Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Official Incursion (X) Alert & More Books + Ultra-Finance Training

Salutations, the Incursion (x) as a ten-formation type again homeland invasion coded correctly by Homeland Security and as home raids of 104,000 evenly numbered in 900,000 cities affected internationally. Resurfacing are many into workforce potential to be trained well from a captivity illegalis at full costs covered by States and levels of and military arranged/devised grants-of-living system on matrixes, etc., noted from useful surrender to capitulation into full rescues of enslaved from historic workforces of Fashion Economy in a world said Resort. During a season for early-Fall in history of musical to arts festivals, the plaguerism of arts and music noted in home invasions, detailed at Orem, UT, U.S.A. Police Station; also details of types of historic actions in ARTS from Nevada City, CA, Expanding Light holding similar to now into Indic origins and final link to cycle of business of Ancient Arabia's States (similar to U.S.A., then) of data from contact request of Consulate of Arabia asking for data from the Princess on-staff for the day for it all for recorded information on the system in play in the ARTS and Economies useful for Law Enforcement to employed in. Preparations against black sun times as negative potential at crowd management level helped in deterring plaguerism raids at violent gunpoint. Apples formed on the economy graph data noted by the FED and blogs here and seargents' sites in non-ozone hole times were once healthful in economy, now in ozone hole with seismic data alerts represent timeframe of hazard to watchful and economic responses: targetting illegalis of apple orchards and companies about are addressed by the Military with cooperation from others in requested formations of homeland defense. Thank you for sending in your recipes to the USAF AirForce1 Office:ProjectFashionOne for apple dessert recipes with crusts to crumbs, for a day win for awhile. Proceeds help in deterring actions against apple growers for economic symbol appearing used as forewarning in economy systems to file labels for, archived. More data on ancient to 40 A.D. matrixes of cuneiform in use in to D.A. Office and USMC ARTS/R, to request for law enforcement to need to know.

Out of Peru and Bolivia more archeological digs are exhibiting data awaited now needing persons of expertise in fields of specialization that explain by comprehension of Mayan and Incans ancient family business systems more: small posts to hire from USAF AirForce1 Office's: free sort "worklisted" topical.

A 501c3 is being devised to help educate interested in the here touted methods of ancien-economic practices called economies themselves that are legal still, used by judges, law enforcement, myself, and others remaining nameless to protect identity; of rather sudden since April this year when the FED recognized the flip-flop into the new backdrop economy setting of 181 years to come being in Fashion of Resort World systemized data logs and archives for solutions to economy now. Universities such as Stanford University and University of Utah and State University of New York's Finance of Fashion Department exampled at their Fashion Institute of Technology opened up quickly new degrees for ecology of economy types such as zoomorphic or botanical symbology in economy data to solution sets; logged by, too. Seeing patterning in ecology, proven now for lists of and data now from the FED requestable from the FED or D.A. Office to FTB(taxing boards statewide) for ecology-economy data. Helpful, to fascinating. Provides more strategic planning ability to all levels of investors. Other places to look for solutions ideas are in the thinking newsletters for unusual times, such as the Technology Industry peaks times such as Seybold's newsletter (good for educational, as expertise, too, now historic) to Greg Braden's philosophical astrological social newsletter of factoid approach, and other viewpoint newsletters. Addressing these alter-economies to forgotten solution sets packaging now for many from newly thinking in includes David Bach of Oprah Show past doing free day-seminar to many in affected by Incursion (x) areas and offering guest speaker from SUN Scott McNealy courteously, or for soldiers worldwide non-story-about checklist (long, thorough) from IRS how-to: approach2.

Today and for awhile the USSS or affiliate near you will answer whether you are a royal household member or protected by USSS+ person, or not, to family-associate of. A courtesy job for them now with instant dna-tests-100% non-invasive by phone or any other data contact to site located contacting from by USMC Reconnaissance, any public place to homes invaded areas streetwise to doors/windows. Proof made known so that many amok or distraught by unknown data can finally answer or have answer of whether a protected royal or not, particulars.

Arts and communities around them to design centers or those attempting interest myself and the USMC ARTS or USAF fashion personnel, about anyplace you might think to approach or converse. Most cafes or restaurants with/to bars now sport a military or minded of person meeting openly to available for direct conversation about these industries rebuilding and others of the O.E.S. at most times. I found while I strolled along this city's Miracle Mile area delight in doing so strolling a calm patrol from Starbucks Cafe to Lilliths Used Bookstore to Valley Brew Family Restaurant to bead stores and the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery and new establishments in cultural styles from other parts of the world, and older ones. Remembering and noting about the city here was a part of my art day. I hope you'll enjoy a stroll in your area, of the historic nature especially.

Thank you Good Readership for ordering many of yesterday's books, and more soon.

Sartorially yours,
ARMY(any) finance
USAF, fashion director