Monday, September 12, 2011

Official Incursion X+crimewaving Alert Fashion Economy Books

Salutations, Saturday's 90-million homeland-invasion accurately coded by NSA for Homeland Security home-invasion-raiders attempted evenly numbered attacks; to Law Enforcement now, code-11 14-war, of Fashion Economy from Resort a world records to Atlantean and Merovignian Court (coded city-O0x381 in 900th city planned Armageddon, by war fared against known populaces by prostitution amassed to military challenge). In official economic-black-suns viewed (4 graphed only by math of 11, 8th replaced cyclically), tiny facts from attacks of lack of glibness or eloquence relate to ARMY(any) disclosed determination 1974-2001 1/4-C Age of Eloquence; to Ecclesiastical/Economy overlap of 1000s-denominations linked to astronomy-ancien, currency links active during visible light from 'star' appointed and of several attacks in homes to abroad: visitors; of, into churches where denomination-1000 started for instant-relief of any perceived, offered by clergy (2-business relief, instant funding home-business their friend: embroiderer, art, candles, etc.). Weekend's search-and-rescue horse collapsing in new-terrain endurance runs for immediacy newly stocking breeding farms to provide relief horses, horse paths and endurance training for short-stock-looking barrel-riding type manuevers into tunnels-aperatures highly skilled horses arriving with Mexican Military training; like with military and other persons involved in searches to detectives hired onto open budgets for working without clues to casework (into f. Pres. Geo. W. Bush Administration data, from) of ozone-seismic-overlode on nerve systems that FED receives daily affecting patterns and hospitalization is on previous blogs. Other animals hired if trained already 'peicemeal' workload good for social club search-and-rescue to ufologists contacted for odd-terrain beforehand, and skilled observers with ability to work with animals on teamwork levels, high stress; not excluding scouting clubs of past or present background-of trained (after success stopping public bathroom raid-attacks-cruel worldwide, heads-of-state and President agreeable). Sunday, I attended 9/11 ceremony at local St. Basil Greek Orthodox Church as many worldwide did similar; President authorized new data on it all at coded-Office of Counterintelligence of White House Administration a need-to-know and education book on data explaining why all known terrorists now work for office and with Heads-of-State and all Presidents (to equal of) worldwide entries in book and how to contact USSF for more casework data newly discovered who/what routes of signals into triggers to attacks noting why not religious mode war per USMC Recon handling Religion, free by-CIA creditcard of its office nearby to owned for cleared purpose, called City Number 400 Diamond, (textbook level higher education to degreeing in doctoral+), by denver unit joauhen (said john), a caznar, denver unit 'jack', kmwall, all worldwide presidents and heads-of-state (listing as within): please ask for as below how to enter creditcard data into sequence-buying regimen to many already.

In University discovered business-coded trends, newly U-scotch as I thank Stanford University for degreeing me in this fast-opened fashion-economy-code to scotch-U of many others already, grants arriving places for. USAF AirForce1Office's:ProjectFashion-UN(one) requests to USMC ARTS/R may be sent data on State of Delaware link to State of California conjoined with Iriquois University(any) for Arts project, work to. Same office also requests 'essays' for contest paying in also writing credit and reference for 10-page or under about luggage and carraiges; a textbook topic also for Fashion in Economy study accepted. See previous blog for ra_rug contest $800 paid daily.

Researchers sought for new degreeing higher-education levels of autism unusual levels of sxestrum (when home-invasion attack to 2-authority attack in past) see most medical schools for grants to degreeing potential. It may treat differently into savante types expertise beyond but has medical condition concerns of full autism, and other research typing needed now. Resulting from reported to Police Station nearby and similar attack reports of cases.

More books, for need-to-know buy same was as above stated or as thing-to-own, collectors to education (blog authorship listed in blogs previous 2 ways now and future kmwall):
* equestrian_style_ana_code_fashion_warfare_on, by president Barack Obama and kmwall
* towel_thrown: unusual cases about love and romance in royal homes said and cases against them by ne'erdowells, funny for policework, by San Francisco Police Department's Official Library (worldwide documentation housed)
* a_dun_f, by gregory orph
* canta_elope: a-runaway to destination songbook, by joe_maum, kmwall
* black_book_art: on police cases unknown, hot to log them when they go dark, by tom_to (a cop, official military personnel)
* smoke_in_arts, by Mexican Military Artillery
* a_nun_book: how to wear one code, Chanel's to Dark Ages proper wear, by James Marks and kmwall
* ray_vo's_book_on_U, posthumously benefitting his estate to guard well Sweden's royalty workdwide-placed, job contracted from USSS; O.E.S. regarded within
* a_store_in_U:40-year trend ahead, how to run a store, by denver_unit_"jan"
* a_gain: a book on taxes to making it, by denver_unit_wall plus accomodating IRS for worldwide information war-on taxes adn gain anywhere to ...
* conquistadores_style, by James Marks and kmwall
* how_to_buy_on_9: your buying may be done by 10 a.m., placed ... a stockmarket hint-help book, by quan_dough (known billionaire see within) and kmwall
* 80_dazze_and_a_weigh: a fashion trip how to, by denver_unit's d_na_deauhnn (said dean)
* 90_daze_and_a-weight_to_a-grant, by ups_tom

USAF, fashion director
USMC ARTS/R, co-head
ARMY(any), finance
USN, et al