Thursday, May 19, 2011

Incursion IX Poisoned Zorros and Bank Waters Doused

Salutations, there have been poisonings aimed at animals in the clergy homes again that also work in-service for the militaries and otherwise so that the poison from the 1 A.D. Century that kills the point of contact that then painfully decays to flies and maggots while the animal or person are still alive, done in a sequence by the attackers to social echelons modeled after King Herod's Court's recorded attacks and healings of it and also the Roman Empires tax collectors reports of who was attacked along their routes. The poison uses a distilled fouled water and also a lot of effort to make a contact point; not second contact point, so that venom kits work and removing the maggots as fast as possible, and keeping the victim moving about so that the sat upon or similar spots are not cut off from oxygen or air which dissipates the poison within an hour or more, but the animal particularly may suffer to death within 3 hours if untended. NASA and its novelle9 special-ops paramilitary units that are able to assist with new organic or synthetic replacement parts for the poison victims at no cost. Funding of the transportation was just done and with out of pocket expenses by many of us in the military and law enforcement and similar to afford the sudden transportation costs. Animal Control can also assist with the actual surgeries with the delivered parts. Later, synthetic parts can be replaced if needed by the overly taxed bodies of the victims. The animals in service that need protecting from further attacks of poisoning such as by beebees coated by one can be cared for by the FBI guarding at the USSS facilities for the animals with no cost involved to the law officers. Please refer to the USSS case 101 as this involves concerted threats to Prince Charles of Wales for no apparent reason of logic; logged.

USMC ARTS/Religions Abess has many opportunities for experts to become listed for the emergency timed degrees of education support going on now for over 800 more weeks to deter the threats and help apprehend torturers of educators cared-for. If you can be a referential boldly for the degrees being challenged, please state so for our records. On call, and for how long a forewarning.

The USAF AirForce1 Office's:ProjectFashionOne is glad to accept all the gauntlet contest entries of hundreds of thousands now, and also is asking for more of the entries for the fashion design contest for little boys beiges. Please remember also the jobs listings called for such as daily journalism needs for the articles about the public sector of interest to the military categories.

The books I'm reading now are of similarity to the topics on this blog, now and then. The book by M. Levine called Deep Cover, and the novel by J. Crusie and B. Mayer called Don't Look Down are at the top of my next to be read pile. The other books next will likely be historical, and I hope you enjoy the read-a-long.

Thank you to all of you who are sending me educational grants, and I assure you they are very special to me. Of the ones I have to give out, also, are gifts further to the Fire Departments worldwide and their Paramedics, from the 900-diamond-grants to Wharton College or FIT-SUNY that is of the flexibility to requests various entry into graduation programs from any advisors there. This is to thank them for their help to several visiting Arab families during the 9-11 times of focus. They simply have to call or contact the advisor directly. These again are gifts to me from a person who wishes them to be included; modeled after the Military matrix system.

Saratorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer, worldwide
USAF, fashion director
USMC, ARTS/R, co-head