Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Salutations, official Incursion violence to XXi-level, guaged to official Incursion lists better appointed data firm from O.E.S., 108,000 homes invaded day of a.m. similar styled 108 orbs black suns file label ancien, no code to, but of continuing warfare level response correctly coded by Homeland Security its Agencies as due to groupings unusual exacting to each as attackers motto expert of paramilitary weapons caliber unknown professional to Military replacing in Retail-IV level scoped by its Security measures appropriate worldwide attempts takeover from any site, known already to cases Santa Barbara Police Station for to badge any101/+USSS. Sudden rise in populace appearing on USMC Reconnaissance acknowledged 8-12% more added workload on USAF listing below with EDD gives 2% over amount still; unknown other of seeking early retirement solace alone abroad type, fair warning unknowns amid of non/violent id-theif-recruits [to:care;oft]. Thanks; listing free by CIA data + sound music gifts books texts film video filmage any technology requested see prior blogs or staff/seargent's-sites for free by your topic or purchase with schools by IRS gift 1/2 credit all deductible any party by rules of or any credit card company offering lowering on its card used all lode of by 1%-interest; from d.)President Teddy Roosevelt (U.S.A.) wished free gift-book to public:
* bxogus:novel Vulgar, game included; by kmwall
* pare_bare:story-boxgame over 90-days, paid subscription level, California's search and rescue bears made by, Mons Asinarius fighting equipped animals (Italy's Turin), mammals pleistocene, little donkeys, dog-burro of Mexican La Guardia boys (USSS=) and owl benefit or written of; by Abracus of/for its bear-units special-ops paramilitary 2-search-and-rescue by-side K9 Do8Military of unit-51s
* dwelve:text, Fashion Economics; by Rich Sebring
* a_usual_sort:manual, mad dates; by top editors Romance
* how_moorish_pretenders_faked_planet_rule_by_incest_gore; by cual, kmwall [to:vulgar;precise]
* aspen_gold:manual, economic blues 2, text level; by kmwall
* asken:novel; by cual
*go_gold:novel; by kmwall
* be_bright_and_red_without_wearing_it_in_trend:by gaud_cual
* kenbo:re clothing; by USSF
* raddiccio; by tim_bo
* passion:novel, angel clues; by ted
* won; by RENT its Broadway musical cast
* jay; by KDLang
* stephe's_song:soldiers only o4-level, military academy okayed also; by stephe
* planet_law:by-divide war and fare economic; by david
* plantary_law:ethics saves in decision moment; by dog_joe
* priceless_and_paye:done 4 economics; by shee_-un
* 11eth_as_11etz_buy_one_two_two_text; by wella_wahllen
* tradition_economics:text, funding; by Arizona State University
* planetary_plan_A:accounting level royal courts
* novel_o; by World Court

History, Biblical Rome alludes to low Pagan holiday awareness, Jesus' shoe was washed by length-of-hair Mary Magdalena (of several so named) volunteerism act in Temple cloth used for; lore writing reasons differs with Marraige of Canaan in Judeo-Christian Bible useful teaching tactin non-exact facts to for purpose aligned by Ages university taught education technique. (Of Incursion shoe-theft motives alone crime to threats in public places; answer of Why?).
DEA, agency hiring active through IRS its equal office anywhere; to do, poison, flowers trees or alike of hidden open to fecal product poisoning levels announced massively placed same repeated houses office-4 as official Incursion X+, any level support also, positions.
Work, soldier/civilian daily free sort USAF of AirForce1 its Office:"worklisted" any sector workforce required data FED assigned to it coding anew or ancien, allowed re/training any/all known person reviving background good ethics background restructured by Department of State its Office of Protocol Service by request, or EDD-California its equal to train alike as for new banking openings 30% its own but requires anew training added not in schools yet.
O.E.S., open 24 hour day new; 2-FED data exacting, same of D.A. Office but unprintable (theirs USD$4total-printout). Guard posts by request to historic Italy's Turin, area of, their government office requested.
Violence, 12/21 of 2011 being most violent day historically recorded of home-invasion-1-or-up of Chichen Itza lore going to Egyptoid para-Israel Moorish economic sector misunderstood of details tactile-confused public preceding modernly reform programs gone into deadlined; of ancien Turkish towel pile time economy trend fashion of Resort World still Atlanten schedule. ...more.
Tour, Stockton, California, mayor office 2-contact or USMC/USAF ART/s for 'follow the eggyolk' local to footed good pathwork; group to 200; ocean tour free-as-set after if accomodating local Law Enforcement in tour cost covers guarding required privately (details).
Sartorially and New Year Gladness,
c.o. Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
Ministry of Fashion
USAF director fashion/art, designer
all Marine Corp its USMC of ARTS/R a co-head
ARMY(any, finance
NAVY(any, project literature
badge101/+=DEA-USSS-SherrifParamilitary, SEALs FFL