Thursday, December 9, 2010

Alerts and Fashionable Statistics in Deed

Hello to everyone, I am pleased with the accurate and timely data arriving from you the good readership and one-hundred-percent network-linked general populace who as of last week are all known and whereabouts communicable to with your documentation-legalis allowing the Incursions IV to VII to be foiled in raiding homeland invasions. The attempts to raid this country have been part of the statistics declared the most or the worst in history, including the Military interest statistics of having the most losses in history during the ramping up phase of intelligence gathering (espionage data). The newer data gathered shows all military worldwide were embezzled by the dna-Insurgents who are attempting to form up under Incursions I to VIII, and now over a hundred Incursions (homeland invasion attempts) are typed and listed and catalogued for the next fifty years ahead. Matching up to the threats to the heads-of-state applying to the next fifty years. This latest data is unacceptable, not unaccepted as fact, and the difference in focus and training to solve this problem-set upon us all is that of being how to return the state of our worldwide living conditions to become acceptable. Not only for the Military, but also for those working with us and those most illegally targeted. The need for statisticians to work with sociologist and apply forward the data for fifty years, and other foreseeable futures such as the 1000 year plans being made by all countries and governments together worldwide is sudden work for the now. Please apply to the USAF Air Force One Office's Project:FashionOne or the Army Accountancy. These statistics include deliberate interpretations of morbid details such as Great Britain and its sovereign holdings having its women attacked to the destruction of breast matter at 32 percent of the populace. This type of data needs to be compared and planned for along with the 40% of similar attacks in Europe and 60% of those attacked in America; today, the District Attorney's Offices worldwide are handling this caseload type in particular. This is not a reenactment, and most of those now coming into the awareness that it is not are straggling behind life, itself, having been behind the times, but usually not fashionably, ironically, so we're finding them. Similar comparisons for math club level to private agencies of mathematical protocol and such and also scholarly types of analysis will be needed to be compared against the 17.4% newly going hungry in America that the Church and Military are feeding and who are working with us in capacities as can be done, already. The distribution is mapped out, but planning ahead with the data on dry and boring charts is what is needed as soon as possible to allot out the right amounts and save time for everyone. Love lives of the soldiers have been of great interest to the grave detriment of the attackers of Incursions I to VII, thus far. Being said, the new statistics supporting the newly starting funding (fundraiser) seminars on three ways that soldiers have love lives but not romances include: dna-Insurgents have stalked teens that had a love-learning experience such as a serious boyfriend or girlfriend, early marriage, failed attempt to solidify and early marriage, but with the maturity of later years a typical scenario is that by 55 years of age or 80+ years of age there is a second attempt at love and life together. Not a very interesting statistic until now. Only interesting to these Insurgents I to VII that are attacking on lifelong plans to force with betterment or similar extortion the later and pretend romance of love upon the victims. The miscreants involved as or with the dna-Insurgents are attempting to prey upon a pattern of habit of response in regular human minds, but in the past, miscreants were known to 'conquer the old.' Repeating First Century B.C. and 4th Century A.D. and the Victorian Era.

Business in Fashion and the Arts are diverging in directions again, never really side by side, but of interest to those who usually are in both fields, somehow. Those interested in ambiance in artwork such as architectural design elements that may end up other places such as a fabric design, a letterhead, a garden placement, or such, may also apply for projects from the USAF Air Force One's Project:FashionOne or the USMC ARTS. Also on the agenda is that the Military is hunting for jobs from the private sector that are short or long in term that can be listed on the daily updated projects lists. These lists include today about 700 models of fashion needed, including about a dozen here and there for top agencies such as Ford Models. In time to meed their clientele contracts for once ahead of the number of models, and experience in speedily working on the set is crucial as the NSA sets up the most of the fashion shoot sets to protect those involved from raids. In the past, the raids usually harmed the photographers and their equipment but also many models were murdered. Other models for commercial print such as travel businesses are needed, and plenty for cosmetics that will be having make up applied by the cosmetics companies.

Housing from the Military guarantee is also for the wild animals trained to work with the Sheriff's Office and the Military, and there are needs for more temporary housing for these well-behaved K-9 direction following breeds that like to play. The food and care and medical is covered but these animals come and go to do search and rescue. The larger breeds are on short view tours while not in tunnels or on land in search and rescue. They will return later to their habitats of nature or our own for them if appropriate, and still there when the time comes. Perhaps in fifty years, at least. Count Zorro the tomcat is pleased to be hosting some of the demonstrations on shipboard and boating safety.

It is a drizzly day here that is good for our air quality and to counter the attacks of air born sex stimulants illegally poisoning the public. Totally the groups in these attacks locations and neighborhoods, like in the water attacks with filters from the Water Works applied to protect them, are complaining that all are poisoned to the point of stimulant-illegalis. Today and yesterday the stimulants, had they been from a legal doctor, would've only been for the 80 to 90 year old age group, anyhow. Not certainly for just any stranger being sorted for attacks. In neighborhoods attacked thus, there may be more statistics correlating clergy level studies that link up to our concern in the USMC Clergy which noted 6-7 clergy per day are being attacked in cannibalizing manners to be consumed while alive by raids. Perhaps this will link up horrifically to the other military styled raids, or not, but you'll recall that the USMC has now the permanent overseeing and guarding and leading of all religions, worldwide, continually. Forever is happening now for many.

Spacemen of the past and present are of my renewed interest for historical details of how they once were considered to be fables of how they guarded the planet. Modern astronauts can also guard and race into space to protect, directly, and now SF or Security Forces of the USAF are joining in. The astronauts also are a good image of the planet, selected, that have usually a musicology and Fine Arts level of training. Opera in space would be possible. But, for now, items around our earth suspended are also being attacked by underground groups of illegals and in illegalis manners, and so the historic texts and manuscripts of lore and legend even into the Elven places are being sought. While the modern spacemen are regrouping under the novelle8 into novelle9 (same thing, out of retirement has new number but both are able to link) special-ops units and are interacting with the public in ghosthunting. There are over 700, and I'm pleased to be in these units, also, and now the need to get more work done leads to asking you for these types of legends and lore and artwork and other data from the past histories. Please send them to the USN Project:literature. What to wear in space for a hundred years, might also be interesting to speculate upon, but for now, the living conditions lists of those who were going to plan from the past to circle the earth and guard it at hundred year intervals from miscreants is noted. Food in space is actually easier than once thought, but that can be information in future funding seminars, along with the newly revived data. Equation crunchers need apply within or without, also. A new contest from the USAF Air Force One's Project:FashionOne is for a $40USD award to design the novelle9 special-ops unit fishing cap, as no designs yet are agreed upon, or found acceptable, and so perhaps one of you good readership will be able to design the perfect fit.

Take care, and thank you again for being the good readership, and have as peaceful a holiday as possible.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
fashion director, worldwide

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Alerts Incursion IV to VII and Macarnas Macabre

Hello to everyone and although I have thoughts for your having a good season upon you the official military alerts for Incursion IV to VII are out for especially the attempts to raid the 900,909 affected cities worldwide by the homeless-selecting homeland-invading miscreants-dna-Insurgents with poisons and more. The latest named virally packaged by payload (viruses can carry things inside them that attack later on, much like a Space Shuttle carries payloads and deposits them) are from dances like Macarena or other rhymes or whimsical. Cruelly altered these dna-Insurgents are adding in the moronic-styled terms to accompany their recent spates of underground regurgitated homeland invaders. Today sees tens of thousands of homeland invaders in the affected cities after yesterday's now announced officially recognized invasion by ten million now deceased from an under-island near Bahama area and stopped in Arizona by Border Guard #1 and the Anasazi Tribe. There is a need for the forensics and weapons collections of these deceased homeland invaders to be done and this short term project is to collect their uniforms and regalia as well as their melting-weapons. The local police departments have some taken from prior invading raiders of municipalities for those who'd like to examine the firing mechanisms and the outer casing that melts with a cigarette lighter. Explaining a few fires and their incindiaries, there this morbid task that pays by the USN, led as well as paying by and from the Office of Counterintelligence, White House, U.S.A.-level in all countries today and tomorrow, today and the next day for those in the Armed Forces or their counterparts in this action to clean up. The costume items are interesting, although not the focus, but may be requested to be examined or obtained from the USAF Air Force One's Office. Call directly from any operator assisted or regular phone system that is secured in any Federal or typed building, even from a Police Department lobby, and think of the etceteras. The costumes were intended to be from a supposed long-lost link by hoped-bloodline-dna touting King Arthur's Court, not to be confused with any present businesses or such. This is not reenactment, and again warfare has been declared against all doing such 'illegalis' the term applied dominating all legal systems present on Earth as the recognizable reason for immediate undeterred warfare in return or otherwise. The actuality is that this round of dna-Insurgents attacking were from a long lost group of followers of a deceased maharaja's group, not linked at all to King Arthur. More facts are available on the migrations of the historic court and its fables disguising its whereabouts during a time when it was on the freedom trail of underground enslavement victims. You, the good readership, will recall that this blog discussed the similar and some same of the factual Court Merovignian.

Today, another special alert is to go out to take precaution when driving to avoid the Military cats in training that are being rounded up just now and as soon as possible from roadways near you. They are being influenced by the ever playful bobcats arriving on boats today with military training to detect and deter homeland invaders in the affected cities by this Incursion VII. The bobcat continues to play with equipment and replays its routes for escape and rescuing, even during its well earned breaks. The regular housecat breeds selected with the Federal grant applied and the USSS selection process for animals in residential protection zones are usually not playfully repeating their manuevers in public places after their training courses. Today's cats are about six months to eight months of age and attempt to guide and guard the traffic into known rescue spots along each rout by hindering tire movement and herding. Something to see, but not in between their training courses.

Remember to read the prior blogs that indicate the medical data necessary for organ donations or transfers of any human or other biological specimens such as skin or nails or organs to another living form. Of those compatible that will accept these things and not become rejected, there are several dna-groupings of humans that won't accept any Simian or Horse dna, for example, including the hormones of such as already on the market for women. Attacks today sadly include again those who are victimized by supposedly sacred to Meso-American illegal practices of cutting off skin for example from a living person and using salt to put it onto another person, a perpetrator of this illegalis crime. The resultant dna shows up to 99% of the read dna to be from the stolen dna-block. The immediate detection and identification by hand-held devices in the hands of law enforcement, military, emergency workers includes this 100% verification immediate data of which genes came from whom and are on what. No deception can pass this technology. (Don't worry over the regular laboratories' businesses that were making incomes off of the 85% or so verified proof of dna for police casework, for one; these laboratories by military demand are working overtime on the slow detection of the dna-Insurgents of Incursion VII now being forensically identified for record storage.)

Libations are included in supposed reasons for Incursion VII attacks as there is a predominance of an inferior Simian-dna in the attackers that is highly allergic to alcohol to mildly allergic, and their behavior caused by such is resultant similar to the diseases-mortalis derived from the rape of monkeys. Also, some from the bones or organs of monkeys transferred in organ donation surgeries, legalis or illegalis. The Stanford Medical School's organic medicine degrees are again quick for the list of these types of factual details needed immediately by emergency workers and medical communities as the Military was unable to meet the January deadline for annual updates into the private sector. The annually updating system is only available to reach all the AMA participants, for example, annually. Do, please, consider this more of the same official alert and from your own military worldwide.

The purple scarf paramilitary from home and working and at home special-ops units that signed up with the Armed Forces as a result of this blog are welcomed into bootcamp training. From home. Any kind of purple or purplish thing about the neck area or just the thought of one may be enough. The grant for the daily amount of bootcamp training funded costs has arrived and these four million non-reenactment new soldiers are welcome to report in; most had their first hour of official training already. So, knowing where to go ....

1950s. Think of them. What do you have or what have you retained in any form, thought or otherwise of that era? Or, inherited? Upon us is an unexpected and very noted and perhaps good trend moment of the 1950s. It could be more of the textile patterns. It could be more of your own idealism that life will be provided, well, with only one career focus. Sports teams. Culinary parties such as cocktail parties that were part of normal business routines extending the daily office hour. Ethics. Hooverism, or other fascinations. Think of the USMC ARTS, and contact with your own thoughts and facts. One such example of recent past is the blog that indicated the African nations helping with the fight against the Incursion I to VIII reported in for duty explaining their scholastic textbooks were all from the 1950s. Affecting their performance on the job, they were certain; so, additional training and trainers and scholastic textbook inserts and data were requested to be had from a very good and reliable general public.

There is a sudden raging arrival of homeless selecting migration types of people who are misclaiming they are of the ancient religion of Mary Magdalena. The USMC hosts and houses this original religion which was entirely lawful and not resembling those arriving in a startling attempt at a pilgrimage but have been breaking the laws of the lands and religions. The USMC clergy offices have the data for these homeless followers of a faux-Mary-Magdalene; those leaders of the followings can receive their checklist of what is required to become or annex to the actual church housed and cared for within the worldwide military care and in completion. The checklist also will allow the USMC to do its job to enforce that these followers obey the laws, from now on. Enforced by military might, officially. These leaders arriving and checking in are not alone in attempts to get their new churches to obey the Law.

Marine Corp from all countries are travelling and studying about various destinations, perhaps in your own city, affected or not. The USMC ARTS houses much data available for those who'd like to work in the field of entertainment in filmology, film work, scriptwriting, cosmetic prosthetics as applicable to the film industry and more. In this city are many from Russian origins reactivating for a new and renewed career in the military. They have extra-cultural expertise this holiday season with things such as the ballet, and if you have time to work with the USMC's annexed agencies and friendlies to protect or enhance the experience of ballet, you're welcome to request joining in. I have cherished many thoughts over the years of watching Russian ballet companies, touted by my favored relatives as the best, by then. Your own opinions count, too.

Thank you to all of you who are participating in the good readership levels of this blog, and that help out the Military constantly such as Law Enforcement and the Judicial Systems and governing and municipal agencies. Also, emergency personnel. The news agencies carefully helping track and handle my romance with a fellow soldier that they are cataloguing are also being thoughtful, keeping newsworthy items in their proper place, first, helpful in keeping track as work directly with 54 soldiers with the same name as the sweetheart and in preserving the home lives of all involved. I will look forward to seeing you again on the blog, soon, and take care.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer
fashion director, USAF