Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Incursion IX to XX Alerts and Philosophical in Fashion

Salutations, the Incursion IX to XX alerts are fully on as the internationally declared Federal Military Martial Law from the 24th of February to March 24th, as set in place by the German FBI and the Russian Military, enforced. For the 909,007 affected cities now, that have been redeclared warfare against by a new grouping underground homeless choosing and organized against the surface dwellers of a 90 year declaration from them. The 88 year warfare declaring dna-Insurgents of miscreant led raiding homeland invading parties in Incursions I to IX presently underway were dominated and destroyed in attempts to swarm to the surface in a swell of combat armed attacks. The good humor you'll notice in your local Law Enforcement is possibly due to their active participation in this halting officially of the 88-year declaring groups that warred with the surface in their minds and by actions until today. Some of these among others are now training for space level actions, such as being able to defend a food growing platform such as the one I and other NASA lunchtime paramilitary groups had put into space level as you've read on this blog. The Department of State is out and in places public still helping those arising from the under neath of our known world to get regular backgrounds and avoid pitfalls of not becoming identity theives in worlds that don't know them. Where dna is instantaneous any public place and is required for verifying everyone anywhere or anyone everywhere, non-contact non-invasive and one hundred percent correct always. The law enforcement and court houses have this data technology on them, already, and others are receiving the technology parts for their regular equipment against. The workforces sought desperately for the sake of their lives by the order of the Fed with search and rescue culminating a phase of success today, now for the next round of, but that gave our world back another 25,000 persons in each workforce category. From economy charts of the 5,000 years ago Garden of Eden times or equivalent planning meetings that had Fashion and Resort containing all economic and business sectors, known. Seven sectors of the Fashion and nine of the Resort. Nearly a quarter million more people were found as a result of the Fed order that will now be returned to these fields of business. A film is available from the funding sources and libraries in banks and from your civil service offices of the recent rescue efforts underground last night. Quoting police officers chasing down toddlers (tots) that were carrying their last known family members craft representation of their work assignment in Fashion or Resort, and fleeing and hiding, some of the dialogue filmed live is touching. "... trend about to occur? Ask a tot." a quote, direct, from the police involved. Sadly for many, no animals were retrieved owned by the trapped underground victims in last night's search and rescue, having been food sources.

From the world of jewelry making, once an entire economic sector in an ancient economy in and of itself, Astronaut Al would like to teach you how to achieve 4 advanced degrees of training per year, or even 8 if doing so in the military manner, even to PhDs for all. Astronauts now have 97 degrees as I've mentioned on this blog before for you the good readership that have been keeping up, and they continue to earn more speedily and that are quite able to have lives well lived and do presentations to the public. Please call NASA for registration, or a DVD.

Some businesses do have legal and legitimate presences underground just as some laboratories do, and there is a good amount of meetings legal to attend there to known and registered businesses. Do respect their ways of being amid danger that include a friendly snack of food, sometimes unusual. Left at locations on known routes, the bits of food are about the right amount of calories needed to sustain a person through regular sitting meetings. Such as an egg on the guiding piece such as a sundial or windchime near a link to the tunnels. There, a courteous regular fare to them such as their unique vegetable dish will be offered, usually vegetarian or vegan.

Soon on this blog I'll go over some recent data added to the data on ancient kingdoms, hopefully of interest to you. I started looking into my own interest in the fact that Ancient Kingdoms listed all the known cures to diseases as being all from the rainforest in availability. Many a fact have come in. Meanwhile, I've added to my reading list a cookbook called Herbaceous by Sara Baker, isbn#1592231713. Delightful with quips and quoths quite like philosophies of the ancients.

Philosophy and economics have been promised to be returned into the school rooms in more dosages of, in the future. Needed now, too, the churches are beginning to offer some economic philosophy training including Saint Anne's here in Stockton, CA that is teaching some of the cuneiform-first-language and not waiting upon the school systems burden to include again more, internationally.

One of the philosophical money-think books I'm reading now is Creating Money by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, and if you like the type of positive thinking approach of manifesting by focusing on thoughts and emotions, then note a small correction from the Government for your philosophy: on page xxix, line 5, "The man-made laws of money include financial planning, time management, cash flow management, market-place, taxation and funds, and business plan expertise." This preceding is my own clergy and government revision for your own use if training from this book as a manual or text in school systems, otherwise the book wording is fine for overall enjoyment in reading. An official snippet of information for you from the USMC Religions.

Since the Fed is still here in Stockton, working since last weekend in now laundered evening attire from their interrupted ball, more data is suddenly available from the Ancient cuneiform-first-language being used again more fully in Fashion and Resort workforces, any size of business. From this type of work, many grateful persons are again donating grants for degrees using this data and its type, so that you feel gratitude for the extra effort of working with the Military and others needing to use this data, now. Again. From similar situations, I'm pleased to have one of my PhDs added to for the first time in post-doctoral work, a new level of accomplishment for me that I'm pleased to share with you good readership. Having asked for more drops of data about my own life. (Since the Fire Department was overinundated with calls about the cats employed by them, too, I thought to encourage other directions of research.) Soon, again, I'll list more home based businesses in the economic sectors in usual or unusual ways that came across my path in life that are working and still working, as some exampled philosophical approaches. Maybe some ideas will continue to come to you and yours, similarly. Meanwhile, I'm showing the original artwork for Le Temp Fuit at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery in Stockton, CA, listing at USD$1Million.

Sartorially yours,
KMWall, commanding officer