Thursday, August 12, 2010

Incursion V Alerts and News in Lifestyle Fashion

Hello to everyone, and I enjoyed a good day at the museum yesterday but found as much of the Incursion V raids were happening there and enroute, but the USSS and soldiers were in fine form and handled the crowd control to management level. There were many celebrities from Europe and I was pleased to see USSS personnel that I hadn't worked with since I was closer to San Francisco. About eight to eighty raids by Incursion V attackers also known as Insurgents-dna are expected and the returning soldiers including certain MIA are numbering 203,000 personnel fresh for helping their own neighborhoods. There is no reenacting allowed and only in the future if nonprofit clubs already approved and established who receive express permission from the official military. This is no game, nor game illegalis. Additional precautions go out to remain alert to doping and drugging attempts using steroids of illegal manufacture that affect breast size development of women. They are short lived, but many people reported a size change in bustlines they presumed correctly to be from Incursion V attacks. Your local D.A. office is focused specifically on the bustline attacks as well as other cases. Many other private law firms are helping with the other localized body parts attacked, including any beauty marring incidents.

There is less than one day leniency if a soldier's family member has mistaken in their disorders the real from their reenactment status, and they are not to be given leniency if they've decided to declare themselves the real person they're copycatting at all, and will be convicted of high treason as the others on the lists at the morgues which list is free.

At almost 400 real courtrooms convictions of high treason in the actual ones where you go for any other case you have, this 24-7 system has the judges busy and they are notably serious and dedicated to the unpleasant task at hand. There is infiltrations that are being noted now that are characteristic of Incursion V. There are no discharges from the worldwide militaries going on, the soldiers are returning to their homes after training going on now where if you have time to help catch them up on current technologies and assist them with their bank accounts and IRS payments then you will be awarded later. The Incursion V is underway and are they attacking the 800 plus 100 copycatted cities worldwide left of the originally affected cities. Remember that the soldiers are just finding out what has been happening in their own home cities since they were working under certain conditions and so many didn't know that their families were being raided more times in battle formations by the variety of Incursion I to IV invaders. They are again after the Fashion World and may or may not be remaining color sensitive.

Remember that no one can put anyone on any medications in public places, ever, and if they try it is automatic treason conviction and final result of, as explained by Congress anew. The mind-reading technology explained in the prior three blogs that assist law enforcement permanently and are on every street corner as well as anyplace where important meetings occur are being received with welcome by the public. There may be 40% populace apparent in any affected city that is considered an identity thief raiding through illegalis methods as explained by President Obama. The News is to be thanked for their help with explaining the organ donations and the beauty elements around them for recipients.

I understand that the Surgeon General's office and Attorney General are receiving about 100 million requests per hour for the here before listed diagrams and official statement of explanation about illegalis surgeries used in attacking the populace by Incursion V. Your patience will be rewarded in awaiting the official White House documents.

I'm pleased to be remembered by many of the soldiers as 'the general' of my variety of titles or rank, and any other notation. There are many reactivated titles and ranks that you will become accustomed to hearing in your own areas. My own of royal rank is combined when coming out of retirement to be one of official military job status, and similar is happening with the officers to whom we are awarding additional work in the form of royal or noble titles, accessible from the USSS office or Department of the Navy. Recall that we are all one military worldwide, now. My own rank is inclusive of the royal historic title that includes the equivalent of commanding officer worldwide and USSS equivalent, and certain businesses of fashion concern in order to help run the fashion world. The others in my house are also receiving their renewed or new historical royal or noble ranks, and with them the job descriptions. Only certain duchies currently receive income from the historic holdings so realize if your friends or family are receiving such royal or noble titles that they have a lot of work that is new to them without the reward of payroll from those places but will have some combined with the military job. That is how it works, now, that most countries are not in the old system just now.

Along with the titles discussed are the degrees of education that are available for work being done around or towards the Incursions I to VIII deflection and deterrent to the point of extinction of the problem. There opportunity for those who've worked beside us in the affected or other cities to increase their certifications or degrees lists in exchange for work they've done; you'll have seen this benefit is a fresh one for the soldiers returning, and others who've battled Incursion I to IV. I've been recruiting some I know to help fill out the paperwork and coordinate the documentation for these sometimes unusual degrees. One soldier was point blank about hoping for a Civil War degree, and after receiving nine of his ten degrees for returning home from work that was applied to the other degrees, he was bold enough to ask for the tenth one to be regarding the Civil War. That is fine, to make such requests, and professors of that specialized timeframe were glad to help out with the proper documentation I'm mentioning.

It has been my extreme pleasure to greet some of the returning soldiers and I wish to thank the Law Enforcement for their patience in the tactics handling the thousands at a time in various formations throughout the cities, a bit different from the less directly noticeable patrols from the foreign visitors. The remarks on the uniforms by them are courteous and they are quite dignified in their appearance in public, to the point that more pretty uniforms will be appearing in public by military and in fashion stores as a result of. I've been glad to explain that the military suits I'll be making soon will be of historic content, non-reenactment status. Many women have been purchasing or making very ancient uniform styles for their everyday which is to be officially lauded for their dignified beauty. They simply look lovely in their nearly undetectable uniforms that serve the double purpose.

The children have been asking for more information on the military animals, and they are welcome to visit with some and learn more about them from their nearby soldiers. The dogs and wolves with USMC and Sheriffs are quite acclimated to the public and good at cafes and such at restful moments. Yesterday, it was nice to watch one of the all white wolves visiting and working alongside their military trainer along a city patrol route. Something out of the novels of my youth, such as the White Fang you may've read along with the Library this year. The military cats are learning to get along with the dogs, but seem to be gaining their appetite size and are notably eating twice as much food per day. It may be that some surveillance will show the suspicion that the military cats when at home are hiding other friends, perhaps that match the paw prints found in the yards and near food bowls. Count Zorro my military tomcat is quite pleased to have befriended another opossum, but their diets are different from one another. So I still think that the militarized working pets may have others for us to recruit. I've been using some of the military pets to fulfill a grant requirement to sketch several cats per day and some of the cats have been bringing others around to pose, also, and teaching them how to sit just right with their feet in the correct position for a portrait, already.

The day here is still young and I'll look forward to being on the blog again with you soon. Take care of yourselves, as usual.

Sartorially yours,
Kristin-Marie Wall
commanding officer