Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Salutations, official data this day counted between 416 to 410 of files into 2-hours leniancy global synched records by Nord-gneau to Office of Emergency Services (O.E.S.) files/archives (in office during non-urgent civilian defenses systems, at) of 'the Vault' nick-term of famed most secure building worldwide breached by 300K soldiering types into U.S.P.S. system employed turning themselves in by 100K personnel-likened and of past employed, surgical proceedings of overrun to attacked is underway and free by #400-daimond grant of all big insurance companies also to use through smaller ones for USMC RECON official from Police Station or Judicial Court House printout data collection of it to no-cost fully recovered from it by U.S.Congress ordered already in place, into below of topical books free from a CIA promotional of it all for early-ready homeland defense groupings official plus those with topical and need-to-know qualifying (see blogs for 500 free and approved purchases already of this and seargents' sites links); uniforms alerting into gear of it for anything alerts already noted to you, Good Readership, apprised of closure now onto war of clothing aligned to attacking swaths into homes spelling global lettering into formation for to terrorizing newly noted often out-of-price-range of victimized cloth/textile/attire-level misclaimed as procurement/royalty-wear forced by duress-option-level misperformance to misalliance to World Court overlap casework with D.A. Office/s of funding there at each or any to cover subsequent, of and often. O.E.S. closed times explained further for Police Station overrun of public sector good enough to check in for extra assistance to their training of 81% in homeland defense adequate to bootcamp by U.S.Senate and USAF and Mexico's Artillery and others of; thanking all involved in successful interplaying of warfare declared against populace by unknown for under-1000 years over 100 consecutively of underground living not allowed used in terrorizing of populaces law abiding to becoming more lawful: see FED data for 181 days of consistent patterns into sociological behaviours mimick of graphed bell-curve economic data, Kinsean favored display. Scroll to end or view more listing of free or to be ordered for qualified, and historical seqments of this blog lowered awhile during ten months promotional for it all, homeland defense fundraising included.

Promotional from f. President 'Teddy' Roosevelt's located fund to give to a public under duress for reasons in its guide free (+access to) books or gift like teddy bear of his Administration tour on likely topics to terrorize a public assessed and assenting to homeland defensese in adequate stages, displayed in dominant terror code of past today exampled as terra_hazen a type in O.E.S. files defined; of listed for it all on blog/s free by CIA-nearby (it repaid by America's CIA or Mexico's or any Artillery of fund worldwide linked to D.A. Office tracked/allocation for as funding) or offered by any credit card company worldwide the lowered-by-1% lode on it used for of this purchase or of other blogs for it (this topical listing, plus products presented by seargents' grouping known to contact already and of others returning for similar workload including):
novels, by James Clavell, eddie_c (of FBI), Michael Levine, Richard Marcinko, Jim Plunkett, kmwall
* postal_one:of day 416 Incursion29 by dna-Insurgents novelization and video to any type technology adapted; by listed
* sir_and_soldier:dea-dna task force, novelization, of i.d.-theft grand-scale, by
* alcalde: novelization real Count Zorro, resurrections; by listed

novels by others
* tiara:nice life away; by geroge_ou
* spanish: a dream job into vice; by Anna Wintour

* eight_and_ten_a_grate_away:fashion text, of now importance per CIA; by John Nesbit [to: on New Age]
* ten_and_new_trend:as one in and more; by georges marciano

Thanking you, the Good Readership, for yesterday's response to interest expressed in topic of trends when seargents' required your help for only a moment, into the GOD-ecology as some nicknamed while in mode, of your purchases more than Bible again of a product of data and education on ecology-economy basic level. Of like, Stanford University reports in many who did the 'homework' quiz a few days back on this and other like it linking up sites or over topic received 1c.u. educational from them for valorous attempts at regauged Economy level-4 topic; it considered remedial level economics study to approach beginning of the next 181 years of economic known patterning in regular world outside corrections to leading anywhere for normalizing populaces, aware. And also thanks for making the books/text/video/music/+ product grouped as novel series top sales of marker-level Bible worldwide (into language translations now available) about now data homeland defenses: Sayonara series and 1864 series listing on earlier blogs, more later on.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, to global and under
USAF, fashion director
any Marine Corp. and as USMC, ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any/, finance
NAVY(any/, project literature