Thursday, March 10, 2011

Official Alerts Incursion IX to XX and Economic Foot Tread

Salutations, with the alerts high under the Federal-Military-Martial-Law declared by the German FBI and Russian Military supported fully by all against the Incursion IX underway and from the 24th of February to the 24th of March, alerts are of the uncertainty in the unpredictable added to the already repeating patterns of about 100,000 raids of homeland invasion coding by dna-Insurgents miscreant led, in 900,007 affected cities. The dna-Insurgent homeland invaders as correctly coded that had especially ancestry that swung by a brothel and picked up battle records against the world in the Victorian era are using mottos to attack with of, S/He's dead you're not: meaning they are using that sing song in the wrong context sound to attack you unawares in any place including your homes, again. Mostly expelled from places now they thought they were part of in careers on sneeaking into buildings at lunch hours while real employees are gone, or at the courthouse type of raids at night for a minute to declare fake things on false records. Including being expelled as underway from their revamped churches and social groups, including recovering a newly reported Presbyterial Congregation worldwide stating the miscreants ran through them intending to deplete and destroy them, nearly doing so, also. Recent successes in search and rescue are in the retrieval by extraction of the military and law enforcement of returning missing segments of the work forces. As defined by the Fed workforces to be missing, and located by the cuneiform structures from the creation level stories of the past. When the entirety of the economy, worldwide already, was considered to have all business sectors fitting into either Fashion or Resort. Those being recovered and resituated, including the tens of thousands of children orphaned from their families in these family lines of business, genealogically, were indeed using what they'd learned from homelife about these sectors from the Garden of Eden or similar stories. They will be getting paid for now for their work continuing and reviving from the USAF Air Force 1 Office's Project:FashionOne and often their new military pay status schedules. And of those work for pay status lists from the same office, the change has happened today already of now the full-time work listed requiring a classified security clearance and for the half-day work for pay listing as non-security clearance level. Even the children have been able to comprehend and complete these listed projects, which are added to daily and courteously available for no cost of the listing at any Police Station. By career field or interest. Such as the astronaut coming out of retirement who took the project off the list to do of putting a space platform terrarium of food in place, or of the school girls who agreed to knit procurement type requests of socks with described patterning at two per day to fund their extra social ventures (they convinced me or other officers they're serious about their future profession). The response since the actual Military Martial Law was declared this time was the largest economic leg of chocolate purchases in history, perhaps matched in the early 1920s. In response, I'll describe what is noted by your group wide worldwide actions below. The children are from these search and rescue places all very well placed again already to be able to go into their fields of choice, if still so choosing, in Fashion and Resort. In a future being determined again by the many. I am as proud of them as I am with you, the good readership for all your help.

There is an impressive combined effort of you, the good readership and the populace you contact in networking, to communicate your own cohesiveness and willingness to move the Economy ahead by your creating and responding to foot treads on the economic bell curve data you've been studying together. Linked by the Military as all the known persons with backgrounds of birth certificates or similar, verified. Sixty one million of you per minute on this blog at seven minutes online with it, each time, before the military servers lead you to the sergeant's sites. The day you can read of my meandering about yesterday for Tribe Fashion AC over the shopping mall crime wave worldwide against women in pink polish had a response from the Country of Spain with one day of it following donning the same shade in new trend by all women possible, one day. Notifying us, in the military of it all, after our concern, and then back to their own unique color choices the following day. The chocolate purchasing is not a binge, or an economic or trend 'glut' (spelled any manner in history, to cuneiform for) which although good for everyone, as part of the definition, is a hope expressed by the many. Of its type, there is not a glut, either, (my spelling being shortest, of the term type, for the sake of this blog) in the ghost in the artwork phenomenon happening nowadays. With sixty percent of Americans (a moment with an Americanism, first in with hobby data to me this year) being in ghosthunting hobbies and thirty percent into hobby knitting, or thirty percent at hobby sewing.

The ancient cuneiform that the D.A.'s office is decoding in order to assist with law enforcement and military actions against all of the Incursionists described has some new helpers to the decoding and explaining. From the military, two of my Thanksgiving relatives are being good enough to offer to help the public sector learn and comprehend, especially from the overtly Mormonism concern (after the brothel genealogical disasters to some who've expressed such feelings about descending from instead of directly from royal courtiers, after all), can do teaching into lectures and perhaps online. Cousins Ian and Steven Wall (not my sibling or a lawyer in Texas, please) that worked behind the Iron Curtain, in the same facility concerned with lingual and cryptological data, have decoded for the public consumption the Garden of Eden language levels. Both are Mormon, have been in the military or still work in it, and are good at lectures to humorous teaching. And have a good sense of humor. Inquiries can be made about their version of one and perhaps another of the 70 creation sites five thousand years ago that are perhaps the most associated with the sudden Biblic Garden of Eden lore and relate it factually into the ancient cuneiform discussed. As taught by those of you who took the opportunity to go to The Language Training Center recently. Or, learned in your boot camp training officially paid for, daily, by donations covering all costs from the general populace (mostly on their credit cards, not an economic foot print). Please contact the Armory at Travis AFB or any other that you can reach to request and schedule your accomodating requests. As for this week's announced other special and direct contact lectures at resorts to the found royals working in these fields trapped underground, the first fifty thousand attendees are approved and many already meeting and learning. The accreditation is available at the three days on up timeframe and the fees for it are donating into a worldwide Library Fund.

Please remember to read of course the prior days of blogs as you may that are about the progressing moments of the Incursions as homeland invasions coded correctly by all countries and governments worldwide. About the fast response from educators to get accredited programs and adjust the underway ones for groups such as MIT that used an heraldic deliverance to arrive in Stockton, CA with work. About the entirety of Police worldwide joining the Military, part-time, at least. About the school children at teen age all joining up (joining the military) at ten million a day scheduled along with others of you at ten million per day entering boot camp known. And other moments with the children and the animals rescued. Also, of my pleasure albeit with a remarked upon in public ennui of placing the original of Le Temp Fuit aka Time Flies watercolor displayed at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery asking USD$1Million, as part of the ghost in the art glut-hope footpad in the economy response. There are good things ahead with the extra education coming to the many of you working with the Military and those leading.