Thursday, October 7, 2010

Incursion V Alerts and Changing Appearances

Hello to everyone, I hope you are well and alert during this Incursion V timeframe of homeland invaders and raiders in the affected cities under attack by non-professional military-styled attackers who attempted to attack 800,000 more cities additionally. About a thousand of the newly affected cities by Incursion V attackers remain affected along with the others you know. Other types of attacks are happening to the families and households who raise animals for specific purpose including working dogs for the military, so soon another fundraiser series will allow for donors to be helpful of especially RAF dog litters. In many countries, such homes were added to the Incursion V alerts due to huge scale attacks on their property that were compared to the oil spills on the news, and similar, but are being handled by the military and animal protection groups to rescue wildlife. But because the wildlife is controlled in areas where military and similar animals are being raised the actual count of wildlife affected is low, around fifty animals at each site. Still, I adore watching out for the animals around our own delta waters seeded by the NSA Project:Echelon laboratories and imagine that it is similar in these other sites. The Incursion V is partly characterized by escaped elements of mixed dna from laboratories traced all the way to the War in Vietnam with not-quite-any-one-animal-type bipedal attackers loosed in raided areas by Incursion V invaders. These animal-conglomerations appear human due to the macabre illegalis practice of the invaders of putting human skin and hair over the raiding animals taught to attack homes and persons. The rounded up bad laboratory experiments particularly from Viet Nam underground not part of any actual governing body or one that should've been known by any are most akin to rabbits. If peaceful, they're being restored by surgical process to become rabbit litters and such. Not really a house pet, they'll be watched for awhile to see what these violently trained rabbit-hybrids are up to; their counterparts you heard about were mismade from bats that I discussed here last week and were not all salvageable due to violence in their mistaught raiding tactics. Soon, I'll also have a fundraiser item requested by the WWF to help with such unusual costs as they prepare for nearly anything in the areas affected most by the Incursion I to V invaders. Do be sure to alert the authorities near you or the military if you notice other types of unusual human-appearing raiding parties as they may be animals and not people, after all.

This week I'm painting donation item artwork for the future fundraisers, but it was brought to my attention that very many of the literary societies and writing clubs that are non-profits are helping the very many writers who have recently been attacked violently in their homes with plagiarism as the motive. The attacks were mentioned for their similar time of day and being directed at, for example, romance writers one day, by the thousands. Do check in with your writing clubs that take pride in being professional organizations and non-profits so that they can help with these situations, if possible. Many are. Another fundraiser will appear here for one in the future, also, as it is assisting many of the victims and their families.

Genetic traits are in the dna as you know, but have been mistaken to be available to others of miscreant nature and participation who are gruesomely stealing dna from victims in not just Incursion I to V affected cities. Hair and skin grafts may not be legally given if found in non-hospital settings, so don't fall for such ploys-illegalis. The President and all heads-of-state declared warfare against these types of attackers whether actually following orders of the unknown leaders of the Incursion I to V. No one gets your body parts while you are dead or alive unless you have filled out the proper organ donor forms and had your health verified in the regular medical communities. Hair today and scalps that go with it are of particular interest to the said raiders who are mostly being deterred, so far. The attempts to graft bones from victims is also a renewed alert for the general populace, because certainly only accredited medical schools should be teaching anyone how to do this type of surgery. In history, some civilizations left manuals demonstrating how they performed surgeries and some certain miscreants obtained some data from them and have attacked on occasion for bones. The tribally attempting attackers are now known to be an extremely short in stature group of unknown affiliation that were behind most of the beauty marring attempts, and mostly of males who changed their gender to particularly female form in the beauty industries. Be careful if your genealogies are of the very short in height populaces as there are records absconded from the legitimate and legal populaces recorded by the Church and governments that are being stolen in identity theft by these recently uncovered very short attackers trying for validations and credibility. You'll recall that I and others have discussed on the blogs and other Internet sites that the historic listings for people or animals travelling into areas that were different from its populaces known or who had medical conditions requiring treatments or prevention was the often illuminated bestiary. Don't do as the miscreants are doing and mistake the work bestiary for bestiality, the latter being declared warfare against permanently, of course.

The part-time and special-conditions hiring packages by our worldwide Military are still filling up with new-hires, and a good thing they are. Deployed at home and from home is how the future will interminably roll forward, but it is also a hopeful one. The alternatives have been decided against, including future victimization by being undertrained or underprotected in affected areas. Such icons of our leadership in the recent past joining up include the self-proclaimed 'draft dodger' former President Clinton who'll be in our military, now, permanently welcome to work again after being a commander-in-chief before. Other interesting revamping of human-power includes former Vice President Al Gore being re-activated to the equivalent of his former office of vice president level to help with some of the workload in the present White House Administration and others are similarly working in equal capacity to protect this country and others more fully. I'm sure you'll be glad to know many experienced helpers from the past are assisting these present dedicated staffs with the overload from things happening such as the economies and Incursions I to VIII in particular.

Ghosthunting is a fabulously well thought of hobby for many people nowadays and of the kind of interest that NASA has decided to help out in the public sector, while also setting up more satellite-level offices from home for example. It has its own special-operations units setting up to protect the general populaces, but it is also very able and ready to help out in ghosthunting interests, officially or unofficially. I'll also present a fundraiser for NASA special-ops units here soon for their specialized activities that may present some rather enjoyable experiences for you or in your area. Some of these interests may be overlapping with your own, or with some historic textual studies including religious and the USMC clergy offices is always glad to supply the lore that is officially updated and worth a read that overlaps with stories in various locations.

I will blog again with you soon on this now PhD referential site that has recently become also an official military site, thanks to the hard work of many involved in getting the military and governmental approvals. There are also many daily listings of jobs that are short-term or long-term from the USAF Air Force One Office's Project: Fashion One, and some that are for rather carefully guarded locations such as those required to be manned on certain schedules by the Police Academy graduates worldwide. Do check in at the regular official offices for these types of positions and not by word on the street and don't do as others have done by falling prey to any approaching to intercept you before you reach such official and known offices and precincts, etc., with suddenly alternative stories negating instructions given to you. Just a precaution as there is no re-enactment allowed in public for now that is this type of ploy, still, and certainly not again having been declared warfare against for good reason. You're a good readership and I hope you will take care until the next blog.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer.