Thursday, November 17, 2011

Part3/Day422,423, 424OfficialAlert/IncursionXXII/TreasonsList/FashionCodeUfology

Salutations, official Incursion XXIV homeland-invasion coded aptly by Homeland Security Agency its Agencies and Military of actions stopping the raids into homes and businesses evenly numbered by powers of ten but of 11Th/s and 7S less detected (see CIA approved promotional music below of sound type transposed of goodness of attacked trends of normal business cycles into Fashion-Resort Economy), done to theme of day's terror level of ancien-codes 'terra-pond' of wake of boat on water affect after populace decided factually a lamed emotional upheaval delayed is of momentary startling public sector up to 1% vocalizers required to get back to workplace type work and were about to act upon latent felt of non-contacted by actual in place target including yesterday's/today's/day-before's lists from U.S. Congress or any morgue of high-treason-treason convictions done to finality paying amounts of to apprehensions prejudice level of contact-pay on-marks that delay none having years of caught-in-act of work on known to approving populace 100%-known by identification contacted of on news each city affected any of such as here Stockton, CA, of 1100 hairstylists listed guilty treason to death sentencing already most by own-hand for it cornered as c/katherine/harris/son any male/female using identification to work also as such and Chicago, IL mayoral offices fielding lists to of data for its most prominent one of 844,000 worldwide groupings raiding on orders of unknown military mind now assessed including by myself officially as military-agent doctor of battlefield and warfare code expert-ancient-ease, known dreads from threats assessed by convicted from caught in action of raiding by 40,000 to 80,000,000 personnel of traitors' own on regular basis some recruits over from; reformed by years. China on newsspots by France a good president's decision decided for China the country turning over stronghold of these 400+ days Incursions in its domain, akin to last grouping Incursions of 1.5 years duration+= found/stopped into Arab soils inside gold-room of ancient keepers of wealth of a kingdom uniting needing a found-level backing economic currency exchange equivalent to a Fort Knox, system of attacked as actual focus and tortures of the public into public places of variety same on this blog specialized noted: beauty marring incidents extreme to no avail until U.S. Congress ordered full-restoration to victims by it of conception cell a package of their own right to life, Constitutions worldwide actual uniting. Today's black sun files 'blue moons' records at Police Stations worldwide any is 280 count of nightly only; to viewed, non filmed turned in for public spectating but allowable, into Trade Winds they travel each displayed by path known of, or tours of 2 plus partial shot originally out of air at Travis AFB. Local hot spot for, appear to follow 'fashion' economy workforce, likely to be at sites to measure/assess/work-in of Fashion's energy places, or creation flame named for anomalies of visual sightings, i.e. clothing seeming to change by a flash on some in areas, expected into fashion dens, art dens, et al., such as IRS is allowing of 280 it built to be bought into by populaces for ownership by transvxoerse economy of their specialization of (guru David Bach of Oprah Show before now teaching of): affects none, only senses, used in Fashion Industry to others alike. Stockton, CA in USAF meeting places favored in public meets still as with Office of Emergency Services (O.E.S.) locales by 4a.m.to9a.m. and overlap USN sites undisclosed timing to interact from 2a.m. for public to reach in emergency case work from blogs official and seargents'/staff-seargents' sites that fit business world system of posting data earlier for later day business benefit to public sector of into clientele all needing to know. More technology on way to add functionality enhancement for 2 or 3 more waves of Incursions typed to this blogs forewarnings already confirmed of USMC Reconnnaissance by President Obama international news systems also used in extreme and emergency cases. Animals attacked in swaths along Incursion by homeland-invaders from anywhere, attempting 2- days-20 to be deported to ports of choice:Mexico, Israel, Nairobi (of Mother Mary civil office records last known of her, halted to apprehension for headscarf displaying hair-fringe not allowed at crossed border, noted change). Flooding in underground apperatures tunneling unknown amounts by populace driven homeward now; trainable workforce potential accepted by them, 850million persons of various literacy levels to training. More on hidden among soon as casework handed over to Law Enforcement and Military of its investigations for missing names/numbers found not-deceased any longer hiding homeless called 'ghosts' to ghosthunters approached thinking it a term colloquially known global:pick up casework for pay FBI office, any; 2-level library of Police Station nearest with). With USAF known in all ports at for it included and USMC ARTS/R personnel arriving photoshoots professional model for business and its products reliant upon extreme protections guaranteed complete success today first non-tracked by illegalis won the day already; winner of first of this Sartorial Matters the blog fashion designer award presented of worldwide design community polled and begins numerical as common one to REBA; Dillards store chain displaying a line. Follow same-casework re-opened to Incursions of site blogged official USSS 101/3 any data of free now and of zoos attacked by death-dismemberment of employed to gain access to animalia, in. Enjoy below and many days listing from over 900 promoted by CIA mostly free if of topic to you, Good Readership, gifts/books/sound/tape/video/data/music/brochures/pamphlets/+ of now and sudden topics novelized with factual data or casework available also with, and done by Army School of Medicine (some affiliations allowed) and from f. President 'Teddy' Roosevelt's personal for public sector gifting from his 'teddy bear fund' to give each a teddy bear or like gift or book, etc.; all credit card companies allowing if non-topical purchase qualified recipient its credit card used's lode lowered by 1%-interest rate, from this blog or of seargents'/staff-seargents'-sites linked.
an 1864 series link for fans of it arriving in Stockton, CA, a city of its known places into:
* new_queen_of_his_own: novelized new love attempt to old queen new marraige of ilk by historic social echelon design; also film seahorse_zoo; funnier film a_catapult_a_butterfly of novelized storyline fiction about heralds onto same novel; tradewinds travel puzzle historic of HUD, vase of handcream melted by chisel and flame inserting of wick of; video of type technology requested of song and more narration by known Satanist of time expertise and with Biblical begotten lore; more of actual modern ceremonies like novelized ones; by kmwall
* a_bright_white_shining_guy:novelization of sighting handed to fashion-investigator; kmwall
* bonzo_authorized, with new release found; by Dr. James Marks, joe_maum, kmwall
* won_on_run:novel like War and Peace, Dr. Paulus
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History notes princes did most fashion designing worldwide until Victorian Age known; linked to social transitions regular costuming history details. All clothes were paid for previously by the kingdom when from the prince's construction of.

Kristin-Marie Wall aka kmwall
commanding officer
USAF, fashion/art director, designer
Marine Corp ALL USMC ARTS/R-co-head
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