Air Force One Office's: Project Fashion One, there was a good report from our viewpoint on the teens preparing for prom nights. These teens, similar to in the Great Depressions, became a noticed workforce and have been overall as an age group able to find some work that allowed them in this study to save an average of USD$1500 towards it, but instead of spending it all, they're investing all but $200 of it average into their other futures, items for the home included. Canoes, furnishings, schooling, etc. Wondering about how to help them afford social lives prompted the study from the hired sociologists.

As I am the commanding officer worldwide, I'm noticing how many times per day now those who did not comply to provide a valid certificate of birth or school records or other legal records indicating legal names and backgrounds to the governments and military are beginning to approach me for severe questions about what is happening in their sudden interruption to their delusion that reenactment was happening from all governments. Which is not what is happening. The President declaring warfare in return three years ahead of schedule as you can view at the Police Station; in Stockton, California, I pay from a set fund that is not depleteable for 8 computers to remain up for the executive orders to be viewed that have declared warfare against the homeless miscreants and home invaders and identity theives and others operating in paramilitary or other methods. Today onward, there is room for 10,000 per minute to do bootcamp training at home or school or any place assigned paid for on credit card company charges by the very real and concerned general public. To do warfare against the actual home invaders and others like them. Continually, and continuing, and against any form of it. The economies, meanwhile, are being taught to the general populace. Please contact your university advisers to find out about special and new grants to the populace in these fields that are new types, considered exchange levels of currency in many forms. There are olden types reviving alerted by the interest in Chichen Itza, such as its ix chel cuneiform being actually six shells of economy types. Economy graphs in Fashion and Resort dominating as 3/7th of the worldwide ones, historically, and forming up into pretty sea shells on the graphs plotted were what were recorded there, mysteriously, as in other places, on matrices with a letter "S."

The masks of extraterrestrials of past attacks on cases from the USSS files 103 today is still about impersonating military styled extraterrestrial images from many years of ufo reports, to ghosthunting, or similar. Once, it was only involving thefts from laboratories such as Spielberg's movie industry ones, and then followed up by break ins to homes; caught in the past by retired then USSS agents. Now, by any and all, since ghosthunting is the most prevalent hobby. Helping out law enforcement. Since I've come out of retirement, myself, some of these old ufo typed cases no longer ufo logged by of only humans changing their look by illegal surgery with originating dna of their own mixed with known dead civilizations archaeological sites where bones were still undisturbed, but known. Different shapes of structures has been noted throughout history as humans evolved, basic educational data, and inferences of from museums, etc. Those with data about such things can continue to let me or other agents know at the USSS locations and as my badge number is now linked to mine in the DEA changed today for my part-time work on the same or similar and also poison flower cases if you have them: USSS-1018cc, DEA-10182. All badge usage is verified by 100 percent dna verification mobile by handheld devices that explain exactingly the brain-stem cells that are who is in the organ donation repaired bodies worldwide of the over 60% of the populace the Military has repaired from attacks by dna-Insurgents and miscreants in homes or otherwise. 80% to 90% or more appear in grafts or organ donations for some years to be that higher percentage of the donor, not to be misconstrued with the actual person of that 80% or more. The percentage wanes bit by bit over months and years. A parented dna reading shows accurately only 40% to 50% of both genetic parents if of the birth, itself, dna-readings. The dna-readers require, however, literate and normal IQ persons to read them, and some teens were found breaching military locations of cafes trying to trespass and read aloud what they couldn't comprehend to populaces about, and also caught out were mentally retarded persons uncared for at those moments. The courthouses do the 100% accuracy readings, and it affects correctly and permanently all cases and attempts to have them. Check on the organic medicine degree lists easy to read from Stanford Medical School, and others like it. I have 15 medical degrees in this topic alone over the years you can look over, perhaps, as do many others have these degrees of interest. And there you have a little more about me, as surveys indicated you the good readership found of interest, and you'll know more about beauty-marring incidents referring to these types of degrees, some requiring more than one medical degree in some areas before taking the organic medicine ones, or vedic or Ayurveda medicine ones, linked, referenced, et al. The Police and other investigators are using beauty marring casework actively again with new budgets, overlapping with DA Office's every other day work on the same, with their own lists of also cuneiform-UN first language solutions in process to request for cases used by Fashion and Resort.

The blossoms on the trees here have received comment again, perhaps due to their frequent paths with our high winds. Lovely trails for the visual artists, as well as others about. The local symphony, also, has received much in the way of good comment from those it is drawing from in ticketing, about half of the country in spanning of travel plans. If you'd like to participate in ballet surveys, please notify the USMC ARTS/Religions through your local Police Station or write to them at any base.

I hope you all have a good weekend, and enjoy the previous several blogs about the contests and work available from the USMC ARTS/Religions and USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne. The wins daily for the evening dinner suiting for women is still happening, and than you for entering them. If you'd like copies of the poetry wins for your school, please notify your school district's finance manager. They are all terrific, not just the wins.

Take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/Religions, co-head
ARMY (any) finance
USN, literature
Thank you for viewing the watercolor LeTempsFuit:TimeFlies at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery listed at USD$1Million.